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3/17/2017Scrotox: Botox for your balls
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Scrotox: Botox for your balls

Friday - 3/17/2017 Author: Big D
If your balls are a bit too wrinkled, there is a solution. Scrotox.
If your balls are a bit too wrinkled, there is a solution. Scrotox.

Fine lines and wrinkles? Deep furoughs and creases? Sagging skin and looseness? Women aren't the only ones who want smooth skin. Men do too. If wrinkles and sagging skin are holding you back, maybe it's time you tried "Scrotox".

That opening paragraph may have sounded like a Saturday Night Live parody commercial but the truth is, "Scrotox" is an actual thing. Botulinum toxin (Botox) has been a popular cosmetic proceedure that reduces facial wrinkles, especially in the uppermost third of the face. Botox causes relaxation of the treated muscles, resulting in the smoothing of the overlying skin. Injecting Botox is not just for your face anymore. Apparently your balls could use a "face lift" if you pardon the pun.

Men looking to smooth their sack often seek out plastic surgeons like Dr. John Mesa, who has performed Scrotox (solely using Botox for its reliability) on 10 men in the past year. Botox relaxes muscles, allowing the testicles to drop lower, which can make your balls look bigger. According to Mesa, Scrotox mimics the effect of a warm day: the balls appear lower and look smoother with fewer wrinkles. The cost of Scrotox is the roughly same as regular Botox, or $520-$800 per session.

While the procedure is believed to be as safe as Botox anywhere else on the body, injecting neurotoxins into your scrotum can seem daunting. If testicles become too hot, a man can risk becoming sterile. (Not that sterility is a real big concern amongst the gay community...) As Dr. Mesa explains, however, since Scrotox causes the balls to drop lower rather than closer to the body, “...I would say Botox in the scrotum would be more beneficial because it keeps the temperature of the testicles lower.”

Now the question remains, who in porn needs a little smoothing of their man bits that Scrotox would be a good choice. Who knows? Maybe some studios might build Scrotox into their filming budgets for better looking sacks.

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