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Big D's Interview With Cherie Deville
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Interview Date: April 24, 2017

The popularity of the MILF genre in porn has exploded over the years ever since Steve Stiffler's mom in American Pie was deemed the ultimate MILF. As we porn perverts rejoice while grabbing our cocks in glee, nobody is more happy that the MILF category is as popular than Cherie Deville. A porn star who's path is not the normal one of entering the industry as a fresh faced teen but rather entered porn as a lark in her 30's to see if she liked it. She still works at her "regular job" as a physical therapist but her popularity has risen so quickly, she could work exclusively in porn and be very happy. In addition to her porn and physical therapy career, Cherie Deville also finds the time to play music and swing dance. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Cherie reveals that she had a pretty normal childhood growing up in the eastern United States, her views on narrow minded people regarding the adult film industry and dishes on how working with her best friends, also porn stars, makes her life on set the best job she could ask for.

Big D: Dating back to 2017, you have been nominated in the MILF category for a number of awards like AVN, XBiz, XRCO, but you had never broken through until this year when you were awarded the XBiz MILF performer of the year. What was it like winning finally after being nominated a number of times and not getting it but finally breaking through?

Cherie Deville: Incredibly exciting. Honestly, I was happy this year as I was in past years, just to be nominated. At the end for who wins - I am sure it is hard for even the people who are judging. I'm just glad to be up in the group of top people. It is super, super, super exciting to win. I was thrilled. I didn't expect it at all. (laughs)

Big D: Have you seen any change in your career since winning or is it too soon since winning that you have yet to notice if you are getting more work because of winning the award?

Cherie Deville: That's hard to say because I am so lucky in that I work every single day that I want to work. I have another job so that takes up two days a week and I try and take a day off at least one day a week. Other than that, I am working. I haven't seen that change. Perhaps my agents are getting more phone calls for me that I am not aware of but my calendar is blissfully full. I have been lucky there.

Big D: What's your other job?

Cherie Deville: I also a physical therapist. Right now I would say that adult entertainment is my full time job because I do that five days a week whereas physical therapy I am only doing it twice a week. I do it because I enjoy it but also to maintain my license. Because when I inevitably age out of adult performing I will still have my career that I went to college for waiting there for me.

Big D: You said you will inevitably age of out adult but you entered porn at a later stage in life than most porn girls. Take us through what drew you to start in porn as not a fresh faced teen fresh off the bus but to enter porn as a MILF?

Cherie Deville: I just never thought about it until the offer had been presented to me. I had watched porn but it just seemed like something that people did that were far away. It just wasn't in the scope of my reality. I had been doing some nude modeling on the weekends just for some extra money and my current agent, OC Modeling, one of their headhunters found me online and asked if I wanted to do porn. In the beginning I just did it as a lark. Just as something to put on the list of cool things that I did in my life. I figured I would go for a week, do the bookings that I had been given, and then come back home. Then when I am 95 years old I would have these cool DVDs to look at and be able to say what a crazy life I had lived. I went and I liked it so I just kept coming back to Los Angeles. It sort of snuck up on me. It was never the plan. I am certain that if my agency had never contacted me it would have never crossed my mind to be honest.

Big D: You mentioned you were doing nude modeling prior to porn. That usually is a smooth transition into adult whether it is web camming or stripping or straight into porn.

Cherie Deville: I guess I skipped that part. Maybe there is that normal arc that people go in stages where they inch their way up. I hadn't experienced any of that. I was doing some pin-up type stuff and model mayhem type stuff. Real low end just to make some extra cash. I did know that people might ask me to film this or that but it just didn't seem, and it wasn't, legitimate. Then and now, I wouldn't have wanted to work my way up through all of the amateur producers doing low rent stuff. If someone had presented, "hey, you want to go to my garage and we are going to put it on the internet?" for $500, I know I would have said no to that. I was lucky to have Sandra be the one to have approached me. I started with Brazzers and Twistys instead of "Joe in the garage". (laughs)

Big D: Tell me about that first shoot and first experience with Brazzers or Twistys or the higher end, gold standard of porn companies. Do you remember what DVD your first scene ended up coming out on?

Cherie Deville: I'd have to think about it for a minute which DVD it was on and for which company. I do know that my first scene was with Holly Michaels. She is retired now. She is super amazing. For the first two years, I only did All Girl movies. That was just my personal comfort level. I had mostly slept with women in my private life and I wanted to continue that on screen. It was really awesome with Holly because she was also with OC Modeling too and we were staying in the same model house. So we had already banged. It wasn't even stressful or weird or anything. It was enjoyable, fun sex.

Big D: And it probably didn't hurt that Holly Michaels is absolutely, drop dead gorgeous.

Cherie Deville: Oh yeah. She is amazing in every way. I wished she hadn't retired.

Big D: You did All Girl stuff for your first two years in porn because that was in your comfort realm. What was it that convinced you to break out of that comfort level and start doing Boy/Girl sex scenes and eventually stuff like Anal and Interracial?
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Cherie Deville: Mostly it was just getting to know the industry. The more comfortable I got with meeting more talent, meeting the directors, meeting more male talent. When I didn't live here or wasn't coming to LA regularly, I like trying new things but I am always one to research it for a while. I just never want to throw myself into a situation where I might be uncomfortable. It just takes me time to think about things and warm up to the idea and decide if it is really for me. I don't want to go out there and start performing boy/girl or Anal and then find out on set that I hate it and stop doing it. I like to be really comfortable in my decisions before I go for it. No particular event brought me over to the dark side, so to speak, but I just started to become more comfortable with the idea of being able to do that stuff on camera. I started becoming more comfortable with the male talent outside of work that I felt comfortable that I could do this.

Big D: You recalled your very first porn scene was with Holly Michaels. Do you recall your first scene you did when you turned the corner and started performing with guys?

Cherie Deville: Yes. Actually that one they shot out of order. I can't remember which one was released first but I do remember which one was shot first. I had a five scene contract with Brazzers. The first one that I shot was with Keiran Lee but I think the first one that was released was with Johnny Sins. Either way, they did it up great. They had great costumes and cute scripts. Obviously I got to choose the talent and the scenes. It was really, really fun.

Big D: Seeing how you were very selective in transitioning to doing boy/girl porn, what was it about those guys in the beginning that made you feel comfortable with them to be your first on screen?

Cherie Deville: Actually I still do the same thing now. I ask all of my girlfriends in the industry and you text all of your girlfriends and ask them what they think of different people. I value their opinions and take their recommendations to heart. So I will ask them about the guys and take their advice and then decide. I usually work with someone at least one before i decide if I like them or not.

Big D: You mentioned you had a five scene contract with Brazzers. How did that come about?

Cherie Deville: I had wanted to do my first Boy/Girl, I'm not quite sure, but I think my agent had asked the companies what they would be willing to offer me. I don't remember who else offered what but at the end of the day, I thought that Brazzers was the best choice for my Boy?Girl debut.

Big D: Had you seen a lot of their stuff before making that decision? Were you a porn watcher after getting into the porn industry?

Cherie Deville: I watch a little bit. Maybe a little more than I did before getting into porn. Just by being in the industry myself I was familiar with all of the studios. I had done some All Girl stuff for Brazzers even before I did my Boy/Girl stuff for them. I knew that they were a good company and would be a really, really good choice.

Big D: Now that you have been in for a little while, who are some of your favorite talent to work with?

Cherie Deville: Probably my two best friends, Dani Daniels and Aaliyah Love. They are literally my best friends in the world. Whenever you can spend an entire day at work with the people you love the most and get to bang them, it's pretty perfect.

Big D: You live in LA now but you were born and raised along the east coast. Born in North Carolina, spent some time in Washington DC and also up in the New England area. Talk to us about your younger years growing up along the eastern seaboard.

Cherie Deville: I was born in North Carolina but I only lived there until I was three years old. I don't actually remember that at all. And my whole childhood through the end of college undergrad, I spent my winters in Washington DC and my summers on Cape Cod. I do miss the seasons. Living in Washington DC, it's not very rural so it was more playing with the kids on the block. In the summers, my family spent our summers on the Cape. The Cape was more rural and we had our horses there and we spent the time swimming and boating and all of that sort of water stuff.

Big D: Since you are a physical therapist still part-time while in porn, what originally attracted you to that field of work that you are still continuing to work in it despite being highly successful and prolific in porn?

Cherie Deville: In high school I did a lot of volunteering and working in jobs that I was interested in. When I did my volunteer work at the physical therapy clinic in Maryland, I really fell in love with it. In my junior year in high school, I only applied to colleges that had PT or pre-PT programs. The volunteer work is what definitely swayed me in that direction. That's how my parents raised my sister and me. If you say you want to be a marine biologist or you want to do this or do that, they will help us find a place to do that for a few months or a semester before you really invest in a college program that you may not know what it is really like until you get out.

Big D: You had mentioned the support of your parents earlier. was there any hesitation of getting into porn as you have because of how family and friends might react?

Cherie Deville: The first things I did before I even shot my first scene was I contacted a lawyer. I made sure I couldn't lose my physical therapy license. I told all of my close friends and family because I would hate to have the people I love the most find it online without telling them first. I did all of those things before I ever shot my first scene. I knew then and even now that I don't have any desire to have kids. I am an independent adult so my actions are my own. I think the only time people are really affected by going into porn is if your family is super uptight or you are super young or you have kids. Kids are merciless and they will probably tease you. If I had a school aged sibling or a child of my own, I would have definitely not have gotten into it [porn].

Big D: DVDs and the internet is forever. If you have kids and when they grow up...

Cherie Deville: They will find it. It's not if. It's absolutely when. Not that it is a bad thing to do but just because you find it in tune with your own personal morals doesn't mean that every child in your son or daughter's class will feel the same way. It's hard enough to be a teenagers without being bullied about something I chose to do.

Big D: Being that you are a well rounded person in that you juggle two careers, I also saw that you play the drums and teach swing dancing. Is that true?

Cherie Deville: I don't teach swing anymore but i did teach it for, oh God, decades. Now I just go out a couple times a week and dance. Playing the drums? yup, I do it. I'm terrible. I also play the flute. (laughs)

Big D: Was music a childhood passion that lasted into adulthood or something you picked up later in life?

Cherie Deville: My grandfather on my mom's side was in a 1940's jazz band. he was very, very good at the trumpet. Music has always been a really big part of my life. Especially jazz music. I did a lot of work in the jazz band, with both piccolo and drums. I think my interest in swing dancing increased my appreciation for that genre of music. I wanted to be able to dance to it and play it.

Big D: What are some of the challenges of being a MILF performer in an industry that seems to crave younger and younger performers? How have you been able to last as long as you have and into the future by focusing on MILF porn?

Cherie Deville: Coming in as a MILF and not having to transition from a younger performer to a MILF is actually easier. It’s like transitioning from being a child actor to an adult actor. They always seem to have that awkward time in between. I'm glad that I didn't have to go through that multiple year period when girls seem to have trouble getting work. As for comparing it to the young ones, I can't really say. I wasn't in as a young one and can't speak to what they go through. I do know that there is WAY less competition in the MILF market. The older ladies don't seem to have little Twitter wars. we always hang out at the industry parties. It seems like in the MILF world there is less drama and more work. The less drama may be because we are all working as much as we want. There is only about 15 of us [MILFs] and there is tons of work. It really is much, much, much, MUCH easier than being a little teenie bopper and trying to compete with thousands and thousands of girls.

Big D: What do you attribute that you and Kendra Lust and all the other MILF performers in porn have so much work out there that you could work every single day if you so chose?
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Cherie Deville: I think that there is less MILF porn being shot than Just Legal porn. Since there are 2,000 teens and 15 MILFs, it just feels like an endless amount of work. I think that it is just the fact that there is very few of us that perform in MILF porn, even if it were limited work as it is in this particular fetish, it is plentiful because there is so few of us that are qualified to take the jobs. It's always been a super popular fetish just like the Just Legal genre. Think about all the "teach me" scenes, you need a secretary, you need a teacher, you need the wife next door, you need your own wife. There are just plenty of roles for a mature woman and not that many mature women to fill those roles.

Big D: Since you have done quite a bit of work in all kinds of genres across the porn landscape, what genre is the most challenging for you?

Cherie Deville: It all depends. Challenging physically? That would probably be a Gangbang. Difficult mentally? That would be a multiple day or multiple week Feature with a lot of dialogue to memorize. Difficult emotionally might be a script that is very poignant to you. The Girlsway one where Mercedes Carrera and I were playing reunited lovers. That touched me on a personal level. Both of us had some real tears during that scene. Of course BDSM takes a lot of will power and is physically demanding and is a completely different challenge. I guess it might depend on what is hardest for the individual. To me it is so joyful that I don't find any of it grueling. I just feel so blessed to be in this industry. When you get paid really well for an extremely fun job, I feel like I need to pinch myself everyday.

Big D: You obviously love working in porn. What is your response to people who are highly critical of porn and the adult entertainment industry?

Cherie Deville: If it's someone appearing on TV and disparaging porn, they usually haven't done much research [on porn]. They don't know what it is like day in and day out in porn. At the end of the day, just like any other actor or actress, we are selling fantasies. Right now in video games, violence is very popular. We as adult performers fill what the consumer wants. Just because the consumer wants something that could be considered degrading, just because they have a fantasy, maybe it is a rape fantasy, maybe it is a violent fantasy, maybe it is a passionate fantasy, maybe it is an incest fantasy, those things may be considered taboo. But what isn't taboo. is acting and role play. I really don't understand how people can easily grasp when a mainstream production does a movie and tackles some of those topics and they understand that that is a fantasy. Even our [porn] fans have trouble grasping that when I am on set and performing, I am performing and acting and I am creating an experience that I think the viewer will enjoy. It's really no different. I think too many people think it is real for some reason. And when I say real, I mean the thought you are actually the step-mom and it is actually your step-son. You're actually being degraded in a BDSM scene by this man. None of those things are true. The moment the camera cuts, I am Cherie and whomever is my talent is them. We are talking and laughing and showing each other cell phone pictures. I think that they think it is actually real. It's a little sad and a little comical. But yes, it is baffling to me a little. If someone personally wants to ask me a questions about it, I will take the time to explain to them all the emotional and reasonable reasons I don't feel a certain way if they believe it is negative. But to the world at large, I don't harass people on the internet is someone says something mean to me. I will just delete them. Engaging mostly won't help the people that troll us adult performers online.

Big D: First job?

Cherie Deville: Camp counselor

Big D: First concert?

Cherie Deville: It was a Motley Crue concert. I don't remember which tour it was.

Big D: First car?

Cherie Deville: A KIA. I only had $15,000 in the bank and I don't like taking out loans.

Big D: What music are you listening to right now?

Cherie Deville: My Pandora station is based on the old guitarist Snooks Eaglin, the super famous blue guitarist. He is amazing. I also listen to a lot of super old gospel music even though I am not religious. It is painfully beautiful. I like classic rock and really old punk.

Big D: Favorite food?

Cherie Deville: People ask me that and I really don't have one. It is totally mood based.

Big D: Favorite position?

Cherie Deville: That depends on the anatomy of the partner. Some people, women or men, some people's genitals feel better in certain positions than others. I can never answer that one either. With some people it may be doggy, some people missionary, some people it is cowgirl. It just totally depends.
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Big D: Movies or the ballgame?

Cherie Deville: Movies. I don't watch any sports at all. Unless it is snowboarding or equestrian. Sports that I do.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Cherie Deville: The Princess Bride.

Big D: Modern convenience you can't live without?

Cherie Deville: Indoor plumbing. Showers and toilets. I would go without a stove and a fridge before I would go without indoor plumbing.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Cherie Deville: The last two years I went to Jamaica and I adored that. I just like going to different places. I was recently in New Zealand for a month. I'm going to Africa and Spain. This summer I am going to Budapest. I just like traveling. I don't even know where my favorite is. Whatever is next is my favorite. whatever I have not seen yet.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would like to meet but have not had the chance to meet them yet?

Cherie Deville: I think Prince would be pretty cool to hang with.

Big D: Where is a place you like to visit but have not yet had the chance to go?

Cherie Deville: Japan. Total bucket list. I like the culture. I like how everything is clean over there. My partner is a musician and he tours the world a lot. He says he thinks I would really like Japan as well. I trust his opinion.

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