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Read Flem Snopes's review of Last Night. Only at XRentDVD
Last Night
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REVIEWED BY: Flem Snopes
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Wicked Pictures
PERFORMERS: Stormy Daniels, August, Aurora Snow, Brooke Haven, Gianna Lynn, Jada Fire, Katie Morgan, Mikayla, Marcus London, Randy Spears, Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, Derrick Pierce and Jay Ashley
DIRECTED BY: Brad Armstrong
Release Date: November 21, 2007
Rick (Marcus London) embarks on his bachelor party night with an enthusiastic attitude, determined to enjoy his last night of freedom with his buddies (Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, Jay Ashley). But somewhere along the way things get out of hand. After picking up a stranded and sultry motorist, Sondra (Stormy Daniels), a wild night ensues. Strip clubs, sex parties, hookers, the time of his life. Until the next morning when Rick finds himself in the middle of a terrifying situation. Someone is blackmailing him, but the ransom is more than he can pay. Now he must decide whether telling the truth about what happened last night, is worth the price...

Wicked Pictures specializes in porn flicks with a story - a little too much story. Most of them remind me of the original movies the Sci Fi Channel makes; bad writing, bad acting and cheesy special effects. At least Wicked gives us hot chicks doing a lot of fucking and sucking, and you can always use fast forward to skip over the other bullshit.

Scene 1: August & Marcus London
Scene 2: Stormy Daniels, Aurora Snow, Gianna Lynn, Mikayla, Marcus London, Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade & Jay Ashley
Scene 3: Stormy Daniels, Brooke Haven, Jada Fire & Marcus London
Scene 4: Katie Morgan & Jay Ashley
Scene 5: Stormy Daniels & Derrick Pierce
Scene 6: Stormy Daniels & Randy Spears
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - August & Marcus London
Hot bodied August is getting married to some guy and they're having the age old argument about his bachelor party. Like every bride to be, she thinks if she fucks him right before the party he won't want any stripper pussy. After a little deep throating, clit licking and general humping, he cums on her natural tits. With his balls drained, he's ready to bang every dancer at the club.
Scene 1 Rating:
The sex in this scene is both realistic and boring, just like real married sex. August gives just enough for him to bust a nut, but he has to settle for cuming on her natural tits instead of her face. Welcome to the rest of your life, bro.
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Scene 2 - Stormy Daniels, Aurora Snow, Gianna Lynn, Mikayla, Marcus London, Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade & Jay Ashley
The groom's buddies arrive with the limo. On the way to the club, they stop to help Stormy Daniels, who is having car trouble. She's as helpful as she is hot, orchestrating group sex in the VIP room with three of the strippers. One of the guys is married and pussy whipped, so leaves the party when the sex begins. Stormy and Gianna Lynn team up to blow the groom, then Stormy rides his dick before the two of them decide to have a one on one party in the limo. Gianna, Mikayla and Aurora Snow stay behind to service the remaining two members of the bachelor party. After both guys have banged each of them in every combination imaginable, the three girls line up like baby birds waiting to be fed. The girls then kiss and lick the spooge off each other's faces.
Scene 2 Rating:
There's nothing Earth shattering here, but any time you get to see Gianna and her incredible nipples in action, it's a good thing. She's the hottest looking girl in this vid and when shes teams up with Stormy, this scene gets an automatic 3.5 boner rating.
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Scene 3 - Stormy Daniels, Brooke Haven, Jada Fire & Marcus London
Back in the limo, Stormy and the groom decide to pick a couple of hookers and get a motel room. Jada Fire and Brooke Haven climb aboard and get busy displaying their cocksucking skills. Brooke is selected to move on to the motel room and Jada gets paid and left on the side of the road. Stormy and Brooke take turns eating each other while being fucked. The groom takes Brooke into the bathroom, bends her over the toilet and fucks her in the ass. He pulls his dick out of her ass, cums on her face, and she sucks the remaining jizz off of his pecker. Stormy and the groom wake up the next morning and find Brooke dead on the bathroom floor. They figure she slipped getting out of the shower and decide to just bail and let the maid handle the clean-up.
Scene 3 Rating:
Brooke Haven saves this scene by offering up her cornhole for the only anal sex in the whole picture. She also displays some genuine acting skills as she doesn't move or breathe while portraying a dead hooker.
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Scene 4 - Katie Morgan & Jay Ashley
The groom begins to get text messages threatening to tell his finance and the cops about the dead hooker if he doesn't cough up $20,000. Meanwhile, the whipped married guy who left the stripper party is getting a little reward from his wife, played by Katie Morgan. She dresses up in a sexy outfit and sucks his cock, and he spends an unusually long time licking her snatch. After some missionary fucking, she goes for a nice, bouncy ride on his cock. Just when it's starting to look like he has the perfect wife, she accepts his load on her tits instead of her face. She throws him a bone by sucking some of the remaining cum off of his dick.
Scene 4 Rating:
Katie Morgan earns the highest rating of the whole picture by showing way more sexual energy than any wife in history. I can almost understand why this guy left the strippers to go home to this little trollop. Even her refusal to take a load on her face is grudgingly accepted, as, on the whole, she puts on a great show.
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Scene 5 - Stormy Daniels & Derrick Pierce
The groom and one of his buddies decide to pay the limo driver a visit, and it turns out that he and Stormy set the whole thing up to blackmail them. They sneak up and look through the window to find the two fucking. He licks and fingers her pussy, and she sucks his cock while licking his balls. Her fucks her missionary style, then on her side before unloading all over her face. She gobbles quite a bit of his spunk.
Scene 5 Rating:
Stormy Daniels always looks good while catching cum with her mouth, but other than that, this scene is pretty robotic.
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Scene 6 - Stormy Daniels & Randy Spears
For some reason, Stormy has a change of heart and decides to cut a deal and rat the limo driver out to the cops. While questioning her at the police station, the detective fantasizes about fucking her in the interrogation room. He throws her up on the table and licks her pussy, and she sucks his dick and balls. He fucks her frontways and back on the table, then she eats some of the frosting he sprays on her mouth and chin.
Scene 6 Rating:
Again, Stormy pretty much always looks great with a dick in her mouth, pussy, armpit or whatever, but this scene won't be winning any AVN awards.
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Bonus Features
Flem Snopes's Overall Impression
Once again, Wicked comes through with a selection of girls who can wake up your wizard on looks alone. But the demographic Wicked is catering to doesn't go for gonzo porn and this feature won't offend the sensibilities of the average wife or girlfriend.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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