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Big D's Interview With Casey Parker
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Interview Date: 6/14/2006

Being labeled 'The Girl Next Door' has been an old marketing ploy in porn for years. Casey Parker, Shane's World first and only contract girl, has been given that label as well. This time it isn't studio hype and rhetoric. Casey Parker is literally the girl next door that enjoys watching porn, eating pizza and buffalo wings while watching the ballgame. She is more comfortable in soccer shorts or a surfing wetsuit than she is in an evening gown. She has a smile that will make you forgive her for things she has yet to do and a body that will make you beg to see it more often. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Casey Parker reveals how she asked Shane's World to put her in porn, why she sometimes speaks in Spanish and how keeping her private life private helps her enojy her job in porn.

Big D: For those that have not heard about you before, you had never been in porn before you were signed to an exclusive contract with Shane's World. Tell me how did that happen and how were you discovered by Shane's World?

Casey Parker: I came to them. I really didn't know that this is what I was going to end up doing. I was living in Boulder, Colorado and I had all male roommates. They had a little collection of porn. I really didn't really like watching porn particularly but they did have a Shane's World DVD. I can't remember exactly what the title was. I watched it with them and I said, 'Oh this is really cool'. It was cool because it was real. All the other stuff was all staged and this glamorous porn that didn't seem real to me. (laughs) I would end up making fun of it rather than watching it. I went onto Shane's World's website because I wanted to see more and I started watching the College Invasion DVDs because I am in college. It was really cool and all the girls seemed like me. I know that sounds weird. (laughs) I contacted them (Shane's World) and I said, 'I'd like to be a part of what you guys do, I really love your movies, blah, blah, blah.' Basically like a fan of their DVDs. From that they flew me out to L.A. and I did one scene. It was a girl/girl scene that was like a date. They decided to offer me a contract and they proceeded to move me out to California. We shot an entire movie on them coming to Colorado with two porn stars and picking me up out of school and surprising me at my door.

Big D: Kind of like when the people from a sweepstakes knock on your door with a six foot long check and surprise the housewife that still has her hair in curlers?

Casey Parker: Right, dude. (laughs) I was upstairs because I was in finals and this was back in March. I was studying for finals and they came to my door and we did an entire road trip that was caught on film. I did have a boy/girl scene and a girl/girl scene in that movie. You have to excuse me because I am just getting the porn lingo down. That's pretty much it. The contract was signed and now I am in L.A. and I am moving into my apartment right now.

Big D: So what are your impressions of the porn world now that you have gotten a taste of it? You said you had these guy roommates that would watch porn and now you are in porn. What are your impressions from what you thought it was going to be to what your actual experience has been?

Casey Parker: I had always thought porn was this huge, big deal that was scary. I don't know. Does that make sense? I thought it was this big taboo thing. I have always been a pretty sexual girl. Now that I am in it, it is so much fun. We get to have sex on camera and go to all these different places and get paid for it. It's the best job ever. I never thought it would be like this and as much fun as it is.

Big D: Were you a bit nervous to go from an everyday college student to automatically becoming a porn star overnight? If you take a bad job at an accounting firm and you don't like it or the people are assholes, you can always quit and it is not a big deal. Once you jump into porn and things make their way to film and DVD, you are pretty much a porn star forever no matter how short your time is.

Casey Parker: That's the thing with porno. It affects your life forever. It's going to affect my life forever. I had to think about it. I didn't just say, 'Okay!' and jump right in. I thought about it and I talked to my parents about it. I decided it was what I really wanted to do. This is where I am in life. I like excitement and this is definitely an exciting lifestyle. I am going to finish school while I am doing this. That's really important to me. Porn is just a part of my life and it is not my whole life. I am not working every single day. Don't get me wrong, I am working really hard but I do not shoot everyday. I have other stuff going on as well.

Big D: When making this decision you mentioned you discussed it with your parents. What was that like and what was their reaction to your choice to become a porn star?

Casey Parker: No parent wants to hear that their daughter is becoming a porn star. (laughs) At first their reaction was, 'What!?!'. I am on contract and it is not like I am going off and doing all of these creepy things. I talked to them about it and what it meant and what it meant to me and how important it was to me. My parents are very supportive and we have a very open and honest relationship. They accepted it and they actually can take a call from me where I tell my mom about my day and she will laugh. They are very involved and they will even help me out when I have a decision to make. They are very supportive and they give me advice all the time. They are very good parents and I love them very much.

Big D: You are now officially a porn star but being a porn star doesn't dominate your every waking hour of every day. What are some of the other things you do in your life and other interests you have away from porn?

Casey Parker: I did get my credits from my school out in Colorado and I will be continuing to go to school out here at a community college. I am planning on transferring to a bigger school later. I do a bunch of sports. I am going to join a soccer team because I have been playing soccer forever. I surf on the weekends. Almost every weekend I go down to San Diego and surf. It's a job but it is not my entire lifestyle. I have friends that are not in the porn business and I like that. (laughs) I sometimes get tired of it sometimes and it has only been a few months since I started. I understand how you can get a bit jaded from being immersed in the business all the time. I like to have my own personal life.

Big D: When can we expect to see Casey Parker in action in a Shane's World DVD?

Casey Parker: As of right now, nothing has been released. I am hearing probably in September or possibly late October my first DVD will come out. That is the Colorado trip of them coming out to get me. It's going to be called Casey Parker is The Girl Next Door. It's basically them coming out and picking me up from Colorado and the whole road trip back. We did Surfer Girls #2. I got to go to Hawaii which was amazing. That one will probably come out in October so October is the month for my stuff.

Big D: What about any plans for you to be included in some of the flagship series that Shane's World is famous for like College Invasion or College Guides?

Casey Parker: There has been some talk but we are not sure yet.

Big D: What's your game plan since coming on board with Shane's World. Is this something you want to do while you still go to college and then do something else or are you planning on staying in this for a while?

Casey Parker: I hope that my relationship with Shane's World will be for a long time. I love Shane's World so much and I think everyone here is great. I hope this can be a long term thing because it is so much fun.

Big D: What makes it so fun? You had mentioned you thought porn was this sleazy thing where the productions are over glamorized and are a bit cheesy. What makes your job fun?

Casey Parker: Since meeting people that are in the business and other performers it is not like that at all. Everyone has been really good to me and very nice to me. I am really excited to be in this industry where it is so much fun and you get to try new things and have opportunities to travel.

Big D: You have met other people and other performers in the porn business. Who have you been able to meet and become friends with?

Casey Parker: Pretty much everyone at Shane's World and Johnny Castle. He is a really nice guy. I really don't hang out all that much with too many people in the industry but I did at that party where Shane's World introduced me and everyone was really nice. I really don't have any personal relationship with anybody in porn right now but meeting everyone was nice. I like to have a lot of alone time. I like to do my sports but I do like to have my alone time. Just everyone I have met has been really nice. There is no one in particular that I have a special relationship with.

Big D: You did mention that you have always been a sexual person before you got into porn. Why do you think that is?

Casey Parker: I have always been comfortable with my sexuality. I experimented with girls in high school. Not a lot of girls experiment with other girls at that age I came to find out. I thought everybody did but I guess it was just me. I wanted to try new things and everything was exciting to me when it came to sex. I was adventurous and loved sex and masturbated a lot.

Big D: Your situation may be unique in that you are on contract with Shane's World and they do not typically do anything really over the top. Is there some stuff that you have sworn off that you are not open to doing this early in your career?

Casey Parker: Yeah, like gang bangs. Totally, I don't think so. Maybe two boys at a time but that is pretty much it. That is why I am with Shane's World. They are so real and I am not sure that the crazy stuff you see in porn really happens in the real world. I don't think I will be doing any gang bang movies. It's nothing against anyone that does do those movies but for my tastes I don't think I will be doing stuff like that. I just don't really like the hard, degrading to women type stuff. Shane's World is a company that is Pro-women.

Big D: It's doesn't hurt that the current owner of the company is a woman and the original founder is also a woman.

Casey Parker: That's a big part of why Shane's World is so Pro-women. I don't think I would work for a company that wouldn't be.

Big D: You are fluent in Spanish. Do you think that will help expand you fan base a little bit since you can appeal to a broader audience? Any plans to incorporate some Spanish language into your upcoming movies?

Casey Parker: Already when we do the movies I will speak Spanish just for fun. Sometimes I think in Spanish and I will speak in Spanish and I don't realize I am doing it. (laughs) I am not sure if there will be a Spanish movie but you never know.

Big D: Hey, you could start a brand new series like Shane's World College Guide to Partying in Tijuana.

Casey Parker: (laughs) That's funny.

Big D: First job?

Casey Parker: Youth soccer coach.

Big D: First concert?

Casey Parker: Shakira. That was in Latin America. I visit Latin America frequently because we have property down there. That concert was a long time ago when she was only doing Spanish music.

Big D: First car?

Casey Parker: A Toyota 4-Runner that was my mom's. Now I have my own which is also a 4-Runner.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Casey Parker: El Rookie. It's a Spanish rapper.

Big D: Favorite food?

Casey Parker: Pizza and buffalo wings together.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Casey Parker: I think it was one of my dad's. Who's the woman that is like the sex teacher? Nina Hartley. That was probably the first one because it was my dad's. I was sneaking around in his closet and I watched it.

Big D: Favorite position?

Casey Parker: I think doggy is pretty much good all of the time.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Casey Parker: The ballgame. It's because it is fun and it is outside and you are not inside and it is real life.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Casey Parker: My cell phone. I hate saying that but it is true. I think vibrators too. That's a good modern convenience to have.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Casey Parker: Splash with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. That's my favorite movie because I love Mermaids. We only had a Beta VCR at our beach house in Central America and that was the only video cassette we had that was on Beta. I loved it and I watched it over and over again. It was great.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Casey Parker: Latin America

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Casey Parker: That's a good question. Maybe Pamela Anderson. She's hot.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Casey Parker: Europe. Anywhere in Europe. I would love to go.

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