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A Ghoulishly Gay Halloween
The time is coming: Halloween Dick or Treat!? We have both for you! The canon of spooky and campy halloween porn titles that include a plot have been slowly building over the past several years. When left with the whole collection of Halloween related titles, I was asked to make list a top 5 films to share with you. While there are many to choose from, here is a holistic list of five gay spooky a...
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Now in The Screening Room

Got Wood?

Read Link diLontra's Review of Got Wood?Got Wood? Right off the bat, we’ve got Sean Zevran and Josh Moore on the cover. Looking at those two, you should. The rest of the cast is filled out with other top names in the biz: Ashton Summers, Cory Kane and Jason Zhu. I’m not familiar with the other models, but anything coming out of the award-winning Cocky Boys studios is guaranteed to give you wood and get you off. I’m a bit partial to Josh and Cory myself, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy.... Read More

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