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Big D's Interview With Austyn Moore
Inside Austyn Moore

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Most girls move to Los Angeles looking to get a porn contract. Austyn Moore signed a contract and moved to LA before shooting a single adult film. Not the normal route a girl takes when breaking into the porn industry. Never a level of anticipation preceded a star releasing their first adult film than Austyn Moore. Adam & Eve locked her down to a one year contract in March and her first release, University of Austyn, hits the streets September 19th. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Austyn talks about what it's like being the headliner of her first film, sharing contract duties with Carmen Luvana and appearing in the fall blockbuster Pirates.

Big D: You started in the business doing nude modeling and magazine layouts. What got you started in that?

Austyn Moore: I've always felt pretty comfortable naked. I am not one of those shy people that is like, 'Oh my God. I have to change.' And then go run to the bathroom. It came easy to me.

Big D: Were you approached by any agencies to start modeling or was this something you sought out on your own?

Austyn Moore: I approached the adult industry when it came to doing movies. I've worked in print pretty much by myself. I wasn't walking down the street and someone approached me and said, 'hey, you really should go and take some naked pictures'. I started nude modeling for my website and it eventually turned into magazines layouts and things just worked out to be pretty awesome. Then from there I went into adult films.

Big D: You stayed out of the hardcore market for quite a while. Why was hardcore the next step for you?

Austyn Moore: I had always thought about it. I took a step back while doing print work and tried to learn about the industry and asked myself, 'Is this something I want to get involved in?'. I was on the cover of Hustler Magazine in December of last year and when that came out, things started rolling. I had to ask myself, 'Are you going to do it? If you are going to do it, you better start doing it now. And if you're not, then be happy with your cover on Hustler and move on.' I just decided that if I don't try it now, God forbid, five years from now I am saying, 'I really should have done that' and I didn't and then I would feel bad. I didn't want five or ten years from now to say, 'You know what? God Dammit! I should have gone into the porn industry.' I thought about it for a long time and you know what, I have to give it 100 percent and that's what I did.

Big D: Most girls have to work everyday doing all sorts of hardcore gonzo scenes before they sign a big time contract. You signed your exclusive contract with Adam & Eve before doing one hardcore DVD. How did that happen?

Austyn Moore: I guess I am stubborn. Maybe that is the Taurus in me. I didn't want to do any videos without a contract. So when I came out here (Los Angeles) I said I was going to get one without shooting a video first. Everybody is different. It's just something that I wanted. I knew I wanted that and when I came out here I met with a few people and decided that Adam & Eve was the place for me. I guess I was lucky. They really took a chance on me since I had never really shot a video except for the stuff on my website which is a lot different. They took a chance on me that hopefully I could do it.

Big D: But at the same time, you had been modeling and doing your website so it was not like you were a complete rookie to the adult industry.

Austyn Moore: No, not at all. I wasn't new to the industry because I already knew a lot of people. When you make a decision to change your whole life and your lifestyle, I had to get to know people. You can never completely figure people out but you can try to figure them out. I guess I just got lucky with Adam & Eve. There were a few other companies that were willing to take a chance on me.

Big D: What is it like being a contract girl?

Austyn Moore: Some weeks I have nothing to do and then another month I am running around like crazy. On a normal day when I am not busy I wake up and have coffee, walk my dog. I go to the gym for a couple of hours. That sucks too because I will go in the gym and then I will have a movie and then I will be traveling and then I don't go to the gym for like a month. Then it's like, oh great I just fucked that up. I just do things that normal people do. I am pretty basic. I guess I am wild but I am normal too. That girl next door type.

Big D: You recently relocated to Southern California from Florida. Are you adjusting to the So Cal lifestyle?

Austyn Moore: I am definitely taking in what California has to offer. There is a lot to do out here. It is a busy place but where I come from, Fort Lauderdale, it's busy as well. It's not like I came from Podunk, Wherever. The weather here is incredible which I don't have at home. I had four hurricanes before I moved here. Now I have to worry about earthquakes I guess. I'm soaking it up. Sometimes change is nice. I don't think I will live here forever but for right now it's good.

Big D: Your first title, University of Austyn, comes out September 19th. Was that your first movie you did for Adam & Eve or is that the first one to be completed and released?

Austyn Moore: No, University of Austyn will be my first release. The first movie I shot is called Head Master #2. I shot that first. Then I shot Pirates and then I shot University of Austyn. I am not really sure when Head Master #2 is coming out.

Big D: What was your first impression when you walked onto a set where you were the star?

Austyn Moore: It was pretty damn cool. Andre Madness from Madness Pictures was the one that directed it. He made me feel like it was my movie. He had T-shirts made up and a sweatshirt for me. He had a chair made for me that said Austyn Moore on the back. You know like my little diva chair. It was really cute. When I was on set for that he made me feel like it was really my movie, which it was. I am not all about 'This is my movie'; I am not really that kind of person. He really made it stand out and it was different than any other movie I had shot. It was fun. When you are under contract I guess you are more of the star of the movies you appear in. It makes you stand out a little more.

Big D: Pirates is the next movie for you coming out after University of Austyn. It has such a great cast with girls like Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Carmen Luvana, Janine Lindemulder, and the list goes on and on. What was it like working on such a huge production like Pirates?

Austyn Moore: It was awesome but I am still pissed that I didn't get to fuck any of those hot bitches! (laughs) It was a cool movie to shoot. There was a lot of detail that went into that movie and a lot of time and effort. The whole cast and crew, everybody. It's definitely something that all of us that were a part of Pirates and to be in that movie was an honor. I signed with Adam & Eve and found a place for me in the movie which was cool. To be in one of the biggest productions is pretty amazing.

Big D: You and Carmen Luvana are the two contract girls for Adam & Eve. How is your relationship with her?

Austyn Moore: Carmen and I get along really, really well. I guess other contract girls don't seem to get along sometimes? I don't know. Everyone says, 'wow you guys get along', and I say 'yeah, is that weird?' (laughs) Carmen's a good person and so am I so we get along really well. Any question that I have, I feel like I can go to Carmen and talk to her about it. She's going to give me her honest opinion. She's a great girl. I guess it all boils down to the fact that I had these contract offers out there and I said, 'Well fuck. If I don't sign with Adam & Eve as a contract girl and go with someone else, I'm never going to get to fuck Carmen.' That's why I signed with Adam & Eve. (laughs) No, I'm just kidding.

Big D: Well now that you have your contract, have you had the chance yet with Carmen Luvana?

Austyn Moore: Yes. Finally, God dammit!

Big D: What movie will that scene be in?

Austyn Moore: That's going to be in The Contractor. But I had to share her with Evan Stone and that pissed me off. I still want a one-on-one thing and I think that is coming up pretty soon.

Big D: What other projects are you working on or have completed that we can look forward to?

Austyn Moore: University of Austyn is coming out first and then Head Master #2 will be coming out soon. I've already shot University of Austyn #2 and The Contractor which is cool. I have another movie scheduled next week. That's Tail Gunners. That going to be a big feature they are going to do next year. But I have a girl/girl movie planned out. Just a bunch of things in the works. I just can't wait for these movies to come out. I've done all these movies and I am wondering where are they?

Big D: As soon as you wrap up filming you can't wait to have it hit the streets?

Austyn Moore: Right. I just want to see it. I want my fans to be able to see something finally. They keep asking, 'Hey, you know Austyn, do you really make movies? Is Austyn a real person? Are there ever going to be any movies with her in them?' (laughs)

Big D: I heard you have a pretty good sized porn collection of your own? Care to share which ones are your favorites?

Austyn Moore: I don't really think that I have one favorite DVD right now. I enjoy watching porn. I don't watch that much of it now, now that I am in porn. Except for my own stuff. I guess everyone watches their own stuff so they can critique themselves. I don't really have a favorite adult DVD. If the people are really attractive in the movies, then it makes it really easy to watch. I am a gonzo fan though. I do like to watch gonzo and just the straight up sex because sometimes that is what it is all about.

Big D: Since you are a fan of attractive people in porn, any particular actors you like?

Austyn Moore: I just watched one of Wicked's movies, Lovers Lane. Everybody was fucking hot in that movie. There was not one person in there that was so-so. I think all the Wicked girls are beautiful. I really enjoyed that movie. I think it is the first time I have watched a feature from beginning to end. Really sat and watched the whole thing. I thought they did a great job with that movie.

Big D: Your contract with Adam & Eve is for eight movies in the next year. What does the future hold beyond that contract?

Austyn Moore: In the future, I expect a lot more movies to come. I take one day at a time. Once my movies do come out, I would like to start doing more feature dancing and be able to interact with my fans a little more. I take everything one day at a time. My contract is not up until March so I have a while to go. I haven't made any decision on what I will do at that time. I would love to stay with Adam & Eve. I chose them for a reason. That's a long time away though. I can't predict the future. I can't even predict five minutes from now.

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