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Read Big D's review of Kim Kardashian Superstar. Only at XRentDVD
Kim Kardashian Superstar
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Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: Kim Kardashian and Ray J
Release Date: March 21, 2007
This is the celebrity sex tape that Kim Kardashian does not want you to see! She's the Daughter of O.J. Simpson's Lawyer, the late Robert Kardashian, the Stepdaughter of Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner and the Best Friend of Paris Hilton; He's a Best-Selling Indie Hip Hop Recording Artist Who Has Been Linked with Lil' Kim and Most Recently Whitney Houston -- and when you see what he is packing, you'll know why. Now it's Kim Kardashian and Ray J in the hottest celebrity DVD ever made. Kim Kardashian Superstar...She makes Paris look like Mayberry

Every once in a while comes a celebrity sex tape that really turns the world on its ear. (Why famous people continue to record their sex session and then get pissed off when it shows up in public is beyond me.) Vivid paid a third party $1 million for the rights to this tape and Kim Kardashian is so pissed off about it she is taking them to court. There's got to be something good going on in here or else she wouldn't be wasting her time with a lawsuit, right? I'll be the judge and see if this one is worth a peek and your hard earned dollars. Vivid is betting a million bucks you'll like it.

Scene 1: Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Scene 2: Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Scene 3: Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Scene 4: Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Scene 5: Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Scene 6: Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Kim Kardashian & Ray J
The movie opens with both Kim Kardashian and Ray J in a hotel room getting ready for the night. After some tone setting chit chat and amateur mugging for the camera it cuts to a POV style BJ of Kim on Ray J. Ray J moves the camera to different locations from up top to either side to give the full effect of the BJ. After some beauty shots of Kim lying back on the bed, Ray J dives in between her legs for some pussy eating. Kim cums rather quickly from this to end this segment.
Scene 1 Rating:
Right off the bat, Vivid nails you with close to seven minutes of advertisements for Vivid sex toys, sex chat lines, websites and like before you can even get to the chapters menu. Luckily you can fast forward through this section but it starts the movie off on a bad note. I know Vivid paid $1 million for the rights to this movie but do you have to make it so obvious that you are trying to make your money back all at once? Once we get to the actual sex tape itself the oral on both sides is quite good. In most amateur and celebrity sex tapes, the techniques are not that great and rather monotonous. Both Kim Kardashian and Ray J exhibit some pretty good technique and you could get off to this scene if you wanted to. Outside of the avalanche of commercials to start the movie, this scene starts off rather strong.
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Scene 2 - Kim Kardashian & Ray J
After a brief snippet in what looks to be the back table of a fast food restaurant both Ray J and Kim are back at their hotel room for some more videotaping. After some close up shots of Kim's impeccable body including her well manicured pussy and her exposing her tits outside of her bra, Ray J gets back to eating more pussy if only for a brief moment. He turns the camera around and puts his dick in Kim in a missionary. (The camera angle looks like Kim could be the one holding the camera or could just be resting on a pillow over her shoulder and looking back towards her legs.) Kim has a dirty mouth on her and begs for Ray J to 'fuck me hard until you cum'.
Scene 2 Rating:
The portion of this scene that really helps it are the close up and pans of Kim's body. She really is in shape, has womanly curves and is definitely sexy. The lighting was a bit dim and the film would go in and out of focus quite a bit producing some film grain effect. Also, some of the footage was slowed down yet the audio was still at full speed. This gave me the impression that the camera had probably fallen out of focus or was not being held anymore and was filming a chair on the other side of the room but still picking up the audio. The audio portion was nice with Kim vocalizing the most but it did not synchronize well with the video it was accompanying. Then again, what do you expect for some amateur celebrity porn stars who were probably more focused on their own sex and less worried about camera shots and angles?
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Scene 3 - Kim Kardashian & Ray J
After a brief segment with Kim putting on her make-up and Ray J filming her feet while they are airborne on a plane it cuts back to their old hotel room for some doggy style. A lot of close-up action although the footage is grainy and blurry at times. Cut to a BJ where Kim looks to be wearing the same bra and panties from the first BJ scene. Back to the doggy with more close-ups before cutting to the next scene.
Scene 3 Rating:
This scene was better just based on the amount of sex in it and a different position. In amateur porn there is not a lot of position changes and great camera work so when looking at this one with a critical eye you need to view it under those circumstances. These are not professionals and sometimes we (especially me) watch so much porn that when we get the rare opportunity to see real people having sex we tend to pick it apart as if they know exactly what they are doing. Jumping back to the BJ section from the beginning of the movie made it look as if Vivid was trying to squeeze a little more out of the movie than the amount of footage they really have. Not a bad break to see Kim Kardashian giving a blow job but it was clearly from the previous scene to start the movie.
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Scene 4 - Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Another segment in another hotel, the opening section showcases Kim Kardashian unpacking her clothes and teasing for the camera. Cut to Kim on her stomach and ray J behind her for some more doggy style. This segment is the best lit and in focus sex footage of the DVD to this point. Both are in focus and the action is centered well on camera. There are a few cut aways to the close-up doggy style session seen in the previous scene but the majority of this segment is doggy where both Ray J and Kim Kardashian can be seen.
Scene 4 Rating:
This was the best portion of this celebrity sex tape so far. Both Kim Kardashian and Ray J were in focus and the lighting was bright enough that you could see everything in the camera shot. At one point Ray J picks up the pace and hammers away from behind that you think Kim's ass is going to shake off. Nice technique coming from an amateur and that really helped the scene tremendously. Best scene so far with more to come.
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Scene 5 - Kim Kardashian & Ray J
The next segment includes some footage of Kim and Ray J down at the beach and walking around their resort hotel. Back in the hotel room Ray J announces to the camera he wants to eat Kim's pussy and that is exactly what he does. More footage of the couple with Kim on her stomach and Ray J from behind. Some cuts to other positions that we have already seen like the missionary where Kim plays with her clit and other sections.
Scene 5 Rating:
It seems like this scene is another attempt to lengthen the DVD, patching together positions and segments from other scenes that have already been shown. The sex is still good but I was hoping for more sex of something I haven't already seen. Kind of disappointing to see stuff we have already seen. Hopefully the final segment will prove to be something fresh and new.
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Scene 6 - Kim Kardashian & Ray J
Down by the pool and beach area of their hotel, Ray and Kim are shown having some drinks and snacks while on vacation. Cut back to the hotel room and Kim goes back to blowing Ray J on the bed briefly. More of the same sex where Kim is on her stomach and Ray is behind her. Some more missionary that looks to be a bit different than the other segments of missionary we have already seen. Ray pulls out and immediately puts his dick in Kim's mouth and it appears she takes his cum in her mouth. She feverishly works the last drops of cum out of his dick to land on her tits while laying back.
Scene 6 Rating:
We get a few more pieces of footage that we haven't already seen in this final scene. The sex was good and the cum shot, although you could not actually see it, was good in that Kim takes it in her mouth to end the scene. This was the highlight of the DVD. Because this final segment had all the elements of the previous scenes, you could skip to this final scene and pretty much get the gist of what this DVD is all about.
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Bonus Features
Big D's Overall Impression
Right off the bat, give credit to Vivid's editors for stretching roughly 20 minutes of sex into a 41 minute DVD. It appeared to me that the sex between Kim Kardashian and Ray J was captured on camera in one sex session. While it appears to be edited to look as if this was five or six different times they were filming themselves having sex it appeared to be just one sex session spliced into different scenes. The dead give away was the walls of the room, the bedding and most notably, Kim Kardashian's lingerie was all the same in all the sex scenes. When critiquing this adult DVD you need to keep it in the context of these are amateurs having sex on camera and they really do not know what they are doing. The best comparison would be to judge it based on other celebrity sex tapes like the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape. Kim Kardashian Superstar had much more sex than many of the other celebrity sex tapes out there and the quality and the focus was much better as well. Kim Kardashian is beautiful and has a fantastic body and it shows well in this film. The real appeal of this adult DVD is the fact you are watching something that someone does not want you to see. If you are looking to just jack off and drop a load, this is probably not the DVD for you. Kim Kardashian is smoking hot and you can jack off to her body alone but compared to other adult DVDs on the market geared towards getting you to jack off, this one will fall short. If you are fascinated with celebrities and especially celebrities having sex, this is definitely worth a look. Just do not be surprised when the different sex scenes all start to look similar because they look like they are all from the same night.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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