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2/26/2019Anus House
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Anus House

Tuesday - 2/26/2019 Author: GlitteryKiki - News Source: Vice

Ever dream of curling up deep inside a butthole?! I’m sure your penis has! In any case, there is a Hotel in Belgium Is Shaped Like a Giant Anus. Belgium's CasAnus which basically means anus house, hence the title of the article, is a conceptual one-room hotel that lets its visitors fulfill their lifelong dreams of sleeping in a giant butthole. This conceptual one-room hotel was made by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout.

This gem is located on a small Belgian island halfway between Antwerp and Ghent; sitting alone in the middle of a field. Guests can shack up in the anus for $165 a night, a small price to pay to hit the hay in a huge ‘ham flower.’ It comes with an double bed, shower, and central heating. The CasAnus series also includes a bar called the BarRectum, which is shaped like a giant intestine.

In an interview with Vice, the artist spoke about his inspiration about human systems including the rectum. The Anus is anatomically accurate asides from the hotel portion and it only took a few months to build. The response to the art has been overwhelmingly positive! Woot. Also, 200 to 250 people stay in it each year since it was built. The only regret the artist has is not keeping that bunghole to himself!

If only we could live inside some of our top stars cavities?! I’d be all up in Hans Berlin and, I know my coworkers would enjoy a bit of Andy Star, or Drake Rodgers. Fresh towels, complimentary mints, a few porn dvd’s from XRentDVD with some raw Bareback and Anal while inside one! Oh Yeah, sounds like a dream!

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