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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Star Wars: The Last Temptation Parody. Only at XRentDVD
Star Wars: The Last Temptation Parody
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Digital Playground
PERFORMERS: Adriana Chechik, Antonio Black, Axel Aces, Erik Everhard, Georgie Lyall, Lily Labeau, Tony De Sergio and Xander Corvus
Release Date: January 25, 2013
A Digital Playground XXX Parody! Is there anything sexier than the dark side? In order to complete her Jedi training, Rey must master her lust - and not just for power! When Kylo Ren bombards her mind with sex soaked dreams, Rey knows she ahs to fuck him, or destroy him, once and for all! But is this dirty Jedi mind trick all a trap? or will Rey's first taste of RAW power drive her to the dicks of darkness?

Fans from galaxies far, far away can find themselves fapping to all kind of jedi Magic in Star Wars: The Last Temptation. This film is full of legit pussy pounding fan fiction and the film tops with Mega Star Adriana Chechik as the main character! You know this is film is going to be raw and raunchy and may even fulfill your wildest space dreams!

Scene 1: Adriana Chechik and Xander Corvus
Scene 2: Georgie Lyall and Antonio Black
Scene 3: Adriana Chechik and Lily Labeau
Scene 4: Adriana Chechik with Axel Aces, Tony de Sergio and Xander Corvus
Scene 5: Lily Labeau and Erik Everhard
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Adriana Chechik and Xander Corvus
Adriana is learning the ways of the Jedi and of its temptations. She begins to understand that the force is both light and dark; that she is in a constant power struggle with her nemesis Xander. The battle of power, lust, and hot raunchy sex is one that Adriana must conquer. Adriana must follow her mentors teachings and turn inwards when anger and fear cloud her thoughts, but Xander has surely creeped into her mind and taken over. Technically this scene is not a sex scene but a force-vision sequence and it’s phenomenal! Adriana is captured, tied against a wall and Xander taunts her. Using his dark powers Xander excites both Adriana and her wet pussy. He pulls down her top to expose her perky nipples only to suck them. He lets her go only for her to return the favor. “Give into your lust.....Open yourself to the dark side,” he says as he thrusts his thick sausage deeper and deeper down her throat, making her gag. The sloppy BJ only gets more intense...
Scene 1 Rating:
The force-vision sequence pits the two major player against each other and follows the implied tension in the actual film pretty closely. Adriana’s BJ was hot as fuck! Many straight dick will be throbbing after just this scene! Most of the time I would never say this about the guys but Xander gave a spot-on performance as well! Overall this scene set the mood and expectation for the rest of the film.
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Scene 2 - Georgie Lyall and Antonio Black
At resistance base, Antonio Black is injured and needs assistance. Georgie Lyall uses the force to bring him back but she may have used a little too much power because he’s not the only one awakened! He’s got a stiff cock rearing to go! Maybe it was Georgie’s intention? She kisses him and her pussy is on demand. Antonio is nervous about doing anything on the floor of the resistance base, but Georgie don’t care. She feeds on his meaty member and revives him more and more with each suck. She lets him taste her pussy and make it all kinds of wet before he dips his chocolate stick deep inside her twat. Antonio shortly pulls his tick out to let her taste herself and then continues to jam his dick deep inside her tight slot. He lets her suck his cock until he’s about to explode and leaves lines of cum allower her mouth and titties. She says “Welcome back” and she swallows his seed.
Scene 2 Rating:
The dynamic in this scene was interesting. The plot seems to get a bit off rail but the sex is bomb-dot-com! Lyall’s powers make her feel everything Antonio feels and the arousal and stimulations get the best of them; power and exhilaration feed off each other. The oral skills in this scene are again phenomenal.
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Scene 3 - Adriana Chechik and Lily Labeau
Basically after a bunch of back and forth mind control and a crash landing on a planet called T’ivat. Lily Labeau finds Adriana. Lily tells her that Xander will use her lust against her to destroy her and that Adriana must master her lust. If both women experience their desires together it will strengthen Adriana’s ability to fight Xander. Both women caress each others bodies slowly, kissing and touching. Lily takes control and fingers Adriana’s wet cunt which leads to a lot of squirting and even more finger banging. After Lily finishes up licking up Adriana’s juices and twat the pleasure turns towards Lily who also drips and then squirts. Both girls grind pussy and after reaching their peak, Lily tells Adriana the dark side and light side is in everyone. That Adriana has the same weakness as Xander...
Scene 3 Rating:
Lily Labeau’s character is not that of the purely evil but rather a teacher. She gives a lesson in balancing the force and sexual roles. First Adriana plays a character that is excited and unsure of her sexual role but then in the end becomes more aggressive and more powerful. I think this is a great acted out scene. I know Adriana and Lily are both fantastic porn stars but they also play their parts very well and are fantastic actresses as well.
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Scene 4 - Adriana Chechik with Axel Aces, Tony de Sergio and Xander Corvus
The tides have turned and Adriana can feel that Xander is nearby. She opens her mind to him, so he can find her. Xander is accompanied by the Knights of Ren and tells Adriana she can’t escape the dark side; that he will make her earn her place. After her weapons are destroyed, Xander pins her against a ruin. He kisses her, telling her to stop fighting it. Adriana is on her knees sloshing up Xander’s hard cock but he is not alone. His Knights of Ren join in! She blows one hard cock to the next, sucking and jerking each one. “All the way to the balls,” Xander tells her. Has Adriana joined the dark side? “Put that fucking cock deep inside me,” she exclaims. Xander has first call on the pussy but each Knight gets dibs and slams their cock deep inside her pussy while she sucks on each of the other sausages. Adriana is left coated in cum as each of the Knights and Ren have busted loads all over her.
Scene 4 Rating:
Cinematography. Fucking. Acting. Everything 5 Stars! This was an awesome stand out scene! Fans of Adriana Chechik will not be disappointed and Star Wars fans will not be dissapointed. If your both... you better get yourself a copy!
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Scene 5 - Lily Labeau and Erik Everhard
When Erik comes to the rescue of Adriana Chechik, he encounters Lily Labeau. Erik uses his mind control to open Lily to the light and also to open her mouth for throbbing cock. He feeds her the force in more than one way. He spreads her ass cheeks with his mind and fucks her hard...Everhard! After shooting a load of cum in her mouth he kicks her off the ship. They vanish into the stars.
Scene 5 Rating:
Nice Blowjob and good cosplay fuck. This scene was an extra added bonus.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Porn fans are in for a treat in this big-budget Star Wars parody that mirrors the latest Star Wars film. The director, Dick Bush, was thoughtful and detailed in creating this fanfiction film complimented with hot hardcore porn scenes and phenomenal actresses and actors! I highly recommend you succumb to the dark side and feed your desire = Buy this film.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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