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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale. Only at XRentDVD
Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Girlsway Productions
PERFORMERS: Jelena Jensen, Abigail Mac, Penny Pax, Shyla Jennings, April O'Neil, Kendra Lust and Cassidy Klein
Release Date: September 7, 2016
Girlsway, the award-winning all-girl studio, is back with their highly anticipated new feature series, one that will introduce audiences to a brand new genre in porn - the first ever reimagined lesbian fairy tale! From directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale features an all-star cast, breathtaking cinematography, intense lesbian sex, and Girlsway's signature sense of humor. And fans of the studio's unique approach to storytelling will not be disappointed in their creative interpretation of this literary classic. Starring Cassidy Klein in a career topping performance as Red and an all-star ensemble cast including Jelena Jensen, Abigail Mac, Penny Pax, Shyla Jennings, April O'Neil and Kendra Lust, Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale is a must-see feature for all fans of lesbian porn, erotic fantasy, and the Girlsway universe!

I expect Mills and Alan to really exercise their creativity with this one. Every little boy and girl knows the old Little Red Riding Hood tale, but with Girlsway’s signature girl-on-girl spin, the old bedtime story should become a recipe for a grown woman’s wet dreams. Red on a pussy licking, clit flicking adventure… I can’t wait. This Is Going To Be An Epic Groundbreaking Feature Pushing the Limits of Creativity and Possibly the Best All Girl Feature For This Coming Award Season! Description by Stills by Alan “It’s a modern-day re-imagining of a lesbian fairy tale—it’s Little Red Rides the Hood—but Bree [Mills] wrote it where it has all kinds of new characters and different characters, and it’s set in the modern day instead of in a Victorian cottage. ... It’s about this orphan girl who grows up feral in the woods and a social worker finds her and puts her in an orphanage run by this evil Miss Hannigan type.” The possibilities are almost as intriguing as the idea itself. Bree Mills teams up with Stills by Alan to create a visually dramatic legendary lesbian imaginarium that is Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale. Playing the lead role for this epic production is the very sassy and erotic Cassidy Klein. (Someone who I am grateful to see in the lead role!) This title features an all-star fantastic cast, breathtaking visuals and the hottest lesbian sex ever committed to film, this first-of-its-kind lesbian fairy tale is a must-see. Klein (Little Red) and her co-stars, Jelena Jensen (as the head of the orphanage), April O’Neil (the social worker), Kendra Lust (as the grandmother) and Abigail Mac (as the Wolf), Penny Pax (as the Fox), Tanya Tate and Shyla Jennings (Hippy Love Captive) among the characters Red encounters on her journey.

Scene 1: Prelude with Cassidy Klein and Jelena Jensen
Scene 2: Part 2
Scene 3: Abigail Mac and Kendra Lust
Scene 4: Abigail Mac and Cassidy Klein
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Prelude with Cassidy Klein and Jelena Jensen
‘Once upon a time... not so long ago. I was found among the ruins I once lived. My mother had left me behind with nothing but a photograph and a red hooded cape. By the time I was found, the majority of my teenage years had been spent in isolation. I looked like such a pretty girl on the outside, but I was a complete mystery within... April O’Neil is the social worker that finds Little Red (Cassidy Klein) in the beginning of the film. She works ever so hard to find this girl a relative, a missing familiar link, while her foster mom Ms. Flowers (Jelena Jensen) contacts Fox (Penny Pax), a gluttonous lord of crime, in order to get a pay day. Ms. Flowers is basically the beautiful but angry older woman that fosters children; it’s much like Little Annie, which means Little Red does all the cleaning and household chores, and isn’t treated very well on top of that. When April finds Little Red’s grandfather, she is ever so excited. Unfortunately, Ms. Flower convinces April that Ms. Flower should be the one to bring Red to her grandparents. Obviously, she’s going to get her pay day first. Little Red overhears the conversation about her grandfather, but Ms. Flower notices her scuffling about after her curfew and punishes her while ripping up the picture of her mother and telling her she will never see her mother again. Ms. Flowers says, “you're not going anywhere until I say so…” The Scene cuts to Ms. Flower chained to a bed. Little Red is being naughty and punishing her, saying “no one comes in between me and my family.” Ms. Flowers replies, “what are you going to do?” Red states hungrily: “I’m going to eat you.” Little Red becomes the ravenous beast in this one; she is no longer the innocent girl who just recently had her first period, but the wolf who devours pussy. Ms. Flower makes low moans of excitement and surprise. She cannot resist the sheer excitement and force of Little Red, who now sits on her face suffocating her in glorious pussy! Little Red savagely thrusts her mouth onto Ms. Flower’s arousing luscious nipples, biting her areolas and intensely sucking her nipples. Ms. Flower can only watch with sheer excitement. Little Red tells Ms. Flower she won’t be going anywhere, while licking the bracelet on Ms. Flower’s ankle and slowly gliding her tongue from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her toes. She’s so hungry for pussy that she plants her face in Ms. Flower’s bush, gobbling away at each pussy lip and lathering up her tiny clit. Little Red slams her pussy against Ms. Flower’s crotch, smashing against her so hard that you’re worried their carpets are going to combust with sheer friction. Each girl cums, and it seems like Ms. Flowers has definitely taken a liking to this kind of treatment. She backs her ass up and waits for Little Red to slide under her body and start furiously consuming more pussy. Little Red tells Ms. Flower to eat her pussy, and orders her not to pretend to be sad about it. She says, “don’t stop ‘til I tell you to. Don’t be frightened, eat my pussy up,” while moaning in between each word. “That’s it, make me cum... I’m CUMMING!” Then, of course, she wakes up to a pillow smothered Ms. Flowers! It was all a dream?! She grabs the note and peaces out! Ms. Flowers Perspective Courtesy of Girlsway scene description: So, let's just have a little chat about a girl we all know, her name is familiar to most of us, but that tale you know is missing some cold hard lesbian facts. Before I get ahead of myself, introductions can be useful, they say. I'm Ms. Flowers, (Jelena Jensen) and normally I wouldn't be one to brag, or anything but I've run a pretty good life caught between social services and Fox' little crime ring. That gluttonous bitch (Penny Pax) has had my back more than once, and I'm not about to let this feral new girl 'Little Red Riding', her first ever period, nor that scheming whore, The Social worker (April O'Neil) stand in my way of getting double for her lovely little ass. I sense there's something special about her, but who fucking knows anymore. I find myself staring and longing for her pretty little mouth on my wet pussy. I'm ready to drain Foxy if it takes every last breath I've got. This lil' rogue teen ain't going to stick around long, so while the going's good I'm going to suck her dry. There's only one thing in my way. Last night after she found out The Social Worker found her 'grandma,' Mrs. Riding (Kendra Lust) she started seizin' up or some shit, foaming at the mouth, and breaking all my stuff. It wasn't a pretty sight! I had to try and calm down the hysterical nightmare like a Victorian doctor with tendonitis, even got my pussy wet, but the problem is... I never woke up this morning.
Scene 1 Rating:
We have only just started this adventure into this sexually charged lesbian adaptation/interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. Cassidy, our main character, has proved herself up for the task. I have never seen her in a leading role like this, but as you can tell from my Telepathy review (where Cassidy is Agent X in the first two scenes), she is a star I enjoy watching! I am very aroused when I heard that she got the lead role, because she is not only talented with an asshole that can wink or a ferocious appetite for pussy, but because her acting in this role is on point! On another note, Jelena Jensen fantastic Ms. Flower, but what really did it for me was Jelena’s skin against the light of the camera and the black of the background. She looked fantastically ivory and cream colored. It seemed as if she was a moving classical baroque painting. It was so beautiful. So...before I get to into Jelena’s skin... we left off with a cliffhanger; what will Little Red do now that she has suffocated Ms. Flower? Will she run away? What about Fox, who’s expecting a shipment of Klein Pussy? What’s Next?! I’m so excited for Bree Mill’s lesbian twists!
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Scene 2 - Part 2
The wolf came in the form of Abigail Mac. As the book goes: As little was walking through the wood, she met with a wolf, who had a very great mind to eat her up, but [Abigail Mac] dared not, because of some woodcutters working nearby in the forest. He asked her where she was going. The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf, said to Wolf, "I am going to see my grandmother" "Does she live far off?" said the wolf. The differences here are that Little Red happens to be on the side of the road, and Abigail Mac pretends to be a talent scout for a high end talent agency. Wolf entices her with flattery instead of candy, and Little Red gets into her nice, white, stereotypical creeper van. Just when you think Wolf is going to take advantage of her innocent little body (because of course we want to see Abigail Mac and Cassidy Klein fuck), we are surprised. Why? Because Little Red is dropped off with Fox. Ms. Fox is the original crime lord that Ms. Flower was going to drop Little Red off with, but unfortunately, Ms. Flower was whacked! Fox and Wolf mischievously discuss the situation at hand and obviously Little Red looks innocent, so they want to hold onto her, but they need to tie up some loose ends first. If Little Red’s grandmother is expecting her, then they need to take the grandma out of the picture! Fox is the mastermind and Wolf is the gun! Fox tells Little Red to close her eyes and everything goes black. When Red opens her eyes, Shyla Jennings appears right in front of her. Jennings plays this seducing and motivating flow power hippy who seemingly has no sense of personal space. I would go as far as to say Jennings was definitely in Red’s privacy bubble, but naked so I wouldn’t be too upset. Jennings tells Red that they have both been kidnapped, and they’ve gone down a dark dangerous path. Jennings believes Red has come to rescue her, but Red seems genuinely confused. Jennings tells Red to let her wild side loose! She says, “don’t be afraid... Embrace it. That is what will save you.” And the lusting begins as Little Red lets her beast loose! Kissing turns into straight up pearl diving. No rubbing, but Little Red moans “I feel it rising up within me, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming,” while Jennings is on her twat. They rustle around a bit and now that Jennings has really unleashed a beast of an orgasm, she asks little Red how they are going to escape. “Well, we are going to outfox the Fox.” Fox is sleeping on the couch with a hand in her undies. For comfort or for masturbation, who knows? The girls creep onto the couch and kiss her. First, she asks what the girls are doing up here and second, why they are naked? Which is in fact a good question for Shyla Jennings’ character, seeing as how we began the first portion of this scene with Little Red waking up naked with Jennings. Fox says, “take my clothes off gently and sexy.” She wants to control the situation, having each sexy little slut suck take one of her nipples so that both are covered. Fox lets Little Red eat her twat first while watching Jennings tribe on her. Fox tells Jennings that she enjoys her tongue and she’s going to turn around and let Jennings use it on her asshole while Red eats her twat. “Work both those tongues on my holes. Work... don’t stop, don’t be a lazy whore.” While they play sex position Tetris, Fox yells “don’t tell me what to do, I’m doing what I want and I’m getting it done,” then covers over Jennings’ mouth (this made me giggle). Fox starts to get tired the faster and harder Jennings and Red fuck her. She decides to sit back and supervise, saying “I’ll get in there when I’m ready.” They coax her into tribbing more before she passes out. Jennings is excited that Red’s plan worked and tells her that she must go to her grandmother, who needs her now. Jennings kisses Red with deep hot passion, embracing her for as long as she can before letting her go onto her next journey.
Scene 2 Rating:
I think the dynamic was very interesting. Wolf and Bree Mills both wear these hipster/grunge outfits that give them this punk rock brutus-but-beautiful feel, while Penny Pax wore a white robe, with leftover chicken buckets scattered all over the table, which gave her more of a feeling of being the unclean, cunning, tricky, alert, loner. That would somewhat describe the characteristics of each animal correctly. Red wore very little, but under her red cape she had white on, of course; the color of innocence. Once she was knocked out and landed with Jennings above her, I thought “wow that would be awful to wake up to,” but who really cares when they are both naked! I think this scene really nails the comedy and plays an important role in the film, but also provide viewers with not just one outlet of masturbation, but two. I could masturbate to Klein and Jennings or Klein, Jennings and Pax. I enjoyed Pax’s role, maybe not as much for masturbation purposes but for her acting. She really got into her position, which helped to make the movie. She was comfortable playing the part of this controlling, gluttonous character.
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Scene 3 - Abigail Mac and Kendra Lust
April O’Neil, the social worker, cares a little too much about Little Red. She seems borderline stalkerish when she kisses a picture of Little Red and talks to herself about how wrong her actions may be, but that doesn’t stop her heart! She calls Grandma Riding (Kendra Lust) to make sure that Little Red has arrived safely home with her new family. Grandma Riding finds comfort in seeing the red cape and dismisses April O’Neil’s call with a click. The only problem is, Grandma Riding has never actually seen Little Red. So when Wolf (Abigail Mac) shows up in a red cape and starts to get frisky with her so-called step-grandmother, Granny Riding just assumes it’s the same coping mechanism Grandpa Riding herself is into! Wolf devours Granny’s body, energetically and roughly jamming breasts into her mouth like a vagrant devouring a free lunch in a homeless shelter. When Wolf goes for Granny’s cunt flaps, nothing is more energetic! Granny, however, is not so innocent! She goes for it with similar intensity and begins to feast in a way that’s less rough and more majestic than Wolf. We are given generous amounts of licking, kissing and fierce hunger for lady bits on both sides, with a gradually heightened intensity that never wavers. While the fuckary is finishing up, Wolf’s true colors show. She admits she’s not Little Red, and that Granny Riding will not be getting away from her any time soon! She pulls rope out of her bag and tells Granny, “I’m going to take care of you.” The scene cuts to Fox waking up with Bree Mills’ help. She calls Wolf ASAP to let her know that Little Red has fucked her, and now she’s coming to fuck Wolf. Wolf’s response: no one fucks with Wolf!
Scene 3 Rating:
Kendra Lust and Abigail Mac encapsulate our view for the third scene in the film. If I could give this scene more than 5 stars, I would! I am a fierce fan of both Kendra Lust and Abigail Mac! Neither is a stranger to giving a great performance, and watching them together here was no exception. And yet again, I love the comedy aspect that Bree Mills throws at us. It’s like a tease, because you just want Abigail Mac to throw off Kendra Lust’s clothes and go at her breasts right then and there, but then therapy and the woods get thrown into the conversation and they stop and you find yourself saying, “no, no, keep going Abi!” And then she goes straight for the intended goal: Kendra’s breasts and twat! No foreplay! What a ferociously fantastic wolf! I loved the force and power play that Mac had, as well as the calm force that Lust emits. I love both of you!
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Scene 4 - Abigail Mac and Cassidy Klein
Little Red arrives to the house wondering out loud, “Grandma, where are you?” Faking a voice, the Wolf says, “I’m upstairs my dear.” As Wolf is cloaked in the darkness of Grandma Riding’s room, she smells Little Red arrive. She says, “come closer my dear... Sit on the bed, I won’t bite.” Little Red says, “My, what long legs you have?” “The better to approach you with, my dear.” “My, what long fingers you have?” “The better to caress you with…” “Wow, Grandma, what big breasts you have!” “All the better to squeeze you with, my dear.” “Wow, what a long tongue you have, Grandma?” “All the better you eat you out with, my dear!” And the Wolf fell upon Little Red to gobble her twat up. To Be Continued...
Scene 4 Rating:
Cassidy Klein provided a spritely dinner for Wolf. And unfortunately, this Wolf is the most dangerous one of all (wink wink). The objective: to fuck until one of them has been completely defeated. In my book of motives, that’s fantastic. It’s definitely a win-win situation! The finale was a fantastical masterpiece, an aggressively lustful pussy grinding war of cunts, and not something I would have ever thought to conjure up. Kudos to Bree Mills and to the superb acting I saw from Abigail Mac and Cassidy Klein. I am so excited to see upcoming events unfold, and I encourage viewers to buy this film!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Before someone says, “hey, you cut it off early.” Yes, there is a part 5. Part 5 is actually one of the best scenes in the movie! The scene also has an awesome twist at the end, and I’m not going to be the one who spills the beans. Let’s just say Granny ends up coming to Little Red’s rescue, and there are a plethora of orgasms in store to defeat Wolf. The anticipation for this film was already insane, and your anticipation to find out what happens in the end should be just as high! It may not be what you expect, because it’s even better! It’s not often that an adult star gets to play a character straight out of a childhood storybook. Generally, we get quite a few ‘This ain’t XXX’ parodies, but in this film Cassidy Klein was able to play one of the most exciting characters in folklore. Both fans and porn fanatics alike will be in awe with her stunning looks and ferocious sexual appetite. Together, the cast of the film, Bree Mills, and Stills By Alan create the perfect blend of eroticism and beauty as they unleash the ultimate lesbian fairy tale. This is a must-have film! I hope one day that this will be a collector’s item and it inspires more fairy tale interpretations to come.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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