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Big D's Interview With Bonnie Rotten
Inside Bonnie Rotten

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Interview Date: January 29, 2013

Meet Bonnie Rotten. A lot of girls come and go in and out of porn but very few make an immediate impact right from the first day they come to porn valley. Bonnie Rotten is one of those "it" girls that every studio in the valley is falling all over themselves trying to book her for their next shoot. Whether it is her unique look, her voracious appetitie for dirty and filthy sex or just that she is the hottest thing right now, Bonnie Rotten definitely has the porn world wired. Add to all of that the fact she is only 19 and apparently has it all figured out in such a short amount of time is even more mind blowing. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Bonnie Rotten discusses her views on the condom mandate in Los Angeles, explains some of her favorite tattoos and reveals why a girl born and raised in Cincinnati is now an Oakland Raiders fan.

Big D: You're 19 and going to be 20 in May. You've only had a handful of DVDs hit the market. You're third DVD to be released was Meet Bonnie from Digital Sin. The The Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten comes out in February. You were selected to be a trophy girl at the AVN Awards. You were nominated for Best New Starlet by AVN. Is it a bit overwhleming to get all this attention this early in your career since choosing to go into hardcore porn?

Bonnie Rotten: It totally is. I never expected any of this. I started out doing fetish work and I was looking up to so many people in the industry. Now I am up there with them. I treasure it. I treasure it and I am thankful for it. I will never take it for granted.

Big D: Now that you have experienced your first AVN Awards show first hand as a trophy girl and as a nominee, what's that been like now seeing how you are officially a part of the porn world and trying to fit in with all these established porn stars?

Bonnie Rotten: The awards show was crazy. I was set up at the (Mark) Spiegler booth and I literally could not eat a granola bar. There were so many people that were lined up that wanted to take pictures with me. If you notice on my Twitter account, I really go out of my way to connect with my fans. It's really cool to meet everyone. It was even cooler to be on stage and a part of things at the awards show. I was a nervous wreck. I had these two pairs of shoes I kept switching back and forth because I was afraid that if I walked out on stage in one pair that I would fall and bust my ass in front of everyone. (laughs) That was a little nerve wracking trying to keep the show together and having people move to their spots on stage and to get them to walk off stage in the right direction. It was a little nerve wracking but they say I handled myself pretty well.

Big D: What would you attribute having this much success and attention after only being in the porn industry for such a short time? It's not common for a girl to get into porn for this short amount of time to be asked to be a trophy girl, to be nominated for AVN awards and to have so many Twitter followers so soon? What's you secret to success in such a short time?

Bonnie Rotten: My publicists. They are key. They keep me out there and they keep me current with the media. They keep me talking to people like you guys and promoting myself and promoting other companies. Fans come in from all different angles. I have connections in the mainstream world because I have worked cars shows and motorcycle shows and horror conventions. It all hit really quick, let's just say that. It's crazy. I am really excited about it. We will just have to see what 2013 has in store too.

Big D: You mentioned that all this attention and notoriety is a bit crazy and overwhelming at times. Is there something you do or remember to keep yourself grounded and not let all this attention coming in so quickly go to your head?

Bonnie Rotten: Yes. A lot of girls lose sight of where they came from. I came from nothing. Because I came from nothing, every little thing that I have means so much to me. For me to be in this industry and to be so different from everyone, but to get so much recognition, is extremely special. What I do is I separate my life. Business is business and my personal life is my personal life. I go to work. I come home. I write scripts. I am focusing on the next step. I'm not in the Twitter popularity contests. I am not on Freeones trying to make myself number one. I am not trying to be this number one Social Media person. I just care about my fans and I just care about my career. As far as that all goes, I think you need to have balance. If you get way too caught up in the industry and people liking your posts or following you on Twitter, you have nothing real to go on. If you do that, you are just floating and relying on people on the internet.

Big D: Does it feel kind of weird to be 19 years old and to have fans?
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Bonnie Rotten: Kind of. Yeah, it is. It's definitely crazy. I had been in modeling before and my first photo shoot was put on a postcard and I worked these car conventions all over the United States. My first convention was called the Indianapolis World of Wheels. I worked for Spade Kreations which is a customs company out of Cincinnati. They put me on my first poster. So I got to experience that at age 17 signing a poster and handing it back to thousands of people. After that, I was kind of shell shocked and weirded out and wondering why people would want to have a poster of me. It was from there that it progressed more and more. I've always liked attention. I've always been about attention. I started stripping after those modeling jobs and I danced. As I started working the car conventions and the motorcycle conventions and horror conventions I started modeling more and more. It kind of led to where you see me now. I guess I am just a big attention whore. (laughs)

Big D: How did you get your start in modeling for car shows and horror conventions? Did you know someone and they suggested you try it? Where you walking down the street and someone noticed you and your look and handed you a business card? How did you get your start in modeling to the point where you now are doing hardcore porn and are one of the hottest rising stars in the porn world today?

Bonnie Rotten: There was a guy that I was dating and I was really close with him and we were good friends. He actually builds vintage sprint cars. Like 1930's era vintage sprint cars and he is a pin stripper. He is obviously connected with that whole community. After we had met and started dating he suggested I would be great at modeling. I was a little apprehensive at first because I was always a bit of a tomboy and I always wanted to work on motorcycles. I wasn't sure that modeling was a path I ever really wanted to take. So, I stepped in and worked a few shows in Cincinnati and worked for that company Spade Kreations and networked and got myself out there. We traveled to Chicago to Michigan to Indianapolis to Kentucky. I did all of that and each job led to another. Currently I am a LA Choppers spokesmodel. It all kind of just got the ball rolling. I would do pageants and bikini contests. The mainstream world is so different than porn because in mainstream, it is so much harder to gain a name. You have to work so much harder and do so much more. But in porn, it seems like, if you are doing DPs you're getting a little more recognition. It's hard to translate that to the mainstream community.

Big D: When you first started modeling at 17 years old, you probably didn't have the same look you do right now with all of the tattoos and your hair style, correct?

Bonnie Rotten: I've been covered in tattoos since I was 15.

Big D: Wow! How does a 15 year old get a ton of tattoos when at age 18 you are considered an adult and you can start getting tattoos?

Bonnie Rotten: In Ohio, age 15 is the age of consent. You can have your parent sign for you. I actually tattooed myself with some little Indian ink and needle tattoos all over my body. They were really bad. My grandparents told me, “Yeah, you really need to get those fixed”. I started getting stuff fixed and covered up and next thing you know, I started going and going and getting tattoos every two weeks. Now it is like, here I am!

Big D: What drew you to tattoos and got you interested in getting more and more?

Bonnie Rotten: I was really obsessed with... I should say, I still am obsessed with horror movies. So a lot of my tattoos are horror based like 70's and 80's slasher films. Jason, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. My first tattoo was the Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning comic book cover. That was pretty cool. It took 13 hours to complete. I guess just going in and getting tattooed I was like, “wow! I really love this artist and I love what he does. I want more. I want more beautiful stuff on my body”. I would then think, what is not normal and people would typically not know what it is, but I know what it is that looks beautiful on me. I just jumped around and ended up with this sleeve and then this tattoo done. Then it turned out that this person wanted to tattoo me and I was like, “Okay, fine! Just take me!”.

Big D: Do you view tattooing as an outward expression of who you are inside or are they more of a conversation starter in that you know what a tattoo is and it will hopefully get someone to ask questions?

Bonnie Rotten: If I did everything for other people's reactions, I would never have time for myself. I totally get tattoos for my own self-expression. You see a lot of girls in and out of porn that have a lot of the same, typical tattoos. The flowers or whatever. You think, “Oh, they have tattoos because they want to be looked at. That's cool. That works for them.”. For me, I don't care what other people think. If people want to ask me about my tattoos I am willing to answer their questions but I am not doing it for people to ask me. I am doing it for myself. I actually haven't even been tattooed in a year.

Big D: Did you find getting into the porn industry first doing fetish type porn that you fulfilled that niche of the girl with a bunch of tattoos and that turns on a certain type of porn watcher? Movies like Tattooed Anal Sluts by Evil Angel or Ink Stains from Diabolic where the focus and the fetish of the movie is a girl with tattoos. But once you branched out beyond that focus and got into other types of porn, did you find it hard to break through that “glass ceiling” of being type-cast as just the girl that has tattoos? Do you find your look and your tattoos have been a hindrance in getting more jobs or helps in that your look is so different that casting directors will remember you and you stand out from all the rest of the girls looking to do a porn scene?

Bonnie Rotten: I think it helps me stand out from the crowd. It did kind of hinder me at first because people didn't know where to put me and what to do. A great example would be Digital Sin. Here is this pretty girl with tattoos who comes in here and we shot her and Scott (the owner of Digital Sin) was all about it and he wanted to make a movie where I was the main focus. That movie, Meet Bonnie, opened up the floodgates and showed everyone that hey, this girl is versatile. She can do other things. We have interest in her. We're a company that doesn't normally shoot tattooed girls. Yes, unfortunately, I am still niche. I am tattooed. What can I do? Other than that, I think other companies have opened their eyes and realize that I am not just a tattoo girl. I am a pretty girl with tattoos but I have the ability to do other things.
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Big D: Last question about the tattoos and then we will be moving on. You have a number of tattoos in all different places on your body. You have spider webs on your breasts, “Dead Girls Don't Cry” written under your tits, a garden scene that stretches from shoulder to shoulder along your collarbone area. Of the number of tattoos that you have, which ones are really special or noteworthy to you that you think the fans would want to know about?

Bonnie Rotten: My chest tattoo is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. If I was a stripper this is what I would say, “It's because my chest is one of the seven wonders of the world”. I just love the story about King Nebuchadnezzar who had a wife who was homesick. He took all the plants from her home island and put them on one structure and then had thousands of slaves working on this just to make her happy. It kind of embodies that I was a queen in a previous life. I have Frank Sinatra on my thigh. I love Frank. He was big in my household growing up. I have my great grandmother, Odessa, I have her name on my arm. She loved Frank and she died. My favorite is a Hillbilly Devil on my foot that says, “If you ain't sinnin' you ain't winnin'.” That's one of my cool catch phrases. I don't know. I just have a few.

Big D: You mentioned that when you first got into porn you were kind of type-cast into roles where you were the tattoo girl and were kind of put into a niche of just that. A few years ago there was a movement where it seemed as though porn was trying to service this “alt porn” niche that had a lot of girls with a non-traditional porn look. Girls like Joanna Angel and the Suicide Girls along with directors like Eon McKai and Jack the Zipper were gaining in popularity at that time. It seems as though that alt porn is still produced but not as much as it was when it first burst onto the scene. Were you influenced by the alt porn movement and that niche when you first got into porn or did it take getting into porn to find out they were even shooting that type of porn?

Bonnie Rotten: When I first got into porn, I didn't think about any part of that side of things. I didn't want to be a part of that side of the industry to be honest with you. What I wanted was to come in and be recognized on the same level as the blond girl with big boobs. I wanted to be in the same conversation with those types of girls. It was not that easy but I wanted to be hired by the same companies that were making those types of movies. I wanted to be considered in their group. I don't want to be an “alt girl”. That's not me. I knew about the Suicide Girls obviously. That's not really porn, is it? That's more like modeling and pictures. I knew about those girls but I was not familiar with porn like Burning Angel until I got into the industry. Once I got in everyone was telling me, “You should shoot for Burning Angel! You should shoot for Burning Angel!” When I looked at it hit me, “Oh! Tattooed girls. I get it”.

Big D: Did you push back against that because you didn't get into porn to be type-cast as a tattoo chick?

Bonnie Rotten: I don't want to be pigeonholed. I never wanted to be pigeonholed. I would say shooting for companies like that now would not affect me but before if I would have went ahead and shot for Joanna or other alt porn type companies. It would have definitely had an effect and pigeonholed me. It would have confirmed more of that stigma.

Big D: What was your reaction when you were approached by Digital Sin when they told you they wanted to make a movie where you were 100% the focus. That movie ended up being Meet Bonnie and now another movie, The Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten, just came out and is doing great with the fans. What's your reaction to the fact that this early on, you've already had two movies come out where you are the focus? Some girls work in porn for years and never get a movie made that is just about them and them only.

Bonnie Rotten: Honestly, I did not even know what they (Digital Sin) wanted. I was so nervous when I heard that Scott wanted to meet with me. I had all my scripts prepared and though maybe he wants me to direct something. I don't know. I didn't know what was going on. I went up there and he tells me he wants to make a whole movie about me. My reaction was, “Oh! That would be awesome! Yes, please. Thank you so much and I will give this 100% and be as nasty as I possibly can so people will want a follow-up movie”. We did it and it ended up being a hit. Everyone loves the movie Meet Bonnie, from my knowledge.

Big D: The The Gang Bang Of Bonnie Rotten released in January 2013 and after doing your first movie that was all about you, what did you need to do differently for your second movie that was making you the focus?

Bonnie Rotten: I had to take four guys. (laughs) I had to prepare myself to take four guys. I had done a chump gangbang when I was younger. But that was nothing like this that was synchronized with huge guys in a room who know what they are doing. I was prepared. I made sure I was nice and limber and stretched out so I didn't experience any complications. I made sure I didn't eat for a while. I told the director I wanted to let go. I wanted to lose control. My fantasy is to completely lose control. I am always trying to go from top to bottom or dominating or have some sort of control. I wanted these guys to completely, just demolish me. And they did.

Big D: Is that liberating to let yourself go and lose control and let what happens, happen? You knew you were in a safe and controlled environment with all the guys tested and you knew the scene wouldn't devolve into an abusive or violent thing but when it came to pushing the sexual envelope with your abilities and previous experiences, was it fun to just let it all hang out and let the chips fall where they may?

Bonnie Rotten: It's amazing. I was telling someone the other day that being in the porn industry means so much me. I've been given the opportunity to create all my fantasies. Everything I have done has been with people I want to do it with, or something I want to do or something fucked up I've always wanted to do that I could never do in my home environment. It is such a luxury to have people to work with that know what they are doing, people who are tested and safe, people who are in a safe and controlled environment to do everything that you want. It's awesome.

Big D: Despite being in the porn industry for a short amount of time, you have been rather vocal on issues that affect the porn industry. I recently read that you were an opponent to the Measure B that was recently passed in Los Angeles that required all sex workers use a condom. Why did you jump into the conversation so quickly despite not being in the industry for very long?

Bonnie Rotten: In our Constitution it does say that we have a freedom of speech and freedom of expression. As artists, we have the ability to do things the way we want to. Why are people trying to take our Constitutional rights away? Why are they telling us and dictating that we have to do things a certain way, especially when we are doing them safely? The whole reason why the porn industry is not illegal is because pimping and pandering is not an issue here. It's because it is an art form. If it is an art form, then why are they trying to dictate it. That's how I feel. They can't dictate on an art form. They can't infringe on our free speech. It pisses me off.

Big D: In following you on Twitter, I've seen tweets and photos of you wearing Oakland Raiders gear and your fans will tweet to you things about the Raiders. How does an Ohio girl, raised outside of Cincinnati, become a Raiders fan?

Bonnie Rotten: Carson Palmer!

Big D: (Editor's Note: Carson Palmer was the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals since 2003 and was traded to the Oakland Raiders in 2011.)

Bonnie Rotten: I moved to Los Angeles and I need to pick a better team. Carson Palmer is no longer on the Benagals. The Bengals suck, which by the way, they didn't suck when Carson was on the team. I needed an LA team now that I am new to California. So I took the Raiders. They are bad ass. And when you play Madden, every time you sign on the voice says, “The stadium where it is Halloween every Sunday”. How fitting is that for me?

Big D: So being a horror movie fan and the mystique of the Black Hole and the Raiders' fans dressing up in costumes appealed to you?

Bonnie Rotten: A little bit but mostly it was Carson Palmer. I am truly into the sport. The obvious aside, the Raiders are not very good, (laughs) I am still a good sport. Hopefully next year is our year, right? I think every Raider fan says that. But I will be going to a Raiders game this coming season. It is going to happen. I will be there getting rowdy. You know that commercial where they are turning their beer bottles to reflect the light into the kicker's eyes? That's going to be me doing that. (laughs)

Big D: You mentioned that when you met with Digital Sin in advance of them asking you to make Meet Bonnie, you said you were getting scripts together because you didn't know what the meeting was all about. Is transitioning from just being a performer in front of the camera and eventually moving behind the camera as a director something that is on your radar screen right now?

Bonnie Rotten: I am working on it already. I am writing the budget for my first film right now, actually. I really envision a way for tattooed women to be glorified. Not just in alt porn. I want tattooed women to be in beautiful white backgrounds or on mountain tops doing beautiful noir film style with dark lighting and beautiful costumes. I want to create epicness. That's the plan.
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Big D: Do you see somewhere on the horizon in the near future that someone or some porn production company will give you that opportunity to express yourself in that way you envision?

Bonnie Rotten: That's what I am hearing. I was spoken to about it and I am writing the budget for it now. I have to present the budget and then we get to start. Hopefully in the next two or three months.

Big D: What was your first job ever?

Bonnie Rotten: I worked at Journeys shoe store. They sell skateboarding shoes.

Big D: First concert?

Bonnie Rotten: Anti-Flag, the punk band. I was in 7th grade so I think I was 13. It was April 20, 2008. 4-20.

Big D: First car?

Bonnie Rotten: I have never had a car. I don't drive. California scares me.

Big D: What is in your iPod or MP3 player right now?

Bonnie Rotten: 2 Chainz. PANTyRAiD. I really don't have a lot on my iPhone. I listen to a lot of Pandora online.

Big D: Favorite food?

Bonnie Rotten: S'mores

Big D: Favorite position?

Bonnie Rotten: Either pile driver or doggy.

Big D: Movies or the ball game?

Bonnie Rotten: If it were football, I'd go see a football game. Otherwise I would go to the movies.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Bonnie Rotten: Oh Gosh, I have so many. Friday the 13th #7, Texas Chainsaw Massacre #3 and Suspiria.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you could not live without?

Bonnie Rotten: My phone.

Big D: Favorite spot to go on vacation?

Bonnie Rotten: Las Vegas. I like relaxing Vegas. Like the spa type Vegas. I like the vibe of Vegas. I just don't like everything that is going on around me. Like the people, the cigarette smoke, the drunk people running into me. All of that.

Big D: A person you would like to meet but you have not yet met?

Bonnie Rotten: Mila Kunis. People say I am her evil twin. So that would be interesting to meet her. I think she is pretty.

Big D: Place that you want to visit but have yet to go?

Bonnie Rotten: Southern France because it sounds beautiful. I'd like to go on a boat.

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