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Big D's Interview With Carmen Luvana
Inside Carmen Luvana

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She's just as famous in Spanish speaking circles as she is in porn Valley. To just look at Carmen Luvana you could mistake the fair skin and blonde hair for being a white girl. Reality is she was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Puerto Rico. Her international appeal is burning up DVD players everywhere with performances worthy of award nominations. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Carmen talks about her recent travels, the one woman that can make her orgasm on camera and even though she is bisexual how she could never give up sex with men.

Big D: The last time I talked to you, you were signing autographs in our booth at Erotica LA. Catch me up on what you have been doing since June.

Carmen Luvana: I've been traveling non-stop all over the country. We finally finished the movie Pirates. If you didn't know, it is the biggest movie production I've done in my career. Jesse Jane and I have been traveling in every single city. Our final stop is in Alaska. We've been extremely busy stopping in every city promoting Pirates. Between promoting Pirates and my feature dancing it has been non-stop crazy.

Big D: Since starting this promotional tour, how much time have you spent actually at home?

Carmen Luvana: Actually this is the first time that I have had a long time at home. I actually will have ten days at home. It's been where I am two days home and then go back out and then another two days home and then go right back out. That's how it has been for the last three months. Now I finally have a little bit of a break these two weeks.

Big D: You mentioned your final stop will be in Alaska. What are some of the cool places you've been able to see since this promotional tour started?

Carmen Luvana: One of the places I was disappointed I didn't get to go was the Berlin show. One place that I haven't been is to Europe or to Paris. We were supposed to go and promote Pirates but there was too much going on in other places that we needed to be. So it got canceled. That was one place we didn't get a chance to go that I was extremely disappointed. One of the good spots was that we went to New York City and we signed in a Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. That was really fun.

Big D: During this tour you were spending a lot of time with Jesse Jane. Did you know her well before this promotional tour?

Carmen Luvana: When I worked with Jesse I had said hi to her before and she had probably been in the same place but we were not really close friends. Once I got on the road with her and got to know her, she is just this great girl. Now we are really close friends. I just got to know her by spending so much time together that we got really close. But not before that.

Big D: How was Pirates? I talked to Jesse Jane and she said her scene with you was pretty rough. How did you view it?

Carmen Luvana: Wow. One thing is that my fans that know me know that I like girls. But some of the girls in the business I don't like working with. They do it mainly for the money and they are not into the girls. I understand that but I like to work with girls who are either into girls or are extremely good at faking it. When I met Jesse, I saw her and I thought, 'wow, she is beautiful.' The first thing I thought to myself was 'she is going to be one those girls that will just lay there.' So we were talking and I was asking her if there was anything she didn't want me to do. She said no. They (people on set) were teasing us about who would be rougher. Digital Playground was just teasing us completely. So we go out there and they said we were going to let the cameras roll and we could do whatever we want. We literally had this chemistry of wanting to be so aggressive. It was so different. It was such a different turn-on than the normal girl/girl scenes I've had. It was intense and I loved it. It was probably by best girl/girl scene I have done in four years. For me it's a pretty big deal because I have worked with a lot of girls. For me, watching it after it was done I said, 'wow'.

Big D: Since you enjoy working with girls that are into girls or good at faking it, who else have you worked with that fits into that category?

Carmen Luvana: My favorite girl that has made me cum on camera like no one else was a girl and she is Holly Hollywood. I worked with Holly and I was completely impressed. Oh my God, that girl. It's hard for me to cum on camera and she made me cum three times during that scene. She ended up squirting on me and wow. Yeah, Holly Hollywood was good. It was actually an orgy scene in Swinging in the USA. I had to do the girl/girl with her during the orgy and we ended up spending more time with each other than anyone else in that scene.

Big D: You are currently in your second contract. Your first contract was with New Sensations and now you are with Adam & Eve. How long have you been with Adam & Eve and what does the future look like for future contracts?

Carmen Luvana: I was with New Sensations for one year and I have been three years with Adam & Eve. I think I am going on the fourth. We are working on everything so I am pretty sure we are staying together. They are happy with me and I am happy with them. I really think Adam & Eve and I are going to go a long way. We are still trying to do bigger and better things. Everything has worked out great for both parties.

Big D: For a while you were the only contract girl with Adam & Eve until they brought Austyn Moore on contract. How is your relationship with her?

Carmen Luvana: Actually my relationship with her is really great. Sometimes I hear how girls don't get along. Austyn and I get along great. She is a sweetheart. We work together. We have already done two scenes together and I have to work with her next week. Our relationship is good. I was the one who told Adam & Eve that I didn't care if they signed another contract girl. More girls for them makes me even better. So I don't care about that. I am not the catty type. It works out well and we get along great.

Big D: A while back you did your first on camera anal in The Perfect Secretary. Have you done more since or was that a one time, one film type of thing?

Carmen Luvana: The way it happened was that I had always said that I was going to do it when I was ready. Before I did that anal scene, I was preparing myself in my personal life. When I do it in my personal life, believe it or not, I have to be in the mood, but when I am, I cum a lot stronger than even vaginally. So when I did it I had worked with Vincent Vega and I asked him if he wanted to do this anal scene with me. He agreed but at the same time it's not just something that I can just do that other girls can just do it. I am still not completely used to it and I don't know if I will be doing another anal. I am sure I will but I still haven't planned it. I am still not completely used to it. It took a little bit of time to do even the first one.

Big D: Especially in the adult film industry, people know what they like and have specific tastes of what type of look or type of sex acts they like to see. Do you think by doing the anal scene you gained or lost fans?

Carmen Luvana: From what I understand I gained more. Adam & Eve told me that DVD sold more than any other one. That video was selling like crazy. It is what I also hear from my fans. A lot of fans email me and ask me to do anal or to do a DP. A lot now tell me that hopefully that I have done anal they don't want me to do too much more crazy stuff. I think when it came to that DVD that I gained a lot more fans.

Big D: You've been around long enough and done a good amount of movies, you have to have a few funny stories of things that have happened on set.

Carmen Luvana: One incident that happened that was pretty funny was while we were filming Racer X for Adam & Eve. I was doing a scene with Steven St. Croix. We were filming standing up doggy next to a car. I always tell the guys that I like it when they tease me by putting just the head in and out, in and out. So he is fucking me all of a sudden and he was going in and out and he just put it in the wrong hole! By accident. I screamed so loud everyone was confused as to what just happened. We had to stop for ten minutes and it was this whole drama. I was cool but I thought it was one of my most funny moments. I thought I was going to die when that happened. He was doing it hard like he was doing my pussy and I was like, 'fuck, I'm going to kill you.' It was pretty harsh. I haven't had too many funny experiences but that one was one of them.

Big D: If someone wanted to get an idea of what you are all about, what DVDs would you suggest they see?

Carmen Luvana: Oh, it would definitely be Adult Stars at Home #4. If people are not familiar with that DVD it is almost like an MTV Cribs type set up. There is no faking like on MTV where they just rent a place. The place you see is really my place and is exactly the way I live. The place you'll see is where I live right now. You'll see my house, my closet, my dog and exactly how I live. That is the only DVD that you can see stuff that is all me. It's actually a hardcore DVD. I have sex with Mark Davis and Nikita Denise. Before that they show how you live and then you have sex. But it is mainly showing me and whoever else is on the DVD how they live and their home.

Big D: You were born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in Puerto Rico, lived in Miami and now out in Los Angeles. Is there one place in all your travels you plan to make your permanent home?

Carmen Luvana: Definitely. My plan is in 2006 I am buying a house in Miami. Miami, of all the places I have lived, is my favorite. I am already planning on looking into it because I am buying a house there. That is where I will be. I will be coming to LA and working but my house will be in Miami.

Big D: What is it about Miami that makes it feel like home and that you want to live there?

Carmen Luvana: It's nothing against the people or the city of LA but it is just not me. Miami is the hot weather all the time. The Spanish people. The Puerto Ricans, the Cubans, the beach. That's what I like. You can't go to the beach in LA. You can't wear a g-string and the frickin' water is always cold. There are not a lot of Spanish people around. I like to be around hot, humid weather and that's not LA. LA is more fake and superficial than what I am used to. I just can't get used to it here for some reason.

Big D: You are very proud of your Latina heritage. Are there a lot of Latino porn fans out there and do you find there are a lot of fans of yours because you speak Spanish and are Latina yourself?

Carmen Luvana: My best fan turn out was when I did a store signing in Puerto Rico. I have never been to a place where I get to the airport and everyone is yelling, 'Carmen, Carmen, Carmen'. Everyone knew me at the airport. The store had a line out the door. I have never had such a good turn out like I had in Puerto Rico. I feel like my main market is Spanish. I have had so many requests from people telling me to do more DVDs in Spanish. Realistically that means the English speaking market would be hard to sell. So I would either have to do two versions of the DVD because no matter what, it would be really hard for Adam & Eve. My Spanish market is a lot stronger than the English market. Even in the mainstream media, I have had Univision and Telemundo and a whole bunch of people wanting to interview me. Any time I get any mainstream press in the English market like ABC or CBS and they do a half hour interview, they end up playing it for two seconds. Any time I do it in Spanish they play it for ten minutes to a half an hour. One lady did an entire segment on me. I get more mainstream press in Spanish than anything else.

Big D: I guess the Hispanic press is not as uptight about sex and porn as the mainstream English speaking press is?

Carmen Luvana: It's definitely a huge difference. The good thing about me and the reason I appeal to both markets is that I look white but I am Spanish and I speak both languages. Unless you know me or you hear my accent, a lot of white people think I am white. Now if a Spanish person hears me, by my accent they can tell from a mile away that I am Spanish. It's good for me that both of those markets are available to me. Some girls that look a lot darker and look Spanish will only appeal to that market. I have a little bit of an advantage because my skin is a lot lighter and my hair is blonde.

Big D: You say you are bisexual and you like both guys and girls. Do you have a preference?

Carmen Luvana: When it comes to the end of it, I love girls. At the same time I could never leave the dick. I don't know. I love females and have been with them way before I got into the business. I couldn't see myself leaving men for women. I would always continue to be with both. I shouldn't say that because I don't know how the future will turn out. I do have a preference. I love women but I do prefer men. When I am with a women, I don't want any men involved. I don't have a three way to show off. When I am with a girl, I want my time with her and that is it.

Big D: Since you watch your movies to critique your performance, what other movies do you like to watch that you might not be starring in?

Carmen Luvana: Believe it or not I do not watch a lot of porn. I don't even own one. I haven't seen any other porn DVDs that are not mine. I just watch mine because I want to critique them. I have really not seen other DVDs. I have Playboy TV so unless they come out on Playboy then I have seen a few. Of course if a Jenna movie comes out, I am curious to see how her movies are and I will watch them. But it is still not the same because you only get the soft core version on Playboy TV. Unless it comes out on Playboy TV, I don't own any other porn DVDs unless they are my movies.

Big D: First job?

Carmen Luvana: At age of 14 I had a part time job. I worked at the Association of Cancer just helping out with files as a file clerk. After that I worked at Baskin Robbins.

Big D: First concert?

Carmen Luvana: It was reggaeton concert in Puerto Rico. It's reggae and Spanish music in Puerto Rico so you probably wouldn't recognize the name if I mentioned who it was.

Big D: First car?

Carmen Luvana: Dodge Intrepid

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Carmen Luvana: Luther Vandross and Linkin Park.

Big D: Favorite food?

Carmen Luvana: Lasagna.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Carmen Luvana: That's hard because I always used to watch the Spice Channel when I was young. I used to just masturbate to it but I never paid attention to the titles or anything. Wow. I watched a lot of movies but they were always on Spice and Playboy and I never knew the names.

Big D: Favorite position?

Carmen Luvana: Most of the time in my personal life it is missionary because I like the eye contact and the sweat. It is easier for me to rub my clit and cum, bottom line. On camera I like the doggy positions when the guy just grabs me and smacks my ass.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Carmen Luvana: Probably the movies because I am not really into baseball. The only sport I really love is boxing. Now if it was boxing I would go to that in a heartbeat.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Carmen Luvana: My car.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Carmen Luvana: I have a couple. Believe it or not I loved the Fantastic Four. I loved that film. Also, Scarface. Also, Set It Off. That's an old one. It has those four girls that rob the bank.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Carmen Luvana: Miami. Anytime I want to vacation and party I go to Miami and South Beach.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Carmen Luvana: Brad Pitt. I want to fuck him so bad and that is why. He is my fantasy and I will do anything. Let's not even talk about it.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Carmen Luvana: Probably Italy or Paris. Probably someplace out of the country and I would love to go.

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