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4/15/2019Jonathan Agassi Documentary
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Jonathan Agassi Documentary

WEDNESDAY - 4/15/2019 Author: GlitteryKiki - News Source: XBiz

“Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life” was awarded the Best Israeli Documentary Film prize from the Jerusalem Film Festival. In Atlanta, the award-winning documentary, like no other, about famed gay adult film star Jonathan Agassi debuted during the Atlanta Film Festival. What better way to hit main stream?

Director and screenwriter Tomer Heymann, attend the screening, as well, and promotes the film as: “Diving into [Agassi’s] fantastical life, this intimate documentary explores the highest highs and lowest lows of one of the world's most famous adult entertainers… Behind the veil of fame, Agassi shares a loving yet complicated bond with his mother and an estrangement from his father that boils beneath the surface. The freedom of sex, the allure of drugs, and the confines of family ultimately force Jonathan to confront the harsh realities of his extreme lifestyle.” This documentary has recently filmed at international festivals including Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Switzerland and the U.K.

The winners are:

The documentary really speaks to diversity, internal drama as well as personal life of a porn star. Although all porn stars are individual, this film has created an outlet, opportunity, and shows mainstream consumer interest in and for a future in porn documentaries. Stars are not “just” the subject of masterbation. Although they are hot and yes, we love to knock our socks off with material of them, they are people who move through life, and who have highs and lows. If you are interested in getting to know them and understanding they are not one dimensional, it can be heartwarming. A great example of this would be Dolf Dietrich, a popular performer and partner toHugh Hunter, who discusses his mental health issues on twitter and promotes mental health awareness. He has a lovely puppy with a toy penguin name cheese that he promotes on his twitter page as well. Another great example, and someone, I enjoy immensely, is Hans Berlin, who recently had a theater play come out in California. Would you have guest that he works on plays? Having a documentary or reviewing interviews really sheds lights on each and everyone of our stars and their life.

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