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Big D's Interview With Charlotte Stokely
Inside Charlotte Stokely

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Interview Date: 02/15/2007

From the first day that Charlotte Stokely started doing porn you could tell she was going to be a big hit. A self-admitted sensuous person at a very early age, Charlotte Stokely started slowly in porn, mostly internet content, but always knew larger things waited in California and in the world of adult DVD porn. Once she landed is Smut Valley she immediately became a mainstay in a number of the Alt-Porn productions. With projects underway with such large production studios like Club Jenna and Teravision, Charlotte Stokely is showing no signs of slowing down. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Charlotte dishes on how to handle obnoxious porn watchers, discussed the alt-porn phenomenon and reveals what it is like to have your pussy projected on a 20 foot movie screen.

Big D: You are a relative newcomer to the world of adult DVDs being that you have only been performing for DVDs companies for just about a year now. What are your impressions so far after making the leap from just doing internet content to now doing adult DVDs?

Charlotte Stokely: I had been doing internet stuff for a few months and I figured I would do that first in order to learn how to open up for the camera and to learn how to get chemistry on camera. Once I felt that I had that down, I flew to California and started doing DVDs.

Big D: Did you get into adult DVDs knowing that you eventually wanted your career to take that route or did doing internet content fuel the fire essentially to come out to California and do it on a bigger level for adult DVD companies?

Charlotte Stokely: I think it was a little bit of everything. I had always assumed that DVD was bigger than Internet because I wasn't too familiar with the politics of porn at the time. I worked in Florida to learn what I needed to do and then I felt confident that I knew everything that I needed to learn. I actually moved out to California. I didn't fly back and forth. I stayed in a hotel here for a few months and then I got an apartment.

Big D: Are you happy with your choice to not only relocate to California but to pursue a career in adult DVDs and a career in porn?

Charlotte Stokely: Most definitely. My ultimate goal was to do DVD work and come out to California and to work with all these different and wonderful companies.

Big D: Since coming out about a year ago you seemed to have done a lot of the gonzo porn like Chocolate Vanilla Cum Eaters or Glazed & Confused #6. But lately you have been doing a lot of 'alt porn' to the point where you were on the cover of Skater Girl Fever and also appeared in another Vivid Alt title, Girls Lie. Is it because your unique look lends itself to alt porn or are you doing more of it because you enjoy that type of porn more?

Charlotte Stokely: I think it is both. I like performing in all kinds of DVDs. I like to assume different characters and different lifestyles. Alt porn is definitely my favorite because it reflects more personally on myself. It's more fun for me. It seems like the entire alt crew is just one big family. As far as my looks, I guess I have that 'alt look'. I am not heavily tattooed but I do still have the laid back attitude that the alt porn genre has. Alt porn wasn't around when I first started. As I met Eon McKai and Dave Naz and started working closely with them I started to say, 'wow, these are really some great ideas.' That's what happened with Skater Girl Fever and Girls Lie. There is another one that is not yet released. It's going to be one in the Debbie Does Dallas series. It's an alt version that will be kind of like a TV show.
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Big D: The alt porn genre has really exploded to the point where a large studio like Vivid has branched out and created a separate division called Vivid Alt. Seeing how the alt porn genre wasn't even out there when you started in adult DVDs and that was just a year ago, what do you see on the horizon that might be the next big thing in adult DVDs and porn in general?

Charlotte Stokely: You know, I am still going to stick with alt porn for now. Even though it is having an amazing reaction right now I still think it is relatively small. A lot of people still do not know about it. I think it will get even bigger. There still are a lot of movies that still haven't been released yet. I don't think they need to change anything. If there is something new coming out next year I have no idea what it is. I am definitely going to stick with the alt porn thing for now.

Big D: You mentioned some of the alt porn directors like Dave Naz and Eon McKai that have really shaped the genre. Other people like Joanna Angel or Octavio Winkytiki have really put their unique stamp on the alt porn scene. What do you think is the appeal of alt porn that is has gained so much popularity so quickly?

Charlotte Stokely: To me, alt porn is more personal and realistic. Joanna Angel already had her own thing going with Burning Angel before she signed with Hustler and VCA. I really don't know what the appeal is other than it is something different and everyone is really getting a big kick out of it. Not everyone wants to see a completely done-up girl as some sex symbol that says, 'I'm a really horny stripper. Let's fuck!' That's more of a punch line when it comes to regular porno. People like to find fantasy is more realistic situations. People think that girls in jeans are sexy. People think girls that have tattoos are sexy. Some people don't think girls with tattoos are sexy. This is porn for people that like things that have not been done before. This is a completely, all new thing. You don't find a whole lot of punk rock porn or drug abuse as a common theme throughout the whole movie. It's usually just your typical, cheesy porno. It's great because it is girls wearing Converse sneakers instead of high heels. People want to see the idea of sexiness in the everyday walk of life. They don't always want to see girls done up like they are a whore. Even though you can be a very, bad, bad, punky whore, and there is nothing wrong with that, I think people like seeing it is a different perspective. It's personal and people can relate to it more. It can be geared for a person who likes punk rock but they like watching porn too. They will probably say, 'wow, that chick looks like someone that I might run into at a local band show. I can get to see inside her sexual mind by watching this movie.' That turns people on because the girls are just like them. They like the same type of music they like. They will think, 'she is just as crazy as I am.'

Big D: When you made the decision to start doing internet porn in Florida with the intention of doing adult DVDs in California, what was the driving force behind that decision? Had you always wanted to be a porn star or was it a natural progression like you were a stripper first and made the transition smoothly? What was the appeal of porn that made you want to get into it?

Charlotte Stokely: The porn industry had always appealed to me. Ever since I was a young girl, I was very open with my sexuality. I was experimenting with other girls at a very young age. I was experimenting with boys at a very young age. I was curious about everything. I wanted to know what was this and what if I do that. I started taking pictures of myself when I was younger and through high school I would dance on stage for a show of a local band. I met a girl who had just done one porno and she told me it was a lot of fun. She suggested I should try it and I was unsure about it. She explained how it was cool and you get paid for it and it is totally legitimate. I thought, 'why not?' and I showed at a filming house and I shot a scene. It was such a rush to have people standing around and watching me. I loved knowing that whole world was going to get the chance to see me fuck and show my deepest fantasies. As soon as I was done I told them, 'if you know of anyone else who might need a cute, little, blonde, freckled girl, let me know.' They referred me to an agent and that's how I started working for a lot of the internet companies in Florida.

Big D: You said you were unsure at first and needed a little more convincing from this girl that had done it before you. Was there any hesitation knowing you could have a bad experience and not be able to take it back once it is shot and circulating on the internet? Or was it more for the experimentation and the experience of something new for someone as curious as you were?

Charlotte Stokely: At first, yeah, it was more experimental just as a personal experience of seeing what it would be like. I wanted to do it as one of those things to put on my sexual checklist of things that I had done. About once a month I would do a porno and spend the rest of my time at a fetish club. I would spend my time in places that had a lot of sexual energy. I was a cocktail waitress at a strip club. I thought, 'why not do this all the time?' I knew everything I needed to know and it was an opportunity to meet new people. So I packed up everything that would fit into my car, went to California and started all over again. I told myself that this was not a job. This was my career. I was going to push myself and work with the companies that were necessary to help me to get to where I needed to go. Honestly I never thought I work for someone like Vivid or Club Jenna or Teravision. I never thought I would work for companies like that. I knew that I wanted to and I had this huge motivation inside of me to keep doing it. Now I am here today and I never expected for this to actually happen. I am living my goal and my dream. What's next? What's my next step?

Big D: What is about the sex industry that motivated you to move 3,000 miles to California and to keep you focused that you are now a hot commodity talent in porn?

Charlotte Stokely: I love the fact that everyone around you that you meet is as equally open with their sexuality as I am. Everyone loves a porn girl. People may be against hookers but they think porn is personal and intimate and tactful. I want to be around people like that. I want to be around people who are just like me. I did run into a few things here and there where people didn't quite agree with it. I guess I should have assumed that that was going to happen. I am so spontaneous and have the attitude of, 'oh, fuck it. Let's just do it once and see if I like it.'

Big D: Being a porn star, do you tend to run into people who are more judgmental about what you do for a living? If you do, what is your reaction to them and how do you handle their negativity?
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Charlotte Stokely: At first I had to explain myself a lot to my friends and family but not so much to the general public. A couple of family members said, 'Why are you doing this?' 'You are better than this.' 'You need to take care of yourself.' There is nothing wrong with what I am doing. I am not hurting anyone. I am not hurting myself. I am not breaking the law. I still come and visit my family all of the time. Maybe those people critical of me should stop whacking off to the stuff I am in and go to a different website or rent a different DVD. It was a bit confrontational at first but eventually my family and friends just accepted that this is what I am going to do. I lost a lot of friends and some family members don't talk to me anymore. I've only really had one bad public experience where I felt that I had to explain myself. I was at a Halloween party in 2005 and one person kept making jerking off movements and kept harassing me the whole time I was there. I told them, 'listen, there is nothing wrong with what I do. If you do not like, I am sorry. It's obvious that you like it if you recognize who I am enough to know that you can make gestures like that towards me. You must not have that much of a problem if you know who I am and you must watch it yourself.' I really don't have to explain myself to a lot of people. I usually talk to people about how it is wonderful and not about its negatives. They know it is always going to be there. It's never going to go away. My children in the future, if I ever have any, will probably say, 'oh, my mom's a whore.' You know, there is nothing I can do about that. It's just a part of life. It's just another crazy chapter in my book.

Big D: Being out in public and you are recognized, are you treated differently than you normally would be because people see you naked having sex and they assume you are a certain way? We know you are not sitting on guys' faces or sucking someone's dick in your everyday life all the time. Does the general public have a problem with being able to separate you from 'Charlotte Stokely the porn star'?

Charlotte Stokely: Well, to be honest with you, I do sit on people's faces in my everyday, personal life. (laughs)

Big D: Okay, what I meant was you don't do it all the time. I mean, you are not sitting on someone's face when you are out shopping at the grocery store do you?

Charlotte Stokely: No, no, definitely not. I don't run to the supermarket in any of my work clothes. I respect other people. I don't want someone's child to see me walking around acting like an idiot in a grocery store. I normally avoid situations like that. I usually go to porn oriented parties and go places where I know that everyone wants to be around people like myself. If I go to a bar and people there recognize me usually they just want to know about me. They will compliment me on how much they enjoyed a particular movie and ask me questions like, 'do you really skateboard?' I've had people tell me I am a real, dirty slut but I have always taken it in a good way. I've taken it as a compliment. I really haven't had any problems with anybody.

Big D: You mentioned that you get compliments on your movies from random people. When they say things like that are there any particular ones that you hope they say they liked? What I am asking is does the porn watching population tend to like the same movies you enjoyed making?

Charlotte Stokely: I would say the one I liked the most would be Girls Lie. That is one of those Vivid Alt movies. Hands down I would say that is one of my best movies I have had in my career. The acting was good. The sex was good. Everything about the movie was just good. I got to say all my own dialogue. Everything I said was straight from me and having fun with this character of a lying, junkie that goes and hooks so she could support her boyfriend and her drug habit. That movie was definitely, definitely one my best. I am never going to forget the making of the movie. I am never going to forget going to Germany to see the world premier of Girls Lie. Everyone loved it. There were 400 people in the theater when the movie started and the entire porno played to the end and when the lights came back on everyone was still there. It was wonderful to see that so many people really liked it. I am really proud of myself for doing that movie.
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Big D: Was it a little bit weird for you seeing a porn on a big silver screen like that with 400 other people in the room? Normally porn is seen at home on your TV and your pussy is not projected to look like it is 20 feet tall. Was it a turn-on to be amongst all of those people knowing they are there and watching you have sex on screen?

Charlotte Stokely: It was definitely a turn-on and a rush too. I had never been in that situation before. I had never watched a porn in a theater with other people whether it was my porno or not. The fact that it was me definitely made it a little more exciting. Everything went smoothly and I went on stage before and after they showed the movie and talked about the movie. I answered questions and I showed my underwear to everyone and I even ended up giving my panties to someone in the crowd. It was so much fun. It was definitely a crazy experience. Not many people can say they were in a huge movie theater with lots of people watching their porn on a big screen.

Big D: What other projects are on the horizon that Charlotte Stokely fans should be on the lookout for and put on their wishlist to see?

Charlotte Stokely: I am really excited about a Club Jenna movie I did called Jesse Loves Pain. Obviously instead of Jenna Jameson it is Jesse Capelli. It is so extreme. I do a lot of things for the first time that I had never done before. They had my arms and legs sprawled out, chained to the floor and I am being stomped on by Mistress Claire and Mistress Jesse. It was a crazy experience. It was so wonderful to experience my sexuality with such amazing performers. The whole time I was so extremely turned on that I just wanted to get fucked. It was honestly a great sexual rush. I can't wait for that movie to come out. I hope that the people that see it will sense my sexual energy while they are watching it. Also, I have no idea how it will turn out because they do a lot of crazy editing with the movie but I recently worked with Teravision. It was my first time working for them and I was very excited. It was kind of like a psychedelic, crazy trip to Wonderland. I play Alice. We don't necessarily say it is Alice in Wonderland but there are a lot of things that imply that is what we are basing it off of. It is definitely not like anything that Teravision has done before. I had a whole lot of crazy make-up on and I was dressed in a little girl's dress. It was so fun to make that movie. The cast was just great. I honestly have no idea how it is going to turn out but I am very excited to see how everything got put together.

Big D: First job?

Charlotte Stokely: I was a cashier at a grocery store.

Big D: First concert?

Charlotte Stokely: Incubus at Lollapalooza.

Big D: First car?

Charlotte Stokely: 1993 Geo Storm

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Charlotte Stokely: Jack off Jill, Machines in Mechanical Grays, Nick Haven and the Bad Seeds, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra.

Big D: Favorite food?

Charlotte Stokely: Lasgana

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Charlotte Stokely: It was actually a Vivid movie called Lesbian S&M.

Big D: Favorite position?

Charlotte Stokely: Doggy

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Charlotte Stokely: Ballgame, because I have never been to one and really want to go. I want a Dodger dog.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Charlotte Stokely: Toilet paper

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Charlotte Stokely: Buffalo 66. Christina Ricci is in it and she is really cute.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Charlotte Stokely: Germany

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Charlotte Stokely: Hillary Swank

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Charlotte Stokely: Tonga

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