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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Telepathy: A MANTIS Origin Story. Only at XRentDVD
Telepathy: A MANTIS Origin Story
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Girlsway Productions
PERFORMERS: Mia Malkova, Cassidy Klein, Adriana Chechik, Karla Kush, Samantha Rone and AJ Applegate
Release Date: may 3, 2016
Starring Mia Malkova, Cassidy Klein and Adriana Chechik! From the now legendary lesbian studio that brought you The Business of Women, and The Turning, comes Telepathy: A MANTIS Origin Story, an exciting bridge between the tantalizing lesbian epics leading up to the unfolding of Project Pandora from the mind of producer Bree Mills and director Stills By Alan. Telepathy is a thigh busting story of actress Mia Malkova who, under the influence of a mutated strain of the lesbian virus we now know as Dr. Elixor's Blooming Tea. Lesbianism is only one of the effects derived from the woman made virus. Mia's reaction gives her the ability to read the minds of the women she meets. Witness a corporate battle between a Conservative organisation called AWAL, and the progressive homo-supportive secret agency MANTIS in this heavy and wet tale, as we follow MIa from her first moment on set, with the real 'Turning' patient zero Halle White (Adriana Chechik), to the final stage of MANTIS, using her new gift to begin yet another chain of events led by her miraculous gift of intuition that bring us to a culmination of corporate lesbian revenge! A Girlsway Original Feature.

Telepathy is the purported transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. That being said, this film is going to be a massacre of lesbian lust! Not just an “I want you, you want me let's fuck” film, but literally every lesbian's thoughts pulsating out, thirsting for cunt. This film will be full of lesbian tension between AWAL anti-lesbians and MANTIS lesbians creating a culmination of deeply penetrated wet, gushing, pussy action!

Scene 1: Straight Arrow Part One: Cassidy Klein, Karla Kush
Scene 2: Straight Arrow Part Two: AJ Applegate, Cassidy Klein, Karla Kush
Scene 3: Telepathy Part One: Samantha Rone, Mia Malkova
Scene 4: Telepathy Part Two: Cassidy Klein, Mia Malkova
Scene 5: Telepathy Part Three: Adriana Chechik and Mia Malkova
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Straight Arrow Part One: Cassidy Klein, Karla Kush
Cassidy Klein, known as Agent X, receives her new mission instructions from commander Mantis via hidden cell phone. Her directive is to successfully recruit Subject 20 also known as Karla Kush. Cassidy listens into Subject 20's phone conversation from a distance. Listening into Kush’s every word Agent X discovers that her subject’s home was severely damaged by a tornado and now Kush is a damsel in distress, with distraught pleas for help. Agent X to the rescue! Cassidy pops into a seductive business outfit and knocks on Kush's front door. She presents herself a TV producer for a flip-this-house themed show, offering Kush the answers to her cries for help. Agent X tells her a story to complete the mission. ‘As a producer Cassidy Klein is at the house because it has been chosen for a free revamp and more...but there is only one condition; Karla must be a lesbian to fit their criteria in order to be eligible.’ Agent X want’s Kush to believe they are promoting a gay marriage theme. Sadly and already-know, Karla isn't a lesbian, but she suggests an alternative plan: she is living with her step-sister and they could pretend to be lesbians for the show. Karla's never been with a woman before and needs teaching to make her intimate interactions with women look real. Agent X provides! She channels the ways of a lesbian into her subject, introducing her first to erogenous lesbian kisses! They both press their raw titillated bodies together. But their nips touch, and it’s an instant spark. ‘Kush begins feeling aroused by the soft lips of another woman’. Kush feels the soft seductive lure of supple lesbian breast for the first time. When Kush’s lips meet Klein’s pussy feelings are even more charged with excitement. Agent X orgasms by the sweet delectable lips of her subject and then continues on her mission. In order for Kush to proceed as a lesbian she must do one more thing. She must do the lesbian scissoring! Then also tell her family and friends that she’s a lesbian. She accepts, ‘delving deeper into her savior's body and indulge into the uncharted world of her sopping wet pussy’. Kush takes charge of the situation. She learns a shoulder, the elegant line of her neck, her cheeks, knees, even the inside of her thighs can be stimulated and produce delicious sensation...
Scene 1 Rating:
This is an amped up first scene! Although, the flip-a- house show would probably never use nipple stimulation. I think this scene shows a drive to continue and further this awesome lesbian contagion plot as well as the sex play. It’s a legit entertaining!
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Scene 2 - Straight Arrow Part Two: AJ Applegate, Cassidy Klein, Karla Kush
Both girls are deep in the charged grasps of lust and of fresh new lesbian sex when Kush’s step-sister, AJ Applegate, arrives home. AJ’s horrified face puts a damper on Karla Kush’s orgasm while sitting atop Agent X’s face. Once Kush comes down she explains to her step-sister what exactly is going on. AJ has a boyfriend but Kush argues: ‘is your boyfriend paying for the house to get fixed?’ Their going to be surprised when their house isn’t fixed!! Agent X mentions that everything is FREE and AJ is A-Okay with that. Agent X provides the means of learning not only for Kush but for Kush’s new lesbian partner AJ. AJ is commanded to get naked and follows every instruction. Her panties are in a wet bunch, aroused by playing the hands-on learning type of game. Tiny, soft kisses tantalize and intrigue the first lesbian moments. Soft, quick and quaint describe her first nipple interactions. Meanwhile Kush, drunk on lesbian lust, is eager to further AJ learn experience even more. AJ seems turned when Agent X opens her mouth wide, tongue-out, deeply entwined in AJ’s meat flaps. AJ’s face conveys a depth of passion and longing. While Agent X is tasting AJs hard clitorus and wet twat Kush is behind Klein licking all the juices from her pussy. Kush enjoys the back end of the cunt eating orgasm train until she gets the opportunity to snack on some step-sister twat while Agent X instructs. She gently nipples and sucks, eating with vibrance, and Agent X realizes her mission is complete.
Scene 2 Rating:
Karla Kush was my favorite part of this scene. Not to say that AJ and Klein aren’t fantastic, I just really enjoys Kush’s acting enthusiasm. It looks like she is enjoying herself throughout the whole role. As if she’s almost drunk with lesbian lust, which was Agent X’s mission. The straight sex jokes by Klein a great add as well. Klein plays a great spy/agent and AJ plays a pretty fantastic girl walking in on her step-sister and needing some convincing to turn lesbian! I think the plot is very 21st century!
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Scene 3 - Telepathy Part One: Samantha Rone, Mia Malkova
‘In the spring of 2015, Dr. Elixier's Blooming Tea hit stores and retail outlets, igniting a worldwide lesbian plague. Within 3 months, over 65% of women had been infected across the industrialized world. Initially the situation was tense and chaotic, but thanks to quick and decisive action by the US government, in conjunction with the AWAL organization, order was restored. Martial law went into effect and privately funded hospitals were set up to treat the sick. Using a patented vaccine that was developed by AWAL and several public health initiatives, the population was treated and life began to return to normal. Within 6 months of the outbreak, the US congress passed the Normalcy Act which expressly forbade lesbianism and certain forms of direct contact between heterosexual women Nationwide. Britain, Russia, China and 47 other countries quickly followed suit. A secret organization called MANTIS prepares to fight back against the government and restore lesbianism by unveiling AWAL in all their homophobic ignorance, by getting Haley aka 'Patient Zero' away from AWAL and infecting her with elixier's serum once again. Their plan is to organize a covert film production casting Mia Malkova to play Haley but things don't exactly turn out the way they had hoped...’ Agent X on another mission. She is Cassidy Klein, the producer of a film about Haley White, or ‘Patient Zero’ but her real mission is to infect Haley once again. Cassidy Klein, Mia and co-star Samantha Rone listen to Haley recaps her traumatic life changing experience at the wellness retreat where her friends and family were held as prisoners and forced to drink the same tea she did, making them pussy craving lesbian sex monsters. They would jump at the sight of a wet pair of ladies panties. Samantha, who is on the MANTIS side, offers some tainted water to Haley secretly filled with the Tea. As their meeting ends, Haley hands the unopened bottle of water to Mia. Mia takes a sip unaware that her life as she knows it will be changed forever. Visions of pussies, women playing beat the weasel with their clits, wetness oozing onto the sides of their thighs running through her head causing her to pass out. She wakes up on the floor confused as someone is knocking on her door. She has to pulls herself together and get on-set right away. On set, Mia and Samantha play out their characters but something has changed inside Mia. As the horrible homophobic lines continue to be read Mia begins to hear Samantha's lesbian thoughts demanding that Mia kiss her. Mia gives Samantha a long kiss and the cameras are cut. The director says ‘this is a movie about lesbians, not a lesbian porn.’ The voices inside Mia’s head become clearer and stronger urging her to make lesbian love with Samantha. She gives in. They kiss with a deeply passionate force. They get completely naked within seconds, and bodies rapidly massage against each other. This seems like something they’ve both been waiting for for a very long time. The relentless finger fucking, leads Mia to moan like a seesaw. She moans both while she breaths in and out in constant pleasure it’s euphoric pussy bliss. Samantha munches her muff with easy. When they switch positions Mia tears at her fire crotch like a woman starved of water. They promise not to tell anyone until Mia hears Samantha's thoughts. She hears all about the serum how she infected her with the serum instead of Haley. ‘Samantha storms out of the room, leaving Mia alone and confused wondering what in the hell just happened...’
Scene 3 Rating:
I think this is a fantastic plot line but the editing between the last scene and this scene throw me off a little bit. I get that we are getting a back story characterizing a little bit about Agent X but at a crit in the previous two scenes, but it feels like now that I have seen this scene the first two were kind of just smuggled into this dvd. In Pandora, I felt as if all the scenes flowed but Telepathy has so much of a gap that I have to read four to five paragraphs to understand. I would get it if the four or five were in the beginning of the film but why 3/5’s into the movie? I’d actually enjoy seeing three scenes that were extended. Less writing and more talking or sexing!
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Scene 4 - Telepathy Part Two: Cassidy Klein, Mia Malkova
Samantha Rone’s mistake has not gone unnoticed. She accidentally infected actress Mia Malkova with a new version of lesbian virus tea instead of their target Haley White. Agent Rone and Agent X, Cassidy Klein, both apologize to the head of the MANTIS organization for their failed mission. They discuss a new approach which will benefit them regardless and cater to the new symptom Telepathy. Cassidy calls Mia asking her to swing by for a quick meeting. Upon arrival, Cassidy informs Mia's that there are rumors of her lesbian sexcapades with Samantha. Mia panics and confesses but Cassidy already knows all of this since Mia can read all her thoughts and begs Cassidy to get out of her head! Mia figures out Cassidy is part of MANTIS! Mia has an epiphany, embracing her lesbian nature at last! ‘She decides to help free the world from AWAL. Cassidy excited jumps on Mia, kissing her passionately and fondling her perky boobs as they both strip off their clothes....’ Mia leans back in her chair letting Klein jerk down to her shaven ivory cunt. Klein indulges herself by lapping up Mia’s pussy juice and thrusting her tiny finger inside Mia’s even tinier tight hole. Mia taps into her true lesbian; screaming and orgasming in pleasure from another woman's lusty sapphic tongue. Cassidy stands over Mia’s face spreading her legs wife. Mia, delighted, lifts her tongue to the sky and lets Klein’s juice flow into her mouth. Mia flips Klein around and vigorously exercises her cunt with a thrustful and lustful pair of fingers making Klein devotedly scream Mia’s name. Cassidy grabs Mia closer to her, glazing each other in lesbian fervor liquids and peak simultaneously. Mia’s need to be a part of MANTIS is strong and she vowing to luring Haley White back to the MANTIS side. Klein gives Mia a sonic gun grenade to carry out the task...
Scene 4 Rating:
I guess this tea does have an extra lesbian virus powers! I haven’t heard anyone scream someone name in porn for a very long time. That is great for the plot... They are making it pretty personal! This film is still carrying out a great sex plot as well as a storyline. Many of these type of films fall short in the middle but this has kept my interest going. Klein plays a fantastic role. In this scene I enjoy the fact that I got to see her in the previous scenes.
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Scene 5 - Telepathy Part Three: Adriana Chechik and Mia Malkova
Mia Malkova, soon to be a MANTIS agent, with lesbian telepathic abilities has a mission. She must sway Haley White and bring her back to the MANTIS cause! At Haley's house, Mia seems to interrogate Haley into a confession. Although Haley retells horrific events, Mia can hear Haley's inner voices screaming at every vocal lie. Mia encourages Halley tell her the truth with a few small innocent kisses. Haley's voices become louder ‘ I do what this. I need this.’ Her begs to taste a woman's pussy again, inspires Mia to pull her pants down. Mia reaches over kissing and caressing her body. While Haley begs her to stop, her mind says otherwise. Mia consumes her dirty AWAL beaver. Haley says this is illegal while she flutters and flops around, not fighting back. Mia ignores Haley and continues pleasuring the ignorant AWAL lesbian. Mia thrusts her fingers inside Haley which are consumed by her dirty wet cunt. Mia's overpowers Haley when she puts Haley’s thoughts into pussy throbbing actions. Haley succumbs when Mia begins to sit on her face, and she lick Mia’s sweet lesbian hole. Haley pushes her tongue deep inside this hole and still complains that she’s not a lesbian. Haley fight Mia's but Halle's pussy is so wet from Mia drilling her finger's inside Haley’s cunt, making her squirt simultaneously. Haley White proclaims that she’s a lesbian, then tries to escape. Good thing Mia has her sonic gun grenade!
Scene 5 Rating:
I love the movie but this scene falls short. I don’t enjoy the constant no, no, no, no from Adriana Chechik. If they are trying to keep it more real than most porns they should not have had Mia sit on Haley’s face. She’s sticking her tongue up in Mia’s twat and then says no again? That is just off and at that point Haley would probably just be quiet and continue. So yes, I still enjoy the rest I felt like that part gave me a huge softy.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This is a Pre-Project Pandora film for all of you who have seen Project Pandora and enjoyed it. I recommend buying both films. I think these two are a mix of fantastic storyline as well as a porn. I’ve been on Netflix several times looking for a good lesbian film that I get a little bit of sensuality and a bit of plot line, however they are sadly not that interesting. So this is a fantastic option for me! Obviously, it’s a porn but I get a great porn and a great movie! Two birds with one stone. Not to mention Cassidy Klein pretty much takes the cake in this one. She over achieves and is completely fantastic in all of her scenes!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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