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Read Glittery Kiki's review of My Daughter Is A Whore. Only at XRentDVD
My Daughter Is A Whore
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Marc Dorcel
PERFORMERS: Lea Guerlin, Chloe Lacourt, Emma Leigh, Ella Hughes, Peter Oh Tool, Pascal White, Ryan Ryder, Rico Simmons, Christian Clay, Ben Kelly and Luke Hardy
DIRECTED BY: Liselle Bailey
CATEGORY: European
Release Date: January 8, 2016
Despite her young age, Lea is a real whore who knows no limits. Just like her mother... At just 19, Lea is already an expert in pleasure and a master of the art of seduction, right down to her fingertips. As soon as her father's back is turned, she throws herself at complete strangers and shows them the extent of her lustful talents. It is impossible to resist the advances of this young woman obsessed by pleasure. Five years earlier, Lea's mother Chloe had been caught in the act of adultery by her husband. Double penetrated by two strangers right in the middle of the living room, Chloe had let loose her nymphomania in broad daylight. Now, while Lea's father has in no way recovered from this trauma, it is clear that Lea is following in her mother's footsteps... Chefs, removal men, or married men met by chance at a motorway rest stop, as soon as Lea makes eye contact with a man, her urges immediately take over and she can't help but go for it at every opportunity.

This film will surprise you! Liselle Bailey tends to direct color intensive dramatic fantasy plots, well at least this is what she is know for. However, when you hear the name ‘My Daughter is a Whore’ as a porn film title the generalization is that this film is going to be a stepdaughter/ stepfather, or stepmother film with many women in different stepdaughter/father/mother settings. You could assume that this film is just like the rest. It’s not! It’s a delightful surprise when you find out this film is about Lea and her journey in sexual exploration. It’s a beautifully well-balanced production rather than cheese ball compilations of sex scenes. We become passengers into a well- balanced movie with great sex in it and Lea Guerlin plays a strong young woman, ready to explore sexual boundaries no matter who thinks she’s a whore. Not even her father...

Scene 1: Chloe Lacourt- The House Mother
Scene 2: Lea Guerlin - The Narrator's Bathroom Experience
Scene 3: Emma Leigh and Rico Simmons, Father and Stepmother in Victoria’s Pad, Our New Home
Scene 4: Ella Hughes as Sofia and Lea - Friends
Scene 5: Lea and the Chef
Scene 6: Lea and the Movers
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Chloe Lacourt- The House Mother
Chloe seems to be cooking a genuine meal for her family. As she pulls fresh bread out of the over, viewers can tell she seems like the perfect upper class housewife living in an oh so perfect tidy house but Chloe is a perfect housewife with a perfect secret; her fascination with sex exploration. It’s a shock for her when she opens the door to strange men in biker outfits and tattoos on their neck! They tell her to be quite and her clothes come off! Her perfect white lingerie is nothing but class and both men take the opportunity to take advantage of this. As one man with more tattoos bends down, his hand slides her panties down below her thick ass. He spreads her cheeks and lets his tongue loose in her asshole while the other gentlemen ganders at her breasts. She is no damsel in distress in this situation. She spreads wide and lets them finger fuck her pussy sloppy. Ready to take it a step further she brings it down on their cocks; swallowing and swapping until they stick their dicks in her twat. They go back to the bed and play it safe with condoms. Both men toss this chick back and forth like a double sided pocket pussy until plunging in both holes. She moans harder with the pleasure of both dicks in her body, until they are tired of hearing her moan and one smashes his cock back into her mouth while the other anally pleases her. Both Pound the shit out of her before cumming on her big bouncy breasts. Then Chloe's husband walks in...
Scene 1 Rating:
This is some great energy for a beginning scene. We get two robbery type males fucking the shit out of a beautiful upper class housewife. I feel like this pleases both male and female audience and I’m wondering what will happen next, I want to keep going with this film but not just because the sex was great but also because the plot is interesting. It’s better than a lifetime movie and it’s porn!
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Scene 2 - Lea Guerlin - The Narrator's Bathroom Experience
Lea Guerlin’s father was disappointed to see his wife with two men. This moment marked a new life for this family, the narrator, Lea, being the daughter of Chole. This scene begins five years later when the family is moving away from Chloe and with a stepmother- Victoria (Emma Leigh). For a new experience, new university, and of course, secretly a new sex life. The narrator feels as if she has her mother’s notions for sex and is excited considering this a new sexual venture. She likes to feel as if men are victims to her young, pretty charm. She wants to prove her point and tells the viewers to watch her in action. She predatorily followers a well dressed older gentleman into the bathroom seducing him into a quick fuck before her parents find out. She swallows down his cock next to the dirty rest stop men's bathroom sink. She takes off her top and he tugs on her nipples. As she throats down his cock again she hears a noise. It’s her stepmother in the women's bathroom looking for her. They quietly kiss until Victoria, the step mother, leaves. Then they continue until he drips cream all over her face. The well dressed stranger looks worried and scurries out as she whips cum off her face. She says to her audience ‘you can think what you like. That I’m a slut. That I’m a whore but these men are no better than me.’ At least she's comfortable with who she is. She follows her desires and fantasies.
Scene 2 Rating:
Although I would have liked to see a little more I enjoyed that this was a quickie. She sneaked off from her parents at a rest stop only to get a quick strangers dick in her mouth. As a character she proves her point and we get to see her in action in a rather disgusting place which fills the bathrooms stall fantasy lovers void.
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Scene 3 - Emma Leigh and Rico Simmons, Father and Stepmother in Victoria’s Pad, Our New Home
Lea’s excited to encounter new lovers. The family has move to London to live in Victoria’s pad and Victoria has tried her best to make everything comfortable for them. The parents give each child money to leave and explore the neighborhood. As her parents are having somewhat conservative encounters our narrative meets a redhead and two young gentlemen. The parents drink wine on the couch and continue their interactions on the bed. Rico’s cock gets hard and the step-mother lets it sit in his pants until he plays with her first. He tickles her breast until she’s ready to unleash his beast for his pants and slurp it down. He fingers her pussy from behind and nibbles on each supple ass cheek. He moves her to doggy style position on the bed and penetrates her pussy with his large thick cock. They continue to fuck in several different positions until he lays back and lets her suck a load out of his exhausted body. As she sucks she decides to sits on his cock and work it a bit more! Only after he stands up she knees down and let him shoot cum loads on her huge boobies until the cum drip off.
Scene 3 Rating:
The parents sex was much lighter and more bonding than the rest of the sex; however, the point was for their scene to be less promiscuous but also super vivacious and sexy. I think both characters and actors had more potential and sex was almost portrait as boring. When watching sex films viewers should not be getting bored even if it is supposed to be a little lighter than all the rest of the scenes.
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Scene 4 - Ella Hughes as Sofia and Lea - Friends
The pretty redhead, Sofia, seems to be the biggest thing on our narrator's mind. She couldn’t think of anything else. Even when her father suggests a shopping spree for Lea with her step mother. After Lea leaves the house some time passes before her friends and her sneak into a place. Sofia fulfills her fantasies as the male companions watch. Carmel french skin meets white English skin as they both caress each other's perky nipples. Our narrator, Lea, is the first to go down on this sexy fire crotch, Ella,; lapping at her twat. The male companion continues to watch. Our narrator enter her new friends vagina with two fingers gently pushing in and out. After playing with her just enough they switch positions. Lea seems to be enjoying getting twitterpated much more, maybe her new friend is experienced?! She eats Sofia's snatch from behind then moves to fingering it while licking Sofia’s butt hole. They sit on each other and let their guy friend watch as they finger, and eat each other out until they both cum. Sofia puts her clothes back on fast and reality hits our narrator. Sofia is embarrassed. She felt ashamed of Sofia because she felt that way. She felt sad and Sam, the guy friend had the courtesy to stay awhile while Lea got cleaned up and put her makeup on.
Scene 4 Rating:
Great scene, probably my favorite! Ella Hugues and Lea Guerlin together are stunning! I love the way this scene was filmed. It tremendously added to the effect but the way each girl interacted fit the lesbian fantasy very well. It was hot! I was not disappointed!
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Scene 5 - Lea and the Chef
Shopping day with Victoria! Lea was only shortly out before she was the object of a stranger's fantasy. She meets a Chef and makes out a throbbing erection underneath the chefs uniform. The chef tells his assistant to come back in 30 minutes and they fuck with quickness, tension and fear all turning into excitement. As he pulls her clothes down he kisses her body. Leaving her undies on, he grabs and slaps her ass pulling them down when he is ready to eat it. He pulls them up and plays as if the panties are the fetish object of his dreams. Moving them around on her butt. She feels his enormous boner and pulls out a large uncut erect dong from his pants. He is so big she can barely fit her mouth around it. After laying her against the deep fryer he puts a condom on, spits on it and fucks her from behind. His cock looks like it’s going to demolish her pussy! He turns her around on a prep table and penetrates her with his thick pole; and she doesn’t stop moaning. As positions change and change he lays back on the prep table and has her lay on top of him. He holds her legs up and pounds her but her pussy is too tight for his gigantic penis. It barely fits in. She kneels down and he dribbles cum all over her chest; rubbing his cock against her perky nipples. He left and she cleaned the cum off only to slip away quietly. He wanted her to stay but she sets her own rules to her game.
Scene 5 Rating:
The Chef plays a sincerely passionate sex partner! This is a great scene, unexpected. They powerfully and vigorously fuck and the chef gets it all out in the 30 minutes time he tells his assistant to leave for. He’s nice enough to make sure the coast is clear for her but she already disappears in the time he looks because she plays by her own rules!
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Scene 6 - Lea and the Movers
While at the dinner table she started thinking about her chef and her panties get wet. She plays with herself over night but she continuing to be horning in the morning. She wanted to have more encounters but has to stay at home with Victoria because the movers were coming. She solved that problem fast. The odds were in her favor in the form of two muscular movers. She wanted to get Victoria and her brother out of the way and lady luck smiled on her. They had to leave and our narrator was all alone in the house with her moving men. On a white couch the moving, sexual moving begins. A blonde man seems to be in charge of licking her ass while the more experienced man seems to be getting his cock dribbled all over. The blonde mover finds a condom, slaps her ass and enters her lady temple. Shortly after, Mr. Experienced gets to penetrate that twat and he thrusts so vigorously that we can hear the scuffles of the couch as it constantly moves. They both heavily smash into her pussy hole as if they are demolition men rather than movers. Then they play her like a Chinese finger trap; one in the mouth and one in the twat as she lays back. The scene cuts to our narrator jacking both off and they cum all over her chest. Her dad walks into this situation and calls her a little whore just like her mother.
Scene 6 Rating:
The movers are great! The are big brutes that come in fuck and run out with their pants off and their butts wiggling. Lea and the movers sex scene begins slow. Then the mover I called Mr. Experienced comes in and the scene gets smashing good! Literally smashing, he loves the couch as he fucks her pussy! This is a great demolition scene on how to tear up a pussy! Loved it.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
There are only two scenes that I gave lower ratings not because they were bad scenes but because I saw more potential in them. This is a great overall movie that peaks more than one interest! Actually this movie fits into so many fetishized porn categories as well as the movie plot category that you would think it barely tips the scale of each but I think that it gives a great representation of all. This movie will be an awesome rental but an even better buy. I believe it’s worthy of watching more than once.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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