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Big D's Interview With Alana Evans
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Interview Date: May 10, 2013

You can't watch MILF porn without knowing Alana Evans. A mother in real life and playing the spectacular cougar preying on younger men and fucking their brains out, Alana Evans has staying power in an industry that sees porn girls come and go faster than a high schooler with premature ejactulation issues. Anytime a performer is inducted into their own industry's Hall of Fame, it is a big deal. It recognizes not only outstanding talent but dedication to an industry over the years and shows the world you were not a flash in the pan. In 2015, Alana Evans was induscted into the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame for a career in porn that is not even close to being over. Evans is not just a porn star that has held onto her career until the bitter end either. She continues to be cast in top notch productions to this day and her services are in constant demand. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Alana Evans discusses the opportunity of trying to organize and unionize sex workers, chronicles the changes she has seen in the porn industry since coming into the jizz biz in 1998 and shares the challenges of being a MILF in real life and raising children while working as a porn star.

Big D: You've been in the industry for quite a while and I'm sure you've seen a number of different changes from when you first got in to the point you are in today. Take us through the progression of what you've seen and what's surprised you with the evolution of the industry, since you've started and where you are now.

Alana Evans: Well, I started back in 1998. I've been in long enough now to call that the golden age because the business is not the same as it used to. I started as a little boobie young girl star and rocked that really for about eight years. Then the MILF revolution basically took over and my timing was perfect. I was able to send my career in a way most women aren't able to do. I've watched the business grow from small mom and pop companies to companies like Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, and Wicked are the leaders and now some of these foreign companies with their money are taking over and buying just about every aspect of porn they can get their hands on. To me it's really quite interesting because I'm starting to see a porn monopoly but most people outside the industry don't see that is what is going on. I've watched where the talent can go from making about $30,000 a month to them being lucky they can pay their bills. So it's really a sad state. I don't really ever plan on going anywhere because this is my home so I will continue to evolve with the business as it does but I have got to tell you, I miss it. I miss when the business was a different set every day and you knew all of these people. Now it's so spread out across the country where porn performers may come out to California from Florida who have been working for years and those of us out here have never met them or heard of them. So it's really just a different business now. I definitely miss the old days.

Big D: You mentioned when you first got into the business in 1998, that's when our company, XRentDVD, first started which was actually on the cutting edge of technology. Our owner was what you would consider to be an "early adopter" in the fact, that I'm sure you remember back in the day that VHS was still the preferred format for porn. At that time VCRs still dominated and we've seen the progression of how VHS is now dead and DVD is still out there and is still a viable medium. Now we're seeing a lot more of the online content and digital delivery on that side of things. Did that affect you guys as performers when it went from VHS to DVD and now it's moved to a lot more online?

Alana Evans: You know, when it went from VHS to DVD, it didn't quite affect us as talent. It affected more of the producers in that they wanted to still make those kind of products. Eventually, VHS phased out as far as being reproduced. Even to this day, I watch companies like CDI that have been around for many years still manage to get a profit off those old VHS tapes. They'll buy them from old companies that can't do anything with them and sell them at a nickel a piece and turn a huge profit. So you know it had it's time. As we all know the main thing that really affected us as performers was definitely the internet and the onslaught of free porn. As far as that goes, it's actually allowed us because of web camming to take more of the business and put it into our own hands as long as we were smart enough to work it. You can't get free camming necessarily, you know what I'm saying? So we had to evolve as the companies have in order to maintain making money. Free porn is killing everybody. I have teenagers in my life. I am a real MILF. I stand by that solidly. My son is 20. We have his friends and they watch free porn. It's so funny to me as a parent yet also a performer to have to scold these teenagers as to how dare they steal porn. They don't understand the big deal behind it, but we do. So it's really funny how it really has changed my parenting.

Big D: You mentioned that you missed those golden days where it was a different set everyday and you could work twice a day if you really really wanted to. That seemed like that was the mid 2000s: 2004, 2005, 2006 when it was companies like Red Light District and Zero Tolerance and companies like that that it seems could not put out DVDs fast enough.. They just couldn't produce enough. What was it like working in that era? The fact that you were still transitioning in your career going from one aspect to transitioning to the MILF thing, but then also, the huge amounts of porn that was being produced and the insatiable demand that was out there. How crazy was it to work in that era? In the fact that it was like the wild wild west of porn?

Alana Evans: It's funny that you say that because back then as talent, we could really do whatever we wanted. There was so much work that girls were a lot more flakier because it didn't matter if they didn't show up to a shoot. There was always a job the next day. The lack of work has really forced talent to be far more responsible than they have ever been. They have to take better care of themselves because now it's a far more competitive industry. But it's also changed the way we have relationships with each other. I found that women are always going to be competitive especially in an entertainment industry as are men. But it's far more cut throat now than it has ever been. I think we've lost a lot of the camaraderie and the family feeling because now people are really having to fight to be able to pay their rent. When five years ago, that was laughable. We had more money than what we knew what to do with. I think the drugs at that time were also a lot heavier in our industry because people could afford them. It's really caused people to have to be more responsible with their money and also with their careers because it's just not going to exist if they slack off. So it's really funny we have to behave.
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Big D: How is that in the fact that you are able to recognize, even from our end we saw that there was a lot of flakiness, for lack of a better term, of girls that would just show up hung over or just not prepared or deadbeat tired from partying all night until 4 o'clock in the morning. When it comes to that kind of a change, do you think the quality of the porn that is being put out there just because the performers are taking it a little bit more seriously, do you think the quality of the shoots have improved just because the performers having to take it a little bit more seriously now?

Alana Evans: Absolutely, 100%, and also at the same token producers have to work a lot harder to make that product that people want to pay for. So they have to compete with the free so the girls have to be better and stronger and more mature, I really guess is the proper word for it. You're dealing with an industry that it's all about the younger girl and the newer girl and it's those ages; 18, 19, 20 that don't have the most responsible people. I think they're even having to learn a lot faster that if you want to play in this game you have to step it up just to survive. So, it's definitely forcing everyone to be on top of their game.

Big D: Tell me a little bit about, you said you are a real life MILF. Your son is 20 years old. How is that trying to be able to balance being a mom and parenting now a kid thats not really a kid but is now an adult but still having that role but still having the stigma and the image that is attached to the fact that you are an adult film star? How have you been able to maintain some balance in your life?

Alana Evans: Right, you know, that's actually a really good question. It's always been easy for me to maintain the balance. Having a family is what kept me grounded and it kept me out of trouble because unlike some other people that maybe don't have a person at home that they have to worry about as far as who's going to take care of them.. It really caused me to keep my head on straight, stay out of trouble, and not fall into the circle of drugs or drama. But I've also been the parent that you know my child is my child, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. So I know that if I'm honest with him and show him the respect that he deserves that he's going to respect me in return. We never really had the problem of “Oh My God My Mom Does Porn” and everyones going to find out because I live in the valley and the majority of the people in this small little bubble have something to do with the adult industry or they have friends in the industry or they rent their house to the industry. So here it's a lot more accepted to be in our industry so when the kids at school, come high school kids find out - let's face it. I was the hot mom. It wasn't an embarrassment it was more of a “Dude, have you seen his mom?” So I gave him the proper tools on how to deal with it and to not be offended but to kind of let it roll off his back and he's always been able to do that so I feel really lucky that I have a great kid, so it's all good.

Big D: What are some of those tools? Is it kind of the sticks and stones may break my bones or is it did you have to research on how to keep your son grounded and you kid grounded in general and the fact that you know kids in the neighborhood or kids in the school were going to find out? What specific tools did you have to provide them?

Alana Evans: Well the sticks and stones definitely comes into play. It's a great rule to live by. With him, I think it really started when I first had to break it to him that this is what I do for a living. I had to start with baby steps at about 12. At that age boys are already getting an idea about what porn is, what pornography is magazines and things like that because they are curious about sexuality. Plus, at that era, this golden age of porn, there were really a lot more "porn stars" because we worked so much we had so much more product per individual out there that I would get recognized a lot. That I think was the first thing that caused me to have to explain to him why people are looking at me strangely - especially men in the grocery store. So starting with that this is what I do, mommy takes her clothes off in magazines then it was mom does TV shows where I take my clothes off, then its well you know there's some late night movies on HBO and CineMax where there is other people that take their clothes off with me. So it was really, step by step, to okay, I do porn. Now you know what that is. That's what I do for a living at first it was a little shocking and a couple of weird looks like "really"? And then it became alright that's cool because my kids see that I'm not, they understand even as a child the stigma that comes along with it just because of how their friends talk about it and the weird way parents express those messages to other children. They already have this idea in their head. So for my son to be able to see that I'm actually a really good parent and that porn has allowed me to be home and to be with him and to do the other volunteering that other kids parents couldn't do. It really caused him to have a lot more respect for me because I was able to be there. I'm also the parent that if someone is going to come play at my house with my kids, their parents know what I do. There's never a surprise of "Billy came over today and did you know that his mom is blah blah blah?" and "OMG you're never going back over to their house". I never wanted that circumstance to happen. And for respect of other parents, I was always open with them with who I am. I wanted to give them the option. I have never had anyone prevent their children from playing at my house. So it was really great and because I was so honest, all the parents respected me.

Big D: Was there any kind of weird awkward moments in the beginning, like the whispers as you walk into the PTA meeting or when you go to volunteer?
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Alana Evans: With my stepchildren's school they went to a private school and their mother was very jealous, didn't like me, and every time their kids would go to a new school. Basically, she would make sure everyone knew. It was really in an effort to prevent those people from wanting to befriend us. Because automatically people don't know when they hear porn they might freak out especially in a very Christian school. But over time those same people take the effort to get to know us and then there were no more issues. There really was a point where I was banned from going to the private school. Because of the things that the ex-wife was saying and it took about 6 months for them to lift the ban on me, where I was actually able to attend the functions. In reality, the only people that were hurting were my step kids because we couldn't be there. How do you tell a parent they can't come to the kid's play? It was really just disgusting of those people. I actually had to bring my lawyer into it and deal with that. At the end of the day they all apologized but I can't get those six months back. It's okay. I expect it. I doesn't hurt me. It doesn't affect me. I just find ways to deal with it.

Big D: Now when you first entered in, I know you first entered in with the intent of "hey, this is an ends to a means", or this is a means to the end obviously I want to be able to feed my family, I want to not necessarily be on public assistance, I want to be able to be a self sufficient type of member of society.

Alana Evans: Absolutely, absolutely

Big D: Did you prepare yourself or did you even know that this kind of backlash might be coming because you were a mom before you were a porn star?

Alana Evans: Absolutely. I was a mom. My son was about five when I first started. My ex-husband got me into the industry. He was a police officer and he got hurt in the line of work but we were swingers and we were open sexually. I actually did porn before I was a dancer or anything else. It was really fun for me. It was exciting. I'm a very open minded person so it didn't affect me, you know my morals. I knew that at some point it's going to come up, how are we going to deal with it. I think I was just naturally prepared myself for it. I was really young. I was 22 years old when I got into the business and I've always looked young even being a 36 year old MILF now. I am a lot younger looking than a majority of our “cougars.” Because a majority of the women in our business that rock this MILF scene do not have children. They have not had to, you know, go through labor. Go through the exciting things of gaining weight and losing it. So women like me in the business kind of taunt them a little bit because we've really had to work hard and balance that life of being a mom and still maintaining our sexuality while having to be Betty Crocker at home. It's been a lot of fun. It's been an incredible experience. I'm always learning because I've really paid a lot of attention to the business aspect of the industry. I always want to keep myself current so there's always something different that I have to get hip to or adjust the way I think in order to stay relevant.

Big D: Speaking of that, you've never really shyed away from the spotlight. I'm not just talking about within the industry when it comes to critics but also you went on a mainstream TV show, the Dr. Drew show, and alked about the morality of porn and how you can still be a good parent while you're in the adult industry. How did that come about? Did you approach the show? Did they approach you because they knew of your activities and your willingness to put yourself out there?

Alana Evans: I actually got the call through, I want to say it was through my ...Well I had already done things through HLN basically in regards to the teachers who have moonlighted as porn stars. So that was just an interview with them on my opinion about that. Because me being an avid volunteer at the kids' school, I have similar issues but it's totally different when you're under employment with that type of organization you can't really do that. So they came to me through that source. They asked me the day before. Now I'm there in Hollywood at their studio and had absolutely no idea that I was going to basically be sparing against Shelly Luben. I'm very outspoken for our business. I like to think of myself as intelligent. I can put a sentence together and carry myself properly because I have to live that double life. I was actually really excited and very proud of the opportunity, that it would be me being able to speak as a parent in our business because it's very difficult to rattle me. It's really hard to ruffle my feathers. So 20 minutes before the show I find out Shelly is going to be on with me and I have to tell you, I was so incredibly excited because I don't care for her. She is not an honest person, and I've done my research on Shelly. It actually, I don't know, I got really good rouse out of it and I'm one that can sit back and be calm while other people make fools out of themselves because they don't know how to behave really. It's so great to just sit back, say my piece, share my side but watch Shelly make an absolute fool out of herself all on her own. It was probably one of the best experiences out of my whole career because while Dr. Drew won't say this, I've heard him talk on the radio on KROQ and Kevin and Bean saying he's never met an adult film star that wasn't affected by their business. He's absolutely lying when he says that because when we finished our interview, Dr. Drew, looked me dead in the face and said that he was very impressed by me and that he was proud of me and that I was the first person that he'd ever seen to know that the industry has not made me a bad person. It has not turned me inside out. It has not walked all over me and then he said “Good For Me.” It's funny how people change that tune when they want to talk about Penny Flame's book, Jenny. He's talking about her and how the business shunned her and how she's had all of these problems being an addict and being a sex addict and that he's never seen anyone not have those problems. And that's just not true. It's not true. He said it straight to me.

Big D: Do you consider yourself to be an advocate for porn and an advocate for the industry? Would you like to be more of a mouthpiece to be able to give that non-stereotypical opinion about it, where people just say, "Everyone who's in the industry is damaged and they've all got some sort of an addiction."? Would you like to have more of an advocacy role when it comes to defending the industry?
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Alana Evans: You know what's funny? Whether I like it or not, it's actually already happening. I went to Sacramento for the first time and spoke in front of our state assembly. I have to tell you, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. At the end of me speaking, I had people in the audience of the assembly room that I didn't know, that were there for other issues and other bills, come to me and tell me how incredibly I did and how great of a speaker I am. I have love for this business. I'm not going to say there aren't people that who have come into this business for the wrong reasons or who have not been objectified because it definitely happens but I would like to be one of those people who can help prevent those things from happening. We are, I'm working with Julie Meadows, whose name is also Lydia Lee, in starting a performers organization. Really, and everyone says "Oh a union!". I think that businesses and production companies and people are afraid of that word. We really want to get an organization going that porn performers have to come to to talk about certain issues and to talk about certain problems. If they need help, if they need guidance, if they want to get out of porn, if they want to get into porn, they can talk to us. Basically a group of us who really care about each other and care about the future of our industry to work together to help those of us inside and those outside that are looking to come in. It can be a very big, scary place. For people like me, I've had good road. I've had good people surround me but I also know how to make the right decisions for myself. I'm definitely not one to make excuses for myself. A lot of people don't want to be responsible. I don't come from a good background. My mother passed when I was young but I'm a survivor so I take what I have and I make it work for me. I think there are other people that come into the business for similar reasons that just need guidance. So absolutely, it's really important for me, I think that it's important that our business has something like that and if girls want to come to me for help, it's happened in the past, I've taken girls under my wing for no personal gain other then helping them. I don't like seeing people being taken advantage of. I don't know this business in that fashion so I feel everyone should be able to have the opportunities I've had and if I can help make that happen for them, then I absolutely would.

Big D: What do you think the challenges, I won't use the word "union" but, what do you think the challenges would be in trying to organize a performer advocacy group or something of that nature because it's so spread out all over the place? There arew so many independent contractors and in order to have some solidarity for when it comes to rallying around an issue, everyone needs to be on board. Whether the issue of the day happens to be condoms or whether it happens to be more frequent testing or it happens to be, whatever happens to be the issue of the day. All performers are going to be facing but because you have so many people shooting in Florida and California, New Hampshire is one place where porn is actually legal to be shot. People are spread out all over the place and you have so many people coming in that they may be fresh out of high school and just giving this is a shot. Before they actually get in, do they know that there is this group that they should be involved with first? What are some of the inherit challenges for trying to organize?

Alana Evans: Well, the first step is getting the talent together that aren't just talkers. We have a lot of people in our business that like attention being brought to themselves. They like to be in the limelight. We need people that are actual doers that are going to come to meetings, that will help organize things. That are actually interested in making it work as opposed to just saying that they are a part of something. That's the first step. The second step is once we can get together, start working together as a group. We all have different opinions. We all have, you know, different people that we like. Once we understand that we're just here to help for benefit of each other and it's not a popularity contest. That's the second issue that gets tackled. The third issue is really having the companies understand that this isn't us getting together because we want to raise the rate because we want to start making things more difficult for them. It's really a benefit to producers if we are working together because then you have a better talent pool, you have a better group of people that are here not because they're trying to get their latest fix. They're here because they take it seriously. Because this is a job. Because this is a career. You have more reliable talent. I think that once we can make this happen and once everyone sees it's for the benefit and that it's not setting control. We all know that directors and producers like to have the control. Let's take that back. The agents like to take control. I think the agents actually are the first line of people that will be very nervous if talent starts working together because they will be afraid that they're not needed. They're always needed, you know. It's just getting everyone to work together as a big happy family.

Big D: You mentioned that you've seen tremendous growth and the evolution of the industry from when you first started. We hit on the formatting thing. We hit on the online streaming thing. Where do you think it is going? Do you have enough hindsight and history in the industry to break out the crystal ball and see the future? Where do you potentially see the industry going moving forward?

Alana Evans: Well, my prediction is a little funny. First of all, I'm very lucky that I am very current as far as technology goes. I run a video game website with my girlfriend Misti Dawn and that had kind of kept me and Mitzi in the loop as far as technology goes. With things like Google glass and upcoming other 3D glasses and some of the technology, I know is going to happen but I can't talk about because that's not my business. We are lucky because it's about to become all about that first hand 3D experience. I'm expecting porn to change into a full on point of view aspect. I expect movies to be made more of a choose your own adventure like with some books because of Google glass. It's one thing to watch a scene in front of you that's happening like our current porn. As soon as technology changes and its more of an "in your face" style, we're going to have a whole new generation of in your face style porn that these producers are going to have to make. That's going to start a whole new revenue stream for us. I think girls expected with the camming websites we're going to do well. I don't think performer websites are doing very well at all because we have to compete with Brazzers, we have to compete with Manwin and with Reality Kings, Bang Bros and the content that they're making with girls like us is far superior then what we can create on our own for ourselves and our websites. Let's face it, if this guy can get 50 websites for $30, he's not going to join my personal website by itself. So even as a performer I'm having to find ways to make my website more attractive to the outside viewer because they're more apt to join groups. I think even the website groups like FastPass with Nina Mercedes as well as the group that Jessica Jaymes runs, they do well because of those weekly live shows that every single one of their girls does. It's again with the camming.

Big D: It sounds like it goes back to what we were talking about a little bit ago. The organization and, pardon the pun, getting more bang for your buck. You just don't pay $39.99 and get one website you pay 50 bucks and you get 20. Not everybody, apologizes to all the individual porn stars that think they are the end all be all, not everybody is a super fan that finds this one girl 100% attractive and she's the only one for me and I don't want to have a Latina or an Asian or whatever it is, so it gives people that cafeteria style I guess you can say.

Alana Evans: Exactly, which makes it very very tough. We're doing everything we can to survive.

Big D: First job?

Alana Evans: I made pizzas at Round Table. I loved that job.

Big D: First concert?

Alana Evans: Madonna actually. It was That Girl tour. And I still love her, I was 10 and we were unsupervised. I would never let my kids go to a concert like that with no parents.

Big D: First Car?

Alana Evans: It was a Camaro

Big D: What's in your Ipod, Iphone, MP3 player, CD player?

Alana Evans: I'm really vain for the first thing. I actually play when I turn my Ipad on is my song that I made with Lords Of Acid. I'm a huge System of A Down fan. I love rap music. I basically listen to everything but I go back old school. I've got 2 Live Crew in there and all that good stuff.

Big D: Favorite Food?

Alana Evans: It's chocolate. I can't say no to it.

Big D: Favorite Position?

Alana Evans: It's actually doggy style. I know isn't very original but I have a great ass so I really like it when men are behind me.

Big D: Movies or Ballgame?
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Alana Evans: I would totally go to the sporting event. Way more fun. I love being outside. I like baseball games. I like football games but my favorite that I discovered, I don't have a team, but is hockey. There just something about watching all the men skate around on the ice that makes me really turned on. I've been to a LA Kings game and it was one of the most incredible experiences ever. We were there with a girlfriend whose husband was on the team at the time and I remember being like. “Can I go to the locker room?”.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Alana Evans: Oooh, thats a good question. My old school favorite is the original Batman. Not the super original one but the one with Jack Nicholson as the joker and Micheal Keaton as batman. That was one of my all time favorites.

Big D: What is a modern convenience that you would not be able to live without?

Alana Evans: A lighter. That is the one thing that if you take from my house, I'm going crazy and I don't smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smokers steal lighters. Pot smokers do not!

Big D: Where is a favorite spot to go on vacation?

Alana Evans: Oooh, um, Amsterdam. That's ah, well now were getting into a tone. Amsterdam was probably one of my favorite places to visit because you get a little taste of Europe but also all the naughtiest that comes along with it.

Big D: Who is a person living or dead that you would like to meet but that you have not had the chance to meet yet?

Alana Evans: Oooh, it's Heath Ledger. I cried for three days when he died. I was one of those fans. I was really upset because I never got to have sex with him!

Big D: Where is a place that you would like to visit but have yet to go?

Alana Evans: Hong Kong

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