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Big D's Interview With Brooke Haven
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Interview Date: 01/10/2007

In order to remain on top of the porn world you need to be new and different. Fresh new girls are flocking to porn everyday and those established porn stars need to stay current in order to compete. That is exactly what Brooke Haven has done. With a simple change in her hair color she has now become a brand new woman that every porn studio is trying to book again. After two years and over 350 movies to her credit, a change was in order. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, conducted at the 2007 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Brooke Haven talks about her decision to change her look, what advice she would give to young porn starlets just starting out and despite a disappointing start to her career why she has been able to sustain a career in porn on her terms.

Big D: So what's new? Obviously, you have changed your hair color.

Brooke Haven: Well, most people probably know me as a bubbly blonde because I have been that way for two years while I have been in the industry. About a month ago (December 2006) I died my hair black. No longer a blonde. As far as upcoming things that also have changed is that I will be in London shooting at the end of February 2007.

Big D: I nearly didn't recognize you with the black hair. So why the drastic hair color change?

Brooke Haven: Basically I felt I was getting shot out. I have done 350 movies in two years as a blonde. For companies that really wanted to use me again you really have to change your look. I haven't had any plastic surgery so the hair was the first thing that came to mind.

Big D: How's that worked out for you? Has it given you the results you were expecting of essentially being a brand new girl in porn that is not really brand new anymore?

Brooke Haven: About 10 percent of the people out there do not like it but the majority of the other people think it is a great.

Big D: Outside of the porn fans, how have the porn production companies responded to your new look? Has it gotten you more jobs now that you have a different look?

Brooke Haven: Absolutely. A lot of directors I have run into have said, 'wow, I love your your hair this way. I can't wait to shoot you again.' It surely has opened up a lot of new doors. Maybe even (Acid Rain director) Mitch (Spinelli) will shoot me again. (laughs) He said to me that at the moment I am completely shot out of his company. But I am still here so you never know.

Big D: 350 movies in just about two years is a lot of movies. Why did you work so much in that time? Are you a workaholic or wanted to make as much money as you could? Why do you think you shot so much, so quickly?

Brooke Haven: To tell you the truth, when I first got into the business about two years ago I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now. Secondly, nobody knew me so I wasn't having my own shoots. It was never Brooke Haven is booked next week. It was more like, 'this girl didn't show up so I guess we'll put Brooke Haven in there.' It wasn't that great and really kind of bummed me out. After about five or six months in I was finally booked out three months in advance. It really started picking up when I started changing my weight and taking better care of myself. It worked out all for the best. I don't mind working so much.
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Big D: You mentioned that the first few months of being in porn was not that positive of an experience for you. What is it about the business that keeps you coming back to the point you have been in for two years to the tune of performing in over 350 movies?

Brooke Haven: I love the attention, number one. I am a girl; so that comes naturally. Number two it is my relationships with my co-workers, the talent, the directors. It is almost like it is one big incestuous family. We all kind of look out for each other. It's nice. I want to be around for a while longer. I like the fan interaction and to see who remembers me.

Big D: You started out being essentially a replacement girl in porn but have really made a name for yourself to the point you have fans lined up to get your autographs at shows like this. Did you enter the business wanting that type of recognition or has it been a positive byproduct of doing porn?

Brooke Haven: I entered wanting that fan recognition but like I said, I was quickly let down. I guess you really never know how overweight you are at the time. When I got in I thought it would be great, I'm good, I can talk to people and all that. No. It is a business and it has to be treated that way. You have to be in good shape. I was let down right away but even still to this day I am very surprised as to how far I have come. You see that huge picture of me over there? (pointing to a 20 foot photo of herself on the back of the Digital Playground booth) I had no idea that was going to be there. All the attention Mitch and Acid Rain give me still surprises me to this day.

Big D: You mentioned your early experiences in porn was basically filling in for a girl who failed to show up on a set or flaked out and didn't show. Why do you think that the adult industry puts up with that type of behavior? In the real world outside of porn if you don't show up for work you get fired and it is really hard to get another job once you are labeled as a flake. It seems that in porn, the studio have to sometimes factor in that 'flake factor' and overbook more girls than they actually need to make sure they have enough. And then there are girls like you who show up on time, not hung over, not strung out from partying the night before, you are enthusiastic and put on a great scene. I could go on and on. Why is it okay in this industry to put up with flaky people?

Brooke Haven: I think it is because the studios know which girls help sell movies and which ones do not. I know of a girl, I am not going to say her name, but she blew up quick. She got in a year ago and she is everywhere. I remember one month she was on almost every page of the AVN magazine. People really loved her but yet she was flaky. She disappeared out of town for something like two months and companies are still shooting her and promoting her. It all comes down to that they are selling videos of her so they have to put up with it. Their attitude might be, 'okay, she is flaky but if we can get her to show up just once during the week we're going to sell a lot of DVDs.'

Big D: So how do you separate yourself to the point you were not just a fill in girl for other girls that flaked? You said you were then booked three months out after a while. Do you make a point of networking while on set to leave an impression that producers should call you first rather than taking a risk on the flavor of the month that might not show up? Did you do anything special to elevate yourself beyond the status of being the reliable girl that can fill a spot?

Brooke Haven: Absolutely. It's all about networking and it is about building your reputation. These companies get to know that a girl is a responsible. She'll show up. She'll have a shower before she gets on set. She'll brush her teeth before she comes to set. She'll be prepared and she'll have her test. We won't have any problems. It works as a benefit.

Big D: We're here at the AVN convention and there are tons of girls that are just starting their porn careers now. You've been in for two years. If you were able to talk to some of these girls, what would you suggest to them and warn them about the porn industry?

Brooke Haven: Definitely wait on anal. If she is just going in doing girl/girl at first and she is a beautiful girl, stick with girl/girl for a few years. Once you make the jump to boy/girl it is a bigger deal. Then when you start doing anal it is a huge deal. You'll get press releases and a higher rate. You'll be able to make something of it. A lot of girls go in blind and will get pressured by these agents to do anal and to do interracial. They do that stuff and then they get shot out and then they have nothing to shoot for later. They have nothing. The thought is, 'okay, we have shot her. She has done everything. Push her to the side.'

Big D: Did you learn that lesson yourself the hard way?

Brooke Haven: A little bit. A little bit. I started anal too early but there are still other things I have to offer like interracial. I am not doing any gang bangs so that will never happen. (laughs) There are other things out there that I still have to offer that I am holding out on.

Big D: Speaking of pushing girls to the limit as soon as they get into porn, I will take it a step further. It seems like the hardcore gonzo studios are pushing the limits even further to the point where girls are getting fucked with their head in a toilet or punched in the back of the head or anything else you can think of. As a girl that is in porn, do you ever wonder when enough is enough and where the road is going with this type of porn?

Brooke Haven: As sad as it is, there is such a crowd, a percentage of the people, that want to see that stuff. I mean the donkey show in Mexico for example. Who really wants to see that? It's like a train wreck. You don't want to look but you look anyway and then you want to find more and see more. I don't know. Where we go from here I might not even want to know.

Big D: Personally for you, where do you see yourself a little bit further down the line? How long do you think you will perform before trying something else?

Brooke Haven: In two to five years from now I would like to be putting my company, Brooke Haven Productions, into work. Hopefully I will be the next company shooting girls and booking girls and selling my DVDs. That's the next step.

Big D: Speaking of production studios, who are your favorites to work for?

Brooke Haven: I am not saying this because I am here in Vegas signing for them but definitely Acid Rain. I know how the shoots are going to go and I know it is all professionally done. I know what to expect. I know. What they want from me. Vivid, of course. You want to work for the bigger companies like Vivid, Wicked, Digital Playground just because it is them and you want to be on their next box cover. As far as another gonzo company I would have to say Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree are great companies. They are professional and on top of things.

Big D: You just mentioned box covers. What was your reaction when you landed your first box cover after spending some time as a 'fill-in' girl? Is it still exciting to show up on the box cover now that you have been in for two years?

Brooke Haven: Oh, definitely. When I first saw my first box cover it was the greatest thing in the world. I was making copies of it and emailing it to all my friends. Of course the title on it was probably something like Cum Guzzlers #10. (laughs) It is just very exciting because the director has such a wide choice of whom to put on the box. I'm known for being on a lot of box covers. I think that has really helped me build my name up. With that said, it still surprises me to make the box or the posters you see around.

Big D: You've been on a lot of box covers where you are the main girl or are the only girl on there like on Ass For Days #2, Big Titty Woman or Strip Tease Then Fuck #6. It still surprises you and hasn't lost its allure?

Brooke Haven: Not so far. Ask me in another two years.

Big D: Do you go on set looking to make the box cover? Do you gear your performances to try to get that 'wow' factor that the director would be insane not to put you on the box?
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Brooke Haven: Absolutely. There also have been times, don't get me wrong, when you get hired and they tell you 'we will take these extra pictures because you are going to be on the box'. Then the movie comes out and in fact it is not you on the box. There are always those times and that is a disappointment. It's good to have those disappointments because it makes you work harder on the next shoot.

Big D: Name some of the talent you really like to work with?

Brooke Haven: Nick Manning. I am hoping to work with Brad Armstrong. He is on my 'hoping' list. Mark Davis is great. Ben English is great. Alex Sanders is great. There are a whole lot who I enjoy working with. There are two or three that are on my 'no' list that I will keep private but for the most part it is all good.

Big D: Without naming any names, what does someone have to do to make it on your 'yes' list and on the flip side, what do they have to do to make it on your 'no' list?

Brooke Haven: To get on my yes list you have to have a good attitude, be professional and have good hygiene. Looks really don't make that big of a difference to me as long as they are reputable. To get on my 'no' list they guy will have a bad attitude, bad hygiene, no wood. That's a big one for me. I don't want to be on set for 12 hours trying to get his dick hard. I don't want to experience that on the next set either. It's mainly attitude. You really have to get along with the person to work with them.

Big D: It seems that since the porn industry is such a close knit group that people are not just co-workers but are friends off the set. Would you characterize your personal life that way or when you are not working you want to be as far removed from the porn lifestyle as possible?

Brooke Haven: We look out for each other. We spend holidays together. It is definitely one big family. Ben English is a very close friend

Big D: First job?

Brooke Haven: I worked at Taco Bell at age of 14.

Big D: First concert?

Brooke Haven: I was probably 20 years old and saw Mariah Carey

Big D: First car?

Brooke Haven: 1982 Honda Civic hatchback

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Brooke Haven: Snoop Dogg

Big D: Favorite food?

Brooke Haven: Mexican food. The spicier the better

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Brooke Haven: One of the Dez's Dirty Weekend series.

Big D: Favorite position?

Brooke Haven: Spooning

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Brooke Haven: Movies. I am a big movie person. My favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night is not to go to the club and get drunk but it is to sit on my couch with my dogs, put in a good movie and relax.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Brooke Haven: Cell phone. I have to be in contact with everyone.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Brooke Haven: I really like to watch CSI: Miami. I buy the whole season on DVD so it is like a movie.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Brooke Haven: Hawaii

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Brooke Haven: Tom Cruise. I say that because as a little girl he was my favorite and I think I should stick to that.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Brooke Haven: Key West, Florida

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