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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Shade X #2. Only at XRentDVD
Shade X #2
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Smash Pictures
PERFORMERS: Melissa Moore, Casey Calvert, Veruca James, Lea Lexis, Moe Johnson, Jovan Jordan, Nat Turnher and Jon Jon
CATEGORY: Interracial
Release Date: April 28, 2016
Once you go black you never come back! These Black cocks are so much bigger, thicker and ready to stretch some white pussy. Nothing turns on these ivory whores more than seeing a chocolate pole destroy their tight cunts.

Interracial porn! And a Black is better mentality. It features nothing but white beauties like Veruca James taking on the biggest blackest cocks in the industry! Can they handle it? “For some white girls, a black cock is all that will do when it comes to getting off. Black cocks are so much bigger and thicker and these white sluts love that about them... Black is on the menu today and it will wreck havoc on these white pussies.” Brandon Iron teams up with Smash Pictures for the second time to create an interracial release "Shade X2." Shade X is attributed to the fact that the porn business has evolved. It is not just about the fucking anymore. It is about the artistic style, talent and technique as well as fucking! At first glance the cover looks like a mash between several other high quality studios. The question and hope is: Can this black cock go deeper than the rest?!?!

Scene 1: Melissa Moore and Nat Turnher
Scene 2: Veruca James and Jon Jon
Scene 3: Lea Lexis and Jovan Jordan
Scene 4: Casey Calvert and Moe Johnson
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Melissa Moore and Nat Turnher
Melissa Moore doesn’t begin by talking but by giving us a very intimate show of her lady bits. She lays back on a lawn chair, one which is very near a pool and begins rubbing her body sensually. The scene changes and we view the tasteful box cover featuring cutie Melissa Moore in the arms of Nat Turnher, who’s contemplating her assets, which are nicely framed in black and red lace. The scene begins with a very similar view and a very little plot line. Instead of going out, this couple decides to stay home because a fuck-a-thon indoors is way more amusing than going out with the pals . The fuckery begins with Nat Turner eating a bit of Moore's pretty kitty while she laps and slurps up his gigantic cock. She lays Nat down to suck him off then lets him watch as she fingers her twat. After a fantastic interlude of lollipop licking and muff munching, Nat Turnher penetrates her meat flaps with his baby canon sized dingus. Moore and Turnher have such an epic bonking session that Turnher draws up an awful sweat and Melissa is slobbering without Turnher’s joystick in her mouth. She hides his ankle slapper of a cock deep, deep and deeper inside her glorious cave of wonder! They buzz the brillo pretty hard, until Nat Turner cranks a load onto her luscious lips.
Scene 1 Rating:
This scene stands out. It doesn’t scream fantastic it screams phenomenal. Melissa’s tease was actually somewhat slow pace which plays into have more one-on-one viewing time with the female lead. I love to see a woman take time and rub herself. Moore shows interest in the delicate degrees of her body not just her orifices as a means of penetration.
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Scene 2 - Veruca James and Jon Jon
Jon Jon needs some calming and Veruca James knows just how to provide! She gives to him her sweet candy twat and he gives her some thick gooey tongue action. He proceeds to explore her pretty kitty with his massive tongue, but she pulls off to unbutton his dress shirt. She’s ready for his meat! Before he rides her pussy, he gets a quick titty fuck in those titties. Heavy D and the boyz get a good two or three minutes with James’ sweet, sweet jubilees. He pulverizes her pussy with some sheer lust and thrust action; plowing and plowing with an added face slapping. They stop, then again, he thrusts inside her tight white happy hole while choking her out with his basketball palming man hands. Not before long he blows a load inside her mouth and she swallows every last drop of his seed!
Scene 2 Rating:
This scene caters to a different interest. It’s more hands-on and rough. We just got a sweet and sensual view from Moore and now a rough and raunchy view from James. I am beyond pleased with this scene. I love Veruca James and her hardcore action. This scene fits the in terms of vibrancy and carnality!
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Scene 3 - Lea Lexis and Jovan Jordan
Lea Lexis sensually rubs her body while sitting on the couch caressing her bosoms while getting into a sexy-time outfit. She brings her corset up her legs and jiggles her ass-ets with this material. She gets on the phone with Jovan Jordan who needs a distraction. After 9 minutes of the best provocative self hanky panky, Jordan finally shows up. Viewers are already quite excited and she appeases Jordan with her attire. His meaty and girthy semen slinger is swallowed whole by this woman. Every bit of slobber, lubricates her oversized mouth to open deeper and deeper swallowing his shaft and inching closer and closer to his engorged nuts. She favors his equally oversized rod, and soon he’s buried balls deep in her cunt hole. At the end she wipes her chin from the cream he shoots all over her face.
Scene 3 Rating:
I think that Jovan Jordan was a good fit for Lea Lexis. He has a great girthy cock and it fits in her pussy quite well. This scene was rough but also it served many boner raising needs. I think this is a great move forward and this scene was very visually appealing.
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Scene 4 - Casey Calvert and Moe Johnson
Casey Calvert wears black patterned see through lace with a dwarfed pink bow depressed onto her voluptuous derriere. She picks up a nice gold ribbed toy, indulging in its possible pleasures and pandering to the audience. This gold toy does not foretell the massive jack hammer of a cock to come. Moe Johnson enters the scene only to gratify, satisfy and please every part of her bodacious body from lips to toes. He subtly kisses her lady parts and together they sensually caress each other until clothes are no longer necessary. He pulls down her panties and thrusts his thick pink tongue into her bright pink pussy. She returns the favor by devouring his thick ginormous meat thruster. They rendezvous in the middle, when cock meets twat and nothing else matters. He smashes into her hole with seemingly no other hope but to pulverize it into tenderized meat. He smashes her on a couch, above and below her in many different positions. This does not stop until he unleashes a stream of goo that pours down her face.
Scene 4 Rating:
I enjoyed this scene. The preview looked appealing which led me to anticipate this scene being fantastic and it was. I was very surprised because I thought I would see all the great parts in the previews and I didn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed Moe Johnson fucking the shit out of Casey Calvert.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
The music in the previews and the previews themselves are a really great draw. You will enjoy this film. My personal favorites were scene 2 and 4 but I’m a fucking pig and I like some rough dick pounding some tiny white pussy. I think overall this film contributes to a range of interests. If you like watching women masturbate the film pays closer attention to the sensual aspect of a woman touching herself. It holds its worth in at least two scenes if not all. Smash Pictures certainly out did itself from the first Shade X film and my dick is already hard about thinking about the next one.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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