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Read Pete the Meat's review of Pirates #2: Stagnetti's Revenge. Only at XRentDVD
Pirates #2: Stagnetti's Revenge
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REVIEWED BY: Pete the Meat
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Digital Playground
PERFORMERS: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Katsuni, Sasha Grey, Stoya, Belladonna, Gabriella Fox, Shawna Lenee, Shyla Stylez, Veronica Rayne, Abbey Brooks, Brianna Love, Brea Lynn, Jenna Haze, Rhylee Richards, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Steven St Croix, Ben English, Charles Dera, James Deen, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara and Marco Banderas
Release Date: September 27, 2008
From the visionary Writer/Director Joone, comes the long awaited and highly anticipated sequel to Digital Playground's 'Pirates'. Superstar Jesse Jane returns as the irresistible Jules - the seductive pirate hunter who leads an all-star cast that includes the world's hottest, most beautiful girls. Digital Playground contract stars Shay Jordan, Katsuni, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, and Riley Steele heat up the screen with their most intense performances ever. International sensations Belladonna, Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Shyla Stylez, Brianna Love, Shawna Lenee and many more complete this unforgettable journey. Ready with swords drawn high, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, and Stephen St. Croix reprise their groundbreaking roles from the original. 'Pirates 2: Stagnetti's Revenge' is an epic adventure that showcases 11 of the most passionate sex scenes, breathtaking fight scenes, intense orgies and over 600 amazing special effects!

As feature porn films have seemingly gone the way of the do-do, Digital Playground takes the complete opposite direction with one of the most anticipated porn releases in recent history. The sequel to Joone’s 2005 masterpiece, Stagnetti’s Revenge has long been publicized as the biggest adult production in history, and with legendary performances from the likes of Jesse Jane in the first Pirates film, this multi-disc affair has a lot to live up to. Some cast members return and many new ones come on board in this epic flick about love, heroism and sweet pirate booty.

Scene 1: Shay Jordan, James Deen & Mick Blue
Scene 2: Riley Steele, Shawna Lenee & Ben English
Scene 3: Jesse Jane & Belladonna
Scene 4: Shyla Stylez, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Veronica Rayne, Abbey Brooks, Manuel Ferrara, Marco Banderas & Charles Dera
Scene 5: Shay Jordan & Steven St. Croix
Scene 6: Jenna Haze & Evan Stone
Scene 7: Brianna Love, Rhylee Richards & Evan Stone
Scene 8: Katsuni, Jesse Jane & Tommy Gunn
Scene 9: Shay Jordan, Jesse Jane & Steven St. Croix
Scene 10: Belladonna, Sasha Grey & Evan Stone
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Shay Jordan, James Deen & Mick Blue
The film begins with a gang of pirates led by the sexy and evil Xifeng, played by Katsuni, invading a massive ship. The gang murders everyone onboard after retrieving what they came for – a magical orb they believe will resurrect Victor Stagnetti from his watery grave. The scene then cuts to another ship traveling the seas, captained by comedic pirate hunter Captain Reynolds, a role revived by Evan Stone. He tells the story of his crew, which includes the sexy Jules Steel played by Jesse Jane and the addition of Ai Chow, played by Shay Jordan. In the events since the last film, Captain Reynolds explains how he’s noticed a change in moral from his crewmen since Ai joined, though he’s not sure why.
Scene 1 Rating:
As he explains, the scene cuts to hard, sweaty fucking between Shay, Mick and James. With fast editing and numerous camera angles, the two fuck Shay hard in the ship’s bowels as she screams like crazy in this very short scene. Though the cock-gagging and pussy-pounding only lasts a couple of minutes, the fast editing makes it intense and fun to watch. I can’t wait to see the full scene on the bonus disc.
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Scene 2 - Riley Steele, Shawna Lenee & Ben English
In a massive Victorian home, Double-Dick Willie played by Ben English is a ruthless pirate who breaks into Riley and Shawna’s extravagant bedroom in search of gold. With the two beautiful girls dressed in white lingerie seated on the bed, they swear they don’t have any gold, but offer him a different kind of treasure. As his butler enters the room, we find out that Ben is actually the governor in the midst of a role-playing fantasy with the two busty blondes. Thankfully for both himself and the viewer, he quickly shoes his butler away to continue his treasure hunt.
Scene 2 Rating:
This is Riley’s first-ever shoot under her new contract with Digital Playground, with a hot three-way to get things started. Both girls are incredibly sexy and feed off each other’s energy, fucking and screaming like crazy. Like the first scene, this is a short fuck with fast-paced editing and hard action. Ben takes turns pounding both of them in a number of hot, sweaty positions, busting all over their cute faces as they kiss at the finale. The scene is so short it almost acts as a teaser to the must-see full-length.
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Scene 3 - Jesse Jane & Belladonna
As Captain Reynolds and his crew embark on a mission to find Xifeng, Olivia, played by Belladonna, confronts Jules in her room while polishing a large sword. In a fit of jealousy, Olivia asks Jules how she earned her spot as second in command, calling her “weak”. Jules proves that she is anything but, as she grabs her by the neck and throws her on the bed, stripping her naked.
Scene 3 Rating:
This is a sizzling hot lesbian scene as Jesse and Belladonna fight for dominance over one another in a fit of rage and sexual energy. Belladonna violently fingers Jesse’s asshole from behind as she writhes in pleasure, and she flips Belladonna over to finger her ass and pussy, grabbing her neck from the back to shove it into the bed and make her squirt. The two talk dirty and scream wildly, ramming each other’s pussies into their faces, humping each other and producing one of the hottest girl-girl scenes I have seen in quite some time.
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Scene 4 - Shyla Stylez, Stoya, Gabriella Fox, Veronica Rayne, Abbey Brooks, Manuel Ferrara, Marco Banderas & Charles Dera
Captain Reynolds and crew pull into a pretty cool-looking pirate town where they stumble into an auction house with girls up for bid. After a midget buys a fat guy in a dress, they pull out Jenna Haze and Captain Reynolds can’t help but snatch the girl up for 1000 gold coins. The auctioneer, played by Zaaf B., is so impressed he invites Reynolds to party in his harem where he’s met by the likes of Shyla Stylez, Veronica Rayne and Stoya all dressed as sexy belly-dancers. All five women get to action at the snap of Zaaf’s finger, each pairing up with a different partner for a massive fuck-fest.
Scene 4 Rating:
Shyla takes it up the ass immediately from Manuel while Gabrielle and Stoya engage in one-on-one- action with the other guys. Veronica and Abbey eat each other out with a lot going on in the scene and quick editing that lasts just a couple of minutes. While all this action transpired, Jules was wandering around in search of Xifeng, getting captured by her and her crew in the process.
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Scene 5 - Shay Jordan & Steven St. Croix
Steven returns as Marco, now a disgruntled crew member explaining his depression over a pint of beer with a friend. He reveals he hasn’t had a female companion in quite some time since the incidents of the first film. In fact, he hates girls altogether. Ai catches wind of the conversation and decides she should let him take out some of his anger on her.
Scene 5 Rating:
This is another hot, short fuck scene with a lot of action as Steven slaps Shay around and she screams like crazy. They fuck missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl and spoon with rapid editing and lots of close-ups before he finishes all over her stomach. Unfortunately, with all the men she’s been with, she immediately tells Steven she loves him and wants him to marry her.
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Scene 6 - Jenna Haze & Evan Stone
Back to the harem, everyone is napping after the orgy and Zaaf introduces Captain Reynolds to his love slave Jenna. The film wastes little time transitioning one sex scene to the next as the two quickly get acquainted and she sucks his dick in a beautiful harem.
Scene 6 Rating:
Jenna plays a perfect cute-voiced slave girl and Evan makes several jokes at the beginning, keeping the overall humorous tone of the film in tact. He tells Jenna to “suck those cannonballs,” and she does so well, ramming his cock down her throat and riding it hard. As she tells him to take her ass, he only does so for a couple of minutes before the cumshot to finish this great love slave fantasy.
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Scene 7 - Brianna Love, Rhylee Richards & Evan Stone
After the fucking, Xifeng and crew bust in with Jules, who they’ve turned into a crazed sex fiend. They capture Captain Reynolds, throwing him into a Rancor pit-like dungeon to be sacrificed to a giant slug. As Olivia watches, she jumps onto the creature’s back to slay it, saving the Captain’s life. The crew escapes back to the ship and the scene cuts to Reynolds in his bedroom. Brianna and Rhylee enter, playing sea-groupies of sorts, wanting to hear the tale of how he defeated Victor Stagnetti in the first film. After greatly exaggerating, the two are quickly turned on by his stories of heroism.
Scene 7 Rating:
Both of these girls are gorgeous, Rhylee filling the big-boobed blonde role and Brianne with a cuter, natural look. They both suck Evan’s dick together and the editing switches between shots of Evan fucking both of them in different positions followed by anal on Brianna as Rhylee cups his ball. The scene ends pretty quickly with a cumshot across both of their lips.
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Scene 8 - Katsuni, Jesse Jane & Tommy Gunn
Back on Xifeng’s ship, she’s wreaking havoc with the magical orb and shoots it into the sea, causing a massive crater. Tommy Gunn emerges, reborn as Victor Stagnetti. Resurrected from the sea, he does the first thing any man would do after being brought back to life: have a three-way with Xifeng and the rabidly horny Jules.
Scene 8 Rating:
This is another spectacular performance from Jesse Jane, playing the aggressor with the exotic Katsuni. She sticks her ass in the air and her face into Katsuni’s pussy while Tommy fingers her from behind. Katsuni rams Tommy’s cock into Jesse’s face and fucks both of them hard with Jesse stealing the show, acting like a crazed dick-fiend. Tommy fucks Katsuni’s ass while she eats Jesse out, and this is a fantastic scene starring two beautiful women.
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Scene 9 - Shay Jordan, Jesse Jane & Steven St. Croix
Xifeng’s ship, meanwhile, has become a complete ghost ship with an entire crew of skeletons. They board Captain Reynolds’ vessel, resulting in a massive sword fight, a giant sea creature summoned by Stagnetti, and Belladonna performing some cool stunts with Katsuni and Jesse Jane. As the film comes to an end, Jules later enters Marco’s room, wanting to get back with him after the incidents of the first film.
Scene 9 Rating:
The two start kissing as a jealous Ai enters the room. Marco confesses that he loves both of them and they all get completely naked to suck his cock. Jesse rides him hard in cowgirl and reverse, Shay gets fucked missionary with Jesse sitting on her face and he fucks both of their pussies violently in a few positions, making them scream like crazy before busting all over Jesse’s stomach.
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Scene 10 - Belladonna, Sasha Grey & Evan Stone
While Captain Reynolds’ adventures have come to an end in another chapter of Pirates, the fucking isn’t over yet as Olivia and Maria want a piece of his heroic cock to bring the film to a close. They suck his dick on the bed as he hangs from the ceiling, then he fucks both of them rough, sticking it in the sexy Maria’s ass.
Scene 10 Rating:
This film features some very good three-way scenes, and this is among the best. Though it too is extremely short, the full-length is amazing. This is just another great fuck to close this unforgettable film.
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Bonus Features
Pete the Meat's Overall Impression
With an all-star cast and the highest budget in feature porn history, the hype about the sequel to Pirates is definitely justified. This film is an excellent, erotic affair and mainstream lovers will get their fill of elaborate sets and costumes and magnificently gorgeous women engaging in hardcore sex. It is definitely not recommended to view this film without having the bonus second disc with the full sex scenes. On its own, however, Pirates #2: Stagnetti’s Revenge is a film that puts the humor and glamor back in pornography with elaborate costumes and great, big-budget hardcore fucking.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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