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Big D's Interview With Angela White
Inside Angela White

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Interview Date: October 16, 2015

We all have preconceived notions about porn stars. Whether it is stereotypes we have heard in the media or just what we see on our TV screens when watching porn, we all think we know porn stars. When it comes to Angela White, what you see is what you get. Literally. Angela White is her real name. Not a made up stage name but her real name on her birth certificate. She entered the porn industry the moment she was legally able to get in not because she wanted to make some money, but to join an outlet that let her express her unsatiated thirst for sex. Angela White has run for political office in her native Australia in order to protect sex workers rights and to stand up for her own political beliefs. Despite the appeal to relocate to the United States and shoot porn more frequently, she has remained true to her roots and continues to live in Australia despite the logistical obstacles that arise. Angela White is the Real McCoy and she will not hold back on giving her opinions. Intelligent, engaging, beautiful (and did we mention those tits?), Angela White is the complete package. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Angela White discusses her choice to use her real name instead of an alias, the "glass ceiling" in porn when it comes to male and female performers, why she doesn't consider herself to be a porn performer and the release of her latest and most ambitious DVD, Angela #2.

Big D: You're obviously in Australia. I'm calling you from California and it's ten o'clock at night and it's three or four o'clock in the afternoon in Australia. What are the pitfalls, the challenges of being an adult film star and living in Australia with the time difference and the great distance from where the majority of adult films are filmed? What are the challenges of that?

Angela White: Obviously you touched on the time difference, which it does make things difficult, but I'm kind of used to it by now because my business is actually in Europe. Obviously I have a lot of business in the U.S. as well because my distribution company Girlfriend Films is based in the U.S. I'm physically based in Australia, so there's a lot of times when I have to be up late at night making phone calls to the other side of the world. My sleeping patterns are definitely messed up. So yeah, it makes it more difficult to organize and plan shooting because obviously if I'm here I can't be on the ground over there. It's also really good as well because I get to travel for work and I think that's a real privilege.

Big D: Since starting your own company, Angela White Productions, has that improved the fact that you don't have to travel as much or you don't have so many late nights or early mornings or whatever it happens to be?

Angela White: Not so much. I think the best part about owning my own company is that I get to have full control over what I produce and what I direct so I'm really able to bring my fantasies to life.

Big D: The most recent DVD that was released through Angela White Productions was Angela #2. Let's jump into the logistics of trying to be able to make that happen with such a large cast of characters. You literally had an all star cast, not only for the gang bang portion of it but also for the girl on girl portion of it. You really brought together the creme de la creme when it comes to the adult industry. How difficult was that to be able to bring together not only the male and the female talent but just being able to coordinate their schedules plus being so far away? How did that all come about?

Angela White: Yeah, it was really difficult and I had luck on my side in some respects. It's really difficult when you're working with all this talent because they're so in high demand that their schedules are booked up and then to get Anikka Albrite and Alexis Texas available on the same day, that was a struggle and I'm really lucky that I was able to manage that. Then the gang bang, which many fans will know by now, after reading the interviews about the making of Angela #2, was that the gang bang was actually scheduled twice because it had to be canceled both times around due to other cancellations and other issues. The gang bang was the hardest thing I ever had to schedule, in terms of the shoot. All of that A-list male talent and getting them all together on the same day I think probably stopped all other productions (laughs) on that day.

Big D: Now does that speak to the clout and the respect that you garner in the industry that you probably put a halt to, and not to name any names, but other studios out there that might have been shooting with James Deen, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, Mr Pete and John Strong, those guys were all part of it. What does that say about the power and the clout of your production company that you could essentially halt production for some probably really big studios that probably had those people booked?

Angela White: Well, when it comes to my productions and especially when it comes the the Angela Series I want it to be absolutely perfect. I wouldn't want to do the scene without having the cast that I'd fantasized about shooting so I was going to stop at nothing to make that scene happen. I'll let other people come in on my clout but it's really nice that I have the respect of that group of male talent that they would actually want to shoot with me on that day and make that amazing scene a reality for me.

Big D: Speaking of the gang bang scene that included the all-star cast, you said that there were some surprises that came about it. Obviously the airtight and the double penetration and things of that nature came as a surprise. How did that come about?

Angela White: Okay, so I had certain things that I definitely wanted to capture in the gang bang but I also didn't want to set any limits to it. So from a directorial point of view, I really wanted to get a standing double penetration. I've done double penetration scenes before but I'd never actually gotten that quintessential shot of two men standing while they fuck me in mid air. I really wanted that and there were a few other things that I wanted for the scene. I wanted the scene to build. Before the actual scene began, I got the guys together in a room and kind of told them I didn't want the whole thing scripted but there were certain things that I wanted. Once they entered the scene, I wanted to have a good amount of time with me just doing almost like a mini blow bang. Just [me] blowing them and then I wanted to move on to vaginal and then anal followed by DP and have that building the entire time. It was at that point during that period where I was talking about what I wanted to capture that they said 'oh, what about double vag and double anal'. I said 'Look, nothing is off limits and I really just want to throw myself into this. I want to experience things and I honestly didn't think it was possible for my body but these guys - they've done so many gang bangs and they work really well together and know when a woman is looking like she can take it or she's ready for it. So I just put my trust in them and I said 'Look, if you are in a position where you know you're in a DP position and you think that I'm going to be able to handle a double vaginal penetration or double anal penetration, then lets do it'. I kind of had those reservations that I didn't think I could and surprisingly it did happen. That's why you can hear Erik Everhard in the background saying 'See?!? Anything is possible!' because of the fact that I had said I didn't know if it was possible. But that was an amazing surprise for me. Really, in Angela #2 I pushed my sexual boundaries and even my bodily limits and I'm really proud of what I've been able to achieve and so happy that they were apart of it.

Big D: In speaking with other adult film stars, Bonnie Rotten in particular, and speaking about these gang bangs where it's this ground breaking type of a scene, most of them say 'it's a controlled environment and I know I'm safe, but I just want to be manhandled. I just want to lose control and just let them take over'. Was that the same for you? Because you did say that you know you scripted it a little bit but then said 'okay there's going to be some surprises allowed if you think that I'm ready for it'. Was that your mind set coming in that you were going to let yourself go and let this play itself out and as it goes, it goes because you were thinking "I'm in a safe place and I know these guys and they're professionals and it's going to turn out to be awesome as long as we just let it unfold the way it's supposed to unfold"?

Angela White: Absolutely! I go into every scene wanting there to be room for spontaneity and surprises. Even some of the scenes that I've shot that are even more heavily scripted or I have a shot where I'm thinking, 'I want this and then this and this'. Even within that context, I always want to allow for spontaneous things to happen, for surprises or our unique chemistry to just take over and for the passion to just let out. I definitely wanted that in the gang bang and I definitely had that. The fact that I'd worked with all of those guys before, except for John Strong, and I already had a repore with most of them, led me to trust them. John was amazing. I'm so glad he could be a part of it. He was such a great anchor and really good at anal sex. I have to put it out there... He... I was so surprised when he shoved his cock in me. He made it look like he was just slamming it into me and he was doing it like... to begin with, he was opening my ass up... he was doing it in a tender way that made it look just amazing. I'm just so impressed with him. All of the guys in the gang bang were amazing, but obviously I'd worked with all of them, except John, before so I knew they'd be great. It's this environment. It's this space in which you are with people that you trust and then on top of the fact that I trusted all those performers, I'm also producing and directing it so I have complete control to call cut at any moment. If at any moment I'm thinking 'this is just too much' or I want to change the direction and speed at which we're going, I could do that. When you have that control, I feel like it allows you to just let go and be in that moment and just see where that moment takes you.

Big D: Building on that, owning your own production company, being the director and the producer, do you find it difficult that sometimes you know you are the star attraction? After all, it is Angela White Productions. Is it difficult to direct yet perform at the same time or is it natural to you because that's what you've been doing for so long?

Angela White: I try to separate it. I can't do it at exactly the same time and be able to fully let go. That's why the way my directing style is to kind of give my directions at the beginning. So before the scene even starts, I'll talk to my co-stars and layout what I want to achieve. Sometimes I don't give much direction at all. Sometimes I want none. Some boy-girl scenes, especially when I've just met the person and never actually had sex with them before, I like to just see where things will go. I will say 'Look, my aim is for us to have fun and just fuck however you want to fuck so wherever the chemistry takes us, wherever the passion takes us, that's fine with me. Let's just really feel each other out.' So yeah, in terms of the direction before the gang bang, I kind of told them everything before we were in it because I knew that once I was in the scene, that I was not going to be able to lose myself in the moment and be thinking about direction at the same time. I really like to be able to create that space where I can move myself in the moment and once you start getting fucked like that, your brain starts to melt - you go into this other state - this other zone where it's not really conducive to directing. That's why I'm so happy that I had such an amazing crew there as well. I could tell my crew what I wanted to capture and what I wanted to achieve. Chris Streams who was the videographer, he got my vision completely. I just said 'this is what I want to capture, I want close-ups, etc.' He has his own style as well and he brought so much of himself onto set and he was absolutely brilliant. Everybody, my whole team, my makeup artist, everybody understood my vision and really worked hard to achieve it.
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Big D: Speaking as the director, and you mentioned Chris Streams, who is phenomenal, there's a lot of directors out there that are fantastic in the porn world. Before you started directing and had your own production company, were there directors that you said 'You know what? I really really like their stuff and I would like to emulate them,'? I know especially in sports there's a big comparison between the next Michael Jordan or the next Joe Montana, they always make the comparison to who's the next one. A lot of these athletes say 'I don't want to be the next so and so, I want to be the first me,'. Is that how you approached your production company? you didn't want to be the next so and so? You wanted to be the first Angela White?

Angela White: Yeah. Obviously we all take influence from other people and I get influenced from mainstream and everything. I don't live in a vacuum, but I have my own unique style and my own unique vision that I did want to capture. That's one of the reasons that I created my production company in the first place. As much fun as I had shooting with other people and other companies, I was working for their vision. I had a great time doing that, but they had their own fantasies and their own desires and wanted to showcase them on screen. I was working towards presenting those desires, not necessarily my own. By creating Angela White Productions, which is my production company, and directing for my line of DVD's and for Angelawhite.com, that was a way for me to be able to put my vision out to the world. There are obviously similarities between all gang bangs in some respect but I feel like I brought my own skin to it, especially the blow bang. The blow bang was specifically my fantasy because I've watched a lot of other blow bangs from companies in the past because it's something - I really love giving oral sex or receiving as well. I love giving blow jobs and so it's a genre that I've watched before and there's always been things in other people's work that doesn't quite fit with my fantasy. For me, the blow bang fantasy is about submission but not a passive submission. My fantasy revolved around this idea of me giving pleasure to these other people but not being able to achieve my own pleasure until I'd completely satisfied the other people. You'll notice with some other blow bangs that while the female performer is giving head, she'll be stimulating herself with a toy or maybe one of the guys will be finger banging her or eating her out. For me, that just didn't work with my fantasy of the blow bang. For me, I'm giving you all pleasure and if I satisfy you all, then I get my pleasure. So I get to orgasm at the end of my blow bang because you know I've satisfied everyone. Some blow bangs I've seen there's a submission from the woman but it's a passive submission rather than an active submission. Just because I'm on my knees doesn't mean I'm not wanting to be there. Even before the blow bang I said you know 'I want half of this for your hand to be behind your back. I don't want you to face fuck me from the beginning' because what I wanted to do there, aside from helping to build the scene, because obviously if you have a feeding frenzy at the start and everyone's face fucking you from the word go, then where are you going to build from there? It also shows that if these guys have their hands behind their backs and they're not face fucking me but I am sucking their cock with such enthusiasm, then this shows that it may be a submissive pose - that this is something that I want. I want to be giving you guys pleasure. You know I love sucking dick and I want to show you all that. I had certain cues in there where they knew that there was going to be a certain point when they could start bringing their hands out and start face fucking me and grabbing my hair and you'll see that turn in the blow bang.

Big D: Is there a director that before you got into porn, or after, that you really respected their work and said, 'If I could emulate another director or pattern mine against that - I think the gold standard out there is Viv Thomas for all girl type stuff. Jules Jordan is the gold standard, and I might be expressing my own opinion, when it comes to hardcore gonzo stuff, Jules is the gold standard. Is there somebody out there that's close or is there somebody that you like to emulate or that you admire?

Angela White: There's nobody that I wanted to emulate but there are definitely many directors and producers in the industry that I greatly respect and admire. You touched on a few there and I think that Jules Jordan is amazing. Obviously he's one of the most popular directors in the business. Even going back to like Andrew Blake and people like that that have such an amazing eroticism to their work, these are people that I highly respect but I don't necessarily want to emulate. I think that you can see that with my website. It's a very unique website with a minimalist design and it's more inspired by fashion than porn. I'm taking influences from everywhere, not just the pornographic industry.

Big D: Outside of porn, what other influences do you have?

Angela White: Oh, everything. Everything from architecture to mainstream movies to fashion magazines. I look at the branding on everything from the water bottles that I'm drinking out of, anything really. I look at good design and it doesn't have to be from pornography or the sex industry. You can see good design in many different things.

Big D: I'm glad that you originally mentioned Andrew Blake because an Andrew Blake film was the first porn that I saw. It was Night Trips#2 and it absolutely blew my mind. I thought porn was like that for all of porn and then sadly I found out that Andrew Blake is a step above everything else. Night Trips was something that was groundbreaking to use real film at that time and not just use High-8 video. Speaking of using technology to put out a better product, is there any kind of technology out there that you insist on, that you need to do this in order to have the quality that you would be proud to put your name on?

Angela White: The equipment that I use changes all the time and technology is changing so quickly now, so even in Angela #2, I'm using new technology that I didn't use in Angela #1. There's that really new amazing drone shot in the beginning that I didn't have available to me for Angela 1. In terms of the actual camera, I don't say it has to be a certain camera because as I say technology is changing so quickly, I can't be that person that says 'Well it's always going to be this camera'. I'm always looking for the next best thing to produce a quality product.

Big D: I did an interview with Brad Armstrong, and this was years ago, back when Blu-Ray and HD DVD were still in that format battle. Brad actually told me his take on the whole HD DVD Adult Films which was that he didn't like it. He didn't like the fact that in porn you're trying to create a fantasy, which unfortunately HD and high-definition take away from that because every flaw, every wrinkle and every blemish is magnified because the camera brings that out. Now unfortunately it seems like everything is now shot on HD or it has that quality to it. Do you find that to be a challenge as a producer and a director? That trying to create that fantasy you don't have that cloak, that curtain of if she's not perfect or if the make-up is not exactly right, you can kind of get away with it?

Angela White: It's funny that you touched on the make-up because that was exactly what I was going to say. For me, it doesn't matter. By the end of the scene, if it's a passionate scene, the make-up is going to be all gone anyway. I know with a lot of the features and where it's heavily scripted and there's a lot of cuts, that there can be breaks to fix make-up but I don't do that for any of my gonzo stuff. I want to showcase authentic passion and that's not really conducive to a lot of cuts. In fact, I prefer a scene to not have any cuts in it at all so there's not that much of an opportunity to fix make-up. Even in standard definition, once the makeup is smearing, you're still going to see it. I do think it's worth with 4K that's for sure. In the end, yes, it's a challenge because, yes, in some ways it's a fantasy. But in many ways, now porn viewers want more reality. The Amateur genre is popular for a reason. Gonzo is popular for a reason. A lot of fans want to see you know the real you.

Big D: Speaking of the popular genre's out there, it seems like right now in 2015,seems like Interracial is the big, hot genre. Years ago it was all Anal all the time and if it wasn't anal it wasn't selling. Then it was the Porn Parody genre that weas popular, followed by the taboo of stepdads and stepdaughter's and stepbrother's. What's your take on the trends? It just seems like it changes as frequently as the weather or the wind blows.

Angela White: I have to say I think Greg Lansky needs to be given credit for the interracial phenomenon right now. Blacked and obviously the DVDs he releases, they've been a game changer. He has really revolutionized the interracial genre and I think he's really made it beautiful. He's another person that I have a lot of respect for and he's a good friend of mine and he is an amazing director. In terms of the trends it's really interesting. When I released Angela #1 which had my first interracial scene on it with Lexington Steele, it also had my first anal in it and I thought that was what was going to get all the attention. It didn't even occur to me that no in fact the interracial scene would get all the attention, it had my first double penetration scene on it and it really...and of course yeah some fans were excited about it but nothing caused as much excitement as my scene with Lexington Steele. I don't know if it had more to do with the fact that it is Lex and he is a legend or if it was because it was my first interracial or whatever. I can tell you that every single time I do an Interracial scene social media goes crazy. Everybody loves it. Sometimes I don't quite understand the trend but with the interracial genre I really do think that Greg Lansky had a lot to do with that.

Big D: I would say that with Evil Angel, director Mike Adriano has revolutionized the Anal genre. It seems like anything that Mike puts out just absolutely flies off the shelf and immediately shoots to No. 1. It's crazy unbelievable. I think your on to something in the fact that particular directors and their style and the way they shoot and just who they cast makes everybody go berserk. You hit on something when you said that social media went berserk based on your scene with Lexington Steele. I know you're the boss of your own company, does that popularity of a particular scene or genre motivate you to say 'Hey people are talking about this, people obviously want more of this.'. Does that motivate you to produce more of that just to give the fans what they want or do you still say 'I want to shoot what I want to shoot because this is what speaks to me"?

Angela White: Look, in the end, it has to be what I want. If I'm ever influenced by social media, it's always because I was already going to do it anyway. It just kind of confirmed my own desire. There's so much pressure from people on social media. Everybody is always asking for the new thing and you know that was one thing that I found with the release of Angela #2, I was so excited to release it and I just wanted to share it with everyone and then wouldn't you know it, the first thing that's said on social media is 'Oh what about Angela 3?'. I'm like 'WHAT!'. This was when I had announced it and there was a pre-sale on DVD websites. It hadn't actually gotten into the hands of any of the fans and they were already saying 'Well what about Angela 3?'. So there's a lot of pressure coming from fans and social media and you have to block it out because in the end, I have my own sexual desires and my own fantasies that I want to put out there. They're not always going to resonate with every fan but when it does that's perfect.
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Big D: You hit on social media and this also ties into the first topic we just hit on. Do you find keeping up with social media is a little bit more difficult than other porn stars out there because you are 15 hours ahead [of USA pacific time zone]? When someone in the United States happens to be tweeting or instagramming or whatever it happens to be, you might be in bed or you might be on an airplane.

Angela White: I'm always awake (laughs). Look, I don't want to claim it's not difficult. I think that it wouldn't be the time difference that makes it difficult. It may be the fact that I have so many other commitments that makes it difficult. If I was just performing, then I'd have a lot more time to interact with fans but because I'm producing, directing and I'm editing all my scenes, all my scenes on Angela #2, they were all edited by me. I have a lot of other commitments. Keeping up on social media is tough as well. There's a lot of hashtags that I can't really be a part of as well because we're ahead in Australia. #FriskyFriday for me is still #NoThongThursday for you. Because a lot of my fan base is in the States, people get confused if I start hashtagging from the future (laughs).

Big D: You're one of the few porn stars to use your given name and not go with an alias. Janine Lindemulder, Cindy Crawford, Dana DeArmond are the three that I can think of off the top of my head that have actually used their given birth name. Why was that? Why not go with an alias or a stage name when it comes to protecting privacy and identity, especially in an industry like the adult industry?

Angela White: Well, it was a political decision to me because I really am proud of what I do. I don't think it's shameful to express my sexuality and to share it with the world. Using my real first name was a political statement. I really wanted everybody to know that I don't want to hide behind an alias. I'm really proud of this. The other thing is in terms of using an alias for privacy it hasn't... with the recent stuff that has been happening in the States with bank closures of porn stars accounts, having an alias doesn't necessarily protect you from those issues. I don't know if it really helps.

Big D: But for the privacy aspect of it, obviously you have a home or property or whatever it is, especially in today's day and age with identity theft and people coming out like that, when you got in and you just didn't really decide that that was that big of a factor? Most porn stars decide for the privacy factor because of potential stalkers and they feel that it's nice to have a stage name. That didn't concern you at all?

Angela White: At the time when I entered the industry, at the age of 18, I was still in high school and I was so motivated to shout out loud how proud I was of this. When I entered the industry I had gone through high school being openly bisexual and being criticized heavily for my sexuality and for expressing it. It was when I first saw pornography at the age of 14 that I finally saw a space where I could, or at least where I felt I would be able to express my sexuality with other sex positive people. In a way that would be celebrated rather than looked down upon. For me, pornography was this space to be out and proud about my sexuality. Using my real birth name was just another extension of that. In terms of the kind of split personality thing, you know having your porn star identity and then kind of having your outside world identity, I don't like to consider myself a performer. When I have sex with people on camera, it's me having sex. I didn't feel like I needed to separate my identity in that way. In terms of privacy, I came in in 2003 and obviously identity theft and things like that were an issue back then but not so much as it is now. In the end there's not that many recognizable porn stars from Australia. I am kind of a recognizable figure so it's not like I could hide behind another name and think that it would never catch up with me. Sometimes in interviews people ask me 'Oh what advice would you give to somebody who wanted to enter the industry?'. My advice is always 'Don't enter the adult industry unless you are okay with everybody finding out'. Chances are it's so unlikely that people aren't going to find out, people will find out. The internet is pervasive. People are always going to eventually find out that this is what I was doing. And of course they did. I was open about it and so I don't even feel like it's much of a protection to have a stage name. Regardless of that, my reasons were political.

Big D: Speaking of the politics behind it, you said it was political by using your own name and you wanted to use your entry into the adult industry as more of an announcement of 'this is who I am and this is what I'm about. You actually ran for political office. Tell me a bit about running for political office? You didn't win the seat that you were running for, but your goals were achieved because you were successful in not allowing somebody else to get elected, is that correct?

Angela White: That's completely correct. For those that don't know, I ran in the 2010 Victorian State Election in Australia for the state of Richmond and for the Australian Sex Party. The reason that I entered politics was because the Greens [party] were running a candidate called Kathleen Maltzahn who is an anti-sexy work feminist. She wanted to criminalize sex work. The point of me running wasn't necessarily to win. It was to draw attention to her policies and how bad they would be for sex workers in the community if she was elected. I can't take full credit for making sure she didn't win because obviously the person that was elected in the end had the majority of the vote. I hoped that I at least drew some attention to some of her views and her policies which would have had a detrimental impact upon the sex worker community in Melbourne.

Big D: You mentioned that you ran for political office and your party was the Sex Party. Speaking from a Yankee perspective here in the United States, when you have political parties here like the Libertarian party, you assume is all about liberty and the Green party is all about environmentalism. Is the sex party in Australia all about sex? How is the sex party as a political party?

Angela White: It's definitely more than just sex workers rights. They have policies for everything from drug law reform to public transportation; they cover the gamut. Initially the were the only party that was really standing up for sex worker's rights and I still firmly believe that they remain the only party that is committed to looking out for sex workers. It's not just sex as in sex work. They also have great policies in terms of sex and gender, trans issues,etc. They're really looking after the community. They are a serious political party as well. I know there's a lot of snickering that goes on when people hear the name The Australian Sex Party but they are a serious, legitimate political party that is actually in office. Fiona Patten, who is the founder and leader of The Australian Sex Party, is actually in the senate helping to make decisions to make our country a better place. It's pretty exciting.

Big D: As an advocate in the porn industry, what are the biggest stereotypes and misconceptions that you have to battle every single day by yourself? Then also for those that are entering into the industry, that you work with or people that are an opponents of the adult industry, what are some of the major misconceptions that you feel that you have to debunk every single day when your doing what you do?

Angela White: Definitely that myth of the drug addicted, pimped out porn star that hasn't entered the industry by choice. That myth is pervasive and it is something that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Even now I thought that owning my own company and directing my own film would alleviate a lot of those suspicions that those people had about whether I was doing everything by choice. I still get comments on social media like 'Oh it's such a shame that now you're doing more extreme acts, like you must feel pressured to do these things'. It's like how am I pressuring myself as the producer and director? I am making the choices on set. I'm the one having these fantasies and bringing them to reality so it is a pervasive myth. It's a gendered myth and it's quite sexist because they never talk about the poor drug addicted pimped out men in the industry. It's always the women and usually they don't even use the term women. They scandalize us and call us girls in the industry, that are in the industry not by choice. It's something that it's a shame there are so many strong women in the industry saying the exact opposite and they're not being listened to.

Big D: I always find it interesting that a female sex worker, female adult film performer is called a porn star but somebody like James Deen or Erik Everhard is called a "male porn star". There's always this clarification of 'well, porn stars are automatically assumed to be female' but then you have to qualify the fact that if he's a male performer, he's a "male porn star". I always found that to be interesting because it seems like the adult film industry is one of those few industries you always hear in these politicized conversations of the glass ceiling where women make less than men, it's the opposite. It's flip flopped in straight porn, not gay porn, where women make predominantly more money than the male performers. The male performers have to do two to three scenes compared to the rate that a female adult film star would have to perform. There's always this qualification of porn star vs male porn star, which seems a little, up is down and black is white.

Angela White: Well, the thing I'll add about the different pay scales is that while women may per scene make more money than men, most male porn stars often have far longer careers. They make more money in the long term and there are still more male directors and more male producers in the industry so men are transitioning better into those roles. Luckily things are changing and they are changing rapidly, which I'm really happy to see. There are far more women directing and producing now as well, so it is changing and it's changing for the better. There is still some gender issues in the industry. There's those kinds of issues in all industries and pornography still has it's issues as well.

Big D: I think you hit on something that is right on point in the fact that I have never in all my experience working in the adult industry, I have never heard somebody refer to a male performer as 'well, you know, I don't want to shoot too much because I don't want to get "shot out"'. In female interviews, that term shot out seems to be used predominantly in every single interview I've had. They will say, 'well you know I didn't want to do this because you know I didn't want to get shot out too early'. I didn't hear James Deen or Erik Everhard or even Evan Stone or somebody who has had a very long career, they never have a concern about being "shot out".

Angela White: Yeah, and they don't have to wait to do their first anal scene. They don't have to plan every step out before they go. It's not like 'oh well you know I've got to be in the industry for a year doing just blow bangs and then I'll move on to my first vagina scene'. There's definitely different expectations for men and women in the industry but there's also exceptions to the rule as well. When it comes to women having long careers, Lisa Ann is a great example, Nina Hartley is a perfect example. She's still performing and I'm not sure exactly her age at the moment but she's been performing for well over two decades. But she is still the exception to the rule.

Big D: We end all of our interviews with the same set of questions that we ask all the different performers that we've talked to so these are just all quick lightening round questions that are fun "get to know you type" questions. You got into the adult film industry at the age of 18, while you were still in high school, but before porn, what was your first job?

Angela White: I worked at Burger King. Yeah, I liked the Whopper from the beginning.

Big D: That has so many connotations... It can go from adult to mainstream jobs that I'll just have to leave that alone. First Car?
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Angela White: I actually still have my first car. I won't say the make and model but it actually has a lot of sentimental value for me. Not just because it's my first car, but it was my grandfather's and he had a cassette player in there. He used to make his own mix tapes and I've got all of his car mix tapes now. One of my favorites is this one that he called his girlfriend, which is written in his beautiful cursive writing. It had all of his favorite female crushes on there. He used to crush hard on some of the old film stars and singers and so it's all Judy Garland, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe. So every time I drive that car, I just sit in there listening to old 1940s tunes on his mix tape cassette which is too much fun.

Big D: Are you afraid that because tapes actually make contact with the heads that read the music that's on the tapes, are you afraid that you might wear them out because tapes get stretched? Obviously younger folks that don't understand cassette tapes or VCR VHS types won't understand the technology we're talking about. Are you afraid that you might wear them out when you're listening to them?

Angela White: Well, it is partly a concern but then the alternative is to not enjoy them so I think that enjoying them is the best thing. I talked to my mom about it because obviously it concerns her as well because she loves listening to them and she agrees that you've got to enjoy those things. They're still going strong right now and they haven't stretched out. I've never had to do that thing where you shove your finger in the hole, wait where am I going with this? (laughs)... You know and twist it back out. It's a lot of fun and I'm enjoying it.

Big D: You don't have to put a little matchbook in there to kind of keep it level or straight or anything like that. I get it. Speaking of music, you already probably hit on this one and you're actually probably the first porn star that I've actually said this to which is, normally we ask what's in your iPod, iPhone or mp3 player right now. you are actually the first porn star that I can actually say what's in your cassette player right now?

Angela White: (laughs) Yeah, it's still his girlfriends tape. I've listened to all the other tapes he's got in there but it's definitely my favorite and probably because it has Ginger Rogers on there. He introduced me to all the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies and she's singing a lot of the soundtrack to those movies on the tapes. I just love listening to them when I'm driving.

Big D: When you're not listening to the old cassette tapes, what other music or genres do you typically listen to?

Angela White: I have really eclectic tastes and I listen to different things depending on what I'm doing. When I'm reading or studying, I really like to listen to classical music. When I'm on web cam or I want to dance, I'm usually listening to R and B and hip hop. My go-to music is punk and pop punk and kind of some hardcore stuff. I'm finding now that the busier I am and the more stress I have I'm tending to go to more chilled out like loft music right now The last thing you want to do, or at least I want to do, is listen to some really heavy stuff or punk when I need to kind of bring myself back down.

Big D: Favorite food?

Angela White: Oh my gosh I love food. I'm such a sensual person. I just love indulging my senses so I think eating and having sex are two times when you can really indulge all of your senses. For me it's really difficult to choose one favorite food. I'm also adventurous in all aspects in my life so I'm obviously a sexually adventurous person and I love trying new things and pushing my boundaries. When it comes to food I'm really culinary adventurous as well. I love all different types of foods. The food that I probably eat the most when I want to feel like warm and cozy is definitely Italian. So your egg plant parmesans, your pizzas, your lasagnas. I will pretty much eat absolutely anything. I just love food.

Big D: On or off camera, or both, favorite position?
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Angela White: Cowgirl. I think that's on or off camera. I love cowgirl because it's such an easy way for me to cum because I'm controlling the action and I get to grind my clit while I'm taking cock. Even when I'm with a girl, I like to tribade. I kind of like to get on top, which I don't know if you consider that cowgirl, but I like that kind of grinding of my clit on someone else's pussy. Definitely cowgirl and then obviously my fans love me in cowgirl because they like to see my tits bounce so it's a win/win situation for everybody.

Big D: How can you go wrong with really humongous tits bouncing? It sounds like a winning combination for anything right there. If you had a free evening, which it sounds like there's not very many in your schedule, but if you did and somebody calls you up and says 'hey I've got two tickets. Let's go to the movies' and then somebody else says 'hey I've got two tickets. Let's got to a ball game' which would you choose?

Angela White: Ooh, it depends who's asking (laughs). First, it depends who's asking. If they were both people that I was interested in spending the night with, I would choose the event where I would think that I would be more to get a little action. I think it's probably easier to give a sneaky blow job in a movie theater than it is at like a ball game or something. I don't know but I'm up for a challenge.

Big D: So basically your evenings are based on if you can get laid?

Angela White: Yes. (laughs) That's pretty much my whole life. Can I get laid? (laughs)

Big D: Pardon my bluntness, but you're "Angela Fucking White". It should not matter if you will get laid in the movies or if you will get laid at a sporting event. You're going to get laid. Period. I don't know of anybody that's going to say no to you.

Angela White: (laughs) You know, I wish I got laid more often. When people say that your "Angela Fucking White". I mean I do... Okay I'm lucky I do get to have a lot of sex and I get to have a lot of sex for my work, which not many people can say that. I think maybe I'm just greedy when it comes to sex because I just want more. The issue with my sexual drive is that the more I have, the more I want. I really tend to wear partners out (laughs). This is why I'm poly amorous. I need to have multiple partners because just one is never enough for me.

Big D: I am sure there are so many thousands of people reading this right now that are raising their hands and trying to volunteer for this job to say, 'you know what? Wear me out! I will put myself up'. I am sure there are so many men out there that are reading this that are going to say 'I will take one for the team just to say that I tried,'... Moving on. Favorite mainstream movie?

Angela White: For a long time it was Sin City for sure. I just love Sin City. I love the comics and the graphics. I just love anything by Rodriguez and by Tarantino but Sin City has been trumped recently because Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac: Vol. I just hit all the right spots for me and just reminds me of my teen years. It's such a sexy movie and I really love that.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you would not be able to live without?

Angela White: It's going to have to be the vibrator (laughs).

Big D: It's always a popular choice. I've probably done close to a hundred interviews and I would say it's neck and neck between vibrator/Hitachi. Shout out to that brand. Apparently they did it right. I'm a dude and I don't know but apparently you ladies really like it.

Angela White: Dudes can use Hitachi too. You've never put it on the shaft of your cock? Oh my gosh! Plus it's really good when you have back pain or shoulder pain and you can actually use it for it's intended purpose. I totally recommend dudes to have a Hitachi in their house. Not only for after the gym to massage themselves but then it's great for your own masturbatory pleasure. Then if a girl comes around and you've got a Hitachi there, it's a win/win for everybody.

Big D: I'm telling you right now, I'm sold. I'm going to get off the phone and race to Amazon. You are the best sales person that I can find. So I would say the vibrator/Hitachi is probably the most popular and the second was cellphone and access to the internet. I would say you are a very unique individual, but for that question, sad to say you fall in with pretty much the vast majority of the porn stars. It probably remains not surprising that you are in the business you are in. You travel quite frequently for work but if you had some time to take a vacation, where would you go or where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Angela White: You know someone asked me this the other day and that all the places that I was listing off, they were not previous vacation spots, they were previous work spots. Most of the time when I'm traveling, I'm traveling to work. One of the places I did stay was the Bahamas and I shot there so that's why it's not quite counted as a place I've had a vacation before. I loved shooting there and I would love to go back and just be able to relax and indulge in the beach, read and swim.

Big D: Who is, and this is probably the stumper in my past experiences with interviewing porn stars, who is a person either living or dead that you would like to meet but have not had the chance to meet yet?

Angela White: You know it's hard for me because every time I've met my idols, I've been disappointed. If I ever have a celebrity crush, I don't go out of my way to meet them because you create a fantasy in your head about who these people are. You're only really seeing their branding and really getting to know one part of them. So when you actually meet the real person, it can be kind of disappointing. I won't say who, but my favorite band ever was playing in Paris when I was living there and I went and I met the lead singer. I was so excited and I was very disappointed to find out that he was kind of boring. Like, oh my God, it was devastating. So after that experience I've kind of never really been that excited about meeting people that I admire because I don't want my dreams shattered. So I would say probably an intellectual and I'm not saying that they won't be disappointing, but I'm not expecting maybe them to be super exciting. I'm just expecting them to be knowledgeable on certain things. When I met Judith Butler in Paris as well, I don't know why I met all these people in Paris, but I met Judith Butler who's a theorist who I was greatly influenced by when I was writing my thesis and doing my degree... and so when I met her, it was amazing because she had so many amazing things to say. Since I've already met Judith Butler I would put down Michel Foucault, who's a French philosopher, and there's definitely a French theme going on here (laughs) but yeah, I would say him because I'm a little bit of a Foucault fan girl. I love his writings and I think it would be just cool to hang out with him for a bit.
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Big D: Now I know I said there was two more questions but because your response was very interesting it requires a follow up. Do you find that when you interact with fans or you meet somebody for the first time, they might have this preconceived notion in their head of who Angela White is? You are a regular person and yes, you get naked in front of a camera and you have sex with people and you have this aura about you, but do you find that it's underwhelming when people first meet you? Do you feel that some people have that expectation of you that unfortunately you can't live up to because you're not inside their head and you don't know what they think you are other than what you portray on a screen?

Angela White: I've never had a fan say that they were disappointed with meeting me so that's a great thing. I do put my best face forward when I'm meeting with fans. I know that I am a fantasy figure for them. Even though as I was saying before that Angela White is the person that you're seeing on screen, that's me on the screen. I'm not performing. I'm just having sex on screen. They are only seeing the best parts of me. They are only seeing me have sex on camera. They're not seeing all the other stressful things that happen in my day-to-day life. So when I'm at an event meeting fans, even if I have to give myself a pep talk to put myself in that space because and I like tell myself, 'these people have sometimes flown across the globe to see you and they're excited to see you so it doesn't matter what's going on in your personal life or if you're upset about something. These people have made the effort to come and see you so you need to be present in the moment with them and you need to answer their questions and be there for them'. I think because I do put that effort in, I haven't disappointed anybody. People are going to be disappointed if they have fantasies in their head that they're going to meet me and we're going to fuck. I'm not saying that's that never happened. I'm just saying that obviously I can't fuck every person I meet but I think people realistically know that's probably not going to happen so it's not a huge disappointment. It's more of like a reality for them.

Big D: I would hope that nobody shows up at a porn convention and says 'yeah I'm going to get an autograph and she's going to take me behind the booth and we're going to have wild, crazy monkey sex right there in the middle because you know, there's a line of people that want her autograph but she's going to pick me out of the crowd to scratch that itch'.

Angela White: I'm sure that a lot of fans have that wish and the fantasy but once they enter the convention, and they've never been to a convention, and see how it works, I'm sure that pretty soon that fantasy gets put out of their minds.

Big D: Final question, kind of goes along with the vacation spot but since you travel quite frequently this might be a tough one as well. Where is a place that you would like to visit but you have not yet been to?

Angela White: Oh there's so many places. Honesty, everywhere I haven't been I want to go. I love traveling. we touched on sex obviously and food, but travel is another one of my great loves. I love traveling the world and even traveling for work. It's just such a privilege and so amazing but I'm going to say Greece because it's one place in Europe I haven't been and I really need to go because it's my mum's favorite place to vacation. She's always telling me I need to go so it's on the top of the list of places that I haven't been yet that I need to see.

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