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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Women Seeking Women #130. Only at XRentDVD
Women Seeking Women #130
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Girlfriends Films
PERFORMERS: Aryana Augustine, Sabrina Deep, Crystal Jewels, Raylene, Prinzzess, Lana Rhoades, Shyla Ryder and Scarlet Red
Release Date: June 14, 2016
Restless Hearts Searching For That One Perfect Woman! The Most Awarded Series In The History Of Adult Movies! Beautiful Woman-Woman Sex Which Is Sure To Excite You! Over 2 Hours! Simply The Most Realistic Sex In Lesbian Adult Video! For Fine Folks With Good Hearts And Curious Minds!

Girlfriends Films latest release is the slow and sensual buildup of a women who seduce other women kind of sex. This is four hot and heavy scenes of the insatiable lust for pussy. This series does not lack when it comes to Girlfriends Films’ signature series. In fact, film hasn't shown any noticeable drop in quality, only a rise in the audience, if you know what I mean.

Scene 1: Prinzzess and Lana Rhoades
Scene 2: Skyla Ryder and Scarlet Red
Scene 3: Aryana Augustine and Sabrina Deep
Scene 4: Crystal Jewels and Raylene
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Prinzzess and Lana Rhoades
Veruca James councils a religious girl, Lana Rhoades, about sex, her parents and her belief. Lana’s parents don’t really enjoy the lesbianism and sex is a problem! Lana doesn’t want to go against her parents and her own belief. The question is what will happen with Lana’s relationship if she doesn’t put out. They’ve been dating for a month for crying out loud and abstinence is an issue! Lana leaves the bar and takes a warm and wet shower when she gets home. As she gets out of the shower, she exposes her breast. Viewers are able to see this on a laptop computer because we happen to be watching her through secretly set up cameras within the bathroom. The woman watching her has eyes glued to the computer. The voyeur beginning rubbing her wet twat through her panties as she watches Lana expose her shaven pussy. We move to the kitchen where the woman watching is now dressed. She is apparently acquainted with Lana but not Lana’s girlfriend! Lana introduces Ryder, her more masculine counterpart, and tells them she’s getting dinner. The secret twat watcher goes through Lana’s room as she’s gone and pulls out a bible from both of their moms?! She must be a naughty step-sister or maybe a secret spy roommate. The scene gets wild when we catch up with the two girls back in the bedroom. They discuss previous events from their day as well as Lana’s fear about Ryder. Prinzzess, the secret spy, suggest sleeping together so they won’t be lonely but has sex in mind! Lana is hesitating but asks Prinzzess to masterbate and let Lana watch. Prinzzess woes Lana with the naughty words and takes Lana’s delicate fingers, pushing them against her clit. Lana brings the taste of Prinzzess’ pussy to her thick lips and asks to take things slow but also further. Prinzzess gets closer to Lana and presses her hands against Lana’s breast bone moves up rather than down to caress Lana’s face and deeply kiss her lips. Lana asks Prinzzess to undress her, and Prinzzess does so with a kiss ever more intense at each touch of Lana’s skin. Prinzzess pussy is warm against Lana’s back and Lana enjoys rubbing her ass against it enticing Prinzzess for more. As Prinzzess pulls Lana’s breast out of each bra cup, Lana is nervous but wants to press on because she is wet and ready. Prinzzess pulls Lana’s panties aside and strokes her clit and pussy lips. Prinzzess makes Lana beg for what she wants and puts Lana’s panties in her mouth. Lana moans with enjoyment but has to grab towards every little inch she wants. Once the panties come out of Lana’s mouth, her hands are tied with Prinzzess’ nightgown. Prinzzess moves down to Lana’s cunt; licking her lips and nibbling at her tights. She presses her breast against Lana’s pussy, pushing it against her hole then moves back to nibbling at Lana’s thighs before fingering and licking her juicy cunt. The scene gets rough as Prinzzess takes control. She mounts Lana’s cunt and they scissor while Prinzzess chokes her until she cums. Lana, our religious girl, gets quite naughty as she stuffs Prinzzess’ wet panties into Prinzzess’ mouth this time. As Lana turns Prinzzess around, she face dives into Prinzzess’ ass; licking her juicy pussy from the back. She fondles Prinzzess’ twat with her tongue and face, meanwhile she sneaks her fingers up to Prinzzess’ asshole and lunges straight in. Prinzzess twirls into Lana’s position and thumbs Lana’s pussy while using her other fingers to play Lana’s clit like an instrument. Prinzzess takes control, more so, when she grinds against Lana’s pussy with her leg and rubs her pussy against Lana’s leg. They are both orgasm by the wet and tight grinding. You think it’s going to be over but then Prinzzess says she wants Lana to work for one more orgasm.... And that girl works the clit!
Scene 1 Rating:
She licks the slit and fingers the clit! Boy did Prinzzess character school Lana’s character! I loved the addition of Veruca James it the beginning as she is in previous films. This is actually my first go around with Women Seeking Women and I am impressed. I see why Prinzzess is contracted she’s one of the best lesbian performer’s I have seen! And let's not forget Lana Rhoades she plays a fantastic girl torn between religious belief and learning the ways of the lesbian.
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Scene 2 - Skyla Ryder and Scarlet Red
Ryder and Prinzzess discuss housesitting because Prinzzess and Lana have plans to leave on a family trip. Prinzzess suggest Ryder get to know Scarlet so they can tango. We are left questioning at this point whether Ryder is an awful girlfriend and is cheating unaware of Lana or if she knows and they broke up? But really, we want to see the sex! Ryder meets Scarlet Red and discusses the situation between Lana and her. Scarlet only find out that they don’t have sex (Not if they have broken up!). Ms. Red hasn’t been with anyone in a while and Ryder would like to change that. They both get to the bedroom and at first it seems awkward but isn’t it always when you verbally decide to fuck a stranger?! Ryder says things like “Your hair's nice,” “it will be ok,” and “so... do you want to kiss.” They eskimo kiss and then beginning to comfortably lock lips. Scarlet lifts her shirt off and lets Ryder lather her tongue against each nipple. Ryders shirt comes off and we see her petite erect nipples. Scarlet scoots closer and fondles Ryders wet undies. First she fondles them with a hand then dives head down and uses her luscious tongue and lips. Both girls rip each others undies off to expose their bare twats. They worship each other's bodies by entangling amongst each other; kissing and licking every wet bit. They land in a position in which Scarlet takes care of on Ryder’s cunt: licking, nibbling and sucking it free of juice while fingering her own clit. After oyster diving they continue to kiss and fondle each other before Ryder scooches down to eat every little inch of her new friends pearl. They kiss and then scissor hard before cumming together. Scarlet moves behind Ryder as if to mount her but instead tears up her pussy from behind; finger fucking it harder than any penis could. Scarlet flips Ryder around and sits on Ryder face. Ryder is smothered in pussy and juice and is inhaling every lick. Scarlet orgasms and licks her pussy juice off Ryder’s face. They sit back for the camera and circle jerk before they orgasm again. Scarlet eats a bit more pussy before Ryder returns the favor. They kiss licking each other’s lips for their own orgasm juices. The scene ends with each caressing each other in a missionary style and eskimo kissing.
Scene 2 Rating:
This scene was good but not as good as the last scene. We moved from on-fire to hot and I want to stay on-fire. The plot might have thrown me off. It’s similar to L-word with real sex added into the majority of it but the plot felt to rushed and unrealistic like Prinzzess saying ‘I don’t know you, but you go have sex with my friend right now’ and then Ryder saying ‘ Yes, master’ and doing whatever. It’s about the sex, it’s a porn, but if you’re going to add a story-line then it need to be better than good. It needs to add to the appeal not draw away from it. This could be a really awesome continuous lesbian sex drama mini series!
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Scene 3 - Aryana Augustine and Sabrina Deep
The plot thickens and maybe a little too much. I have no idea what these two girls are talking about. They say Jody left her husband for someone that was another woman. They were going to council Mia? And Kendra is really hot. Mia got uncomfortable and the girl talking felt bad. Kendra shows moves on Jody with Mia watching. This girl, Sabrina Deep, keeps talking like an energizer rabbit going and going and going. She feels bad that she had to witness something but didn’t stop it... end of discussion... sex now please. So we fast forward through the conversation to Aryana Augustine, whose voice sounds like she sucks cock, and Sabrina Deep, who won’t be quiet and just fuck, kissing. The kissing doesn’t stop there! Aryana bring’s Sabrina to her bedroom, where she licks and kisses Sabrina’s neck throat and chin. Together they throw Sabrina’s top off and Aryana sucks on Sabrina’s enormous breasts. Once Sabrina is fully undressed the caramel skin of Aryana’s face meets the pale white skin of Sabrina’s twat. After a few kisses Aryana impales the white pussy with her fingers; smashing into it like a jackhammer. They switch positions and Sabrina seems a bit more skilled in the pussy eating department. Sabrina mounts Aryana and grinds against her caramel cunt. Viewers can see where Aryana’s pink nails dig into Sabrina’s porcelain skin. They finish up by grinding their pussies together and passionately kissing.
Scene 3 Rating:
This scene begins with some woman, Sabrina, who is a younger spitting image of my aunt going off about God knows what: Jody, Mia and Kendra and their lesbian drama. I scanned forward but she just keeps talking and talking and talking. Then I landed on the make out session and figured because I was doing a review I would need to view this. I do have to say Sabrina Deep knows what she’s doing when she licks the twat. Her pitching performance was fantastic and Aryana was a fabulous recipient.
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Scene 4 - Crystal Jewels and Raylene
Two young lesbian lovers discuss sapphic matters in the kitchen. An older female relative will shortly arrived for a church function so these young ladies, Raylene and her girl, better get all their lesbian sex out of the way! But these girls are excited for more than just sex with each other, they are in an open relationship and therefore, they have more opportunity when these women of god arrive. Our young lesbians suppose these repressed church ladies would be full of hidden desires that needed to be let out. Once Raylene’s aunt arrive, Raylene sees a glimmer of interest in Crystals, her aunt's friend, eyes while all four women discuss where they would like to eat dinner. Crystal is an older God fearing woman that has just met two undercover lesbians, but is completely unaware. Each girl takes their designated older christian woman to their specific guest room locations within the house with the intention of conversion. Raylene previously asks/ grants her girlfriend permission to get pussy to pussy with these new attractions.Before all of the ladies go out for dinner Raylene asks Crystal if she will be comfortable going to a lesbian bar for dinner just to test the water. Crystal says God is her whole life since her awful divorce. Raylene suggest giving Crystal a massage before dinner which turns into more. Raylene says she’s ready to eat but not food! She asks if Crystal ever has been with a woman. Crystal is uncomfortable and says no, why? No words. The back massage moves to Crystals breasts. Then they sensually kiss. When Raylene’s hands move from Crystal’s back to her chest and they beginning a long lasting tongue dance. Raylene kisses down her body and then sits on Crystal’s lap, receiving nipples, and lapping at them as if a baby is grappling for milk. Crystal pulls her breast out for Raylene to play with then hand dives into Crystal’s cooch. They dance and play against each others bodies a bit more before they begin tribbing. Afterwards, Raylene pussy-dives and the first words out of Crystal’s mouth are ‘oh my lord’. Guess she’s into it! Raylene eats her twat and makes her cum for the first lezzie time. After furling Crystals legs back, Raylene is able to get her tongue deep inside Crystal’s cunt and she orgasms a second time! They scissors with Raylene taking control and grinding her pussy against Crystals. Raylene turns around and help Crystals hand by rubbing one out then eating her own juices. They swing back to bosom buddies, lapping at each others nipples. Then Crystal brings the party up a notch when Raylene turns and faces her ass towards Crystal’s face. She’s ready to eat the heat and she does eat Raylene’s warm cooch, fingers it hard asking Raylene to cum for her....
Scene 4 Rating:
This does a better job with plot and the sex follows along. Crystal is learning sex and plays a less aggressive roll where and Raylene is controlling most of the situation. It has a great Older/Younger woman dynamic and the scene comes through very smooth and very enjoyable.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This would have been a great full length storyline if it wasn’t so uneven. The best scene by far was the first scene as you can tell by my rating for its raunchy sex plot! The first scene plays into the second scene which I might have rated lower otherwise because the sex is very much sensual and follows the plot. The third scene was completely different and through me off because of the following plot and I didn’t really enjoy watching the sex as much as the first. The fourth scene was also different however, the small plot was full and interesting on it’s own. Lesbian sex is by far the most important part if you decide to buy this and this is a signature series based on that sapphic need. They say it themselves: For Fine Folks With Good Hearts And Curious Minds!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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