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Big D's Interview With Alektra Blue
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Interview Date: 11/13/2007

When Alektra Blue first entered the porn business, she wasn't sure if she would like it or not. Once she landed her first adult DVD role she found out that she enjoyed it so much that she ended up staying and filming more than she had expected. Performing in numerous adult DVDs took its toll to the point where Alektra stepped away from performing to focus on reenergizing herself and now she is back with a vengeance. She even has aspirations to move behind the camera and to start directing in addition to continuing to perform in front of the camera. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Alektra Blue discusses her decision to enhance her stage name for more exposure, how an established porn star was instrumental in getting her started in porn and her dilemma on which direction she wants to take when it comes time to start directing adult DVDs.

Big D: You originally got into porn because of the encouragement from fellow porn star Taryn Thomas. How do you know Taryn and what did she tell you that convinced you that you anted to start making adult films?

Alektra Blue: Taryn Thomas and I actually used to work at a call center together a long, long time ago. We both lived in Arizona and we were friends from there. I moved to Texas and while I was bartending out there she called me. She told me that she had gotten into porn. I was surprised and said, ‘what? No way!' She told me she was trying to get a hold of me and that I should try it out. She went on to say, ‘you can make a lot of money and you are way more sexual than I am. You have to try it out. I'll fly you out and you can try it out. If you don't like it you can fly home.' I wasn't sure but she told me I needed to hurry up and decide. So the next day she called me back on a Friday and I flew out on a Monday and started doing porn and haven't stopped.

Big D: It sounds like it was a really quick decision in that she calls you and in less than a week you are on a plane to California and started shooting porn. It sounds like you were rushed into it. Was that the case and how did you make that quick of a decision that ultimately has turned into a career for you?

Alektra Blue: She told me how much money I could possibly make and it was quite a bit of money. I asked my mom and my mom said,' sure, try it out and if you don't like it you can come back.' So I took a chance. I wasn't sure if I would like it. I was thinking I would come back in two days but I ended up staying for quite a while.

Big D: You say you stayed for quite a while. How long was that first trip out to California?

Alektra Blue: I stayed for about a month and then I cam back to Texas for about a week. Then I went back again. (laughs)

Big D: What was it about that initial trip out to start making porn movies that had you stay longer than you expected?

Alektra Blue: I started meeting people and everyone is really nice. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. (laughs) The money was really good so I guess that is what kept me around.

Big D: You say it was easier than you had originally expected. What did you think it was going to be like before you got to Porn Valley and what did you learn to make realize it wasn't as hard as you thought?

Alektra Blue: I thought it took more hours in the day to film a scene. I thought it was an all day type of thing. I didn't know that you just basically go in, do it and leave. (laughs) It was just a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be. I was really comfortable with doing it, obviously. I thought it would be more nerve wracking. I thought I would be more nervous having sex on camera with a person I don't know. I thought it would be weird but as it turned out, it wasn't that weird for me.

Big D: Why do you think you were able to get over that initial nervousness so quickly?

Alektra Blue: I've always been addicted to sex. I have always been a real sexual person. When it comes to sex I am not really shy.

Big D: If you were that type of a sexual person in your personal life before you got into porn, why did it take some convincing from someone like Taryn Thomas to get you in? Why didn't you approach getting into the porn business on your own with any persuasion from anyone else?

Alektra Blue: I really didn't fathom the idea that it was possible. I never was a stripper. I was just a bar tender. I always would make jokes about what my porn stage name would be but I never thought that I would actually be doing it. I never thought I would get the opportunity to even attempt to do it, but I am now.

Big D: What's your reaction to being a regular girl that was a bar tender in Texas to the point where you are a big porn star who has a big fan base?

Alektra Blue: I love that I have fans but it can be overwhelming. Every time I go some place and I meet new fans and I see my fan base growing I think it is exciting. I think I appreciate it more than the average person might.

Big D: You mentioned that you used to joke around about what your porn stage name would be. You entered the porn business by just going by the single name Alektra but have since gone by Alektra Blue? How did you come to the decision to add to your name and not just stick with a single name?

Alektra Blue: I had the single name because that is just what I came up with. I wanted something sexy like Carmen Electra. Someone mentioned that I should just go by the name Alektra. So I went with that for a while but then everyone in the business was telling me I had to have a last name. you need to have a last name so people can search for you better on the internet.
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Big D: Has going by Alektra Blue been a good choice and you have noticed your fan base growing because of that decision?

Alektra Blue: Yes it did. I was in the business as just Alektra for about four or five months and I did a lot of movies under that name. When I went to Alektra Blue it kind of made it easier for everyone to find me. Now that I am on myspace or on the internet you can't really search for just Alektra or you will come across the movie or a comic book character.

Big D: You did an interactive sex DVD for 3rd Degree called Total Interactive Control Of Alektra. How was that different shooting a interactive sex DVD than say, a regular boy/girl or even girl/girl scene?

Alektra Blue: It's a lot of work. It took about 10 days to shoot. It can be very tedious. There are a lot of different things you have to shoot because there are so many options the viewer has. You just don't come in and do it with one guy. There are multiple cum shots and multiple positions. There are multiple outfits in every position. It's very structured so it took a long time. It was all worth it because it came out really well. It's my baby. (laughs)

Big D: How did you react when 3rd Degree approached you to be the main focus of your own interactive sex DVD?

Alektra Blue: I was so excited that I wanted to help co-direct it. I even bought all my own outfits for it. I actually had a lot of say in it because my husband is one of the directors that helped direct it. It was like a joint project for us.

Big D: How does that work for you being married and still performing in porn?

Alektra Blue: I wasn't married when I got into porn. I met him through the industry. My husband is Pat Myne and he is a performer and directs a lot for 3rd Degree. Now that we are married, I only work with him and he only works with me. I work for him but I do girl/girl for other companies. Before we got engaged we were both working with other people and living together and that was fine. If you meet through the business it is easier to understand it than meeting someone off the streets while you are doing porn.

Big D: Since you both came from the adult industry is it easier to not have jealousy issues because you both know this is your job and it is not personal?

Alektra Blue: If you date someone who is not in the industry yet you are, it makes it really hard for them to understand that it is just work at the end of the day. With us, we got married and we would rather keep our marriage to just us rather than when we were working with other people before.

Big D: Has getting married and choosing to only work with Pat Myne in boy/girl scenes, has that limited you and your ability to get cast in future movies?

Alektra Blue: It's is just part of it. We haven't really had any problems because he really makes his own schedule. I stay pretty busy with the girl/girl work. I shoot for my website and I stay busy without working with other guys. For my Total Interactive Control Of Alektra I worked with six guys. That was the first time since we got engaged that I had done boy/girl with other guys. I was exclusive with him for a year and then I did my interactive DVD with other guys. It was kind of like my last hurrah. It was also a little weird because my husband shot it and it was a little strange with him behind the camera and with me doing other guys. But we did it because we're both not jealous.

Big D: I noticed that a lot of the DVDs that have come out with you in them have all been for studios like Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree. Is that because of your relationship with Pat or did your relationship with Pat develop because you liked those two studios and you were working with them so much?

Alektra Blue: It has to do a lot with everything. Our relationship was a factor because obviously I only work with him and he only shoots for 3rd Degree. Everyone at 3rd Degree and Zero Tolerance just fell like family to me. That's probably why they have shot me a lot. Even on a personal basis we all hang out. For a while there I was considered the spokes model for 3rd Degree because I did a lot of appearances and signing for their company. It was like I was their ‘unofficial' contract girl for about two years. It kind of started when I first broke into the business and I did Fresh Pink. That was my very first boy/boy/girl scene. It seems like ever since I started in this business I have been working for them.

Big D: Since you mention the feeling of being a family I am sure you have developed a friendship with Courtney Cummz who is the Zero Tolerance contract girl. Are there any other performers and directors who you really have become friends with since joining the porn business?

Alektra Blue: I've been friends with Nikki Benz since I first started in the business. Jesse Jane, I am close friends with. I am also friends with a bunch of the directors over at Zero Tolerance. There are others like Puma Swede, Sandee Westgate. If I go out it would probably be with either Nikki Benz or Courtney Cummz. I keep my friends limited. I don't really get caught up in the porn scene. I try to stay grounded and be as normal as possible.

Big D: Is that a result of past experiences that when you first got in you were doing a lot partying or have you always been like this even when you were bar tending back in Texas?

Alektra Blue: When I first came out here I would stay in Hollywood and Nikki and I would always go out to the clubs together. I always tried to steer away from the whole party scene and didn't get caught up in the whole game. I am a normal girl. I don't like all the drama.

Big D: What other projects are in the works that your fans can look forward to?

Alektra Blue: Nikki Benz and I just did a girl/girl/boy for Pretty Pussies Please #4 for 3rd Degree. We're going to be on the box cover. It's really hot. It's our very first time doing a boy/girl together. We have always done girl/girl together. I am also in the works to start directing.

Big D: Did you have aspirations to direct early on or has that been a recent calling?

Alektra Blue: It's been a recent thing. I didn't really think I could direct. Now that I am married to a director I have wanted to get into that aspect to where I control everything and everything is my idea. Now that I have a name I think that it is possible. Before I would have never thought about do it. Now that I have somewhat of a follow I think that people would watch my stuff.

Big D: As a director, what do you think you will do differently that we haven't seen before. What will be your trademark or your signature style when it comes to directing?
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Alektra Blue: That's a very good question. I am battling back and forth with what my identity will be. I want to shoot girl/girl stuff. A lot of people know me as being dominant and nasty and there is a part of me that wants to shoot the hardcore gonzo. At the same time, 3rd Degree doesn't really have a market for that if I did director for them. I don't know which way I want to take it. Do I want to take it the nasty way or the glamorous, pretty, natural sex way? I haven't really decided and I am still pondering on it.

Big D: When you finally break into directing do you have something already in place with 3rd Degree or are you open to options with other studios?

Alektra Blue: I am open right now. There is a possibility with 3rd Degree but for right now my options are wide open.

Big D: Can you put your finger on a few directors that are already out there and shooting stuff that you would consider mentors to how you would want to shoot once you start directing?

Alektra Blue: I like the high glamour stuff that Penthouse does. I have worked for them and that is the type of thing they really promote. The dirty gonzo stuff would be more like Evil Angel, with the really hardcore fucking. Evil Angel in known for that, especially Belladonna, but she goes a little further than I would go. But then again, she is Belladonna and that is why she does that. I haven't watched a lot of girl/girl. I have worked for a lot of companies so I would say Penthouse would be for the pretty shots and Evil Angel is known for the other stuff. It is kind of up in the air. I am still figuring it out. I want to eventually be directing. You have to do what sells and I want to do stuff that sells. I don't want to do something because it is from me but have it not sell. I want to please a large crowd.

Big D: Any favorite directors you like to work for?

Alektra Blue: I really like working for Jonni Darkko. I haven't worked for him in a long time because he only has one girl/girl series. I took about five months off just to get grounded again because I was working too much. Lately I have been working for Penthouse a lot. I took some time off but now I am getting back into the swing of things. I always loved working for Jonni Darkko and Melissa Lauren. I worked for her recently in her girl/girl series. I don't know really. It seemed like I was always shooting for either Zero Tolerance or 3rd Degree. They shoot good stuff and it is always fun because they dress up the girls.

Big D: What really motivated taking a break for about five months?

Alektra Blue: I was working way too much. From November of last year until about March I had maybe three days off. I was working all the time. From the AVN show until the end of February I was traveling to a different state every week. We went on a signing tour and it was just too much. I had to back off of "Alektra mode" and get back to reality and just be at home for a while. The time off was great. Now that I am coming back to work I love it. I am excited now because it was getting to be too much. Now I am happy to be back and I am going to start getting really busy again.

Big D: During your time away what did you catch up on doing and what do you do in your spare time?

Alektra Blue: Well, today I went tanning, I went shopping. I go work out. That's just a typical day off. For my five months off I traveled and went camping. For Thanksgiving we are going to go to Glamis and go quad riding. Other than that I just go shopping. On my day I like to spend money.
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Big D: First job?

Alektra Blue: A receptionist a fitness center

Big D: First concert?

Alektra Blue: Jackyl when I was 10.

Big D: First car?

Alektra Blue: 1993 Ford explorer that cost me $1,200

Big D: What's in your CD player or iPod right now?

Alektra Blue: A lot of stuff in my iPod. In my CD player are a Dane Cook CD and a Justin Timberlake CD. In my iPod I have everything from Marilyn Manson to Britney Spears.

Big D: Favorite food?

Alektra Blue: Sushi and steak. I liked sushi every since I came to California but before that it was a nice steak and a baked potato.

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Alektra Blue: Briana Loves Jenna

Big D: Favorite position?

Alektra Blue: I don't know if it has a name because I do when I am off camera. It doesn't look good for the camera. It is where I lay flat on my stomach and the guy is behind me.

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Alektra Blue: It depends on who is playing. If it was a Dallas Cowboys game, I would go to the game. Anything else I would go to the movies.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Alektra Blue: my computer connected to the internet.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Alektra Blue: I have so many. Wedding Crashers, the Wedding Singer. Weird how both of those have to deal with weddings? Pulp Fiction too.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Alektra Blue: Glamis. An everyday vacation would be to go quad riding.

Big D: Person you'd like to meet that you have not met?

Alektra Blue: I don't know, I think you stumped me. Probably a rock star or some sort. There are so many people but I want to pick someone good. How about Pamela Anderson?

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven't yet?

Alektra Blue: Bora Bora


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