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And The Winners of GayVN Are...
January 21st, 2019, Las Vegas, Alec Mapwa, a gorgeous American drag queen, and an amazing reality television personality/ superstar, hosted our most favorite event: GayVN!!! ...
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Kris Angels

Read Link diLontra's Review of Kris AngelsThere have been quite a few movies from Bel Ami featuring Kris Evans. Not since Lukas Ridgeston has there been, in my opinion, such a specimen of perfection. Bel Ami sure does know how to pick ‘em. Every inch of Kris’ body is molded in exquisite muscle, tanned and proportioned like the golden ratio. Just look at that back cover; even his cock is a work of art: uncut and large, but not monstrous. He is like the earthly embodiment of a heavenly being, so it... Read More

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