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Big D's Interview With Alix Lovell
Inside Alix Lovell

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Interview Date: August 3, 2016

Many porn stars that get into the jizz biz for a brief period of time, flame out and retire before their first scene even hits the DVD market. Meet Alix Lovell. A girl from the Inland Empire of California who tried her hand at porn, got a bad taste in her mouth and was forced out of the industry. It wasn't until she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and decided to give porn another try, but this time with more energy and enthusiasm than before. The result? A porn star on the rise that is defying steretypes and typecasting. A girl that is honest and forthright about everything, including her weight, Alix Lovell not only plans to become a household name in front of the camera but when the time comes, hopes to change the agency side of the business as well. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Alix Lovell chats about being one of 24 kids in her family, how she personally struggled her first go around in porn, her deep friendship with former porn star Hayden Winters and how she has broken out of the stereotype of thicker girls only being cast in certain movies.

Big D: First things first, there's really not a lot out there, as far as biographical information on you. You're 25, you're 5' 5", you're from California and you've had a few DVDs released, with the most recent being Bad Neighbor #1 by Teen Fidelity which has not been released yet. Help fill in the blanks for the rest of us on some of the stuff that we might not know about you.

Alix Lovell: First of all, just last night my last scene was released for Big Naturals for Reality Kings and that's my very latest. I know there's not a lot out there about me and I know there's some inaccurate stuff too but I don't know what specifically would you be looking for that isn't out there?

Big D: Let's start with you know growing up. I know it's a bit cliche in interviews with porn stars to talk about how you got into the industry but bring us up to speed from where you grew up, what kind of childhood you had and what ultimately made you decide to choose this career. After that, we can follow up with the misinformation or inaccurate information out there that you mentioned - what's out there that's inaccurate that you would like to clear up?

Alix Lovell: There's only a few little things, nothing huge, but I know there's this one page I saw that says I was... I think they said I was lighter than I am actually. I'm 153 pounds but I look like I'm 140. That's what most people guess when they see me so that's one thing. Also my eyes, it says somewhere that my eyes are green or blue or something like that and I have brown eyes. So there's just little things like that that were just written inaccurately where I don't think people really cared that much when they were putting it up. I'm 5'5" like you said. I have naturally dark hair and I started out in porn when I did two scenes with my really dark brown hair. I actually had issues with some people just flat out rejecting me and once I colored my hair blonde, I had the same people, they didn't recognize me or know who I was, and they wanted me all of a sudden when I had blond hair. That's one thing that I thought was kind of amusing and funny. So I stuck with the blonde because it works better for porn (laughs). As for where I grew up, I'm a Southern California girl. I grew up in the Inland Empire and I guess there's a lot of reasons why I chose porn. I don't think I really thought I was going to do porn. I started not even eight to 10 months ago when I was 24 years old and I wasn't against porn. I've watched porn since I was 16. I like porn. I'm very open about my sexuality and I've been open about it since I lost my virginity but I didn't necessarily think I would do it. My best friend, Hayden Winters used to be in porn herself and she built herself a small brand. Then years passed before I even decided to do it myself but I guess knowing that she did it and needing money initially is where it started. Then it turned into something else. I really love this. I'm really passionate about this. I enjoy doing it and people enjoy seeing me do it. I'm good at what I do. Also, I think I'm very stubborn, which I don't know if you've heard that about me yet but it's kind of gotten around. I'm pretty driven and motivated so when people tell me that I can't do something, I shouldn't do something or don't do something it makes me really want to go out there and do it. So that's pretty much part of the reason why once I heard people in the industry and out of the industry telling me 'you can't' or 'you shouldn't' or 'don't, you won't be able to' for whatever the reasons, like my weight or age, it made me really want to do this. You know what I mean?

Big D: You said at first getting in was more or less 'hey this is an ends to a means' there's a way to turn around and make some easy money. Then you said you turned it into a passion, you really, really liked it. What was it about it that turned the corner from a way of making money to something that you feel that you're passionate about and that you want to continue?

Alix Lovell: Well, there's a couple things. Obviously the first thing for me that changed that dynamic was it doesn't make that much money. When you're not in the industry, you don't realize that; it does for one scene but you have to do it a certain way for a certain amount of time. There's all these factors and coming in as a person off the street who's not in it, you don't realize that it's not going to be as quick and easy and a lot of money as you think it is. So that's one thing. I was thinking this isn't even necessarily making me stack of cash immediately but I liked it. I liked it for multiple reasons. First of all, I love sex and people who embrace their sexuality, I think it's healthy and I think it's something we all do, we all eat, we all sleep, we all have sex. I think I personally feel our society is suppressed sexually and I believe porn stars are fighters for that. We embrace our sexuality and we become artists almost with it. We grow and we become better and better and better. My first scene to now, I can't even believe how much better I've gotten. To me seeing that and seeing that this is a real industry and a real business but it's also something where I can set my schedule and I can look sexy and hot and embrace that. I get photos taken, make-up done and I get to travel. The pros and cons - I couldn't really find a con other than the real world pointing their fingers at me and saying I'm bad for it. To me, I didn't care about that. So if that's the only con and I'm finding something that is making me this happy and it's making me a better and more confident person and I can build a real lifestyle and a career, why not do it?

Big D: You've been in the industry for a little bit less than a year now. You did a few scenes and then you quit and then you got back into it? Tell me a little bit about that. What was the motivation on that?

Alix Lovell: I did do two scenes back around Halloween time for Net Video Girl and that was when I had brown hair and I was definitely even heavier than I am now. I was overweight and I did that thinking again that was the money thing more so and then I had some bad experiences. I won't put names out there, but I had some bad experiences with an agency and I decided that it wasn't going to work out. I had nowhere to live or stay. I was literally struggling to survive in L.A. I was hopping from place to place and the nightmares I went through just trying to be in porn were incredible. It was rough but I really wanted it and again because I had failed at first a little bit and the more people were telling me I was going to fail, the more it motivated me to think, "Well, I just need to make this happen. I can't fail." Then I did end up kind of failing and I went home for a couple of months. I didn't do anything and I thought I'm back home and that's the end of that. That was my little trip and it failed. Then one day I was just sitting there doing nothing, at my parents house, and I was just thinking, "I've got to stop moping. I've got to figure this out again". So I just didn't give up I guess. I went back online and then found a different opportunity and I got out to L.A. Somehow shortly after that, I found a way to make my way to AVN with some people that were going. I thought if I can directly communicate with producers and people in the industry then maybe I can impress someone and afterwards they'll give me that shot and I won't need an agent. Sure enough, I did that. I met Stoney Curtis and he took me under his wing immediately. I know he's done that with a couple of other girls in the past, and so far he really has helped me. He's been a really good friend to me and he's given me contacts and he gave me emails and numbers. Then I just went hard and since I didn't have an agent, I just was determined to just take these emails and numbers and I'm going to turn them into something and that's what I did.
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Big D: You mentioned a few times now when you were clearing up some clarification things and said it was misreported on your weight and you've mentioned your weight a couple of times now. It's kind of a stereotype or a cliche in that you can't trust a women's drivers licenses because it's never anywhere near the actual weight. You've been really straight forward with giving an exact number and saying 'hey that number that was reported may seem high to some people but I'm actually higher than that'. Has the confidence in being able to put that out there come from porn or is that just innate in the fact that you've always been that kind of confident person where you just really don't care what the judgment is?

Alix Lovell: I think it's a mixture of both. I definitely think porn has tested my self-esteem, my confidence levels and all of that. It has definitely pushed the limit there. I think in general, I'm a very strong minded person. I've always been a pretty girl. I have a pretty face and I guess there's always been a confidence there in a way. When I was younger, I saw the girls going around that were drop dead gorgeous say 'Oh I'm fat. I'm ugly. I'm horrible, this and that,' There's always been that and I really didn't ever want to be that girl because I saw how ugly it was to me. I was thinking how can you not see how beautiful you are and you're bringing everyone around you down because you're beating yourself up. Also I did get a lot of compliments and I was a popular girl in school and a lot of guys in school wanted to be with me or date me or fuck me. A lot of girls wanted the same thing or they wanted to be my friend so it wasn't like I couldn't sit there and seriously be honest with myself and say, "Oh I'm so horrible because I'm a thicker, curvier girl. It has never been an issue for me until porn. Porn is when it was like 'Oh okay, you're too fat, too heavy, you need to lose weight'. It's been that over and over again and that can definitely test your confidence. Again, it is more of a personality thing. I think I just choose to see that no matter what anyone says to me, I am worthy of being in porn and I'm worthy of anything that I want to be worthy of really. I just have to show people that.

Big D: Porn has its own boxes of genres and categories where there's the different appeals out there. I wouldn't place you in the BBW category by any means. You did mention that you do have curves and you do have that curviness to you. Has it been easy or difficult to not be typecast that this company is going to be doing another curvy scene so 'we're going to call up Alix Lovell and then we're going to get her on our payroll here'? Have you seen that it's harder to not get typecast if you do have a certain body type or are you trying to break that mold? How are you able to get through that?

Alix Lovell: My thing is that I don't mind being put in a box for porn. I realize the way the porn industry is. It's changed but it's always going to be the way it's going to be. The way it chooses to be. I don't think talent coming in is really going to typically change that or I haven't seen it too much. For me it's not really like I'm trying to push one way or another. My thing is I came in who I was. I enjoyed doing what I was doing and yeah I've lost weight since then, you do anyways regardless. Doing porn you're going to lose weight because it's a major workout. I'm definitely still not at the weight I'd like to be. I definitely think I can live a healthier lifestyle and get into better shape. I think that I don't care where I'm really put, I mean, I've been put in the theme niche a couple of times but not a lot. Of course it's always oil her up, big booty, big boobies (laughs) type of a thing. I mean I'm fine with that because it's true I have a big ass, I have big tits and I embrace them but it doesn't really matter to me. I think the biggest thing is I just want to milk my career as long as I can in each category. That's also why I haven't done like crazy shit like Gangbang and Anal and stuff. I'd like to be here as long as possible you know?

Big D: You've done Anal in your personal life but not yet on film; and you always hear from porn stars that they're always trying to save it... some don't and they'll just go out there and they just do it all. Others will hold back and they do different things gradually. They'll do Interracial and then they'll do an anal and then they'll maybe do a DP; they just measure it out to the point where they space themselves out. Do you have a timetable or is it just 'well I'm not ready for that but I'll know when I'm ready and I don't know when that is but I'll know when I know'?

Alix Lovell: I don't think I really have a timetable and I think the reason is not because I'm not ready for it. I'm not afraid to do Interracial, Anal or DP. I'm not afraid to do most of those things on camera. It's just that I think every girl has a different idea of what they want for their career and some don't even know what they want for their career. So they're just going off of advice they've been given from others for whatever reason. For me personally, I'm going off of the advice I've gotten from different people but I'm also going off of what I've seen. I'm a very observant person. I've seen that if you want the type of career that is going to blow you up really quickly and make you a big star and give you fame and have a lot of cash and you're working a lot and you're doing anal and you're doing all these crazy things, then you're going to be a big star for a smaller amount of time usually though. That's what I've noticed. They shoot up real fast and then they fall down real fast too. I'm not knocking any girls that do that with their career because everyone is entitled to the way they want to live their life and have their career. That might be a good option for someone else but for me I really care about this and I want to last in it as long as I possibly can. Even when I'm not shooting because I'm too old or whatever then I want to... Ideally I'd like to start an agency some day. That's a long term goal. Honestly I know if I do all that stuff right out the gate and I'm working too heavily and I'm doing all these different types of crazy things, then yeah, it will bring me those fans quicker but it's also fleeting. That's in my experience what I've seen happen.

Big D: Not to discuss your exit strategy as a performer out of the industry right now but you said that ultimately you would like to be able to create and run your own agency. You mentioned earlier you had a really negative experience with the agency that you don't want to name and now you're essentially a free agent out there, self-representing and going directly to the producers out there. So what was it about the previous agency and being a free agent now where when you do create your agency, what aspects do you want that agency to have when it represents girls? Give us a picture of what you envision that agency being once you're at that point.

Alix Lovell: Well, first just before I say that ,let me make a little bit of a correction right now. I actually just recently had a meeting with VIP Connect the day before XRCO and I'm not in a contract with them yet but I wanted to do a trial run with them because I am getting a little bit bigger now. Although I'm capable of booking myself it makes my life so much easier to have one. So they reached out to me and I agreed to a trial period with them so I am with VIP Connect and so far they've done great. So far they've been very good. They've communicated well with me. They've given me all my information ahead of time and they've been very respectful and kind and they're booking me at my rate and so I can't have any complaints about them. Hopefully I will eventually be in a contract them for a while. But yeah, my goal to have an agency is very, very far down the road, like when I can't perform anymore. Ideally it would be an agency that is more attentive to the girls and what they really want. You know I have to just say this, it's the truth. I feel about a lot of agencies, is that they're so grimy. Yeah, they're legal but a lot of them I just feel like are just pimping these girls out and they're not even giving them the chance to see what do they want. I think a lot of girls don't necessarily want to be Jenna Jameson or Alexis Texas, they don't necessarily want the big, long term brand. They just want to stack cash and there's nothing wrong with giving that girl that option and explaining it to her. I feel like I just want to be a really moral agency. I want to be organized. I want to be morally right and if you're going to do this, do it as healthy and happily as possible as you can. I feel like so many girls get chewed up and spit out by agencies because they weren't taught and trained. The agencies take advantage of that sometimes and manipulate that and then these girls go off saying these crazy things. That's how you get documentaries and interviews from girls that are all messed up after leaving the industry. I don't think it has to be that way. I'm not saying every agency is like that because not every agency is but there are definitely a select few that I feel this way about.

Big D: Speaking of that moral fiber leads me to my next question which is that you come from a pretty highly religious family. How does that conflict with your choice of career? Were you conflicted about it personally and how has your family reacted or have they reacted at all if they even know?
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Alix Lovell: When I was much younger I think I was more conflicted about it. I think the way that my brain works is I pull everything apart and organize it and really review it in detail. Then I come up with opinions on things and ideas. Because I'm opinionated and I felt like there are certain things that religions take and twist and I don't fully believe everything that's in the bible. I do consider myself a Christian even to this day. I believe in God and Jesus but I don't think that... I believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins, not to get into too much religion, but I believe that it's not the way that it is and I think people getting persecuted for embracing natural things that we do. Like I said, eating, sleeping and sex is one of those things and there's just something in me so strongly that's saying I'm being brain washed and told to believe that this is bad but in reality, it can be bad if you're doing it in a certain type of way. I don't think doing porn... porn is probably one of the safer ways. I know plenty of people in the real world that they're not on camera for everyone to see but they're having just as much if not more sex and it's usually dirtier and unprotected and for bad reasons too. So that's where I am. I'm right in the middle and I'm able to see both sides and believe in both. I know a lot of Christians don't understand my way of thinking and probably wouldn't consider me a Christian but my family, they love me all the same regardless. My family are very hardcore Christians and members of the church. At the end of the day they saw me go through what they consider my salvation. They believed that I'm saved regardless. I think though my family are struggling with it more now trying to get to the point where I'm at and going back and forth like 'how do we accept this when we still believe in this so strongly'? It's a hard thing but they don't judge me and are there for me and love me. We've had our moments where we bicker or it was intense and at the end of the day I'm still me and I'm never going to go anywhere and you're never going to go anywhere, you're my family.

Big D: How was it brought up to them? Obviously there's probably some innate fear with them being and having the struggle and the conflict within themselves of reconciling your career choice. Did you just come out and say to them 'Hey I want to try this again and I'm going to give it a harder go at it' or did they just find out by accident?

Alix Lovell: They originally found out about the first two scenes I did when I went out to L.A. because my older sister knew. I had been living with her briefly and I had to tell her because all of a sudden I was having randomly $1,000 or something here and there. She knew that that wouldn't have been possible so I just opened up to my sister, because we're so close in age, and she was teeter tottering with it too but she ended up being inevitably okay with it once I bought her some stuff (laughs). So she was fine and then one day my brother overheard us having a conversation about it and from there it spread like wildfire. My brother ran and told whoever and everybody knew after that. I was kind of like okay I have to go out to L.A. now because I was living with my sister around the corner from my parents house and my sister's boyfriend, who she was living with, and he and my brother both convinced her to kick me out, that I shouldn't be there. So that's when I went through my struggle trying to get around in L.A. and then my mom, even though she originally kicked me out, we had a falling out and she kicked me out. I think once she realized "Oh my gosh my daughter is in L.A. trying to survive, almost homeless and she's getting into porn." It made her say 'Oh you can come home anytime you want'. I didn't want to go back. There was nothing for me there but eventually it was I had to. So I went back and then I was just depressed and in a slump like what am I doing here, there's nothing here for me and my mom was trying to convince me to do other things that I just never really could do, I didn't want to do. That was when I said, I can't, I have to figure it out. I went online and I told her, I told her what I was doing. I said you know I need to get back into it and she disagreed with me but she just let it be at that point. I pretty much told her that I didn't want anymore lectures. I didn't want anymore disagreements and I basically said I didn't care. I know where you stand and how you feel and I'm done listening. If you don't have anything nice to say to me or if it's about my career, I don't want to hear it and I'm just going to block you out of my life if you continue to. From there she just stopped even bringing it up so.

Big D: As you mentioned, they're still struggling with it but at the same time they don't really bring it up or it's not really an issue anymore. Is it because of that ultimatum or is it because they have this ongoing struggle to the point where they have to come to grips with this on my own terms and own time. It's going to be something that I work out on my own?

Alix Lovell: I think it's a little bit of both. That ultimatum was for my mom because she panicked immediately and I had to give her that ultimatum because I felt happy and positive about what I was doing. I felt like I was getting healthier and happier and so if I have this negativity in my life, it's harming me no matter who is saying it, even if it is my mom. So I had to give her that ultimatum and it stopped her. I think there's a part of my mom at this point where even though she's not proud of it and she doesn't want me to do it, she has said to me 'As long as you're happy and if you're going to do it, then do it to the best of you're ability, give it 100% like you've always done with everything and put your all into it. If you're going to do it and make sure that you're happy because those are the things I care about most'. From then on we don't talk about it a whole lot but every now and then I can kind of joke with her about something that happened on set or something and she's a little bit more open to that. Whereas my dad hasn't even talked about it to me once since whenever he found out about it; I don't even know when he found out or how he found out. If I see my dad he just pretends like absolutely nothing is different (laughs) or happening so... A couple of my siblings are very supportive of it; I have a lot of brothers and sisters. I have 24 and a couple of my brothers are very supportive and a couple of my sisters are not as supportive but they're there you know.

Big D: Ummm, excuse me? Did I hear that correctly? How many brothers and sisters?

Alix Lovell: (laughs) Yes you heard that correctly. I have 24 brothers and sisters.

Big D: What number are you?

Alix Lovell: (laughs) In all honesty, I don't even know because I haven't met all of them. I've met about half of them.

Big D: Okay, how does that work? Are they step brothers and sisters? Are they half brothers and sisters?

Alix Lovell: They're all half siblings. My mom had four kids and I'm one of them. Then she had three other ones and then my dad, my biological dad which I refer to as my sperm donor, he had all the rest of the kids and they were mostly with different women. (laughs)
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Big D: What would you consider to be your immediately family is probably the four or five brothers and sisters that you have from your mom and not the other ones from your biological father?

Alix Lovell: Yeah. The three I grew up with are the ones I'm the closest with, but I do have a lot of other siblings from my biological dad that I have known since I was 14 and I built relationships with a couple of them as well. Definitely one of my closest brothers is from my dad's side and he's older. I think my oldest sibling is like 40-something and my youngest sibling is two years old.

Big D: So you said that you know you haven't really met half of them or so, do you have any desire to connect with them or is it there's twenty-four of us and that's kind of a daunting task?

Alix Lovell: (laughs) It is. That's the funny thing right there like it is really hard. Since I was a kid, I wanted to have relationships with them. I wanted to meet them. I was curious and they're Mexican too so it's a whole other culture for me as well. So I wanted to but then I got to meet and know about four of them and just trying to maintain relationships with them has been really difficult. They're all older and grown and some of them have kids. I want to bond with them but it's so hard to bond with them when you weren't raised with them and they're living their own lives so meeting the other ones, I don't even know how that would go. Maybe the younger ones I would more so be interested in just because they can find a way to maybe bond with me more.

Big D: So what's your nationality? Are you a mix of Caucasian and Hispanic? What's your racial makeup?

Alix Lovell: I'm mostly Italian and Mexican but I also have Spanish and Native American and Mongolian in me, but mostly Mexican and Italian.

Big D: Going back to your childhood, you mentioned you had a childhood friend who also does porn, Hayden Winters (pictured at left). How has she helped you, especially from the little small stint that you had before you took your hiatus and then now getting back into it? Has she been a mentor for you or has she just been a confidant? How has she impacted your career so far in the adult industry?

Alix Lovell: Well, in all honesty, actually not a whole lot. I love her to pieces. She's still my best friend. She's actually pregnant right now from my other best friend from childhood. They grew up together and got married and she's an amazing woman but she really didn't like porn. She was not that crazy about porn and that's why she stopped. She and I are polar opposites and it's probably why we get along so well. Honestly she actually advised me not to do it. When we first started talking about it she was almost begging me not to do it because it made her feel so bad. So in her head she was trying to protect me from feeling bad and in my head I get that. There are certain people that feel that way and I respect that. It's not a job for everybody but I enjoy it so I think now she's happier for me that I've built up my career a lot more. It's not something that we talk a lot about because like I said, she is pregnant. She just got married and that's where her mindset is and talking about porn for her brings back bad memories or negative things. So for me, out of respect for her, I don't bring it up a lot. I would tell her what I'm doing and when I was in L.A. struggling she was constantly in communication with me asking me if I was okay or safe. She was never really helping or mentoring me in any kind of way. Maybe it's because she didn't like it too much but she didn't really get into the business aspect too much of the industry. She doesn't think the same way I think. I'm of a very entrepreneurial, business mindset and she was more of thinking she was going to do this to get as much money as she could and then get out of it.

Big D: More of the turn and burn and make the money needed now I'm going to take it and run mindset. I did an interview with, I think I've done close to 100 interviews with porn stars, and I actually had an interview with one of them that said “I had a lot of college student loan debt and I came out to California and I worked for an entire summer and I earned enough to pay off my student loans. I went back to Ohio and I'm done so if anybody wants to shoot me, too bad. You had your three month window'.

Alix Lovell: Yeah, that does happen. That happens a lot. That's how Hayden was. I think for girls... my best friend, she's a beautiful woman. She has that look that is very teen niche and she's got big, natural boobs and a very flat, lean stomach. She's very thin and these bright blue eyes and she was ideal and what they wanted to shoot. I think for her, it was so easy to come in and get an agent immediately that wanted to... they saw money when they looked at her and it was just easy for her to go and just book, book, book and get good rates. There was no effort for her really put in and I know she wouldn't even be mad about me saying that because she's owned that fact. But with me it's been a completely opposite ballgame. I've been struggling and trying to prove myself to people beyond everything and it's been a completely opposite situation for me than it was for her. For me, it was never going to be where I could come in and easily book a whole bunch of stuff because of my body type. I'm also, again, a smart girl and I'm opinionated and there are certain agencies that definitely don't want that in their girls. Some of them want girls that are going to be very dependent and needing guidance and I didn't really need that nor did I want that. So that added on to my physical image doesn't really scream money to these agencies when they first see me.

Big D: So how do you get beyond that? Is it just utilizing the connections that you made out at AVN and relying on the clout of Stoney Curtis and somebody like that?

Alix Lovell: I don't think that's the case because I think that even if you have a connection... Yes I got help from Stoney Curtis and that's the connection I made, and I think everyone needs help but you could have those connections and you can go there but if you have a shitty attitude or you're on drugs or late or crazy or your performance is dull, then all those things will make or break you. So if you're not brinigng you're 100% A-game, if you're not sweet and kind and respectful and a great performer, then it's very hard because there's so many girls. Pretty girls are a dime a dozen. If you don't want to give your best, then they'll go find a different girl. I think that's what's gotten me around it because I socialize, I network, I give off good energy and attitude to everyone I come across and I think that gets you pretty far. I do have a pretty face and I have my curves. The weight thing is still to this day something that's an issue that I'm working on. Regardless, I think when people meet me and they see how I am and how much I want it and the performance I give makes them see me as having more potential.

Big D: Who within the industry do you think epitomizes that kind of an attitude from the male and the female performers side? They have a good attitude, they give a 110% and they are punctual. Who else out there in the industry do you think embodies that same attitude and work ethic?

Alix Lovell: Well I can't 100% say because I haven't met a lot of them and also if I only meet them for a brief moment I can't really say if they are all those things. One woman I just met, that we all know exactly who she is, Cali Carter, and I only met her briefly so do I know if she's punctual on set and stuff. I do know she gives an amazing performance and I know she's a beautiful girl both inside and outside. While I was talking to her I noticed the difference immediately. For a woman in this industry to be as good as she is and have so many people want to work with her, she was not snobby, stuck up or rude. She was very kind and down to earth and just chill. So if there's anybody that I would look up to and want to keep that part of me intact, it's her because it was like wow that's amazing that you could make it big and not turn into a diva and still be wanting to have a conversation with someone that you know maybe hasn't made it as big as you and not think that that persons below you. That's just a good attitude to have in general. I haven't met Mia Malkova but she's my all time favorite woman in the industry and hopefully I'll meet her soon. I hear really good things about her as well. I hear that she's like that too so I don't know. We'll see when I meet her (laughs).

Big D: Any of the male performers that you've worked with that you've really enjoyed working with and would like to be recast with them again?

Alix Lovell: Oh yeah definitely. I can name a couple for sure. Danny Mountain was a really good one. He gives a great performance and he's very into the girl. He makes the girl feel very like she wants to actually be there doing what she's doing and having fun. I think as a male talent that's important to do. To flirt with the girl and make eye contact and talk to her like she's a human being not like you're just there to do what you're there to do. It helps make the chemistry better. Honestly he was my very first scene and after meeting him, that's when I went on his twitter and saw Mia Malkova and I kind of fell in love with her (laughs). There's also Xander Corvus. Everybody knows him. Obviously he's big for a reason because he does the same thing and he's very down to earth and chill. When he walks in the room you don't feel like you're getting... I didn't think he was a male talent when he walked in. Then when they told me I was like, 'Oh wow, I would've never known because he's just so chill.' I thought he was the guy taking my stills or something so it was cool. I haven't worked with Brad Knight yet but I've gotten to know him a lot and he's a really great guy who I really like and would love to work with him someday. He's got a great personality. He's a little more shy but he's very respectful and he's kind. He didn't seem to diva-ish either (laughs).

Big D: In doing more research on you I delved into your Twitter account quite a bit because you can learn quite a bit about people on their social media. I saw that once you broke 8,000 followers on Twitter you thanked everyone with a twerking video. Is it strange for you to have fans following your every move on social media? Now obviously you get to choose what you want to share with them on social media. It's not like you have a big brother camera on you 24 hours a day, but is it a little bit strange to be a girl from the Inland Empire who now got 8,000 - 10,000 followers on social media?

Alix Lovell: I think for anyone it is weird. I think the difference between me and a lot of people is that I am not afraid to feel excited and happy and grateful for things. I'm not afraid to show that. I think people think if you show that you're not cool. You're not chill and for me, I think this is an exciting thing for me. I've worked very hard for [this] and I appreciate my fans. I truly do and I'm not afraid to admit that or say that and I'm not afraid to be humble or down to earth. I'm really grateful for it because really what am I doing, I'm fucking on camera. I mean yeah, it is something that I do better than a lot of other people in the world but for me to be like a diva about it or just be like, 'whatever it's 8,000 followers. I should do better or something like that like.' I just don't have that mentality. I'm grateful for everything I have even before I was in porn I was grateful for everything I had. So to be getting things that a lot of people won't ever get like 8,000+ followers or you know being a star in front of a camera, I just can't express how grateful I am to everyone, to my fans, my friends, to the shooters and producers. There's not enough gratefulness to go around to everyone. That was a day I was just chilling and not doing anything, so I was like I'm going to make a twerking video since I got to 8,000. I was bored so that's kind of how that came about.

Big D: We typically will end all of our interviews with the same set of questions we ask everybody and it's all quirky "get to know you" type stuff. Before we jump into those, is there anything that I hit on or failed to hit on that you want to get out there? Whether it's something that you want fans and producers out there to know about you or if there's something out there that isn't exactly true that you'd like to clear the air about?

Alix Lovell: Honestly, I don't think that there is. I think that I put it all out there honestly and openly. I haven't really done anything, that I'm aware of (laughs) at least, to piss anybody off other than maybe agencies (laughs). Like I said, I'm with VIP Connect now and people can book me through them. I only have good things to say about them at this point and I'm sure it's going to stay that way because they've been great. I'll give a great performance (laugh). To all the producers I don't know, I'll give it my all.

Big D: First job?

Alix Lovell: First job I ever had was in a tanning salon.

Big D: First concert?

Alix Lovell: I've never been to a concert.

Big D: First car?

Alix Lovell: I've never owned a car. (laughs)

Big D: What's in your mp3 player, iPhone or iPod right now that you're listening to?

Alix Lovell: Oh, everything. Everything from rock to pop, hip-hop, R and B, country and even some Christian music and from different time periods. The Weeknd and Shania Twain. I said on my last interview those are two of my favorites but yeah, pretty much anything you can think of in any genre I pretty much listen to.

Big D: Favorite food?

Alix Lovell: Favorite foods probably would be pizza. Pizza's my No. 1 but it's so fattening so I don't eat it as much as I'd like to. Pizza and burritos are good too.

Big D: On or off camera or both, you're favorite position?

Alix Lovell: Probably doggie. That's probably honestly for both on and off camera.

Big D: Movies or the ballgame?
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Alix Lovell: That's a tough question because I don't like sports but a live game is different. I think it depends on the movie and it depends on the game. Is it a baseball game? A basketball game? You know it all depends. It should be a simple answer but I really have no clue (laughs).

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Alix Lovell: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you would note be able to live without?

Alix Lovell: Probably Lyft and Uber since I don't drive. (laughs)

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Alix Lovell: I've never been there before, but I imagine it would be my favorite because I'd like to travel there someday, is Italy.

Big D: Who is a person, living or dead, that you would really like to meet but you have not had the chance to meet yet?

Alix Lovell: Mia Malkova

Big D: I think you might have answered this one but where is a place you would like to visit but you have yet to go?

Alix Lovell: Yeah, Italy. It's my No. 1 spot.

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