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Big D's Interview With Carter Cruise
Inside Carter Cruise

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Interview Date: August 6, 2015

Whenever a rising porn star is not only compared to Jenna Jameson by fans and critics but also has accomplished the same milestones as the venerable porn star, you should sit up and take notice. Carter Cruise didn't get into the jizz biz to try and set the porn world on fire but that is exactly what she has done. After attending college at East Carolina University only because she was told "that is what you do after high school", she did all the normal college co-ed things like joining a sorority and partying. Her final year in college she realized that college and the career path she was on a trajectory to enter was more to please other people and was not the path she envisioned for herself. She ventured into porn after dabbling in nude modeling and never looked back. The comparisons to Jenna came after the 2015 AVN Awards in which she won Best New Starlet and Best Actress in the same year. Jameson was the only one to accompolish that feat in 1996. With big aspirations and even higher expectation for her career in porn, XRentDVD's Big D was able to corral Carter Cruise for a few moments. In this exclusive interview, Carter Cruise reveals she is expanding her horizons by becoming a DJ, discusses the importance and pride it takes to be a "Spiegler Girl", what type of porn she likes to masturbate to and how her unique friendship with Belle Knox came about at the behest of her father.

Big D: First of all I want to say thanks for being able to give us a call and I won’t waste too much of your time because it sounds like your terribly busy.

Carter Cruise: Actually I’ve been super not busy and then like today was one of those days where like everything just got dumped on me at once you know. (laughs)

Big D: Hey it happens. Okay well I guess I’ll just jump right into it. Before we talk about the upcoming movie, Carter Cruise: Obsession by Blacked, I want to ask you about your recent acclaim via the awards circuit. I know it’s been a few months since AVN and it’s probably had some time to sink in but you’re only the second adult performer to win the AVN Best New Starlet and Best Actress for your work and in Second Chances and have it be done in the same year. The only other porn star to do it was Jenna Jameson. What’s it like to be mentioned in the same breath with someone like Jenna Jameson?
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Carter Cruise: It’s pretty cool and it’s kind of surreal in a way. I didn’t know that that was a thing until afterward and people were like ‘I think you’re like maybe the only person that’s done that’. Then I found out later that she had too and that was really cool. I didn’t really think about that at the time. I was just amazed to even win, to even be nominated, was such a mind blowing thing for me. Then to win both awards and be one of the only two people to do that, is pretty exciting.

Big D: Do you feel any pressure? You said that you didn’t even know that it was a big deal until people started making it a big deal; do you now feel some of the pressure to have a career comparable to Jenna’s because you are the only two who have been able to do that? Do you feel the pressure to be the next Jenna or do you want to be the first Carter Cruise?

Carter Cruise: Yeah, see that was always my thing. I saw girls like Jenna and Sasha [Grey] and I looked at their careers and I obviously want to have something on that level but I never wanted to be...I see a lot of girls that want to be the next Sasha or the next Jenna and I’ve never been like that. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing and I don’t think that my career will really near Jenna’s at all just because of my other goals that I have. So I do hope to achieve the name that she has but I don’t feel any pressure to follow in her footsteps career wise.

Big D: Speaking of other career aspirations and not necessarily wanting to follow in somebody else’s footsteps, what do you envision that being?

Carter Cruise: Right now I’m really focused on music. I’ve been kind of like building over the summer and releasing some mixes that have done really well. I had a single that came out earlier this year and next month, September, I’ll start traveling around the U.S. and playing shows. I have some really exciting ones coming up that I’m super stoked for and so that’s kind of my focus right now.

Big D: What got you into the music and the DJing aspect of things?

Carter Cruise: When I was in college, I was like a super little raver girl and I discovered electronic music. I’d always loved music, because who doesn’t? It wasn’t until I heard a dubstep at a party that I got into EDM (Electronic Dance Music). In the south, people don’t really listen to EDM and I heard this song at a party and I just thought, "What the hell is this?". It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard and I have to hear more of this. So I would just skip class and find all the new music. Not too many people knew about EDM so I was one of the few people that was always finding these songs and I’d go to parties and say, "let me put on my music you know". I never thought about actually DJing until I was at a concert and I was watching this DJ up there and seeing him create this vibe for the room. He was just jamming up there and playing whatever he wanted to play. I was like, "Wow I want to do that." I would go to clubs and be like I hate all this music and I want to hear my stuff. So the idea that I can go out and play what I want to hear, create a vibe for people and have them enjoy it and dance to it really appeals to me. I’ve always been a performer at heart and I’ve been on stage since I was three years old so the performance aspect of it really interested me. I started messing around with it in college, but I couldn’t afford any equipment so I would borrow my neighbor's and I had a guy across the street that would give me lessons. Once I came out to L.A., I saved the money so I could buy a set-up. Since then I’ve been really getting it down over the past year and a half and honing my craft and finding out what kind of music exactly I wanted to really be a part of the Carter Cruise brand.

Big D: Do you see that by DJing...like you mentioned, creating that vibe and getting people to experience it that way, do you see that there’s a cross parallel between doing adult films/porn and DJing? You know, where you’re kind of creating a reaction in other people or is there no connection between the two?

Carter Cruise: Oh definitely, I mean it’s a performance you know. It is different. One’s on camera and the other is live. Actually I grew up always doing live performances like at the theater and dance and so actually doing film was a new experience for me because you don’t have the audience feedback. When you’re doing a play and you say something funny, the crowd laughs and so you're giving energy out and you’re also getting it back from the crowd. When you’re on film it’s a lot more...like you don’t have that reaction. You might have people on set but they don’t have the same reaction as the group who sees the final product when it’s been edited and all that stuff. It’s different in some ways but at the end of the day performance art is my passion so anyway that I can create a product just by putting my energy out to people is great.

Big D: Next week your first and only Interracial Adult DVD is set to release and it’s a star showcase that we just mentioned. What was that experience like, seeing as you had never done any kind of interracial before?

Carter Cruise: Well, people make a big deal out of it but I personally, I don’t really see any difference. It doesn’t matter to me the color of someone’s skin. The experience itself though was just awesome. Getting to do this special project with Greg [Lansky] was great. I’ve done scenes for Greg before and it was very similar but getting to do this special project, it wasn’t so much about it being interracial that made it special. It was more about it just being this feature and really just getting these amazing shots. When you work for Greg he’s very particular and he’s such a perfectionist, which I love, and he gets these beautiful shots. With this movie, we had one day where it was just dialogue and just getting these beautiful shots at sunset and that’s not something you usually get to do in the industry. A lot of times it’s very cut and dry and to be able to be more creative with it was definitely an awesome experience.

Big D: Speaking of working with Greg Lansky, the director, what other projects had you worked on before and did that prepare you for this showcase? Or was it totally completely off the charts unique in the fact that it was like nothing you had ever done with Greg before?

Carter Cruise: It was different in a way. He has his style you know, and he wants the angle and placement of everything to look really good. So I was prepared for that because it’s not like where you just go in and do whatever you want. I was prepared for working with him but not on this leve. Definitely a new experience.

Big D: Speaking of the fact that you said doing interracial was not that big a deal and it was more about being a showcase and being a feature, were you saving yourself for interracial as a DVD opportunity intentionally or was it just a coincidence that you just hadn’t done any Interracial up until now?

Carter Cruise: No. I’ve never been into saving anything. I came in doing pretty much everything right off the bat. Within the first month or so that I was in the industry I was doing things way before other girls. Half my firsts I never got paid extra for them. I just like did them and I never wanted to hype them up too much because I think a lot of girls think that by hyping it up you get a lot of press, and you know you can but at the same time I was here for the experience so I wanted to try everything. Interracial isn’t something that’s like a new experience, it’s just a person you know? So it wasn’t like, "Oh I need to try this" but obviously I was always down to do it. When Blacked came up, I just hadn’t really been offered any and then when Blacked just came up I started seeing their stuff everywhere. I was just like wow this is really beautiful I really want to shoot for this studio. I think I mentioned it to them last summer and said, Hey I want to work with you guys". I think they wanted to do a showcase and I talked to a few other companies and so everyone just kind of kept putting it off. I was ready so long ago but it was just kind of like ‘oh yeah we’ll talk about it after this’ because it’s a feature in a showcase and you can’t just shoot it whenever. You have to have the budget and the time in your schedule and I was booked up for three months in advance last summer. Just trying to find the time to fit it in was tough. As soon as they came and offered me the part though I was like, "Hell yeah! I’m ready to do this."
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Big D: You said that it takes a lot more effort and a lot more planning. How is it terribly different than just showing up and shooting a gonzo scene and then leaving?

Carter Cruise: Well, you just come in and you might even do your own hair and makeup and maybe a little bit of dialogue and you do the scene and then go home. But with a feature, especially with someone who wants to get those really good shots, you’re doing multiple takes of dialogue and then getting all the little pick-up shots. So it definitely is a much longer day and it’s much more tedious because you have to redo stuff. I’m just as much of a perfectionist as Greg is, which is why I appreciate him so much. A lot of times I won’t have seen the script before and then I’ll get there and my first take is like the first time I’ve ever said the lines out loud. For me that’s not going to be my best. I want to practice it but a lot of people are just like ‘well we got it’ and they don’t really care how you said it or your expression or whatever. They’re just like ‘well we got the line or the shot so we don’t care’. With Greg though, I could always say ‘wait I could do that better. Can I do it again?’ and he understands that. So between the two of us it was a lot of takes and different things.(laughs)

Big D: Now that you’ve broken that interracial barrier, and I know it wasn’t really a big deal for you and was more of just coincidence that it just never had happened, are there other things out there that are barriers in other people’s minds that you haven’t done yet that you’d be excited to try and start doing?

Carter Cruise: I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t done. I mean there’s like a few like maybe extreme crazy things, like girls do double anal... Sorry I’m in Uber right now so I was trying to be discreet (laughs), but yeah, I haven’t done that. That’s not something that I feel like I need to experience and the only reason I would do it is to like push my body and do something crazy. Adriana Chechik has already done triple [anal] and I’m not going to do that. I can’t do the crazies so I don’t see the point in pushing myself too far (laughs). You know I think that’s really the only thing I haven’t done.

Big D: Is there something out there, not just because it’s pushing the barriers or somebody has already done it, but something that might just be totally off the charts that you say, ‘no, not even interested, don’t even approach me with that’? Not to get into stuff that’s particularly illegal and censored here in the United States but anything that you’re thinking ‘you know that’s just not me, that’s just not what I want to do’?

Carter Cruise: The only things that I can think of that I would be like absolutely not are like totally not... people don’t shoot that stuff (laughs). I work for Kink a lot and I do a lot of really hardcore and Bondage stuff. I’ve always been interested in trying everything I can, unless it’s like totally disgusting or illegal, but then that’s not really an option because no one’s ever going to approach me with that.

Big D: I also read somewhere that you said ‘I’ll pass out before I use my safe word,’ can you explain that? What does that mean to you?

Carter Cruise: I don’t know if that’s a good thing to do. I think a lot of times people get very nervous and I’m very comfortable with the people that I work with and I trust them, but if I work with a new guy, I might be more like ‘wait what are you doing’? I don’t like letting new guys get rough with me because I just don’t know them. The guys that have been around for like twenty years, and I trust them so much, I know that they are really good at reading body language and knowing how far to push someone. I think that's part of the thrill of doing those things is completely letting go and having that trust and not thinking like ‘do I need to use my safe word’ you know? There are probably times that you know you need to use it but I personally haven’t experienced that. I’ve fainted or passed out a few times for a couple of seconds but to me that was like... I remember I did one scene and it was with Adriana [Chechik] and James [Deen] and I passed out for a second and I just woke up and the first thing I said was ‘that was fucking awesome’ and Adriana was like ‘that was such a perfect moment’. I like to push myself to those limits and I’ve always been that kind of person in anything, not just with porn but with pretty much anything I’ve ever done. I’ve always pushed the limits of my body and my mind to see how far I can go.

Big D: That scene that you said was with Adriana and James Deen, do you remember what movie that ended up in or was it only online?

Carter Cruise: It’s in another one of my showcases, All Access: Carter Cruise.

Big D: You mentioned that you have people that you’ve worked with before and you trust them and then therefore you can just let yourself go. Who are some of those people that when you get the call and they tell you you have a scene with these two or these three or however many they have, who’s on the ‘holy crap that’s awesome I’m really excited to go to work today and work with those people’ list?

Carter Cruise: Most of the guys I work with, I’m really tight with but there’s different levels. There’s guys like Manuel [Ferrara], James [Deen] , Erik [Everhard] and Toni [Ribas] who are people that I trust. They do really rough scenes and they’re all really nice guys who I feel comfortable with. But there’s tons of other guys that do more like the romance feature stuff, because I do a lot of that too and like Michael Vegas is one of my favorite guys to work with because it’s just fun on set and we’re not going to get too crazy, you know like he’s snot going to be doing this crazy rough stuff but I still enjoy working with him and the scenes that we do.

Big D: Is there someone in the porn industry you consider to be a mentor? Either a fellow performer or director? Just someone you look up to because this industry is unique in the fact that it’s a different work environment. Is there somebody that knows the ropes and can help you a lot that you look up to that you can use as a mentor?

Carter Cruise: There’s been a few throughout. When I first got into the industry, I met Brandi Love, who’s from North Carolina too. I actually met her after I shot my first couple of scenes. We had a mutual friend and so she took me out to dinner and I got to ask her a lot of questions when I was brand new and had only shot like two scenes in Florida. She really helped me a lot in the beginning but then there’s been quite a few. One person is Jacky St. James, who’s a director not a performer, but she’s kind of the person that if I’m really worried about something and wondering about how I should handle the situation, I’ll talk to her because I really trust her judgment because she’s a very smart woman. I really value her opinion so I tend to ask her whenever if I can run something by her or how I should approach something. Then there’s the older girls, especially being a Spiegler Girl and having the older girls there like Asa [Akira] and Dana [DeArmond] are my go to’s. Seeing what they do and then being able to ask them questions [is great]. I’ll always ask Asa about weird things because we both do kind of more extreme things like a lot of anal and stuff. So in the beginning I would always ask her like, ‘hey how do I do this’ or just texting her all these questions and she was always really nice about helping me out.
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Big D: Yeah, she’s pretty awesome. We’d love to do an interview with her as well. You mentioned that you are a Spiegler Girl, which is a smaller agency. I don’t want to use the term exclusive, but they only have 20-25 girls on staff. How is it different than other agencies in the porn business and what do you like about being represented by Mark [Spiegler]?

Carter Cruise: I think the biggest part of it is what it takes to be a Spiegler Girl. It was really crazy the change and respect that I would get on set. I didn’t really change as a performer, I still did the same things I always did but before... you know there’s so many girls in the industry, especially when you are new, they just expect you to not be on time and not know what you’re doing because there’s just so many girls that don’t act professionally. Sometimes you're expected to be that way before they really even know you. The minute that I became a Spiegler Girl, it’s like everyone knows ‘oh your with Spiegler and we know you’re going to be on time, you’re going to have everything you’re supposed to have, you’re going to do a good scene, you’re going to be pleasant and you’re not going to complain’. As a result, the minute you go on set everyone treats you completely differently. I don’t know it’s the respect that you get and I think that’s like the best part of being a Spiegler girl. Also the community, you have this built in, almost like this weird sorority. I was actually in a sorority in college and I think that being a Spiegler Girl is more like being in a sorority than being in an actually sorority because in an actual sorority there’s like over 100 girls and not everyone gets along but with us there’s only 25 of us and we’re all in this unique industry where we experience a lot of the same things that other people can’t understand. Also with the pressure of being a Spiegler Girl they know what it’s like to have Mark call you at 6 am on a Saturday morning and say ‘hey I know it’s your day off but you need to get up and go to work because some other girl cancelled and you need to save this production’ because we’re always coming in and saving scenes when another cancels and that’s why people depend on Spiegler and on his girls. So just having those girls there that can be your mentor and have been through it all makes it a really good community for sure.

Big D: When you mentioned that you went to college on the East Coast and you were in a sorority...I went to college myself and was in a fraternity, I tell people all the time that 85% of the stuff that I use in my everyday life I didn’t learn in an actual classroom. I learned by meeting new people and being in a fraternity and experiencing things while I was in college and that knowledge while I was in college is what I take through life, not necessarily tests, exams and term papers. Would you agree with that? Would you say that your experience as a college student and as a sorority girl not only prepared you for your current career choice but DJing and just the way you conduct your life in general?

Carter Cruise: I honestly didn’t learn anything in college, I really am not a big fan of our education system in general. I think that if you know exactly what you want to do, like you want to be a doctor or you want to do this, I think that obviously going to college can be really helpful. But I really didn’t want to go and it was just kind of what was expected and everyone from my high school went. My dad went to an Ivy League and my mom graduated from a really great private school so it’s like that’s just like my family, that’s just what you do and I never really wanted to go but I didn’t really know what else I was going to do. I had wanted to move to New York and be a starving artist you know and wait tables but that was not okay with my parents or my peers so I went to college and I studied psychology and pre law. Everyone told me I would be an amazing lawyer because I’m amazing at arguing, (laughs) it’s my best skill, so I was like ‘yeah okay I think I’d be good at that’ and so I studied pre-law and psychology. Honestly I was just always so disappointed because I took an AP Psychology class in high school that I really fell in love with, which is what really made me want to study psychology. I felt like when I got to college it was like every psychology class I took was basically the same and I was saying ‘we’re talking about Freud again? We learned about him in intro, why do we need to talk about him in every single thing?’. They would always go over the basics. So my first two years I was very studious, I didn’t really go out much, I didn’t have much of a life and I just studied all the time. Then at the end of two years I looked back and I thought ‘what do I really have to show for this?’. I didn’t really feel like I had learned anything. I didn’t feel like I was any more prepared for what I wanted to do so the next two years of college I pretty much spent... my roommate and I told each other that our new major was networking (laughs) and we had realized that pretty much the way to get ahead in live is all about who you know. I started really learning how to build a network and finding myself as a person and I definitely went through some ups and downs. I think the biggest thing I got from college was learning to be comfortable with who I am, it definitely didn’t prepare me to be an adult. The past two years since I left school have been a constant uphill battle with learning how to pay taxes and I didn’t learn how to drive until I was 22. I definitely didn’t learn how to be an adult in college and I definitely didn’t learn much academically. I definitely learned a lot about myself as a person and about social groups and how people work together and those things have been invaluable to me, especially in entertainment it’s a very important skill to have.

Big D: You mentioned that graduating high school everybody was going to college and your mom and dad were just expecting the same from you. Obviously you’re doing porn now but your folks are very supportive of what you do. How did that transition happen from the point of expectations of going to college to the point where they’re okay and actually supportive of your career in porn now?

Carter Cruise: Well, I kind of like hit a low point in college where I was really not doing well academically but no one really knew because I had had straight A’s for my first two years. My grades didn’t really drop that much at first because even if I would not do well, I still had this 4.0 from my first two years to really hold me up. Also my parents didn’t see my grades or anything so no one really knew that I was just completely slacking. I just hated being there and school caused me so much stress and I just hated every minute of it. I didn’t want to go to class, I didn’t want to take part in the assignments and whenever I would go to class, I would get into arguments with my teachers. I went to school in the South and they aren’t as open minded and I definitely didn’t fit in in there in a lot of ways. I wish I could say that they always teach things from an academic perspective but of course personal bias can definitely creep in. So I kind of like hit this low point in college... I just read an article about this too, but I finally had this moment where I like I just had to work up the courage to tell my parents because I felt guilty for wasting their money since they were paying for me to go to school and here I’m not really doing anything. I felt so terrified to tell them how I felt but at the same time I had to. I didn’t want to continue wasting their money and so I just had a heart to heart with them and I was like ‘listen I never wanted to be here, I really hate it and I don’t think I can do this anymore and I don’t want to go to law school, to get through four years of college was so hard I can’t do another 3’ and what am I going to do with a psychology degree? They were like ‘alright’. I decided to take a semester to just figure out what I wanted to do and I worked as a waitress and spent a lot of time soul searching. During that time is when I decided that I wanted to do porn, as a starting point at least. When I told my parents, who are very open minded, smart, wonderful and amazing people who are super loving and have always been very supportive of everything I’ve ever done. When I was a kid I would dance, a couple times a week I had theater class and dance competitions on the weekend so I was the center of everything and my parents just spent their whole lives around me and I appreciate that so much. They’ve always been super supportive, so when I told them I think that they were mainly worried that I was getting into it for the wrong reasons, like that I was getting into drugs, etc., but I was like ‘wait, forget everything you’ve heard about the industry and just trust that I’ve done my research and give me three months to see how I feel because I’m super unhappy right now. If you think that it’s doing me more harm than good, then you can have an intervention with me’ and they were like ‘okay your an adult. We trust you.’ Three months later I was a changed person. I was so much happier and I had so much direction in my life and I was much healthier in a lot of ways. I think it’s weirder for them than they tell me. They’re very supportive of me to my face but I think that they’re more weirded out by it because they’re like southern and kind of traditional... They’re open minded but they’re still like these sweet southern parents and I think it kind of weirds them out a little bit. They see that I’m happy and successful so they’re not going to put their personal feelings on things on me.
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Big D: That’s really cool that even though they may not personally choose it, they’re okay with their daughter doing it as long as it makes her happy and she feels fulfilled through it.

Carter Cruise: Yeah and they really like all the things I want to do like my writing and changing people’s perspectives on sexuality. They’re very open to that stuff and they see that I’m not just doing porn to get some attention or whatever. It’s not like that so they see that I have these long term goals that they can understand more even if they can’t really understand the short term way that I’m getting there. They can see the long term plan and I think that makes them more accepting of it.

Big D: Talking about your college experiences and being in a sorority, you and Belle Knox have been recently grouped together as being the college coeds who have made the jump and not have done it terribly secretly. You’ve reached out to Belle, especially when she was under fire. How did that relationship come about?

Carter Cruise: Well, you know I started porn before her but the differences that we had, I think in our experience is that first of all she went to Duke and so I think people there are just so surrounded by controversy and scandal a lot and I went to school about an hour and a half away from her, East Carolina and it’s kind of a party school. It’s not Duke. It’s a good school, but it’s just not the same kind of vibe and the difference too is that she was a freshman and I was a super senior when I started porn. I was in my fifth year and so I already had my friends. I was friends with everyone in Greek life. I worked downtown at a bar and I was constantly going out and I knew everyone, so it’s easy for people to put an idea or a bias on me whereas her, they don’t know her. It’s easy to be like ‘oh that’s the girl that did porn’ but with me it’s like ‘oh we know her that’s our friend’ and so people were more open minded to it and I also didn’t hide it. I didn’t tell people until the day before I flew to Florida just because I didn’t want people to talk me out of it. The day before I told one of my guy friends I was in Florida, everyone found out. You know in Greek life word spreads like wild fire and within a week or two, everyone knew. Because they knew me, it wasn’t as big of a deal I guess and because I didn’t hide it and I owned up to it, people couldn’t really say anything to me. They didn’t have anything to use against me but because Belle tried to keep it a secret and then it leaked out, it becomes more of a scandal. When it first came out... college kids are a huge part of my fan base, especially college girls. I have a huge amount of college girl fans and that’s always been my main focus in the people that I try to market myself to. When all the scandal came out, I was more frustrated because ‘wait I’ve been in the industry for so many more months, I’m doing pretty well and I was in college and no one cared about me you know?’. Then here’s this girl who shot a handful of scenes and now she’s suddenly on national news and front page of things and I’m thinking ‘why didn’t that happen for me?’ and I was kind of frustrated and a lot of girls in the industry felt that way. But me in particular because we were so similar in that respect. So a lot of girls were really hating on her because she got this kind of overnight fame and it’s really easy to feel that way when someone gets the success that you don’t have and it was actually my dad who was super level headed and I was bitching about it to him. He said ‘this girl is probably going through a lot right now and she probably doesn’t have a lot of people to turn to. You are probably one of the few people that can really understand what she’s experiencing so you need to reach out to her’ and I was like ‘wow your right. I’m being kind of a selfish asshole right now and not thinking about her as a person and more worried about my career,’. So I reached out to her on Twitter and she was so sweet and was said, ‘thank you so much’ and I see the way that people treated her and it really made me angry. You know you can be upset that she got overnight fame but you don’t need to like outwardly speak against her. If you want to be mad at your house and be jealous, okay but to go out and attack her I thought was really fucked up. I was really glad at the end of the day that I reached out to her. She’s a really sweet girl and we see each other at a bunch of different events and we talk randomly. I’m glad I did that.

Big D: I think your dad was right in the fact that he saw that she was going through a lot and probably needed a friend at that time.

Carter Cruise: Right. Exactly. I did understand because even though I didn’t receive anywhere near the hate that she did because I wasn’t national news. I do know what it’s like to be on campus. It wasn’t so bad at first because my school is really big and people who knew me knew but random people wouldn’t recognize me. When I actually went back and visited for my birthday, after being out in California for a while, it was insane. I had never experienced anything like that. It’s not like you are famous where your Miley Cyrus and you go to any club and people recognize you. If you go to your school that’s where everyone knows you and I couldn’t even imagine the level of intensity that that was for me being a normal chick... and feeling like I can’t go anywhere without people coming up and talking to me [about being in porn]. Some people are rude and aren’t really nice but some people are just all this like energy coming at you that you’re not used to. She had to experience that and she still is in school and experiencing that on a daily basis. I really can’t imagine how difficult it is to focus on school when you know everyone in your classroom is sitting there looking at you, looking you up on their phones and talking about you while you’re sitting there trying to listen in class. I can’t even imagine that.

Big D: You mentioned that you went back to school and people recognized you because obviously you have a friendship base there that people would recognize you. What was it like when you were first recognized for being a porn star outside of that small environment of going back to college? I’ve interviewed probably close to a hundred porn stars and they always say that the place they get recognized the most is at baggage claim at the airport. Some people will come up to them and say ‘hey I saw you in this Bang Bros movie or whatnot’ or other people will just nod and give a knowingly glance of like ‘I recognize you and I’m not going to make it a big deal but I recognize you from somewhere and you probably know why I recognize you’. What was it like for you to get recognized out in public where it wasn’t someplace where you would expect to be recognized?

Carter Cruise: The place I get recognized in the most or at least when it first started happening was with Uber drivers. That was super weird because when you’re getting in a car with them, then you’re stuck talking with them so that’s kind of like a weird thing (laughs). That actually hasn’t happened in a while but that was definitely where I first started getting recognized. It’s kind of a weird thing because it takes me off guard and lately it’s been so much more. The first few times it happened, like a few times people are kind of weird about it they’re just staring at you like all creepily and you’re like ‘oh my god that persons totally seen me naked’. It’s okay if you don’t want to say anything but you don’t need to stare at me you know? (laughs) It’s just like pick one or the other. Some people though are super cool and my fan base is really awesome. I have a lot of mid-20 year old fans that are just normal people. Like people that I would hang out with. I’m really glad that I built that fan base because usually now when people recognize me I’m just like ‘hey let’s both get a beer’ and it’s cool. I saw someone at a gas station after this festival I went to this weekend and I was like ‘hey what’s up’ and it also happened the other day by my house at a burger place and my roommate and I were eating and these guys walked out and were kind of looking at us. I just thought they were checking us out. I don’t assume people recognize me and then I looked at my phone and a few minutes later someone had tweeted me ‘OMG Carter Cruise and they didn’t know what to say and wahtever’ and I was all like ‘oh you should’ve come taken shots with us’. I like seeing my fans out and it’s really cool being recognized because usually if they follow you, a lot of people who see me don’t just recognize me from porn. They actually do follow me on social media and because I have a very out there personality and they’ve read my stuff and listened to my music and it’s more of a personal thing.

Big D: When you mentioned earlier that the college fan base is one you like to cultivate and have a strong fan following especially with college age type people...when you were going to college did you notice that women were watching just as much porn as men or was it taboo that they didn’t want to talk about it even though we all knew that they were watching it. What was your experience with that? Is porn watching still something that is male dominated or are women closing the gap?

Carter Cruise: Where I’m from, people really just don’t talk about that kind of stuff. That’s why to me porn was... I never watched porn until I thought I might do it. None of my friends ever talked about porn. It was just something that was never talked about so I didn’t have any preconceived notions of porn stars or what porn was or anything because I’d never even thought about it. A lot of my friends in college... like some of my friends had never even masturbated or even knew if they had had an orgasm. I was like ‘Wait! What?’ because I have always been very sexually driven. I wasn’t aware of porn really but I would read porn, I was more of a literature person but I never really watched it because I was always afraid of someone seeing that I watched it or something (laughs) so I just always avoided it. I was really aware that a lot of my friends didn’t even masturbate and I was like ‘this is crazy’ because they never talked about it and that just really blew my mind. At the same time, I knew that I was very interested in women’s sexuality and I took a lot of classes on that in college and did a lot of research of my own for the most part and I did see that a lot of studies were proving that more and more women were watching porn but then also on the flip side, I read there’s a whole group of women that are super sexually repressed and don’t feel comfortable watching porn or talking about sex or masturbating. I saw a lot of porn girls trying... you know, no one really tried to appeal to women. Porn stars are always trying to be over the top like this sexual Goddess that just exists for a man’s pleasure. They’re all just like ‘I love cock’ and I see that all the time on girls' social medias. I was like, ‘well that doesn’t appeal to me as a woman.' I might watch you in a porno because you're pretty because I’m not going to really be a fan of you because I don’t care that you like cock because that has nothing to do with me. The girls that I really looked at that had these really cool brands like Asa Akira and Dana [DeArmond] are definitely two of them for sure because they’re funny and relatable. They talk about awkward things and they’re not constantly being sexual which really drives girls away because girls tend to see... like if you see a girl at a club who has a super low cut shirt and she’s pushing her tits out and just trying so hard, most girls are like “Ugh, look at that girl over there’ and I wanted to create this image of a girl that, yes, you can see me fuck on camera because I am a porn star but I’m not constantly in porn star mode. I’m still a normal chick. Like I sometimes eat too much pizza and pop my pimples and you know, say awkward things and don’t know how to talk to guy just like a normal person. I think girls can relate to that more and because more and more porn stars are starting to put that type of image out there, I think that’s drawing more and more girls to be okay with porn. Before girls just saw porn stars and therefore porn as something that’s disgusting and for men. But because they’re starting to relate more to the girls that are in porn, I think it makes them more open to actually watching porn in general.
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Big D: Do you find that by being so active on social media, not just you but the other porn stars in general, that giving fans unparalleled access and going behind the curtain per se really kind of helps you guys from that pedestal of ‘oh I only know her from what I see on my screen’ to now having that personality where pictures on Instagram with your dog or going to the beach kind of expands your fan base because it does make you guys more of an attainable type person? Do you think doing the social media kind of expands your fan base?

Carter Cruise: Before sex workers were very much like ‘that’s all you are your just a sex worker and you must only exist to please men and make money off of it’ you know and that’s what the perception that people had and now porn girls are some of the most active girls on twitter and as a result I know a lot of people that... like even a lot of my fans they’ll be like ‘I don’t even watch your porn’ a lot of the girls maybe don’t even like porn but they follow me and as a result it’s starting to make people see sex workers more as human beings which makes people more open to it because before you might watch porn but you’re not going to be a fan of the girl. You might watch the same girl every time but you’re going to go on Pornhub or whatever and type in her name or maybe a few different girls names and that’s like the most extent of a fan you’re going to get and that really doesn’t do anything for you as a brand and like as a business but when people feel invested in you as a person then you can branch out and do other things. You see girls doing clothing or starting their own companies or whatever they’re doing and they’re able to do those things because people are like ‘oh I like that girl she’s cool’ and they don’t just see you as this nameless body on a video you know. The more people are invested in you the more they want to see you succeed and see what else you can do and social media is interesting because people are just so interested in watching other people’s lives and that’s definitely huge for everyone in entertainment but I think especially for porn.

Big D: I know you’ve appeared in over a hundred adult DVDs and I don’t know how many on the internet as well. You have awards to go along with it and you're always in the top ten of our most popular girls on XRentDVD. What do you think makes you so popular? What do you think puts you in so much demand that you have done or may have not done that you can attribute your popularity to?

Carter Cruise: I think one of the things is that I’m very versatile. There are some girls that only do this kind of scene. They only do the features and they don’t do hardcore scenes. There are some girls that do the real extreme stuff and don’t do the features. I’ve done a little bit of everything. No matter what you’re into, you’ve probably seen something of mine and that definitely helps expand your fan base. It did take a while for me to ‘pop off’ I guess as a performer. A lot of the industry is based off your looks, especially initially and especially the girls that are really tiny or you have really big boobs or you just have a really pretty face. If you have one of these little things that fits you into a niche then it automatically helps you really quickly in your career because everyone’s going to want to hire you. For me, I was just this average blonde chick. I don’t have big tits or a huge ass and I’m not this like drop dead gorgeous super model looking girl so it took a while for me to really pop off. I think what really did it for me is just the energy that I put into the scenes and I never give less than 110%. I really connect with people and I basically perform the way that I want to see porn done. I watch a lot of porn just for research and I’ll go online and look at random clips, just because I want to see what kind of stuff is out there. Before I work with a girl for the first time, I watch some of her scenes to see how she performs and it amazes me how much porn I see on there but it’s just that I would never watch because it’s just a hot chick with a dick slowly going in and out of her and her just going ‘uh, uh, uh’ bored out of her mind. I don’t want to see that. That is not attractive to me. For me the two things I want to see in porn. I either want to see a genuine connection between the performers or I just want to see some really hardcore, ridiculously rough sex. Those are the two things that would really make porn seem good for me. That’s like the types of things I try to put in my scenes and I think it’s hard for a lot of people to connect with other performers because they maybe don’t really want to be there or like a lot of girls, just show up to make some money and they’re not really into it and they're not there so much for the experience. For me, I’ve been acting my whole life so I apply method acting to porn and it’s actually really been interesting. I’ve become a much better actress honestly from doing porn and just learning to really let go and be completely absorbed in a scene and not thinking about the fact that there’s camera’s around or if I don’t know this guy. I just like creating that connection and I think that’s what maybe sets me apart from other people.

Big D: We did a news article on RentDVD a few weeks back where it was actually a number of different porn stars sat down and talked about what they masturbate to. Some of them were the typical answers of ‘well, I can’t masturbate to regular porn because I’m in it and I know all the people so it’s kind of like an accountant watching someone file papers, it’s pretty boring for me because that’s work for me so I need to see something else’. So what is it for you? On your free time when you want to sit down and masturbate to something, do you even watch porn or is it something else and if you do what do you watch?

Carter Cruise: I’ve been masturbating for a really long time and I’ve always had a really great imagination and so that’s why I never watched porn, because I never needed. Occasionally I want to or I like to read things on the internet. I may find a little clip once in a while that I really like and then I’ll watch it but then it’s so hard for me to find one because I’m so picky about it and it’s usually not worth looking for it. If I do watch it though, I actually really love Japanese Porn. Again that’s such a broad thing but I like it I think because the girls are not real girls so you don’t have to depend on the gir being into it. They can make the girl do whatever so it’s just always a good performance because it’s a cartoon. Typically I’m just all about my imagination. I don’t need anything to masturbate to.

Big D: You’d be surprised. A number of the girls actually said that the Japanese stuff was their porn of preference.

Carter Cruise: Yeah. I really think a lot of girls are into it and I really think it must be that you can make the girl do whatever. Most of the porn out there, it’s just really difficult. I know girls who are great performers but I don’t want to watch them because I know them. Even though I can look at them and be like ‘oh wow if I didn’t know them I would definitely watch their porn’ but I don’t want to see it because it freaks me out. When it’s a guy you work with all the time and then he says the same thing to another girl that he’s said to you and your like ‘I don’t want to know that you say that to everyone’. (laughs) Even though you know that, you don’t want to think that during the scene.

Big D: Is there was a particular DVD or a particular scene or maybe even a few of them that really stand out that would be the definitive of, and I’m projecting 10-15 years down the line, that if somebody was going to look back on your body of work, what is something that would be the definitive moment that you could point to that was either your favorite scene or that just embodied what you are as an adult performer? Is there a particular DVD or scene out there that you could point to and say that would be it?

Carter Cruise: Well I’ve done so much and shot so many things...hmm. As for what embodies me as a performer, actually I just did this movie Carter Cruise: Wide Open with Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara and I think for me that was kind of like a highlight getting to do that movie. Also, just the way it was written. Kayden kept in mind the kind of character I wanted to play and I got to do acting and some really great hardcore sex. It’s not common because in a feature you’d don’t get to do the really rough stuff and that was really the combination that I love. I loved the story line and I loved the acting but I also loved the really hardcore and that’s very rarely combined in porn. So that was a really amazing moment for me. Also Second Chances was such a huge thing for me and my career. It’s been an amazing experience and I think that was kind of the defining moment I really liked started to be relevant but there’s this one scene and it was just an internet scene at the very beginning of this year. For me it really showed me how far I’d come as a performer because when I came into the industry, I had never had sex with a girl until porn. Also, I’ve always been super submissive. I have a very dominant energy in a lot of ways but I prefer to be submissive. I did this scene with Maddy O'Reilly and when I came in, the director said ‘Okay, well this scene has got to be epic. I’m having a bet with my friend about whose scene will be better.’. So it was really hyped up for us and I got there and he said ‘Alright Carter, you’re going to be the... she’s going to be your sex slave and you’ re going to have to dominate her’ I was like, ‘wait what? I don’t know how to do that’. I get so nervous working with girls and then to also to have this girl be my sex slave is a position that I had never really been in. I said, ‘I don’t think I can do that and I really don’t know if this is a good idea’. He said, ‘I trust that you can do it’. I just threw myself into that scene 100% and I was surprised. Some of the shit that was coming out of my mouth was surprising. The things that I would say and do were surprising and that was at the very beginning of this year in January. It was this moment where I was thinking, ‘wow you could really throw me into anything now and I think I could handle it’ and that was just an internet scene. It was a very defining moment for me as a performer.

Big D: First job?

Carter Cruise: I worked at a bagel place for two weeks when I was 15.

Big D: First concert?

Carter Cruise: Lil’ Wayne I think.

Big D: First car?

Carter Cruise: Buick Centruy

Big D: What's in your iPod, iphone or MP3 player right now?

Carter Cruise: Everything but definitely mostly hip hop and EDM but you could find pretty much anything. Probably even classical theater... anything.

Big D: Favorite food?

Carter Cruise: Honestly I love food, I can’t pick one. I always say pizza but there’s so many foods that are on the same level as pizza. It could be anything. I just love to eat.

Big D: On or off camera, favorite position?

Carter Cruise: Missionary
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Big D: Movies or ballgame?

Carter Cruise: Movies. I hate sports.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Carter Cruise: I don’t know. I can’t name one. I can’t narrow it down. I like so many things.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you would not be able to live without?

Carter Cruise: My phone. The Internet, I guess.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Carter Cruise: Costa Rica

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would like to meet but haven’t had the chance to meet yet?

Carter Cruise: Marilyn Monroe. I would ask her who killed her or if she killed herself and I want to know what happened with the Kennedys.

Big D: Where is a place that you would like to visit but you have yet to go?

Carter Cruise: Egypt

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