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Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: August Ames, Lily Love, Nina North and Crystal Rae
DIRECTED BY: Greg Lansky
Release Date: November 28, 2016
Acclaimed studio Vixen and AVN award winning director Greg Lansky are proud to present the first installment of 'Racks', a celebration of naturally busty models and high-quality production! Featuring cover girl and Vixen Angel, August Ames in an intense and passionate cream pie. Also with the luscious Lily Love, Nina North and Crystal Rae and their big natural racks! Vixen is about quality and all our movies feature real cinematography, exceptionally beautiful women and hot story lines that will truly excite you.

Greg Lansky has been on fire lately as a producer and director and since creating his own production company, Vixen, has been killing it with innovative production values and casting gorgeous porn stars. You expect porn stars to have big tits, but to devote an entire DVD to the luscious sweater kittens busting out on your screen is something to behold. With August Ames gracing the box cover with Lily Love, Crystal Rae and Nina North showing off their big racks in this release, I'm expecting to see some big tits bouncing on huge cocks and lots of tit worship, titty fucking and of course, some money shows on those gorgeous girl globes.

Scene 1: August Ames and Jason Brown
Scene 2: Lily Love and Jean Val Jean
Scene 3: Nina North and Mick Blue
Scene 4: Crystal Rae and Jean Val Jean
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - August Ames and Jason Brown
August Ames is on a 3-day weekend and meets Jason Brown poolside. With the patience of a grade schooler, August invites him back to her hotel room for little interracial fun. Kissing leads to a standing hand job and then a kneeling, sloppy, blow job. The deep dicking starts off in missionary that starts slow and gentle but the tempo picks up quickly before transitioning back to a BJ with Jason on his back. August climbs on top of her black stallion and rides his Johnson slowly but the pace quickens with Jason holding on to her tits like handlebars on his childhood bike. They move to reverse cowgirl when August asks for Jason to cum inside her pussy. She finishes with sucking the cum residue off of Jason's receding cock after pushing out his cum wad of a cream pie.
Scene 1 Rating:
August Ames has a D cup rack and I was hoping to see more of it featured in this scene. By the end I felt I was watching more of an interracial movie rather than a movie devoted to big tits. Don't get me wrong, the opening scene was definitely stroke worthy and August is as hot as they come. Hoping that the following scenes bring more tits and we get to see what we came for.
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Scene 2 - Lily Love and Jean Val Jean
Lily Love is getting divorced and can't wait to test her attractiveness on the open market again. The plot of selling the house with the guidance of a celebrity real estate agent takes place and of course, Lily is all too willing to show her appreciation and admiration for Jean's work. A skinny dip in the pool by Lily while Jean Val Jean offers her a towel begins the meat of the scene. The BJ portion starts off on the deck of the pool but quickly moves to both in the pool. They move inside for lengthy kissing and more blow job action in the bedroom. Time for Lily to ride Jean's cock from on top facing him and they also move to a reverse cowgirl which makes Lily cum. They move to doggy style which results in some serious pounding ending in a facial.
Scene 2 Rating:
The blow job portion taking place while both in the pool was a bit long and I could hear voices and even leaf blowers in the distance. Not sure if it was the neighbors not knowing a porn was being shot next door but it was a bit distracting. The portion with Lily on top, most of the action was shot from behind, showcasing Lily's outstanding ass and the dick in the pussy action. Unfortunately for us, Lily's awesome rack is not visible in these shots. Thankfully in the reverse cowgirl section, we get to see those tits bounce from Jean's cock thrusting up into her along with some swinging tits in the doggy. A decent scene for sure with more focus on the tits and the chemistry between Lily and Jean was quite good.
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Scene 3 - Nina North and Mick Blue
Nina North opens the scene expressing her dislike for her sister, played by Macy May. Her sister is a bitch and is always bringing over her boyfriend, Mick Blue, and is overly affectionate with him in from of Nina. Nina exacts her revenge when her sister gets called away and Mick is still in the house. Nina decides to seduce Mick while her sister is away by starting off with a BJ after he gets out of the shower. They move to the bedroom for some sex before Nina's sister comes back home. The bra comes off exposing Nina's perky yet surprisingly ample tits for a girl her size. More BJ in the bedroom with Nina kneeling and later with Mick on his back. The dick to pussy starts off with a reverse cowgirl and Nina's titties get to bouncing on Mick's uncut, Euro cock. Mick likes to eat pussy and Nina is all too happy to lay back and let his tongue tickle her clit before stuffing his dick back in her in doggy style. Transition to cowgirl with Nina's tits flapping in Mick's face as he tries to suck a nipple between thrusts. Nina cums in that position and they move to a spooning finish which results in a sloppy facial that drips down Nina's chest and tits.
Scene 3 Rating:
Good camera work on this one and very good shots of Nina's tits. Nice transitions and a mix of wide shots and close-ups. The position choices of spooning and reverse cowgirl showcased Nina's tits along with wide shots and head-on shots in doggy were good too. The energy from both Nina and Mick was excellent and you could tell Nina was cumming for real and it wasn't a "fake cum" for the camera. (If it was, she sure fooled me.)
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Scene 4 - Crystal Rae and Jean Val Jean
Crystal now lives alone since her brother moved out. He comes to visit and brings friends over from time to time which Crystal takes a liking to Jean Val Jean. After her brother drinks too much, Crystal takes advantage of him not being a cock block by seducing Jean by the pool. Off comes Crystal's top and Jean's swim trunks soon follow. Nothing like a poolside BJ to start off a sex scene with the perceived danger of her brother coming to and discovering his sister is being a slutty whore with his buddy. Crystal suggests they venture to her bedroom where they kiss and continue the BJ, this time with Crystal kneeling and worshiping his cock. They move to a 69 position and Crystal then focuses on Jean's dick while he lays back and let's her take over. She climbs on top and shoves her tits in Jean's face while on the bed before moving to a reverse cowgirl. The reverse cowgirl gives the viewer ample opportunity to get a good look at Crystal's tits bounce on top of Jean's cock. They move to doggy where Jean deep dicks Crystal to the point she claims she can feel his cock in her stomach. He even gathers her hair up and pulls her hair in a face down/ass up position to stuff even more dick in there. Can't forget the spooning position to finish the scene with Jean cupping Crystal’s left tit with one hand in order to get a better grip. The pounding intensifies until Jean drops a squirting load on her face with the initial spurt missing her face entirely. Yay for a healthy prostate Jean!
Scene 4 Rating:
Great scene to end the movie. Hats off to the editor for saving this one for last. A very nice combination of wide shots and graceful pans to close-ups for those that want to make no mistake there is a cock pounding that pussy. Crystal Rae has a great rack and the spooning position showcased those tits perfectly. The rhythm of Jean Val Jean's thrusts met by Crystal Rae pushing back, made her tits swirl in a circular motion that was memorizing and titillating all at the same time. Might be difficult making yourself hold off on dropping your load before the scene comes to an end.
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Big D's Overall Impression
Vixen is a production company that started on the web but has recently ventured into packaging it's content onto DVDs. You can tell these scenes were all shot for the web but their common theme and thread was that the girls all had nice, big tits. Although not a movie dedicated to just big boobs and titty worship, it was nice to see these girls with ample, natural busts getting the dick. The camera work was excellent and the film quality was superb. If you like big, natural tits getting fucked in many different ways, this is definitely worth renting if not purchasing and adding to your collection. Of note, for those looking for anal, you won't find it in this movie which seems to be a break from the massive amounts of anal movies coming onto the market these days. A refreshing change if you ask me.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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