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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Moms Bang Teens #13. Only at XRentDVD
Moms Bang Teens #13
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Reality Kings
PERFORMERS: Mercedes Carrera, Josie Jagger, Skylar Green, Angel Allwood, Ariella Ferrera, Angel Del Rey, Julia Ann, Carter Cruise, Kimberly Gates and Bianca Breeze
Release Date: October 30, 2015
Mature Women Teaching Teens How To Fuck! 100% Genuine MILFs! Over 3 Hours! Starring Mercedes Carrera and Josie Jagger! MILFs Who Love To Teach Teens!

Reality Kings provides a first rate cast that you can stroke it to over and over again. Providing a fantasy outlet to get you motivated and ecstatic for the pumped up sex scene with fiesty MILFS and young teens. 2 ladies 1 cock!

Scene 1: Skylar Green and Angel Allwood
Scene 2: Ariella Ferrera and Angel Del Rey
Scene 3: Julia Ann and Carter Cruise
Scene 4: Mercedes Carrera and Josie Jagger
Scene 5: Kimberly Gates and Bianca Breeze
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Skylar Green and Angel Allwood
Seth is waiting for Skylar Green, his girl, to arrive but Mrs. Allwood (Angel Allwood), Skylar’s stepmom, lures him in before Skylar is home. She quickly gets down to business; telling him she wants to see his cock. She loves younger guys! Not to mention Skylar will be a WHOLE twenty minutes. She vigorously rubs him and tells him again she needs to see his cock. Seth is slightly nervous but heads on with pleasing his future stepmother- in-law. She grabs him by the balls with one hand a strokes his shaft in the other. As she swallows his dick whole Skylar Green, Seth’s girlfriend walks in. Skylar is pissed but Mrs. Allwood knows how to handle this situation. She offer Skylar more money for her allowance to avoid telling her father, but Skylar also wants a new car. Mrs. Allwood tells Skylar she’s going to have to join in their sexcapades if she want’s a new car and pushes her head down on Seth’s fat cock. Mrs. Allwood tells her sweet step daughter to swallow it. Seth leaves the scene and Mother and Daughter begin to make out! #winning! Mrs. Allwood bends her daughter over and licks her asshole and twat. After making sticky Gooey white substance drips from both Skylar’s orifices Mrs. Allwood says “Seth come over here and fuck her pussy.” Allwood’s definitely in charge and she takes command of sucking and lubricating Seth’s cock after watching him fuck her daughter until she can’t help. Skylar moans and twist to laps up Mrs. Allwoods pussy until she cums and they switch positions. Mrs. Allwood bends over for some dick in her pretty kitty as she licks Skylars Twat. Skylar assumes the position of watching Seth's cock go into her mother and occasionally into her mouth but this doesn’t last long. Our next view is of Skylar riding Seth's dick reverse cowgirl as Mrs. Allwood kisses her lips. The positions get more and more exciting until Seth cannot handle anymore woman. He finishes off on both girls faces.
Scene 1 Rating:
In the beginning Skylar shaking her head and looking concerned- this isn’t very convincing. I didn’t feel that amused by Skylar’s performance in the least bit. Seth however plays a great boyfriend who is ruled by his cock and Mrs. Allwood is Fantastical! She could rattle my bones with the performance she gave in this scene. She knows what she’s doing and how to turn her audience up!
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Scene 2 - Ariella Ferrera and Angel Del Rey
This couple is not the best couple. Angel Del Rey is more interested in her girlfriends dramma than the awkwardness between her and her boyfriend. Ariella Ferrera, Angel’s step- mother seems more interested in her boyfriend than Angel does. So when Ariella gives him attention, we all know what’s cuming... literally his cock, duh. She asks Ben, the boyfriend, if he can give her advice on her new outfit. She opens her jacket and reveals her giant milf titties above some white lace lingerie. Ben’s erect and she knows it. She tells him his cock wants her pussy and they have an hour before Angel gets back. The kiss leads to the bedroom, the bedroom leads to clothes off, wet lips and gagging down Ben’s shaft. Before long Angel spots them in the window. She comes in with a “What The Fuck,” and both women jabber to each other in Spanish leading into Ariella holding Angel’s hair back as she gives Ben a blow. Team work?!? Sounds good! He’s so confused but he enjoys it! Ariella tells him to sit back and enjoy the ride. Both girls are in a sisterhood of playin’ the traveling cock (pun on the sisterhood of the traveling pants ha). They eat each others cunts as they use this man’s cock. Both have their twats are severally penetrated but they always have their eyes and lips on each other as they fuck, truely a lovely sight! The scene ends with both girls towering over Ben as he shoots milky white loads onto their face. They bubble and kiss back and forth- the scene fades.
Scene 2 Rating:
I loved this scene! Angel is way more convincing than the last scene. First, I love that they speak spanish and the boyfriend was so confused. This was acted out quite well. Second, as they are speaking spanish his cock is flopping around like it’s not sure which woman to go to. Hilarious! Third, they use him like a tool and it’s perfect. Full concentration is on these women and they are fabulous.
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Scene 3 - Julia Ann and Carter Cruise
Julia Ann seems like she wants Carter Cruise to leave. Cruise is confused but goes along with it- we think. Julia Ann has her secret man go through the back and meets him in her bedroom. He’s wearing a more relaxed outfit and she seems to be business casual which determines the matter of their sexual relations. She furiously pulls his shirt off; kissing and nibbling at his young chiseled chest slowly inching her way to his cock. He calls her ma’am as she liberates his erect serpent, licking it like a lollipop. Carter Cruise mouths WTF as she watches her step mom swallow this boy's cock. Both girls discuss the situation and decide: hey lets share, why not. It’s a family experience. Julia Ann sits on her mans face while she tickles the head of his cock and Cruise stuffs his balls in her mouth. They play the game of three way for all to be pleasured and all to be pleasing in one way or another until this boy can’t hold it in much longer. As he fucks Julia Ann, Carter Cruise moves down Julia’s thigh and opens her mouth quite wide. He pulls out quickly and gives Cruise the explosive load she’s been waiting for.
Scene 3 Rating:
I think this scene was played off really well. I enjoyed the different scenario. Rather than a mom causing havoc on her daughter's relationship Carter Cruise plays a girl who walks in on her mom and a ‘funny haired guy’ that both girls had just had a conversation about. If I played Carter Cruise and my step mom wanted me out of the house for no reason I’d come back early too and snoop too. It’s all plausible. I’d really have to say too that Julia Ann takes the cake in this scene. She really dominates the scene with her presence rather than taking advantage of a situation. That sort of dominance will skyrocket her career if that’s ever necessary! She’s fabulous!!!
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Scene 4 - Mercedes Carrera and Josie Jagger
Two teen loves kiss each other on this girl’s, Josie Jagger's, bed. Kissing quickly moves into Josie Jagger’s lips wrapped around her male companions shlong. Mommy, Mercedes Carrera, walks in upset. Both daughter and mother argue and the mother leaves only waiting for the opportunity to pounce on her step daughter's boyfriend. He goes to the kitchen to grab some food and surprise mommy’s behind the fridge door in dark black and pink lingerie! She says ‘you think you can fuck my daughter and eat my food without giving me a piece of the action’. He looks surprised! She grabs his dick and says she wants a piece of that. They kiss more vigorously than the he and Josie. She moves him to the couch and rips off his pants telling him she knows how to suck cock better than her daughter. Josie waits around in the bedroom watching tv. After a good amount of time she investigates the situation. Her face becomes upset and surprised as she hears her boyfriend and her stepmother having sex while Josie’s standing on the stairs. Josie and her mother argue because everything is ‘fucked up,’ Josie’s world is ‘fucked up!’ But when her step mother offers her a new 2015 car she gives in right away and everything is peachy. What a teen! They both take a side of his cock, sharing it, lapping it up. Momma is teaching her how to give great head. Then momma Carrera positions them in doggystyle so she can watch and play with her new boy toy while his dick is in her step daughter. Carrera takes his dick down her throat to lube it more for her step daughters twat. She cares about her step daughter- so sweet! After tasting her stepdaughters twat on his cock she wants to taste it up close; separating the couple to get a few quick licks of Josie. The boyfriend sees the opportunity and plunges his fatty cock into Mrs. Carrera. After she cums he moves back to Josie until she can no longer take the pleasure, she cums several times and almost jumps off his cock a few more times. Momma Carrera coaches it back into Josies twat. They switch off again and again until they are both on their knees from the pleasure and Josie’s boyfriend gives them a mouthful.
Scene 4 Rating:
The spanish wasn’t as fun as the scene 2. In fact it was very random with no subtitles. It seemed misplaced and took my attention away from the BJ. The Scene was over used, but I think the sex was wonderful. Mercedes Carrera played her part creepily well. I love her playing the surprise behind the fridge door. Scaring him erect was a perfect idea! The sex was perfect! No complaints. Definitely got me off!
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Scene 5 - Kimberly Gates and Bianca Breeze
Kimberly Gates, the step daughter, tells her boyfriend the future of their relationship in so many words: me and my stepmom are really tight but we’ve had some problems with previous boyfriends. Right away Joey, the boyfriend, who noticed momma bear walking upstairs and eyeing him decides he wants to use the bathroom up there. It’s quite questionable, no!? What will happen! Of course he is spying on the stepmom. Kimberly wonders what he could possible be doing and makes her way upstairs. She yells at Joey who then accidentally frightens Bianca, the step mom. Why are they all watching her naked in her bathroom. Well that doesn’t matter, let's just get down to business and fuck. Kimberly says: ‘if you can’t beat them join them!’ And we commence- Joey eats Bianca’s pussy for a good minute and Kimberly licks the taste of pussy off Bianca’s face. Bianca tells Kimberly to bend over and her twat and ass are taken advantage of! Both girls return the favor and swallow Joey’s cock. Bianca shows Kimberly the light and they take sex to the bedroom! Joey smashes his muscle man cock into Bianca’s pussy while Kimberly mouths naughty words to her: “You like fucking my boyfriend... God you such a naughty stepmom... fucking stepmothers..” Kimberly touches herself while saying these naughty word to her stepmother. Finally Bianca allows Kimberly’s boyfriend to plunge his serpent into her perfectly shaven kitty. This only last a short time before Bianca’s ass is back to bouncing back and forth from the shear force of Joey’s cock. They switch positions again for Kimberly to have another go with her boyfriends boner. She sits on top of it but again this is limited. She gets off and Bianca gives her a lesson in cock sucking until Joey cums in Bianca’s mouth and on Kimberly’s breast.
Scene 5 Rating:
There is only one reason why this is 4 1/2 and not 5 stars. At the ending when Bianca is show Kimberly how to give proper head the viewer is left waiting, and waiting, and waiting for this guy to cum. She’s supposed to play someone that is amazing at giving head. This seductive temptress yet, it takes forever for him to cum at the end. I smell BS! Otherwise, Bianca Breeze plays an awesome step mother and the plot was perfect.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This is a great rental with some foxy and seductive MILFS. Scene two, and scene five were my all time favorite and these were the only scene I would buy this movie for; however this is a five scene film and viewers would probably appreciate it if they had more than two good scenes. In the rest of the scenes the younger actress’ seem to have a problem living up to their name or even their potential. Their acting quality is terrible but the sex is good. It’s great for just sex but one of the reasons I love Reality Kings is because they provide fantasy scenarios that are perfect for me to masturbate to: burglaries, daughter’s catching their mom etc. This just didn’t cut it. Maybe it’s time for a new series.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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