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Big D's Interview With Adrianna Luna
Inside Adrianna Luna

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Interview Date: April 25, 2013

Adrianna Luna has the voice of an angel and a body that is made for sin. Be careful to not underestimate her either because it will cost you if things get physical. With a combination of Cross Fit, Muay Thai and MMA training if anyone steps out of line, Adrianna Luna will be able to handle herself. But the good news is that anyone that crosses her path would rather fuck her than fight her. As one of the rising stars in porn Adrianna Luna has taken the nonbeaten path to the jizz biz and is loving every minute of it. In this exclusive interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Adrianna Luna discusses being cast in a huge feature movie portraying a sexy MMA fighter, her passion for physical fitness and her spontaneous path to the porn industry.

Big D: It's seems as though you've taken a non-traditional path to getting into adult. You got an college degree and was working in marketing for PR and a friend of yours convinced you to kind of get into porn. Not really the normal path where most girls are dancing in strip clubs and then do some solo Internet stuff. They gradually move into the adult side step by step. Take us through how you started with this kind of non-traditional path to doing hardcore porn right out iof the gate.

Adrianna Luna: Sure. Yeah I guess I did just kind of jump into it spontaneously. Basically I got in when one of my girlfriends suggested I give it a try. I was kind of stuck in a position where I wasn’t really passionate about what I was doing. I was looking for a change. I was looking for something with a little flexible. I thought that I would have to be going back to school whether it be getting a different degree in a different study or some type of certification. I hadn’t really figured out what exactly I would do. She suggest porn and said it was really flexible and the girls kind of make their schedule. She thought that it would be something that I would like. I thought she was joking at first but she wasn’t. I’m kind of spontaneous so I just jumped right in. My first scene was a boy/girl scene. I just jumped right in and it was the best way for me to go in. It was the most organic way for me to start. I enjoyed it and I ended up kind of embracing it and doing it a lot more than I thought. I took it a lot more seriously than I thought but it turned out to be a really good thing.

Big D: Now your friend that made the suggestion that you transition to this career path, was she in it as well or was she connected with porn as a performer herself? How was she connected that she was able to spot you as you would be a good fit for moving into this direction?

Adrianna Luna: She was not a performer. She still is not a performer. She does make-up though. So she has done makeup on a few porn sets and she got to know a few of the girls that way.

Big D: So she had a little bit of the connection in that she knew who to talk to and how to get you in front of people that would be able to get you into porn with the right companies?

Adrianna Luna: Yes. Exactly.

Big D: Like you mentioned, you spontaneously just jumped right in and didn’t necessarily take the normal path to take it as you go or move slowly. Why do you think that you did that? You did mention that you are kind of a spontaneous person but that’s kind of a big leap of faith to take right from the get go.

Adrianna Luna: Well, I had no previous experiences or knowledge about the industry or how to go into it or the business behind it. I had no knowledge of any of that. In fact, the first night I really sat down and watched a full hardcore scene was the night before my first shoot. That was also the suggestion of the same girlfriend. She told me I should probably watch something before I go to work tomorrow. Because I kind of have seen a few more soft-core things, things that you can stumble upon on Showtime or HBO late at night, but I never sat down and watched a full hardcore scene. So for me, jumping in and doing boy/girl as my first scene – I didn’t know that’s not what most girls do. Most girls start with solo, as you said before, or girl/girl and progress to that. So for me it seemed like the most organic way to go in and I never really played with girls in my private life beforehand so it made more sense to me to have sex with a guy as my first time. Now in hindsight, it seems like I kind of jumped right in and just started shooting all these scenes but at the time it seemed like the most normal way for me to approach it.

Big D: You really hadn’t seen anything really hardcore outside the typical Cinemax late night cable stuff. What was your first impressions, or what were your expectations heading into your first scene after sitting down the night before and watching something that was a little more hardcore? And now that you’ve been in for a little bit, what were your expectations when you first went in and now that you’ve been in, what do you now know that you wished that someone would have told you prior to you starting?

Adrianna Luna: Well the first scene that I stumbled upon was probably not the right scene to watch. I had no idea what to look out for, what to prepare for.Even though I knew which company I was working for, I had no previous knowledge of what it was gonna be like. I stumbled upon something that was super hardcore. Like one of these really aggressive porn star punishment type scenes. In my head I was just thinking, "Oh my God! What am I getting myself into?". The girl in the porn looked like she’s getting beaten. She’s getting fish hooked and getting slapped by cocks in her face. But then I ended up on set and I found out very quickly that there are different genres and each company is different. It’s not all like that. What surprises me though is that you know being in this industry, getting in a relationship with people, feeling like it’s an safe environment to kind of explore your thing. I actually really like aggressive sex and now I wouldn’t be scared of things like that. What I wished I knew then that I know now? You know, I’ve had a really good experience, and my first agency I started with, I never had an bad experience there. I feel like they really eased me in and held my hand going into it so I always knew what I would be doing, I was always okay with what kind of scene I was going to be shooting beforehand. And now it’s not that – I mean, I still get surprises every now and then but now it’s almost like a feeling of being more comfortable and getting to see your friends whereas when I first started I knew nobody. None of the names, I had no recognition to any of the names. And now it’s like you have worked with all these people and you know these people and you’re looking forward to going in and getting to see your friends and it’s nice to be comfortable with peope you have a sort of relationship with. As for something I wish I knew before that I know now – I can’t say anything really. It’s all good. I’ve had an good experience so far.
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Big D: That’s good to hear. Talking about the first DVD or the first video that you saw was probably a little more extreme, a little more hardcore side than you probably needed to see the first time out. Do you remember what move it was and then what was your first scene shot for and with whom?

Adrianna Luna: Yeah the first scene I watched, I had no idea, I don’t remember who was in it or what company put it out because I had no sort of knowledge beforehand so that I don’t know. My first scene was with New Sensations, I was with Danny Mountain and I was surprised because it was a lot more stuff. They are a lot more romantic. I’m sure they have a lot more hardcore stuff but the few times that I worked, it was not crazy, over the top sex. They’re very much into glamour and romance and like normal sex that you would have with your partner at home. I remember going there and just being really nervous and thinking to myself, "How am I going to get naked in front of all these people? All these strangers?". But really soon into it, I was just walking around naked, trying on different clothes. I felt super comfortable and I get excited and I think because people are so professional and some of them, well, they see naked people all the time. They see people having sex all the time, all day, every day and so it’s not something that they would look at twice. There’s just a way that people make you feel comfortable and make it seem like you have clothes on when you don't. It’s kind of something you can’t explain but it’s like a safe zone . Even in my private life or at home, I’m not just walking around naked.

Big D: Do you remember what movie that ended up in, that scene?

Adrianna Luna: I don’t know the title of it because I don’t even know when it got distributed. I do know that it was a busty DVD. So it would be some sort of big boob movie. (Note: The DVD is Them's Some Sexy Titties)

Big D: In doing some research on you, it seems like you’re kind of a fitness fanatic. Your blog has videos of doing cross fit all over the place. Were you always a fitness fanatic or obviously you just mentioned that you’re walking around naked in front of these people that kind of incentivized you to look the best you can naked and that normally means putting in some time in the gym. Were you always a fitness junkie or did getting into adult push you into that direction?

Adrianna Luna: I was always a fitness fanatic. That was always one of my passions – different sports and activities. Just being very active since I was a kid – so that’s always been something that I’ve been super into and that’s why I think I share so much of it on my Twitter or on my Tumbler or Youtube. That would be my biggest passion I would say aside from work. That would be what I would be doing most of the time if I’m not on set.

Big D: Why is that? Is it just as a kid, you were into activities and being active and being in good shape or was it more of you got interested in it as an adult?

Adrianna Luna: Well as a kid and throughout high school, I was always super athletic and I always liked trying different sports. I did gymnastics a lot as a kid and when I went to high school I did track and field and cheerleading. In college, I wasn’t good enough to compete at the college level so in college I was trying more sports for fitness. That's probably where my level of fitness and passion for fitness started. I’ve never been the type to just go into the gym and just get onto the elliptical or treadmill and just put in the time. I've always liked specific activities or specific sports and that’s how I got into Muay Thai and MMA. That's how I just started doing Muay Thai for fitness and I’m a very competitive person. I like competing in fights and going from there. Crossfit is the same even though – from the outside – I mean it’s called the Sport of Fitness because it’s a mix of Olympic lifting, gymnastics and cardio. But it’s still a sport and there’s competition that we do and it still challenges your body in the same way sports would. So in a way I embraced that so much as well. But definitely the fitness thing more as an adult came about. I have just always been really intrigued and interested in health, nutrition and fitness.

Big D: Have you found that by being this much involved in fitness and especially with the MMA type thing, you have become a fan of MMA outside of the gym? Do you find yourself wanting to watch the UFC or the pay-per-view of the MMA fights just because enjoy doing that to maintain your own fitness level?

Adrianna Luna: For sure. I think watching it and being able to kind of dissect the rules and dissect their strategies is even more interesting. You can really appreciate their technique and appreciate their athleticism. I definitely like to watch and I have my favorites. And I think, especially now recently with women being accepted into the UFC, that made it a lot more exciting for me.

Big D: Do you have any aspirations or no you just want to keep it the fitness side thing and not get involved?

Adrianna Luna: It’s like a dream. It would be awesome, but you know I’m not banking on that. But it would be awesome.

Big D: You were listed as a co-star with Jessica Drake, who is pretty well known, and is a Wicked contract performer, in the feature in Tuff Love. That DVD is more of an MMA type themed movie. You were casted along side one of the big stars of Wicked. How did that come about? Was it just because you have that background and Wicked sought you out because you have that MMA background and that Crossfit background? Or did you or your agent approach them? How did it come about that you were so prominently featured in that movie?

Adrianna Luna: I think it was a little bit of both. I think it was a bit of luck too. As you said before, getting to work alongside Jessica was a really great experience. She is definitely one of the women that I looked up to in the industry. She has done a ton of projects and she does so much in this industry and for this industry. I think that my name was put in there initially because they knew of my background and because I’ve been so open about it in my twitter and on social media and in my interviews and stuff. So people already knew that I have this background and I also think it’s kind of luck that they choose to go with me instead of somebody else. There are so many girls in the industry so it was definitely exciting and it was my first lead in a feature. To get to do it for a company like Wicked and alongside Jessica was such a great experience.

Big D: How was it for you in the fact that going from your first scene which was more of the gonzo shoot to filming Tuff Love it was a lot more involved? There was character development, there was a little bit more plot, there was a little bit more dialogue. Were you a more nervous because this was going be a prioduction that was more involved? Oviously you’ve been working in the industry and doing porn for a little bit, but this was a little different in that it’s more of an actual Hollywood type of a production when it comes to being an adult production.

Adrianna Luna: Definitely. I’ve done a few features beforehand so I’ve already gotten comfortable with the idea of learning dialogue and acting and playing out a character but never at this level and never a role this big. I remember getting the script and thinking this has so many lines. Wicked is a company that has expectations that, they don't want somebody to just come and memorize some lines and just say it on camera. We had read throughs and had a lot of help from Brad Armstrong and Derek Pierce, who was the director. They help me in figuring out the character and helped me to portray what they thought the character should be just as much as we did fight training on the side. Before the movie, Jessica, Derek and I did quite a few sessions where we had a lot of grappling, a lot of stand up training. Brad and Derek actually helped me with my acting training so that was the part I was most nervous about going into it. But it was great to sort of get that teaching from them. They’re really good at what they do and I learned a lot through that and I felt like it helped me since with other features that I’ve done since shooting Tuff Love.

Big D: Now speaking of that, do you want to gravitate towards doing more of the character development roles or do you want to have a mix or balance of doing gonzo. Now that you’ve been in for a bit, you know the ropes of how things go. How do you see your progression within the adult industry and adult films?
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Adrianna Luna: I don’t know, I don’t know where I see myself going. I definitely love doing the features and that was so much fun. But I love doing the gonzos too. Depending on what company you work for, they’re all so different. I think I just love sex. I love them all equally. In the future, I don’t want to be pinned down to just one type or porn. I had a lot of fun with experimenting with some BDSM recently too. I don’t know. I just like all of it

Big D: What was your first job ever?

Adrianna Luna: I was a cashier/hostess at a restaurant.

Big D: What was the first concert you ever went to?

Adrianna Luna: N’Sync. I thought I was going to marry Justin Timberlake.

Big D: First car?

Adrianna Luna: A Ford Taurus

Big D: What’s in your Ipod, or Iphone player right now?

Adrianna Luna: I like super mainstream – so it’ll be like mainstream pop or hip-hop. I have a lot of Rihanna or stuff like Kanye West or Jay-Z

Big D: Favorite food?

Adrianna Luna: Sushi.

Big D: On or off scene, favorite position?

Adrianna Luna: I think I’m picky when it comes to that because it depends on the person. Certain times I like doggie and certain times I don’t. I really like missionary with some people and not with others. All time favorite is probably doggie and missionary.

Big D: Movies or the ballgame?

Adrianna Luna: Ballgame. I like watching everything live.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Adrianna Luna: My Iphone. I would have separation anxiety if it died.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Adrianna Luna: Love Actually

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Adrianna Luna: Beach destinations. Maybe Cape Cod?

Big D: Person you’d like to meet that you have not met?

Adrianna Luna: The President (Barack Obama) I think that he’s a really good person even though people don’t think he did very well for his two terms.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven’t yet?

Adrianna Luna: My Dream destination is Greece and I might be going this summer.

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