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Big D's Interview With Bree Olson
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Interview Date: 01/25/2007

You have probably heard the stereotype of porn stars being not too bright and only doing porn because it is easy money. Meet Bree Olson who breaks that mold into a million pieces. This girl is currently not only the hottest young porn starlet to pop up on almost every adult DVD box cover lately but could very easily be the surgeon working on you after you have a heart attack from watching her movies. Bree Olson brings new meaning to the fantasy of the 'naughty doctor' because she currently is studying to become one. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Bree Olson explains why she has become so popular so quickly, reveals why she has a greater appreciation for her life than others and why she waitied until she was almost 20 years-old to get into porn.

Big D: I know you have only been in porn since October 2006 but it seems like you are popping up on every single box cover right now. I hate to label you the next 'it' girl but I haven't seen something like since Teagan Presley or Keri Sable a few years ago and more recently Julia Bond and even Amy Ried and Naomi who just won the AVN Best New Starlet award. What do you attribute to becoming so popular so quickly that everyone that shoots you wants you on their box cover?

Bree Olson: I think it is because I do great scenes. I'd like to say that it is my looks. I think I am a pretty cute girl. When I get on set I like to get great reactions from people. By the time I am done I want people to say, 'wow! That was a great scene'. That's always my goal every time I get on the set. I love to blow people away.

Big D: What do you do in particular in order to get that kind of a reaction?

Bree Olson: I am not sure. I use a lot of energy. I already love sex. It's not like I have to act like I like it. I'm a really dirty talker. I'm just a nasty girl. (laughs) I don't know how else to put it. I have a nasty mind. This is the perfect business for me. I didn't realize that other girls weren't into it as much I am. When I was told that there are girls in porn that actually do not like sex I was blown away by that. I could not imagine doing this if I did not like it. I absolutely love it.

Big D: Was enjoying having sex as much as you do the main attraction to getting into adult DVDs?

Bree Olson: I've always wanted to do porn ever since I was younger. As young as I can remember there were always those things on HBO where they would show the behind the scenes stuff with porn girls. They always seemed to be happy and excited. I thought to myself that I could totally do that. I would have gotten into porn as soon as I turned 18 but I was in a serious relationship. I had a girlfriend for four years. As soon as we broke up when I was 19 and a half I saw this as my opportunity to get into it. As soon as that happened I came into porn.

Big D: You are not your typical bubble headed dumb porn girl with a smile and a bottle of a lube in hand. You are a college student at Purdue University studying pre-med biology with aspirations of becoming a plastic surgeon. How does a smart girl that wants to be a doctor choose to become a porn star first?

Bree Olson: You know, I don't know. I always thought to myself, 'is there something wrong with me. Am I weird because I want to be a doctor?' I don't know if you have ever seen that show on TV, Nip/Tuck, where the plastic surgeons lead this whole other sexual lifestyle. I guess it's just not as uncommon as you might think. People have that stereotype of, 'oh they are a doctor. They must be very serious.' Everyone has their deep, dark secrets and will lead other lives that people won't see. I can definitely hold a professional level as well as having fun and being sexual. I don't mind putting my dark side out there.

Big D: Why are you choosing to go into plastic surgery over other surgical fields like emergency surgery or heart surgery?

Bree Olson: I did not choose it because of cosmetic reasons. I didn't choose it because I'm a 'girly girl' and I want to make people pretty. That's not the reason at all. I chose that field because it is what is rising. That field is up and coming and very popular. I am ensured to get work that way. I know a lot of people are into computers right now and actually that industry is falling out right now. Computers are replacing computers. I wanted to find a specialty that was going to be needed by the time I get done with school in ten years. Actually I am starting to lean away from plastic surgery because the further I get in school, I see that I am capable of more than that. I was actually considering doing more serious surgery like heart surgery or something like that. I am not really sure yet. I do not want to make a complete decision until I get in medical school. I am only pre-med right now.

Big D: Do you think your decision to venture into porn and appearing in adult DVDs will affect your ability to get accepted to medical school and eventually practice medicine? Are you concerned that there might be a negative backlash effect that could prevent you from becoming a doctor?

Bree Olson: I did think about that in the beginning and I was not sure if I wanted to get into porn because of the possible backlash. I have a number of doctor friends in Indiana that I am close with and I got their opinions on it. From what they had told me, medical school is very professional and when you get into your own practice it is very professional. It's the millennium these days and people can only judge you so far before I could potentially sue them for discrimination. I am opening my own practice anyway so it really is not that big of an issue to me anymore. I doubt it will be an issue 10 years from now either.

Big D: I saw that you have set out to do porn for a short while in order to make some money to pay for your tuition and possibly buy a house and still pursue a career as a doctor. You still travel back and forth between Indiana and California to work. Why do you choose to split time between there and here and travel back and forth?
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Bree Olson: I was actually devastated when I came out to California. My 10 year plan was to to do pre-med and then go to medical school and open a practice out in California. This is where a lot of those types of plastic surgeries go down. I came out here and I do not care for the atmosphere. It's not at all how they portray it in movies or in television. I am not really that pleased with California and the atmosphere. I think I would like to stay in the Midwest or eventually move to the northern states somewhere. I just purchased a house in Indiana. My roots are really grounded there. I still have two more years of school left in Indiana. Plus, it is a break. I get to come out California and have my fun and then I get to go home and relax and do my own thing. I just like being able to flip between the two. I get sick of being at home, I come to California. I get sick of California, I get to go home. I get a vacation every two weeks from each place.

Big D: So getting on planes and flying back and forth, jet lag and all that doesn't take a lot out of you?

Bree Olson: It doesn't wear me down at all. I am a very hyper and very energetic person. Yes, traveling irritates me. I complain about it. (laughs) I don't like getting on plane all the time. I also feels like this is the ideal lifestyle. I get to fly all the time. Before I got into the industry I had never flown in my life. There have been a lot of opportunities in the industry as well. There are things that I get to do that I would have never gotten the chance to do.

Big D: You mentioned that the main reason you did not get into porn sooner was because you had a four year relationship with a girlfriend. But you also do boy/girl scenes and have had relationships with men outside of porn as well. So what is the deal? Are you bisexual and do you have a preference for men or women?

Bree Olson: Since breaking up with my girlfriend, I am just done with relationships with women. I am 99 percent sure I will not be with a woman again. I like having sex with women, of course. Sexually I am open to just about anything. As far as dating women, no, no more. What always bothered me when I was with my girlfriend was I am not going to be married in the Catholic Church like I have always wanted to. I won't have a husband and kids and it kind of bothered me that I wasn't going to have all that.

Big D: You make no bones about that you speak freely of yourself. You even go as far as to blog on the internet about your sexual turn-ons and turn-offs. Explain to me why you enjoy sex to be so rough to the point where you enjoy pillows shoved over your face, choked, your hair pulled or called names. You have even said that you like to think of yourself as 'a hole there to please a man'. Care to elaborate on that?

Bree Olson: I have always been like that even when I was little. I used to look at my mom and dad and my mom would boss my dad around. I would ask myself, 'dude, why doesn't my dad grow some balls?' I would watch movies and I would always have that persona. This is so funny. When I was a little girl, I didn't realize you could have sex if you weren't married. When I was little I couldn't wait until I was married just so I could have sex and please my husband. I have been to counseling and my counselors have said, 'something must have happened to you as a child.' Actually, no, nothing happened to me. That's just the way I think. Some people may think that my views are out there but I just consider those people to be old fashioned and stuck in their ways. It's just my opinion and that's the way I think things should be. If you look at it, when the whole feminist movement started I think the United States started to get a bit out of control. I think that when it was more traditional with women at home and the men go out and earn the money and the wives stay home and take care of the kids everything was more under control and happy and wholesome back in those days. I would just like to continue the happiness.

Big D: You definitely have some strong opinions regarding the women's movement and how you think things should be. I am sure you have been told that by being in porn you are setting the women's movement back 50 years by performing in adult DVDs. What's your reaction when you get confronted about being a porn star and that porn has the perception of being demeaning to women and exploits women as a whole?

Bree Olson: You know, no one has been brave enough to come at me with that. If they did, I don't know what I would say. I think I would just laugh at them. It's not a big deal to me. It is kind of like when I was gay. It was unreal to me that people were still against that type of thing. I never really run into it. I guess I am pretty well sheltered from all the haters that hate on porn. I don't see it any other way. It is just a part of life to me. Porn and sex.

Big D: You say you are relatively removed from those types of people who oppose porn but at the same time your family and friends all know what you do. Was their reaction to the news you wanted to get into porn any different than your views on porn?

Bree Olson: My parents don't really know. If they did know, they wouldn't be really surprised. They know I do nude modeling but we are not really all that close. They wouldn't even ask me. If they did find out they wouldn't ask me. We're just an unusual family so to speak. I don't really know how to explain it. My friends, on the other hand, are really supportive. I've never had anyone tell me I shouldn't be doing this. All people tell me is that it is great and to make sure I save up for school and to keep doing well with my recently purchased house and everything.

Big D: Your grandmother has been a tremendous influence on you and she has an amazing story. She was incarcerated in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II but survived and moved the United States. What is your relationship with her like and how has hearing about her experiences back then influenced your life now?
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Bree Olson: I think I appreciate things a lot more than other people. I listen to her stories and I cry all the time. She was eating potato peels and weighing 65 pounds. I hear people complain about stupid things like their make-up looking so bad. I just think, 'how can you complain about something so small when you have no idea what other people have been through?' It is so horrible what my grandmother had to go through to be such an amazing person but it makes me think that people just have it to easy. From hearing what she went through it makes me appreciate the things I have in my life so much more.

Big D: It is 2007 and the year is still young. Any New Year's resolutions you made and have you broken them already?

Bree Olson: One of them was to get more fit and go to the gym more. I haven't even gotten there yet because I have been so busy. I am not ready to quit smoking yet. I am not going to quit smoking until after I take my MCATs.

Big D: I have seen you in photos and in your DVDs and even in person and your body is awesome. I don't think you should change a thing other than just stay looking the way you do. Why do you think you need to get into better shape and be more fit?

Bree Olson: I take my job very seriously. I know a lot of the girls they look at porn as just a fun, party time. The longer I have been doing this the more I see of what a career this could turn out to be. Whether I stay in and do this for two or three years, I am still going to take it very seriously. I am going to make sure I am in the best shape possible. Look at a girl like Jenna Jameson. Look at how popular she is. She trains all the time. She takes her job seriously and I want to do the same. I want to be successful as long as I am here and show people that.

Big D: Seeing how your body is the main commodity in your line of work, how often do you work when you are out in California?

Bree Olson: I typically will work two times a day. I will work between a week to a month straight and I will do two scenes a day.

Big D: Sounds like a pretty packed schedule. Does it wear you out at all to keep that kind of pace?

Bree Olson: Of course it does. I last a lot longer than what I think most girls do. Of course it gets to the point where I start to get a little sore. Thankfully by the time I start to get a little sore I am scheduled to go home. It works out fine for me. I work my ass off while I am here. People want to shoot me as much as they can. I want to make sure I get the most out of my time out here before I go back to Indiana.

Big D: You recently were at the 2007 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas signing for Smash Pictures. What was that experience like being able to meet the fans and interact with them in person? Were you surprised that you were so popular in such a short amount of time that people were wanting pictures with you and your autograph?

Bree Olson: I wasn't really surprised. My agent really prepared me for that. He is really good about explaining things to me and what to expect. Even though I was pretty prepared for it I was still a little nervous. It was a good experience and I got led into it really well. The first day was just production and industry people. The second day wasn't as busy but then it got into the busier days from there. It was a level of steps for me. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I loved the attention and that was fun. Girls are allowed to sit down and sign but I think I was standing up most of the time because I was so excited. I am a people pleaser and I like to make people happy. So I was doing a lot of poses and dancing for them to make it a little more fun.

Big D: You have just a handful of DVDs on the market right now but I am sure there are a lot more in the can and on the way. Which adult DVDs have you shot that you really enjoyed and which ones should we be on the look out for?

Bree Olson: I am really bad with names and the names of the titles out there. I know my favorite things I have done so far have definitely been for Penthouse. I loved those scenes. They were feature movies. I got the starring role in one of the features movies. I think that one is called 'Fits Like a Glove', but I am not sure. That was definitely one of my most enjoyable sets and it was a great scene too with Jeremy Holmes. I did a few scenes for Hustler that I really enjoyed as well. It's going to be in the Barely Legal series. Those movies have yet to come out but they are good ones.

Big D: I know you said you are bad at names but who out there have you worked with you really liked? Also, since you are so new, is there someone out there that you haven't worked with yet and you want your agent to get you paired up with him or her?

Bree Olson: Jeremy Holmes is great to work with. Sascha the European guy. I really like him. I enjoy a lot of the male performers. There is a whole group of them that I really like. They are all on the same level and not one of them I like more than the others. That said, Jeremy and Sasha are probably on a level above the rest. I am horrible with names so I am sorry about that.
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Big D: You've come in and basically done just about anything on camera. What limitations have you put on yourself this early on and are you saving something for later? Also, why do you do as much as you do more than some of the other girls out there in porn?

Bree Olson: Frankly, I don't think the other girls really enjoy it. Or, they will take the advice of others and they will hear that they shouldn't do that stuff yet. Obviously I am doing something right. You said that I am showing up on box covers and everyone is making a big deal out of me. It must not be a bad thing that I am doing anal and interracial so quickly. I enjoy it. Some girls might not enjoy it. I like it. I absolutely love anal. I have been doing it for a long time. I absolutely love it. As far as what I won't do? I won't do DPs. It's nothing that I am against but I have never done it. I do it when I am masturbating but there are just some things I am going to save for my own site. Gangbangs and DPs are some things that I would like to save and say, 'hey you can see Bree Olson do this exclusively on her website.'

Big D: First job?

Bree Olson: Detasseling corn. You pull the tops of corn stalks off to help the male corn fertilize the female corn. It helps them germinate. I did that when I was 12.

Big D: First concert?

Bree Olson: I've only been one concert and it was called 'Big Fizzo Shizi'. It was a bunch of hip hop artists.

Big D: First car?

Bree Olson: Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer.

Big D: What's in your CD player right now?

Bree Olson: I have a six disc CD player at home. I have Prince, Purple Rain in there. Fergalicious by Fergie. Gwen Stefani. Ludacris. I listen to a wide variety.

Big D: Favorite food?

Bree Olson: I really don't have a favorite food but my favorite type of food is American. Esspeically being out here in California where there is a lot of Mexican and Chinese food I would rather have meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Bree Olson: It was one of those 'Skinemax' ones. Actually I was sitting with my parents and I don't think they realized that a sex scene was coming up. They kind of looked at each other and then looked at me then told me to go to my room. They didn't say anything for the first five minutes of this scene and I was surprised. I was just sitting there with my mouth open and then I had to go to my room. After that I started tuning into that channel all the time. I forget what movie it was because I was really young

Big D: Favorite position?

Bree Olson: Doggy. I like it because it is a very submissive position and I am a very submissive person.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Bree Olson: If it was the Super Bowl I would want to go to that. I am dying that I can't go. I wanted to see the Colts and the Bears so badly because they are right in between Fort Wayne, Indiana. I would have to say the game at this time. I am rooting for the Colts because it is my state but ever since Green Bay lost in the Super Bowl many years ago I haven't had a real team to root for. I was so devastated.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Bree Olson: My cell phone

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Bree Olson: Donnie Brasco

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Bree Olson: I've never been on a vacation.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Bree Olson: Christopher Meloni off of Law and Order. He is so hot.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Bree Olson: The Ukraine. That is where my grandmother is from. She came to the United States during World War II and I listen to her stories all the time. I would love to go there and see my heritage and learn more about her and where she came from.

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