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Censorship, Art and Porn
As censorship continues to grow through social media, we pose a question. What is so different between art and porn? Unease, shame or even discomfort are some emotions that those who partake in this manufactured culture that pervades our society might experience when looking upon such content; however, they, in fact, have the freedom to avoid this content on their own! Isn’t it our right to prov...
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Our Labor is Sex

Read Link diLontra's Review of Our Labor is SexLeo Giamani has been in the biz for over a decade now. At age 40, he’s still got it - and then some. A cover of just Leo is enough to pique my interest. How can I say no? Leo is literally husband material: I could look at that every day for the rest of my life. I’m not sure what the title is about, but you know Men. They’re always trying to come up with some loose storyline or kitschy theme to layer with their sex scenes. They are the Budweiser of porn, always... Read More

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