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Big D's Interview With Cherry Hilson
Inside Cherry Hilson

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Interview Date: October 4, 2013

Cherry Hilson is just your typical 20 year old girl trying to make her way in this crazy world. Originally from San Diego, Calif. Cherry Hilson is attending cosmotology school in hopes of one day becoming a hair stylist. Did we mention that she also is a rising star in the world of porn as well? A mixed race girl in porn with stunning good looks and a voracious appetite for sex, anal sex in particular, and you are sitting on a powder keg ready to explode. With a number of adult DVDs already released and more on the way, Cherry Hilson is one porn star who can not be stereotyped or type casted. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Cherry Hilson explains the difficulty in juggling a career in porn and attending beauty school, her thoughts on being a porn celebrity and why she prefers anal sex over any other type of sex.

Big D: In doing some research on you, a limited amount of DVDs have already come out, but I'm sure that you've probably been performing in adult videos a bit longer. Give us your pathway of how you got to be where you are right now.

Cherry Hilson: Well, I started doing porn about five to six months ago. I kind of just jumped into it. I didn't really know that much about porn. I kind of watched it a little bit. I did my first scene in May 2013 for West Coast Productions. It was anal so that was pretty intense. Then I moved on, and I did Black Ass Anal Drilling #3. That was my first DVD that came out. Then after that I did Exotic Coeds; that was my first Girl/Girl scene. My new video that just came out with Evil Angel, with Mike Adriano is Nasty Anal Tryouts #3.

Big D: How was that?

Cherry Hilson: That was really fun actually. He was kind of intense but it was really cool because it was more professional and I wasn't that nervous when the camera started rolling. People say he is really intense but he was super cool with me. It was really fun.

Big D: Tell me about how did you make the jump from being a civilian to porn?

Cherry Hilson: I was in beauty school before I did porn. I just thought that I always wanted to do porn and I've always been open about my sexuality. I'd always record the sex that I had. So I thought “why not do porn?”. I just reached out to a couple agencies and the agency I'm with right now, Ideal Images, contacted me back and I went to LA. In the same day I signed a contract and by the next day I did my first scene.

Big D: Were you nervous that it moved so fast?

Cherry Hilson: No, I was excited. I wasn't nervous at all and I wasn't intimidated. I was open to the idea. I was like, “Whatever. Let's do it!”.

Big D: How was that first scene? Did you walk on set and say “Hey, I did this in my private life but...?”

Cherry Hilson: No, actually my first scene happened to be with my agent who also performs. So, it was easier for me to do it. After that scene, the scene I did with Penthouse, was with Sean Micheals. That was intense. I was kind of intimidated because it was with Penthouse.

Big D: Right, since only a handful of DVDs have hit the market, those of us that know the industry pretty well know that obviously something should already be shot and on the way to the DVD market. What else is out there that we can expect?

Cherry Hilson: I just did an anal a scene for West Coast Productions. That should be coming out. I've done a Hustler scene too. You all should expect that and I will be shooting next week. I'm kind of in limbo like you guys are in limbo. I'm new to porn. I'm kind of fresh, and I'm just going with the flow.

Big D: When it comes to shooting, how do you juggle your schedule? Like you said you're not shooting every single day. What do you do when you're not working?

Cherry Hilson: When I'm not working, I'm in school. I go to beauty school and I do hair outside of school. I do hair and I do porn; then I do more hair and I do more porn. I go back and forth and look at porn like my other job. I love it so much because it's so much fun. I do two things that I love: hair and porn.

Big D: I don't know how entrenched you are in the industry, but here was a performer who was in the industy for a number of years, Eva Angelina. She is now out [of performing in porn] and she is a full time hair stylist in Hunnington Beach. She still uses her name on her twitter feed and posts things like “Hey, come down! A client just canceled. If you want to walk in I'll do your hair for half price.” She used to do porn on a full time basis but now she does hair. That's kind of cool that you do that. How far away are you from getting your state board licence and actually being certified?

Cherry Hilson: Actually, I graduate this month and I take my state board test, sometime at the end of November. I haven't got my date yet but sometime in November I'll have my license and I'll be able to do hair legally. Hopefully, when or if porn doesn't work out for me I will open my own beauty salon in LA somewhere. But I really like make-up too. I dont know about a beauty salon but I'd probably go into make-up for porn.

Big D: That's a pretty steady gig. Obviously hair and make up for porn shoots will be pretty steady. There are gals out there that just specialize in that in the adult industry. Have you been able to make any friends in the industry by working in porn, on a part time basis?

Cherry Hilson: Yes, I actually have more porn friends than I have civilian friends which is kind of funny. I don't have any civilian friends; mostly just porn friends. I've met a lot of cool people too: cool directors, cool porn stars. It's funny when you meet a porn star [and] you hear all the hype about them. But when you meet them, they're really down to earth. They're regular human beings just like I am. So, yes, I've met a lot of cool people.

Big D: Who would you consider to be the porn star that you call or you stay in touch with? Pornstars that have became more like close friends. Who would be an example?

Cherry Hilson: My number one friend in porn right now is Chanell Heart. She's from the same agency as I am. She's very new too. I've gotten to meet Misty Stone! I was kind of intimdated when I met her and shes so awesome. She is super funny, and really giggly. I met her too. She was really cool. Megan Vaughn was really cool too. That's pretty much it. Those are the only three girls that I've really became cool with that I chat with.

Big D: Right on, what about male porn performers? Or, have you not been in the industry that long to get to know the regulars?

Cherry Hilson: Male performers, I like Jon Jon. He's really sweet and really cool, funny too. Rob Piper, he's kind of new too and Rico Strong too. Rico Strong is super cool. That's my homie right there. He's real cool, and real funny. He's really a big sweetheart.
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Big D: You're planning on juggling two carrers; one in cosmotology and one in the adult industry. Are you gravitating towards a wait and see type thing after you pass the state board test or do you have an idea of what you plan to do? Like, I'm going to try to do 50/50 or 75/25?

Cherry Hilson: Right now, if I get my state board license I'll probably put cosmotology on hold and go with porn full throttle because I can always fall back into cosmotology. That's my back-up plan, my fall back. Once I get my state board licence I'm probably going to go with porn head on and go for it all the way. I could do that now but I want to finish my schooling and focus all my energy towards porn. So yeah, I'm trying to balance it but eventually its going to be porn or cosmotology and I think I'm leaning towards porn.

Big D: Since you're leaning in that direction [porn], how do you plan to expand or set goals out for yourself to break the barrier when it comes to concentrating on the porn side a little bit more?

Cherry Hilson: I would like to expand myself by doing more fetish scenes and more in general because I like the boy/girl and girl/girl porn. I want to be in more bondage and fetish/ dominant roles. I want to do a lot [more in porn]. I don't want to be a typical porn girl who just does scenes and then she's gone. I want to be a household name. I want everyone to know who I am and I want to stand out.

Big D: Do you think going into Fetish and Bondage type categories will help you to be able to break out from the pack or do you have bigger plans above and beyond that?

Cherry Hilson: Above and beyond that, lets see, let me think about that one. You're right, I don't think bondage will make me stand out because I mean... well, I think it could too. I think leaning towards that [fetish and bondage] will make me stand out because a lot of pretty girls don't do that. Most pretty girls do the pretty girl scenes and that's it. I don't know. That's a good question. You stumped me on that one. I don't think that would make me different than anyone else.

Big D: I didn't mean to stump you. When it comes to having a plan or concentrating on one side over the other, are there other studios or other directors or other preformers that you haven't worked with you that you would like to? To broaden yourself and expand you reach? Have you heard good things about any particular director or performer that you have targetted to work towards?

Cherry Hilson: I have a girl crush on Skin Diamond. I think shes the finest thing walking! I want to work with her because I've heard she's a really good preformer and she's there to work. And I've seen a lot of her scenes and it seems like she gets really into it. She's one of the reasons why I got into porn. I hadn't really seen any mixed girls or pretty girls doing porn but I saw her and she has tattoos. She does her thing. She does everything though. She is really well-rounded so, I want to work with her. Who else do I want to work with? That's pretty much it. I don't really know anybody else I want to work with but her.

Big D: Why dont you talk to me a little bit about trying to break that mold? Like you've mentioned a couple times, you don't really see mixed girls, you don't see pretty girls. Could you kind of branching out to that? Tell me a little bit about you in trying to break through, trying to not be pidgenholed or put into the corner of “oh, she only does the West Coast Production stuff.” You've done Nasty Anal Tryouts #3 with Mike Adriano and I think you are the only woman of color in that film. So it's like you're crossing over you're not necessary type casted. Was that by design or did the agency put you out there because they feel like you could do everything?

Cherry Hilson: That was the agency's idea. If it was up to me I would like to do interracial things with caucasian performers. I don't want to be type casted as the pretty black girl that can only do black scenes with black people. No, I don't want to do that. I want to be able to go to Wicked Pictures and Digital Playground, all that. And I would still be the pretty black girl but that can hold her own too. I want to be able to just be diverse and be able to do everything with everybody and mingle. A lot of the time I've been on set and the director will pull me aside and asks if I'm a diva because most mixed girls are divas. I'm like “Whoa, no I'm not. I'm actually pretty down to earth and get along with everyone.” I don't want to be sterotyped like that. I want to be able to broaden my horizons. I want to work with a lot of good people and have a good name behind me too. I would like to be able to be that mixed girl who was able to shoot with all these people because my personality is not my skin color.

Big D: Your agency has been really good about getting you into the industy and easing you in but also throwing you into the deep end at the same time. Tell me about all the responsibility that comes with being a porn star. You have to keep up with you fans with social media on instagram, vine or twitter. How has that cut into your time of not only working as a porn star and not only working in cosmotology school but also keeping up on that [social media] as well?

Cherry Hilson: Oh my gosh, it's not hard, but it's different. When I had a twitter before I started doing porn, no one really noticed me. No one really tweeted me. No one really did all that. Now I make an instagram with the name of Cherry Hilson and people are tweeting me, DMing me [way more]. It's overwhelming sometimes but then sometimes it's just like those are my fans. Those are people that are going to watch me. I have to be nice and be cool. It doesn't take to much time. I mean, I'm flattered but sometimes I feel kind of shy. It's kind of overwhelming still [because] I'm not used to it yet. I was on the beach a week ago. Some guy on a bike stoped me and said “hey, I know you from somewhere.” Mind you, I never met this guy and he finally said “oh, you're on Reality Kings. Now I know where you're from.” And I just gigggled, walked away and was like, “Oh my god!”. That happened a couple times and it's kind of weird but I'm getting used to it a little bit more now. It's kind of overwhelming though too. I kind of live a double life, not really, but in cosmotology school I don't really talk about porn because I think that's a professional environment. I don't think everyone wants to know [that] a student there is doing porn so I kind of keep it to myself. But, other than that, I'm more proactive with porn. I'm on Twitter all the time retweeting. I'm always in contact with my fans. My fans DM me and I write them back. I dont want to be that porn girl that's like “eh, whatever, I don't want to be in contact with you guys but you can tweet me though.” No, I want to be cool with my fans and I want them to know [that] I'm a normal girl just like everyone else.

Big D: Now when it comes to age, is it overwhelming to be 20 years old and have someone recognize you? We've done close to 100 interviews and a lot of the porn stars tell me the place they get most recognized is at bagage claim in the airport. When they are flying back from doing a shoot in LA, or when they go out to Vegas for a trade show; or something like that. They are standing around at bagage claim waiting for their bag because they are a regular person just like you and me. Someone will come up and say “Hey, I recognize you” or “Hey, I'm a big fan” or something like that. Is that weird to be recognized in public?

Cherry Hilson: Yes, it's super weird because I'm like, “Are you guys serious?”. I'm just a normal girl that happens to have a name in the porn industry. It's overwhelming but I'm also grateful because obviously I'm doing something right if someone's noticing me; for them to be like, “hey, I know you. I've seen you somewhere”. So, yes, it's overwhelming but it's a good feeling at the same time. It's a pat on the back like “hey, you did it.” It's overwhelming too sometimes I get really overran and I stress myself out about it. [I think] Oh my god, Oh my god, this is too much but then I step back and say “No, this is what you wanted to do. This is the enviornment and everything that comes with it.” So, yes, overwhelming somethimes but I'm learning to get over it and understand this is what you have to do and this is what it comes with.

Big D: So speaking of social media, you've must have seen that we put out on Tweet that we were going to be interviewing you and we asked some of our followers to give question suggestions: One guy said “ Ask her about her first anal experience off camera or on camera and had she or will she work with Mike Adriano?” You already answered a little bit earlier but to answer this question from twitter what about your first anal experience off camera or on, or both?

Cherry Hilson: Okay, my off camera first experience was amazing because my friend had told me that she did it. She said it was off the charts and it was the best thing to do. So, I did it with one of my boyfriends and ever since then I've loved anal sex. I'd rather have anal sex than vaginal sex, personally. I don't know many girls who say that but I love anal sex. And as for my first time on camera, it was on the Black Ass Anal Drilling #3 DVD. You can tell I was nervous because I just didn't know what was going on. I kind of felt like I was thrown into it but it was fun. And I performed with Prince Yahshua so it was easy and he was cool. You could tell in my face [that] I was like, “what the fuck is going on?” but it was because it was my first anal scene. I wasn't sure what to expenct or how it was going to go but that was that. Anal is the bomb. It's the best!
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Big D: Alright, next question that came from our Twitter followers: Ask her how it was working with a legend like Cherokee D'Ass?

Cherry Hilson: It was fun! I got on set and I met a lot of pretty girls. She had a lot of pretty girls that day. It was really chill and not rushed. She was really sweet. Her ass is amazing. Her ass is huge. It's like Whoa, two watermelons. It's really fun and she was cool. She's very sweet and very soft spoken. Once again, I was intimidated because I believed the hype and all that. I walked into there and she greeted me with all smiles and everything was cool. It was really, really fun.

Big D: Awesome, Final question from Twitter followers. Is a guy, his name is actually Kevin Hilson and his twitter handle is just Kevin and he says “Ask her if I would have a chance to work with her even though my last name is Hilson even though we are no relation I think?”

Cherry Hilson: I mean to work with me? Is he in the industry or no?

Big D: I don't know. I just think he's a fan that thinks he's clever because he has the same last name as you.

Cherry Hilson: Tell him I don't know about working but I'd be more than happy to meet him and get a coffee or something.

Big D: There you go. Now tell me a little bit about... you're from the San Diego area?

Cherry Hilson: Yes

Big D: How does that work with splitting time between going to school [and porn], with most productions are up here in the LA area? How does that work for you? Do you normally just try to work on a day school isn't in session or do you do half days? How does that work?

Cherry Hilson: I usually do a half day or I wont go at all. I rather go do my porn thing. I can't even do half and half. I either go to school or I don't go to school. And I do porn or I don't do porn. I go do porn when porn calls me.

Big D: So when they book you, you just skip that day and try to make it up another day?

Cherry Hilson: Yes. Definitly that's how I do it.

Big D: Is there anything about you that either hasn't been out there in the media, or the websites that you want people to know about you? Something that somebody might not know or maybe there is a question we might not have hit on that you want to get out there and want people to know about yourself?

Cherry Hilson: I want all my fans to keep watching. There is more of me to come. Be ready for me. That's all I have to say to my fans. To be ready.

Big D: First job?

Cherry Hilson: Never worked. I've always been in school.

Big D: First concert?

Cherry Hilson: Shakira

Big D: First car?

Cherry Hilson: My first car was a Pontiac. I don't even remember which type. It was a Pontiac, little and red. It was my grandma's car.

Big D: Musically what is in your Ipod, Iphone, MP3 player?

Cherry Hilson: A lot of hip-hop like Problems, E-40, Jay-Z, 2 Chains and that's pretty much it. I listen to a lot of hip-hop. Lot of booty poppin' music.

Big D: Favorite food?

Cherry Hilson: Favorite type of food is home made Mexican food. No taco shops, just home style Mexican food.

Big D: Favorite position?

Cherry Hilson: My favorite position is doggy.

Big D: Movies or the ballgame?

Cherry Hilson: Movies
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Big D: What is a modern convience that you can't live without?

Cherry Hilson: Does a Q-Tip count? No? A Q-Tip because my ears always have to be clean.

Big D: Favorite main stream movie?

Cherry Hilson: My favorite movie is The Town with Ben Affleck.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Cherry Hilson: Cancun, Mexico

Big D: Who is the person you would like to meet that you have not had the chance to meet yet?

Cherry Hilson: Anybody? Then my mom's brother. My uncle. He passed away when he was twelve years old so I never got to meet him. I definitely want to meet him.

Big D: Where is a place you would like to go but you have not been yet?

Cherry Hilson: Italy. I love Italian food and the Italian people are amazing. And I heard that it's so pretty out there, so I want to go.

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