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Read Big D's review of The Princess Has Come Of Age. Only at XRentDVD
The Princess Has Come Of Age
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Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Black Widow Productions
CATEGORY: Animation
Release Date: December 29, 2005
In a far away galaxy a Princess has come of age and must choose a husband. Five Princes from nearby planets have gathered together at the Princesses castle, but only he who will be able to satisfy all of her sexual desires will be able to marry her. Five nights of pleasure and lust are waiting for the Princess...The challenge begins.

I have never reviewed any animation porn so this will be my first. Honestly I am looking forward to this one since there has been so much hype and anticipation surrounding its release. It's a computer-generated three-dimensional feature, like Shrek or Toy Story and cost $1.2 million and took three years to complete. Much like the DVD format has permanently changed porn to the point where you can't find VHS tapes anymore, this DVD may forever make regular animated porn obsolete.

Scene 1: Scene 1
Scene 2: Scene 2
Scene 3: Scene 3
Scene 4: Scene 4
Scene 5: Scene 5
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Scene 1
The princess in brought into a chamber with five portals and she chooses the first one which holds a prince that resembles a troll. The sex starts with a BJ, then doggy, cowgirl, more doggy, an anal doggy with the scene ending with a cum shot landing on her back.
Scene 1 Rating:
I knew this would not be your run of the mill anime porn but this one is unreal. The movements are so lifelike and the images are as close to real life as you can get. The detail of this production is what makes this scene rate so high. For example, with each thrust in the doggy position, the princess' tits move just as they would if this was a real porn production using real actors. Great way to start off the movie and I am sure the production quality will continue for the remaining scenes.
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Scene 2 - Scene 2
The next room awaits a robot looking prince that can produce any size dildo or vibrator for her pleasure. She immediately takes it missionary before doing a suspended 69 then to an anal doggy. The scene ends with the robot pulling out and spraying a thick, purple colored cum shot over her back.
Scene 2 Rating:
The scene demonstrates again the detail that goes into this film. I will admit that the scene resembled that of another website that has real performers having sex with numerous contraptions and sex machines. Because the princess was doing essentially a robot, the sex seemed limited. A good scene indeed and I am still blown away by the realism this animation exhibits.
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Scene 3 - Scene 3
The princess encounters some sort of a large flower. She starts giving head to one of the 'tentacles' and then gets fucked from behind which eventually turns into a DP. She is then suspended in mid-air and the flower proceeds to fuck her with a penis that emanates from the middle of the flower bud. The scene ends with the flower spurting pollen all over her and it even drips from her pussy and ass.
Scene 3 Rating:
The animation continues to amaze me but the actual sex was a bit strange. The flower looked like it had both female and male body parts exhibiting a penis like appendage at the end but had large breasts in the middle of the flower stalk. Definitely one of the weirder combinations of creatures in this film but definitely unique. After all this DVD is a fantasy animation type, so the weirder the better.
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Scene 4 - Scene 4
The princess walks up a large staircase and at the top encounters what looks to be a mirror. In the mirror is a silver image that looks much like herself and she is immediately pulled into the mirror environment. She is suspended with her mirror image of a silver girl that starts in with licking her twat. The silver girl produces a double headed dildo from her mouth and starts using it on the princess in both her pussy and her ass. They both take the dildo in the ass to ass position with the scene ending with both cumming.
Scene 4 Rating:
The girl/girl crowd will like this scene. It was the one that most people would recognize as close to "regular porn" as you can get. The animation is very life-like again with the dildo flexing at the right moment it would in real life had real actors been used. A great scene.
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Scene 5 - Scene 5
The princess' last suitor is located in a room that the princess slides down a slide to find a large blob creature with what looks to be large spikes coming out of his back. He spits out of his mouth two flying dicks with bat wings and one of the starts doing the princess missionary. The same flying dick takes her anally while she leans on a table while she sucks off the second. Both dicks now join in for a DP while the spiked creature in the room seems to be getting the pleasure from it all. The scene ends with the spiked guy cumming out of all of his spikes as the flying dicks go limp. The movie ends revealing which suitor was able to satisfy the princess. I won't ruin the movie by revealing her decision but you may be surprised as to whom she selects.
Scene 5 Rating:
Again the animation will blow you away with the realism and attention to detail. The flying dicks seemed a bit strange at first but since this is the fifth scene, the surreal and obscure doesn't seem to fade. Great way to end the movie and her choice of husband was a surprise to me.
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Bonus Features
Big D 's Overall Impression
Great movie and I am not one to regularly watch animated porn. This movie looks like it will revolutionize the animated porn DVD world much like the first computer generated animated mainstream movies did. Today no one makes any mainstream animated features using the old technique and it is all computer generated. This movie looks like it will have the same effect. Groundbreaking and extremely high quality, this DVD is worth a rental just to see the amount of detail that went into this production. Even if you have never seen an animated porn DVD, this one is a good one to see for those that are curious.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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