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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Teenage Brotha Lovers #20. Only at XRentDVD
Teenage Brotha Lovers #20
Rent or buy Teenage Brotha Lovers #20
REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Exquisite
PERFORMERS: Mia Hurley, Candice Dare, Selma Sins and Heidi Hollywood
CATEGORY: Just Legal
Release Date: January 29, 2016
Mia Hurley Has Gone Black And Ain't Coming Back! Plus More Fine Babes! The King Of Black Is Back!

These young women can't get enough of the black cock! Sexy Blondes and Brunettes fill their deepest desires... with a big fat black cock. But who can blame when when they're this hot!? Interracial is in and this line has been running for a long time. They should know what’s good!

Scene 1: Candice Dare and Moe Johnson
Scene 2: Mia Hurley
Scene 3: Heidi Hollywood
Scene 4: Selma Sins
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Candice Dare and Moe Johnson
Moe Johnson and his friend meet up with two young fine ladies. They, Moe and friend, sit down together with each lady singling their individual slut out. Moe gets some private time with Candice Dare on a bench in the corner of the room. He bends the big bootied Dare over and starts off by licking her tight asshole. Then her pussy getting her ready for his long black rod. She swallows down his thick member but can’t get her lips quite down to deep throat. Once Moe penetrates her she begins to moan as if this is the first time she’s ever had sex. She moans from how big Moe is. Moe moves her off the bench and onto the floor. He lays back and she mounts his giant cock with her wet pussy. They continue doggy style and then reverse cowgirl. Moe's dick is slimy wet from her naughty twat in reverse cowgirl. They move on, fucking side by side before Moe shoots a quick load on her leg.
Scene 1 Rating:
Moe Johnson and Candice Dare had some awesome sex. The only reason I gave this scene a 4 1/2 is because Dare doesn’t sound very real and I ended up muting the scene. She at the least doesn’t sound like she’s enjoying the sex. Maybe she was trying to go play the startled “OMG, your cock is so big” girl but Dare has been in several different interracial movies including Blacks on Blondes and Blacked (big titles) so she either hates vagina penetration, and thoroughly enjoys anal (which is possible), or she’s bad at faking her moans and probably shouldn’t.
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Scene 2 - Mia Hurley
Moe’s friend takes Mia Hurley to the bedroom. He bends her over on the couch and grabs her ass. He can’t wait to see her naked. She pulls off her shirt and he wrestles with her bottoms: jiggling her ass with them and then pulling them down. She’s naked and he’s fully clothed but not for long. She strips him down and licks his soft weener until it becomes a hard erect cock. He sticks her with his impaler but then she tells him to wait and lubricates it a bit more with her mouth. In no time he fully rams his cock into her pussy. After switching a few positions they lay missionary in bed. In this position viewers get the best view of his cock fully penetrating every inch of her lady cave and viewers can speculate if she’s going to be a gaper after this scene! He finishes out the scene by leaving thick streams of cum on her chest.
Scene 2 Rating:
Damn, his cock is so long! He wasn’t erect right away, which was a downer but slowly the sex made everything became really awesome. The penetration, the real sounding moans, the angles and shots of the scene. The dirty feet were not as attractive, but very realistic. Overall they really worked well as a team.
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Scene 3 - Heidi Hollywood
Moe Johnson plays Heidi Hollywood’s hubby or boyfriend. They are a little low on money and Moe is complaining to his wife about her expenses. She says you can take it out on me as she’s dressed in some sexy lingerie. He says you spend all this money they I just take them off. She makes it up to him with a blow job. She plays the trumpet and the balls: swallow, slurping and gagging. He penetrates her and she covers his cock with juices while he chokes her. He mounts her doggy style and punishes her pussy. He flips her onto the bed and the rough sex begins. He holds to her the side and chockes her while his staff pushes in and out faster and faster. Her moans match his pace and his cock is pushed out by the force of her orgasm. He rubs his veiny cock against her clit then finished with milky loads of cum jetting from the tip of his cock into her mouth.
Scene 3 Rating:
Again the sex was good but is that a bleached asshole or is her body spray tanned too much? When I’m watching sex I don’t want to be distracted by the white flash. She did a great job and I loved the rough part but that was just a bit too distracting.
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Scene 4 - Selma Sins
Selma Sins boyfriend is playing foosball. She challenges him to a game! All bets on sex happening. I mean besides this being a porn and all. She chokes down his cock and takes the time to make his testies feel nice too. His cocks so big she has to take a minute after choking on it to regain breath. He lays her down to finger and eat her pretty little twat. Her tiny body takes it all. While he keeps pushing in and out of Sins, his cock becomes covered in milky clear substances! Yum. He rams his cock into her twat and every inch counts because she’s so small! Her body jolts and then she cums over and over again. He pulls out and sits down. She bends over as if to touch her toes and he jams it right in! It glides in and out of her pussy all the way to the end of his shaft. When they move they can’t help but fuck right away so they only move as far as against the wall of the same room. Her body jolts and orgasms spark! He lifts her up onto his body and she puts his long cock into her twat. They bounce together as if they are dancing. His hands a seat for her tiny ass. Then she kneels and takes all the cum that he dishes in her mouth.
Scene 4 Rating:
By Far this is the best scene in the whole film. I have no complaints. Each worked as a great counterpart to create a whole. Great Job!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This is a series about interracial, and they should know what they are doing. So no I wouldn’t buy this film at full price. As much as I enjoyed some of the scenes I thinks it’s a great used buy or rent. It seems like an afterthought series but it did made me interested in looking into Selma Sins, Mia Hurley and the male performers because they def out performed themselves.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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