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Big D's Interview With Ashley Blue
Inside Ashley Blue

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Many words can describe Ashley Blue. Unopinonated is not one of them. She is best known as the 2004 AVN Female Performer of the Year and the Girlvert. Regular porn bores her and she is always looking to laugh and a good time. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Ashley talks about the type of porn she watches at home, her recent trip to Florida and what really goes on at a bukkake.

Big D: So what's new? I guess you are in the mood to rant?

Ashley Blue: Oh God. I just got back from that Tampa bullshit, Nightmoves. The Tampa show. I can't believe they even call it a show. I am used to AVN or Erotica LA. This is complete bullshit. It was just fresh on mind and Jeff Steward of JM Productions thought it was so funny hearing me complain when I got back. He wants me to write all about it on triple X porn talk, which I will

Big D: What sucked about it?

Ashley Blue: It makes the east coast video show look professional and cool. It was a bunch of girls I really didn't know. I don't want to be rude but there were a lot of unknown girls there. They put us up in some motel and my room had cockroaches in it and no one gave a shit. Two fucking old men asked me if I worked independently and if I was escort on my way up to my room. I was like 'Fuck no, get out of the fucking elevator!' It was just creepy. I couldn't even exercise without some fat, disgusting, piece of shit, old man watching me in the weight room. It was a room the size of my bathroom. It was just really crappy. No one really made any money. I didn't care about that but I went there to spread the word about JM Productions everywhere. It was just lame. It made me thank my lucky stars that I have the opportunity to go to cool places like AVN and other real shows. They had us going to strip clubs and signing. It was so low budget and creepy. I am white trash, I will admit. I don't expect bottles of Cristal but I do expect a cockroach free hotel room. Check that; Motel room. Expecting some type of security where I wouldn't have to be afraid that people can see me go into my room and then ask me to turn a trick in there. I like all the people there and they were nice. I don't want to say I was too cool but they were too lame.

Big D: Were there a lot of other studios and their contract girls or was it just the free agent porn girls trying to sell DVDs?

Ashley Blue: It was a bunch of people like strippers and some really old time girls and really, really new time girls. Girls that have been in for ten years were there. I don't know why they would still go to this because it sucked. There were a lot of wannabe producers trying to big time themselves. They were talking about, 'I shoot for this person and this person. Do you want to do a scene?' I told them no. I didn't even tell them I was on a contract I just said no. They were the type of guys that would say, 'We can't pay you the full rate or we don't have any baby wipes.' That bullshit like they would try to pay me with a dinner at Denny's or the Waffle House. Do you think I am a bitch for this?

Big D: No, not at all.

Ashley Blue: Do you know Dirty Bob who writes for AVN? He lives in Ohio and I was at a signing. He is cool and he suggested I go to this Tampa thing. I said 'Okay, like an award show?' I love awards. I love winning them and I am pretty good at it. (laughs) So I went to Tampa expecting something completely different. None of the girls got paid to be there. They didn't pay for any of the alcohol or food. For most of the people there they didn't have a lot of money. They expected to sell stuff and promote themselves. I don't see how they could be getting any promotion out of this because it was not all it was cracked up to be. I am kind of at a loss for words right now because I am trying not to be a total cunt. Everybody was nice to me but I did not have a good time. In fact I left two or three days early because I had had it. I looked on the nomination list and I wasn't up for anything. Not that I am a prima donna but I took the effort to go there for free, show up and participate. To not include all the girls that came in the nominations is fucked up. It's not like AVN with secret ballots and they didn't take all year to figure it out. That pissed me off so I left.

Big D: You made mention you like winning awards and you are pretty good at it...

Ashley Blue: That was a joke. That's not how I really feel. I was just making a joke at myself.

Big D: Okay, but at the same time you are the 2004 AVN female performer of the year. There is some validity to that.

Ashley Blue: Paul and Tracy who own Nightmoves and organized this whole thing... You know when you go to bible camp retreats when you are a kid? It's just a bunch of dorky people and the camp leaders are just lame. I didn't really like that guy Paul. I didn't know his last name and he was kind of rude to me. I didn't feel special. I didn't want to feel special like 'Oh, here comes Ashley', but they did that with Jesse (Jane) and Carmen (Luvana). They did that with them on Saturday night. I love them. They are so cool. I was happy to see them. They had them hosting and I am sure they paid those two girls. But everyone else was kind of in this flock. Like they were herded in and we were fed crappy pizza one night. On top of that I was on medication and I couldn't drink. Which I am glad for now because I would have probably embarrassed myself or run my mouth off. I wasn't drinking so I could see it for what is was. I wasn't in like this drunken stupor and then say 'oh yeah, it was cool.' I didn't choose not to drink. I had fucking vaginitis because someone double dipped during a DP. So they stuck their dick in my ass and then in my cunt so I got an infection. That's why I was on medication.

Big D: You mention you saw Jesse and Carmen and you like them. Are there people you don't get along with and don't want to work with?

Ashley Blue: I am not like that. Anybody that I do not like I would rather hire them for Girlvert. I like hiring people I don't like because it is a funny scene. Maybe I have changed a little and I don't want to hang out with everybody and be friends with everybody. McKenzie Lee was there and she is way cool. She stayed at the Double Tree with a bodyguard. I am so used to AVN and going with the owners of JM and feeling safe and taken care of. It's a special celebration and this one I felt like I was being used. The strip clubs that we showed up at to sign they paid Paul and Tracy for us to go but we didn't get paid to go. I felt used and bored. Some of my friends like Billy Glide and Missy (Monroe) and Katie Gold. I liked everyone and they were nice but it was kind of a worthless trip. I feel bad. You aren't laughing at it with me.

Big D: No, actually I am laughing that you said you didn't drink so you knew how bad it sucked without alcohol impairing your judgment.

Ashley Blue: It was just so ghetto. I am sure everyone else had a good time. I am sure I am making enemies with Paul and Tracy for talking shit but this is just the way I feel.

Big D: I don't blame you. If you didn't have a good time why feel obligated to say that you did?

Ashley Blue: I just think that they could have gone a little bit extra. They could have made people feel a little more special and less used. They had a car wash to help benefit the people of Hurricane Katrina and the girls were tired and they washed 25 or 30 cars. I thought that was kind of gay to have them washing cars. Couldn't they have done something else other than manual labor? Nobody liked that. Typically at conventions like AVN or for Erotica LA we don't sell anything except maybe some Polaroids. It was kind of sad because I wanted to give out everything for free to promote JM. But I couldn't because it would be undercutting so many of the girls that wanted to make money. I wanted to do so much more by giving shit out but I couldn't because it would make them feel bad. If Nightmoves had paid for drinks I'm sure the girls wouldn't have been so desperate to make the cash. Everyone spent a lot of money on alcohol. I felt really unsafe in the motel because everyone knew we were staying there. A car was stolen while we were there. The cops came to one of the strip clubs where we were signing and detained everyone. It was just ghetto.

Big D: You were out there promoting JM Productions and you recently extended your contract with them for another year. This is your second contract with them correct?

Ashley Blue: Yeah, my raise was getting a better car. I love them. I will do anything but a male bukkake for them. I love JM. I am really proud of them and they are really proud of me most of the time.

Big D: I heard that the deal clincher was that they would get you some spinning rims for the new car but you had to get out of bed by noon on weekdays?

Ashley Blue: We compromised because I got cool rims but they don't spin so I don't have to get up before noon. Everybody wins. I can't wait for the AVN show now that I have been to a crappy Tampa show. I hope everyone had a good time. Maybe it is part of it is me being a little brat, sour puss because I didn't get a nomination. I don't think that would have mattered but it would have made me feel kind of cool and like they cared.

Big D: Speaking of nominations, do you think your name will be mentioned in some of the AVN nominations coming out in November?

Ashley Blue: I don't expect anything because that is pompous. I will be really happy if I do win something. I'll be really, really happy if Attention Whores or Lesbian Bukkake get noticed because they were my little directorial bullshit thing. I had a lot of fun this year. I hate to sound stupid and cliche but I'd be honored with just a nomination. Just because there is so much stuff and if it stands out at all, that will make me really happy. I have gotten a lot of love from AVN the last two years. I am not going to be upset if I don't win anything because other people are really great too. I am not usually nice and say things I don't mean, but I really mean that. There are a lot of other people that do really cool stuff. Telling you all that stuff about Tampa, I am not a sour puss. When I told Jeff Steward about it he was laughing so hard. I said, 'I'm glad that you left early if the place sucks.' I was relieved because I thought he was going to be mad at me.

Big D: What about your directorial type stuff? How did you come up with the concept of a lesbian bukkake series instead of doing a male bukkake? That was sort of an Ashley Blue creation.

Ashley Blue: Just like that. Jeff Steward was encouraging me to do a bukkake. I was like, 'no, ew.' Actually another girl in porn called me and said she wanted to do a bukkake. I said, 'Really? Are you kidding me?', because we were friends. She said, 'No, a girl one'. I said, 'Oh wow, I never thought of that', and asked her if I could use her idea. She said it was cool as long as I put her in it. We've made three and she hasn't done one of them yet. She was cool with letting me take it and use the idea. It wasn't actually my brain that came up with it but I did the effort for it. At first I think Jeff was skeptical about it but it turned out really funny. I went first so that everyone would think that Ashley is doing it so it must be cool. I don't know. I'm picky. I have fun with those. They are really retarded on sets because there are so many girls running around and screaming and whatever. There are so many fucking girls and Jim Powers has to scream at us like he is our dad, 'Come on. Shut up!' I don't ever stop talking either and sometimes he has to tell me to shut the fuck up or leave the room and I am like the director. I am like, 'Sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn't know my voice was that loud.' I'll be laughing at something and being a jackass and get kicked out of the room by Jim Powers. He is the best. He helps me so much.

Big D: You do the directing on those series and work with Jim a lot, what are some of the other directors you enjoy working with?

Ashley Blue: Jim is the best. He is my favorite of all time. As a person he is so funny. As far as other people, I have been working with Jim for two years straight. I loved Clive McLean but he passed away. That sucks. He was great and he was funny. I like the directors that laugh at things and don't take things so fucking seriously. Zippco was funny. Who else? Joey Silvera definitely.

Big D: What about Jules Jordan?

Ashley Blue: I've never worked for him. I think I was never pretty enough. (laughs) That's fine. I've never worked for Jules. Joey is rad. He is so funny. He is really original and spontaneous. He doesn't really get mad at people. I hate people that get so fucking stressed out about making a porn. Come on. What the fuck are you doing? It's hard to remember because I have done so much gonzo. I am like a gonzo bitch. I could tell you who I hate.

Big D: Sure, go ahead.

Ashley Blue: We're friends now but I hated working for Francesca Le because maybe because she did porn and she didn't have a lot of sympathy for me. Brandon Iron is kind of weird to work for. He is nice but my gang bang took like eight fucking hours. I was thinking, 'Is God punishing me?' Yeah, that sucked. I don't know. There are so many fucking loser that I have forgotten about. I will say I liked Sean Michaels. He is very cool, very suave, not ghetto.

Big D: You've done some pretty extreme stuff like Meat Holes and other hard core stuff but you won't do a male bukkake. Is there something out there that you won't do? Outside of stuff that is illegal of course.

Ashley Blue: No. The only reason why I wouldn't do a male bukkake is because I would just laugh at the guys so fucking hard. I think they would feel like embarrassed. You should go to a bukkake. It's an experience. It is one of the wonders of the world, seriously. It's something you should do in your life. Some of the guys are retarded and they are all ugly. I think I would have to just start laughing. When I fried the cum, that was just amazing. When I put it in a frying pan, you should check it out. I think it was for American Bukkake #26. We took all the loads and put it into a frying pan and fried it into an omelet and the girl ate it. It looks like eggs but smells horrendous. It's just the worst smell ever. It really cooks. We didn't fake it and put eggs in it. It was amazing. It smelled so bad I accidentally said, 'Oh this is so fucking gross' and I wouldn't shut up. So then the girl got freaked out. Jim Powers said, 'Fucking Ashley! You should have said it was great. Now she doesn't want to eat it'. I kind of fucked that up.

Big D: You are starting your second contract with JM Productions. What made you want to sign a contract with them in the first place?

Ashley Blue: I was friends with them. We just fit perfectly with their style. I was doing the Girlvert stuff and I won the AVN award that year. I was dead broke like a typical porno girl making thousands of dollars and didn't save a dime. No one wanted to hire me. I had this AVN award and it was ironic. We didn't sign anything really. It's not a written contract. It's as long as I am responsible they will uphold their end of the bargain. It just seemed perfect and it worked out really well. After the year they said they were really proud of me and I did a good job. They got me the car. I just couldn't think of going independently or going with another company that would be a perfect match like JM. I take every fucked up idea I have to them and they love it.

Big D: It seems like doing regular porn for other companies Would be so soft and tame compared to some of the stuff you have done for JM. Compared to the porn JM Productions puts out is a regular gonzo porn not extreme enough for you anymore?

Ashley Blue: Yeah, it would be totally boring too. To go back and do scene with other people. With Jim, we make up funny stories and everything is a cool idea. I don't know. I can puke and they think it's funny. We can make up stupid stories about Garbage Pail Girls and I like it and it's entertaining. The pornos I watch at home are usually just the disgusting ones because they make me laugh. I like being gross and extreme because I get a kick out of that. I could never go back to trying to be sexy because it is just not my personality. I'm not a typical whore who is like, 'Yeah, yeah cum all over me'. It's just not me. They let me be myself.

Big D: You mentioned that you watch a lot of extreme porn. Which DVDs would you say are your favorites or you would recommend to someone that you liked?

Ashley Blue: That bukkake where I fried up the cum. That's fucking great! It's so funny. I like a lot of the fat movies because they make me laugh. Like Chunky's Angels. I watched that one recently and it was fucking so disgusting and funny. I watched Ariana's 65 Guy Cream Pie. That was a little bit boring because of the lead up. It was like, 'what the fuck?' It was shocking with all these guys. One of the guys looked so disgusting. I like sick things. The Midnight Prowl series. I like watching those. Perverted Stories. All of the Perverted Stories I love. I guess shit like that. I guess there is a theme here.

Big D: What is it about you that attracts you to stuff that has to be extreme and right on the edge?

Ashley Blue: It's because I am bored with all the other things. They all seem to blend together. I'm a girl and I don't watch porn so I can jack my dick off because I don't have one. As a chick watching porno I know it is not real. The whole making love bullshit and the acting is so boring. I am not amused. I like watching extreme stuff because it is something different. I like the Bang Bus from Bang Bros. Those are fucking hilarious. I am over the whole fucking bitterness of being degraded. I don't feel like I am anymore. I am going to do swirlies, the new JM thing. Maybe a year ago or two years ago I wouldn't do that because I would feel embarrassed or degraded but I don't anymore. It's not destroying my soul. We're making entertainment. Porno is a form of entertainment and I don't want people to be bored. I don't want to be bored. I don't think when you try to be sexy, you will ever be sexy. If you are trying to look hot, you are not hot. It's transparent. It's stupid. It's lame.

Big D: You've resisted going down the typical porn star, contract girl path. You've never gotten plastic surgery like most girls have done.

Ashley Blue: I would get fucking fired from JM if I ever got plastic surgery. I've thought about it during my low self esteem phases. I will say lower self esteem phases. It would be stupid because it is not who I am. If I got fake boobs or something I'd probably wake up and say, 'what the fuck did I just do?' I would look like an idiot. And it wouldn't be for me. It would be for other people.

Big D: I think that might be a big reason why you have the appeal and the fan base that you have. I'm not sucking up or trying to kiss your ass but that has been something appealing that you have stayed true to yourself and haven't succumb to what others might be telling you do.

Ashley Blue: I am really grateful for that. I take that as a compliment so thank you for saying that. There are a lot of people that don't find that appealing. I am flattered when people do find me pretty. I never thought I would be in porn as a teenager. I never thought I would be hot enough. That makes me happy that people like the way I look. I hear a lot from other people that my look is not good looking enough. That used to bother me. It bothers me a little bit but it doesn't matter. I am 24 years old. I like the fact that when I am eventually not in porn being filmed fucking, I can walk away being a normal person and I won't have ruined myself or turned into a whore. There are very few people that have gotten boob jobs and do not have the whore personality. Hannah Harper is my best friend and she is such a wonderful person. She has fake boobs and she is so funny about it. It's not her personality because she is not an attention whore. I want to be a normal person and not some image I have created.

Big D: Porn isn't something you have said you want to do until you are in your 40's or 50's like Nina Hartley or someone like that...

Ashley Blue: There is nothing wrong with that. If that is something someone wants to do and they are enthusiastic about it... I can see myself wanting to do something else not because porn is so awful but because I want to grow as a person. I will never look back on this and not be able to talk about because it is so awful or I am ashamed. Everybody moves on from something, especially at my age. If I am doing the same thing in ten years I will be dumb. If I were a plumber ten years from now I would have taken no risks.

Big D: Since you don't think you will be doing this forever, where do you see yourself in ten years? Do you have any plans in the works in anticipation to when you do hang it up?

Ashley Blue: I wish I could say that but I don't have any idea. I want to figure things out and do other things. I don't have a plan. I have just recently been able to think three month in advance and be able to plan instead of not knowing where I am going to be next week. Ten years is a long way off. Lots of things can change. Ten years ago I got my first tattoo and I was ditching school and being a fucking retard. I know that in three months I'll be in Las Vegas for the AVN show.

Big D: What are some of the new DVDs of yours that your fans can be on the look out for?

Ashley Blue: Girlvert #10 is coming out in one or two months. It's kind of special because it is number 10. There are so many I can't believe how time flies. In Girlvert #10 I talk a lot of shit about the relationship I was just in and got out of. I make fun of Jonni Darkko a lot because I was pissed off. It was done right after he gave me gonorrhea and lied about it. That's pretty funny. Attention Whores #5 in two more months. That one is pretty good. Missy (Monroe) is in it and a bunch of girls that I have never seen in my life. I don't think that one will be as good as three or four because you get good ones and bad ones. My Playboy show is still on and doing well on Fridays. The latest American Bukkake is another one. I think it is number 28 and I scrape all of the cum off of Sierra Sinn and have her eat it which is fucking hilarious. There was one bukkake guy that was staring at me. I brought my new boyfriend to the set. I told him 'you have got to see this'. This creepy, fucking fat retard was staring at me and jacking off like three feet away. I couldn't turn around and laugh at him but I hope they got it on the behind the scene footage. There are these guys looking at magazines instead of the girl. They are holding a Club magazine and jacking off. I wanted to say, 'dude, there is a naked girl right in front of you.' But it is just ridiculous. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is coming out pretty soon. That's the new JM title. When Jeff Steward told me the title I said, 'you've got to be kidding. That is so funny.' I was just getting over diarrhea. That sounds so gross but I laughed. It's a great idea. I love the way JM puts out offensive, original ideas.

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