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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Large Lovin' Hardcut. Only at XRentDVD
Large Lovin' Hardcut
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: Marilyn Mayson, Molly Howard, Jasmine Jones, Skye Sinn, Sofia Rose, Kendra Lee Ryan and Passion Brooks
Release Date: September 21, 2016
Seven Cock-Hungry Plumpers With Huge Naturals! They're bigger and better... better at sucking and fucking huge cocks, that is. Seven plush, super-busty, big-assed XL Girls, some of them newcomers, get it on with big-dicked cocksmen and work them over with their hungry mouths, tight pussies and, in some cases, their assholes, too. Marilyn Mason and Molly Howard double-team a lucky stud. Skye Sinn gets her booty popped. This is real plumper porn shot by the guys who know big girls best. Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard Both Get Stuffed!

Plump and beautiful women taking cock like only a big girl can! Glorious curves and bountiful breasts are on full display as these ladies suck and fuck with passion and hunger. I’m already a big fan of Sofia Rose, Marilyn Mayson, and Kendra Lee Ryan. I want to see what these other big beauties can bring to the table. I’m really looking forward to the threesome scene with Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard!

Scene 1: Sofia Rose
Scene 2: Kendra Lee Ryan
Scene 3: Skye Sinn
Scene 4: Jasmine Jones
Scene 5: Passion Brooks
Scene 6: Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Sofia Rose
Large Lovin’ Hardcut kicks off with Sofia Rose, an incredibly voluptuous Latina beauty with lips to die for. Her scene starts with an interview where Sofia, in a blue dress with a tight black corset and frilly bra, is asked questions ranging from the most kinky thing she’s ever done to whether she’s ever tried anal, all of which she answers with an unmistakable air of dignity. Finally the interviewer asks her to tease us with a belly dance that shows off her huge ass and thick thighs, which leads us into the action. Sofia is standing over a man on a leather couch, still in her outfit from the interview, teasing him with her massive jugs. Right away, she’s totally in control, popping her tits out of her bra and telling him to make her pussy wet just by sucking them. She slaps him around with her tits and makes him beg for more. She asks if she likes it, then shoves one of her juicy nips in his mouth before he can talk at all -- she doesn’t want to hear a word! Finally she reaches for his already hard cock, slipping it out of his pants effortlessly. She kneels beside him and takes his full length into her mouth in record time, using her amazing lips to give him a very aggressive blowjob. Then she titfucks him, and even though his cock is big, it’s still dwarfed by her titties. He stands up and Sofia kneels and covers his cock in lipstick and spit; her amazing curves are fully visible even underneath her dress, her big nipples as hard as his cock as she switches between titfucking and sucking. She gets up and strips quickly, her wide booty pressed against his cock the whole time. He lays back on the couch and she mounts him reverse cowgirl, her sexy tits, belly, and curves on full display as she rides him hard and moans how much she loves his big cock. There’s a great closeup of Sofia fingering her clit as that hard dick pistons in and out of her incredible Latina pussy, spreading her thick thighs. Sofia bends over to take it doggy style, and there’s a great shot of her wide hips and ass as he mounts her. He goes slow at first but she wants it faster and faster, so he grabs one of her big hips and starts pushing his full length in and out of her needy little gash, which drives her insane. Sofia wants more, so she lays on her back and spreads her legs wide for him. He makes her tits and every sexy little curve on her body bounce as he fucks her so hard it looks like the couch will break. There’s some great shots that show Sofia playing with her tits and clit as she’s getting fucked, and we can tell from the look on her face that she’s loving every minute of it. Sofia demands her man cum in her mouth, and quickly kneels in front of him to receive his fat load. She lusts for the taste of cum and gets most of it in her mouth, but some ends up on her face and a little bit on her voluptuous breasts.
Scene 1 Rating:
Wow! Sofia’s definitely a pro, but she seems to legitimately love her hardcore debut, and she used everything that’s incredible about her -- massive tits, great lips, unbelievable curves, and tight pussy -- to make her man cum so hard. I already liked Sofia coming in, but this was above and beyond.
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Scene 2 - Kendra Lee Ryan
We start in a clothing store. A nerdy dude browsing one of the racks notices Kendra Lee Ryan working the checkout -- then he notices her big rack and nice curves, hugged tight by her little dress. He pretends to grab a few items of clothing just so he can go up and talk to her, but she doesn’t buy it at all. He’s incredibly nervous and embarrassed, but she finds this cute and helps him pick out some clothes that will really get him some pussy. But the only pussy he wants is her’s. She makes some selections and takes him to the back room to try them on. She strips him naked and puts him in some sexier clothes -- now she’d definitely fuck him. Kendra guides his hands toward her DD titties, then pulls them out so he can start sucking and pinching her juicy nipples in earnest. He turns her around and gets rough with her titties while kissing her neck and making her so wet. She moans that she wants his cock, and the camera pans down to show her grinding her ass into him as he reaches under her dress and fingers her right past her red thong panties. He reaches back up and sticks his finger into her mouth, and she says how much she loves to taste her own pussy -- big turn on! They kiss deep and hard, both of them finally tasting her pussy juices. He fingers her harder and harder as she begs for his cock and promises to be his slut, bucking her hips hard against him. Lust takes over and they both lose control. Kendra gets on her knees and starts sucking his hard throbbing cock, spitting on it and deep throating it as soon as she can get it down her throat. She starts titfucking him and licking his balls, demanding to be treated like a little fucking whore. She gags hard on cock as he grabs the back of her head and throat fucks her. Kendra is begging to be fucked, so he bends her over on the sofa and pulls aside her red thong, then tongue fucks her asshole after giving her cunt a quick kiss. In short order he’s inside her pussy, her nice thick ass and big tits moving rhythmically while he fucks her hard and fast. He slows down, but she uses her big well-trained hips to fuck him back even harder and faster than before; she doesn’t dare let him stop. He pushes her head down onto the couch and stretches her pussy with his big member while sticking a finger into her asshole. She spreads her fat butt so far to get all of him into her pussy, shrieking in joy every time he sticks his thumb into her ass. He’s fucking Kendra hard, but she still wants more. He tears off her skirt, showing the tats on her hips and ass, as well as the curve of her back. Then Kendra cowgirl mounts him, her amazing hips working hard and fast to please his length as she fucks him past her thong. He grips her thong, looking like he’ll almost tear it in half as he tries to do that very thing to her hungry little vag. He smacks her ass and tells her to spread even wider for him as he sucks on her titties. He fingerfucks her asshole as he uses his whole length to fuck her, from his tip to the base of his shaft. Finally, Kendra strips off her red thong and starts taking his cock reverse cowgirl, showing off her pretty pink folds in a great closeup that really shows off her tits and belly. She fucks and grinds on his cock as he reaches around and plays with her clit; each taking turns using their hips to pleasure the other. He flips Kendra onto her side and spreads her legs wide, fucking her hard and giving us a great view of her curves. She finally cums from his big cock thrusting in and out of her. This brings him to his limit too and he cums on her face; Kendra licks the dripping cum off her big tits.
Scene 2 Rating:
Great! I loved the plot that happens before the action starts, with the nerdy character acting shy and awkward around Kendra. The biggest turn-ons for me in this scene were the copious amounts of making out, Kendra getting finger fucked and tasting her own pussy, and fucking through that little red thong. My only complaint is that a couple of the shots were poorly framed.
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Scene 3 - Skye Sinn
Skye Sinn is a big blonde beauty in a red dress who really wants a cock in her ass for the first time. She starts by teasing us with her big tits, pulling them out of her dress and making them bounce. She gets on all fours and her stud walks in, immediately slapping her big white ass, making it turn bright red. She rolls onto her back and presents her big-ass breastestes! Once he see’s them shining above of her dress, he can’t help but suck and slobber all over each of her perky nipples. She Moans and He presents his member before her, while slapping himself in the face with one breast while sucking the other. She’s already begging to suck his cock. He starts titfucking her, but she isn’t satisfied with just that; he puts his dick close to her face and she starts sucking it hungrily before he sticks it back between her tits. Then she gets on all fours and starts deep throating him as he grabs the back of her head and makes her take as much as she can into her throat. We get a great POV shot from above of her looking us in the eye as she takes that cock in her mouth, her bare breasts and big, thonged hips clearly visible. She jackhammer thrusts her mouth on the cock as her tits sway, then looks right into her stud’s eyes and begs him to put his cock in her tight little ass. The stud strips off Skye’s dress, showing us her big tits and fantastic curves that are constrained only by the tight thong hugging her hips. Then she mounts him reverse cowgirl on the couch, instantly taking his cock into her tight ass right past her thong, making her fantasy a reality. We switch to a downward angle shot that makes her belly and plump pussy look fantastic straining against her tight thong. Then she gets up and removes that thong, giving us a good look at her big butt and little pussy. Skye lays down sideways on the couch and lets him fuck her pussy, giving us the ultimate view of her big tits and every single one of her curves. Then he switches holes again, fucking her tight ass; she begs for more of his length from the moment he’s in her. She can’t get enough of his cock, and she moans and squeezes her meaty thighs as she tries to spread wider and wider for him. She moans into the camera as this happens, looking into our eyes through the camera while also, once again, showing off her beautiful curves. Skye then takes him doggystyle, his cock thrusting balls deep inside her ass as she spreads her thick cheeks. She moans for him and he fucks her as deep as he can go, spreading her tight asshole wide. Finally he pulls out and cums all over her tits.
Scene 3 Rating:
Honest Dislike’s and Likes: The tit job and blow job parts of this scene lasted way too long for my taste, but I loved the POV elements, and the parts where Skye talked to us through the camera.
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Scene 4 - Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones is a plump brunette who starts her scene splayed out naked on a bed, showing us her curves in their full glory. She teases us by playing with a perky nipple on one of her beautiful breasts. Then we see her from behind as she shows off her great ass and legs. She turns around -- someone is watching her get dressed, but she’s not upset about it. She teases him by slowly putting on her sexy hip-hugging panties and a bra that can barely contain her big tits. She completes the outfit with a hot little red dress, then she calls him over. He kisses her and gropes her belly a little before pulling out Jasmine’s breasts and enjoying her big, sensitive nipples, kissing and sucking each one. He gets behind her, bouncing her breasts, then starts fingering her already wet pussy through her panties with one hand while making her suck the fingers of his other hand. She gets so turned on sucking his fingers that soon she wants the real thing. He tears off her panties and bends her over, exposing her beautiful pussy and little pink asshole. He licks and fingers her asshole, making her buck her big hips and thrust her juicy ass into his hand and mouth. Then he starts powerfully finger fucking her pussy, and we get to see her wide sexy hips thrusting back into his fingers and just a peek of her round belly between her juicy thighs. He switches between fingering her asshole and pussy until she can’t take it anymore -- she crawls on all fours towards him and takes his dick into her mouth. He takes back control and face fucks her hard. We get a great side view that exposes her hanging, swaying tits and belly. Jasmine gets on top of him reverse cowgirl, and we see her take his full length into her vag in a stunning close-up, followed by a great shot of her bouncing hard on his cock, with her thick thighs jiggling and bouncing tits barely constrained by what’s left of her red dress as she rides him so, so hard. His hands caress her sides and the curve of her belly as he thrusts, making her moan hard. She gets on her side and he starts fucking her little asshole, stretching her wide and making her blush red as she spreads her voluptuous thighs for him and plays with her hungry hole. He speeds up, slapping against her big ass and sending ripples through it. Jasmine is completely lost in the moment as he fucks her ass all the way to the balls. They transition to anal doggy style, Jasmine’s ass filling the frame completely as he fucks and spanks her. She gets so excited that she starts bouncing her ass up and down on his cock just to get it in and out faster. He finally pulls out and turns her around, cumming on her face. She takes his cock into her mouth and sucks the rest of the cum out, straight from the source.
Scene 4 Rating:
Fuck yeah! Jasmine was gorgeous in this, and they really showed off her curves both before and during the action. You could tell she was really into the anal pounding she received.
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Scene 5 - Passion Brooks
Passion Brooks starts in a sexy lacy pink thing that leaves almost nothing to the imagination. She says she really wants to get her massive titties fucked, and a man obliges right away. He caresses and bounces her massive mammaries from behind, and soon has her out of her lingerie and bra. He sucks her massive tits hard and Passion lustily moans about how good it feels. She sucks his finger while playing with her own tits, then he goes back to sucking her tits hard, covering them in copious spit while playing with her pussy through her bright pink panties and running his hands over her sexy curves. She sits up on the bed and is finally about to get what she asked for. She gropes his cock through his jeans and he helps take off her bra -- without the bra, we get an incredible view of her big tits, and her big hot belly in this position makes her panties all but invisible. He lays back and she takes off his pants, and in no time she finally has his long cock in between her massive tits, giving him a fantastic titty fuck while kissing and spitting on his hard unit. This turns him on so much that he starts thrusting up into her tits, fucking them of his own accord. She starts sucking him furiously while still engulfing him in as much breast as she can. He gets up and has her keep sucking his cock while she plays with her tits. He gets Passion into a doggystyle position and she loses those pink panties. There’s a close-up of her glorious ass as he enters her and fucks her hard, making her booty shake. Her breasts are so big that we see them shake even from behind -- so hot! She holds her big ass cheeks open for him as his dick spreads her wide. Passion starts riding him reverse cowgirl, and we get to see her gorgeous tits slapping up and down on her plump belly as he explores her curves with his hands and she enjoys the fuck out of his big dick. We pull back to a great shot that shows how hard they’re fucking: you can see and hear the bed sag as she bounces high on his dick then slams back down again, making her entire body -- tits, belly, thighs, everything -- ripple with the force. She gets off his dick, but can barely stand. He offers her a seat again, and they start cowgirl fucking. We see her huge hot booty from behind, taking his dick as her tits slap his face. He slaps her ass and sucks her big nipples, which turns her on even more. Pretty soon he has to cum, and he’s so turned on that he barely gets there in time; he spills the first bit of his load onto Passion’s big tits before finally cumming in her mouth.
Scene 5 Rating:
Passion Brooks is so hot in this scene! She really gets into it, and you can tell the man fucking her does too. To top it all off, she’s got great curves and she knows how to show them off. There’s only one problem: her teeth. This wasn’t a big enough issue to take me out of the scene, but I know that for some people, bad teeth are a huge turn-off. Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to watching more scenes with Passion in the future.
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Scene 6 - Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard
This scene starts strong, with Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Marilyn’s hands start to explore Molly’s big breasts and Molly responds in kind. The two big sexy girls enjoy each other while a man in the background observes with pointed interest. Molly kisses Marilyn’s neck from behind while reaching into her blue lingerie to play with her fantastic, big titties. Marilyn turns to the guy watching and asks if they’re turning him on -- what kind of question is that? Right now, we’re all turned on! She tells him to join in, and he gets behind Molly who’s still playing with Marilyn’s big breasts and starts making out with her. Marilyn bends Molly over on the bed and lifts up her lingerie, exposing a big ass in a tiny purple thong. Both Marilyn and the stud start spanking Molly, making her ass bounce while she cries for more. The stud tells Marilyn to get on all fours next to Molly, and then he starts spanking Marilyn’s juicy blue-thonged butt. He pulls both girls’ panties to the side, showing us their pretty pussies, then pulls down their panties to show us more. He has Marilyn start playing with and licking Molly’s pussy and asshole. All three strip down, and we cut to Molly on her back, spread incredibly wide, showing off her tits and belly. Then Marilyn starts to enjoy Molly’s pussy to its fullest, licking the lips and kissing her clit. The stud keeps Molly spread with his head as he gets a good look at Marilyn licking and fingering Molly’s tight little hole. Marilyn eats voraciously as Molly fingers her clit, then she gives the stud a nice tongue kiss so he can taste Molly’s pussy too. The stud lies on his back and the two plump girls take his massive black dick into each of their mouths, taking turns sucking and pleasing his member. Molly takes his dick deep then comes up as Marilyn licks the shaft, then the two meet at the tip and start kissing ferociously. Molly feeds Marilyn his dick and she takes it as deep as she can go. Molly lays on her back once again and starts sucking his dick from below as it towers over her. Then he starts titty fucking Molly; even though this stud is enormous, Molly’s titties still completely cover his big dick with only the tip poking out, which Marilyn plays with while getting wetter and wetter. She needs to get fucked! Marilyn gets on all fours and we see his big dick get guided into her soaking wet hot box by Molly. Marilyn moans like an animal in heat as he fucks her tight gash, and we see Marilyn’s nice plump ass getting spread as the stud grabs her hips, while Molly watches and fingers herself, exposing both girls’ great curves and Molly’s voluptuous tits for our viewing pleasure. Marilyn starts licking and playing with Molly’s pussy while backing up into the stud’s cock, fucking it carefully but deeply. She starts wiggling her juicy ass on the gigantic unit as the stud plays with her cheeks. Molly wraps her legs around Marilyn as Marilyn eats her pussy. Molly rests her feet on Marilyn’s hips and uses her legs to help Marilyn thrust into the stud’s cock. Then the stud puts one leg up on the bed for leverage and starts jackhammer fucking Marilyn’s pussy, making her cry out! She moans so hard while licking Molly’s pierced clitty, and we see Marilyn’s incredible ass and cute belly shake as the fucking intensifies. Marilyn’s pussy eating skills have gotten Molly nice and ready for the big black cock Marilyn’s been taking, and luckily Marilyn’s in a sharing mood! Molly bends over on the bed and Marilyn spreads the other girl’s ass cheeks as that ramrod penetrates her. He starts out gentle because Molly can barely take the whole thing! Marilyn watches the cock slide in and out of her friend as she spreads and gropes the other girl’s curvy ass. Molly’s back curves and she moans loud for the stud as he fucks her hard and Marilyn slaps her ass. Marilyn mounts the guy like a cowgirl and Molly gets her ready by licking her pussy; then Marilyn sits back on his cock and rides fast. We get a great side view of Marilyn riding, her tits and ass merrily bouncing, that really shows the beauty of her curves. Molly starts making out with the stud while Marilyn grinds on his dick, her belly slapping against his chest. Then Molly goes up and kisses Marilyn hard, which really drives the stud crazy. Molly lays on her side and starts getting fucked while Marilyn slaps and teases her clit and bouncing breasts. Her thick thighs are spread so wide, and her belly is bouncing so perfectly. Marilyn tells Molly to cum for their stud, and kisses and gropes Molly to bring her closer and closer. He starts fucking her as hard as he can and she cums for him while Marilyn watches. The stud can’t take anymore and tells Marilyn to lay next to Molly, then hurriedly pulls out and cums on both girls’ faces. Marilyn gets most of the cum and shares it with Molly in a final deep long kiss.
Scene 6 Rating:
Fantastic! This was a really sexy, fun scene from beginning to end. I was already a huge fan of Marilyn’s work coming in, but both she and Molly more than held my attention for every single second of this scene. The guy in this one played a really cool, subtle character as well, which was a nice touch.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
If you like big girls doing what big girls do best, then this one is a must buy! I was highly impressed with each and every performance in this film, from the newcomers to the seasoned pros. I would recommend this film for the Marilyn Mayson and Molly Howard scene alone, but add in five more excellent scenes all featuring beautiful voluptuous women, and you’ve got a film that any real BBW lover can’t do without!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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