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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Keep It In The Family. Only at XRentDVD
Keep It In The Family
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Zero Tolerance
PERFORMERS: Aidra Fox, Casey Calvert, Julia Ann, Melissa Moore, Isiah Maxwell and Marcus London
DIRECTED BY: Mike Quasar
CATEGORY: Family Roleplay
Release Date: September 26, 2016
Featuring Aidra Fox! The family that sucks and fucks together is stuck together! There's no place these horny kin would rather be than taking family time to a whole new level. Hardbody teens, lusty dads and sex-hungry MILFs under one roof can only mean one thing - a hardcore family adventure you'll never forget!

Family-oriented fun! Keeping It In The Family will show us loads of ”brotherly”/“sisterly” fun... hot, horny teens realizing what they’ve been looking for has been living under the same roof with them the whole time. But let’s not forget, Mom and Dad get involved too! Julia Ann and Marcus London are two very experienced pros, and alongside the rest of the star-studded cast, you should expect only greatness! Keeping It In The Family has been hotly anticipated, and the fucking, sucking, moaning action in this film promises to be even hotter.

Scene 1: Julia Ann and Isiah Maxwell
Scene 2: Aidra Fox and Casey Calvert
Scene 3: Casey Calvert, Melissa Moore and Isiah Maxwell
Scene 4: Aidra Fox and Marcus London
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Julia Ann and Isiah Maxwell
Our story takes place in a huge mansion where a seemingly very friendly family lives: an adopted son (Isiah Maxwell), two step-sisters (Aidra Fox and Casey Calvert), and a mom (Julia Ann) and dad (Marcus London). But right away we realize this family has problems -- Casey is insanely jealous of anyone going near Marcus, especially Aidra. Isiah has wanted his step-sister Casey since the day they both hit puberty, but he knows that’ll never happen. Julia, the MILF of the house, says she thinks Aidra is spoiled but really, she just wants a long hard teenage dick inside her… Even Aidra’s friend (Melissa Moore) wants a taste, as we find out in an early interaction where she convinces Aidra to get naked with her, just to see the teen’s tight body and perky tits. This being a close family, Casey comes into the room and pervs out, complementing both teens’ tasty titties. Aidra can’t believe that’s coming from Casey, her step-sister, but Melissa is turned on. Isiah has had an obvious thing for Casey for a long time, and we cut to the two arguing over how she’s caught him jacking off in her panties before. Casey doesn’t want Isiah though -- she really wants Marcus, and will do anything to get him, including get rid of Aidra. With an evil little smile on her face, Casey tells Isiah he’ll be rewarded for helping her get rid of her stepsister, and teases Isiah by lifting her top for a split second, showing two already hard nips on a pair of teenage titties, then quickly giving him a little kiss. Julia walks into the doorway unnoticed, just in time to see this display. Isiah starts working out in the family gym to blow off some steam and hopefully get his boner for Casey under control, bench pressing a barbell until Julia comes in. She straight out asks Isiah if he fucked Casey, making him stutter shyly and deny that anything happened. But the mature matron of the house always knew Isiah had a thing for Casey, and biting her lip just a little, she says it’s actually a turn-on. Julia asks if her adopted son has ever thought of fucking her… Isiah is stunned and has no idea what to say in response. The MILF straddles Isiah’s lap, caressing his head, and explains that everyone else in the family is either fucking each other’s brains out or wants to. Why should she miss out on the fun? She tells Isiah he’s part of a very special family, and explains why with a very deep passionate kiss that turns into a hard grinding make-out session with. Isiah now sees Julia as much more than just a stepmother, and starts grinding hard against her crotch. His hands and tongue begin to explore her body. She moans loud and puts her legs up on Isiah’s forgotten barbell to spread for him; he immediately goes for her needy pussy and starts eating, which makes Julia whine again and again in pleasure. Julia wants more, but she knows they can’t get caught, so she leans in and tells Isiah to come upstairs with her. We rejoin Julia and Isiah on the upstairs couch. Julia is in Isiah’s lap like a new girlfriend, their tongues interlocking again and again. Julia decides she wants to see her boy’s body; she starts to strip off his shirt and slowly gropes him through his pants, but Isiah almost timidly says he wants to taste her pussy one more time before they go on. He removes Julia’s panties and starts licking her cunt with vigor, enjoying every single moment. Her big breasts heave as shivers go through her pussy and up her spine. Isiah teases and massages Julia’s clit with his tongue as Julia admits she’s been thinking about fucking him for a long time. She grinds against his face as his tongue goes faster and faster. When Julia can take no more, she has Isiah stand and takes down his workout shorts, taking his big black cock into her mouth without hesitation. She gives him a long, slow, sloppy blowjob, enjoying every last minute of it as Isiah’s cock gets harder and harder for her. Isiah still can’t believe this is happening until Julia starts deepthroating him; then he instinctively grabs the back of her head and makes her gag on his black mamba. Julia asks if Isiah wants to fuck her cunt. Of course he does! Julia lays back on the couch and spreads as wide as can be, and Isiah starts fucking her with slow but very deep penetration. Julia stares down at her adopted son’s cock sliding in and out of her tight little slot as she fingers her clitty, a perfect ebony and ivory display. Julia starts talking dirty, something Isiah’s never heard before from his adopted mom. He excitedly strips off Julia’s dress, kissing her again and again as he does, then bends her over on the couch for some doggy-style drilling. Isiah grabs Julia’s motherly hips as she spreads her nice ass, and he furiously fucks her wet, wet pussy. She tells Isiah to not hold back, because every one of the fantasies he’s ever had about her are all coming true, right now. Julia lets out a delighted shriek and starts rubbing her clit as he jackhammer fucks her little hole. Julia pushes Isiah back on the couch, then mounts him with her ass facing the camera. He grabs that great ass, pushing it down onto his black snake, and Julia fucks him harder and faster than ever before. Julia shows off her cowgirl skills with a very flexible move that shows both Isiah and us the huge black dick sliding in and out of her tiny little cunt. Then Julia flips around and fucks Isiah while facing us, her pussy on full display as we watch Isiah’s cock ram her hard. They take turns humping that huge dick into Julia’s pussy; Julia takes long strokes, filling herself with as much cock as she can, while Isiah uses short, eager, pleasurable strokes. They go missionary, and Julia fingers her clit so hard as Isiah gives her his full length; she cums hard looking into her stepson’s eyes as her fingers work her clit automatically and Isiah fucks her like a machine, unable and unwilling to stop for anything. Julia moans for him to cum all over her big tits, because she wants to feel her stepson’s cum all over her. Finally Isiah can take no more and he cums hard, covering Julia’s tits and her whole stomach in thick cum.
Scene 1 Rating:
What a great start to this film! I loved the bit of plot that started the story off, with obvious jealousy and drama between the family members. Julia Ann is a real pro, and she looks so great taking Isiah’s huge black cock cowgirl. Not to mention those tits and ass of hers… Julia is what you’ll be picturing whenever you fantasize about a MILF, from now on! And Isiah -- I love the shy character he plays in this, as if he really didn’t expect his step-mom to do these filthy things with him. And of course he’s got a built body and incredible cock, and knows how to use it! I can’t wait to see more.
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Scene 2 - Aidra Fox and Casey Calvert
We cut to the bathroom. Aidra tries to draw a bath, but can’t even get in the tub before Casey barges in and interrupts. Casey tears off her step-sister’s towel, exposing her naked body and giving us a look at her firm ass. Aidra tries to cover up, but Casey looks deep into her eyes and tells her she’s jealous of how much attention Aidra gets from their step-dad. Then Casey gets on her knees and starts sucking Aidra’s twat right in front of Isiah, who’s watching from the doorway. Afterward, she plants a trail of kisses leading up Aidra’s taut little teen body to her gorgeous lips. Casey takes off her shirt, and the two teens make out hard. Casey sucks Aidra’s perkly little nipples, then instructs Aidra to do the same. Casey asserts her dominance, telling Aidra to take off her pants, revealing a sexy thong. Casey sucks Aidra’s nips harder and harder, then the two meet eyes. Aidra starts stuttering; she can’t believe she’s doing this with a girl, let alone her step-sister. Then we pan down to reveal Casey finger-fucking Aidra, making her pant and gasp. Aidra holds Casey tight as the pleasure coming from her love canal intensifies; her hips get weak and sway to the beat of Casey’s fingering. Aidra almost falls over as she experiences her first lesbian orgasm with her own step-sister.Casey licks her fingers clean, then tells Aidra it’s her turn. She sits on the edge of the tub, then pulls Aidra’s head into her crotch. Aidra’s tongue starts working Casey’s clit as she tastes pussy for the first time ever. She starts greedily sucking on Casey’s slit, her fingers finding their way up the other girl’s thigh into her honeypot. Casey soon feels her stepsister fingering her with a horny urgency that Aidra had never before experienced. Casey thrusts her hips into the other girl’s fingers and mouth as she cums hard. The two kiss long and hard, tasting each other’s juices on their tongues. But the two teen girls are just getting started. Casey bends over in front of the tub, and her stepsister fingers her pussy right in front of the camera, giving us a great look at Casey’s ass and Aidra’s hips and legs. Aidra fingers her stepsister so hard and deep that Casey starts bucking and almost collapses against the tub; Aidra needs the fingers of both hands to spread and finger Casey this deep. Aidra bites her lip in arousal and concentration as her fingers go faster and faster, bringing her stepsister to another orgasm. Casey lays down a towel and tells Aidra to lay on her back, spread eagle. She kisses her way down to Aidra’s crotch, paying particular attention to Aidra’s sweet thighs, then pauses and savors the moment, because she knows she’s the first girl to put her mouth on Aidra’s fresh little pussy. Then Casey tongue-fucks Aidra hard and deep, never letting her mouth leave the other girl’s pussy lips. Aidra cums once again, then wraps her legs around Casey in an embrace as the other girl comes up to Aidra’s lips for another long, passionate kiss. Casey pushes Aidra against the wall and reaches down for her pussy, spreading the girl’s little teen ass wide while fucking her with many fingers. She fucks Aidra as hard as she can with her two fingers, sending spasms and shivers through the hyperventilating girl’s entire body and giving her a final, shuddering, intense full body orgasm. Aidra is satisfied, but Casey isn’t. She lies down on the towel and has Aidra play with her pussy. Aidra locks her lips to Casey’s crotch and licks like her life depended on it, making Casey moan so loud and grab the back of the other girl’s head, pulling her in as deep as her tongue can reach. Soon enough, Casey is bucking her hips against Aidra’s mouth with an ultra-wet, juicy orgasm that Aidra literally drinks up. The two share one more, decidedly non-sisterly kiss, then Casey reminds Aidra to stay away from her stepdad. She’s done all this just to keep Aidra away from him.
Scene 2 Rating:
What can I say? Aidra and Casey are so hot and beautiful in this bathroom lesbian lust making scene. I love how innocent Aidra acted, contrasted against how dominant Casey was while introducing her step-sister to girl-on-girl love. That this is one of Casey’s character’s little mind games makes it even hotter, because now you know she’ll do anything for her stepdad’s attention. The best part though is the casting: Aidra and Casey look like they actually could be real-life sisters, which makes this scene a damn near perfect lesbian encounter.
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Scene 3 - Casey Calvert, Melissa Moore and Isiah Maxwell
Aidra’s friend Melissa has been invited over by Isiah, and they meet by the pool. But soon Casey finds a reason to isolate Melissa and do her whole manipulative stepsister thing. The two don’t know each other that well, but Melissa remembers Casey because Casey “accidentally” saw her naked; Casey tells Melissa it was no accident. The pair somehow end up in Casey’s bed -- damn, girl! -- where Casey drills Melissa over her friend Aidra and her intentions with their step-dad. Melissa admits she sparked up her friendship with Aidra because she’s hot as fuck. Casey asks Melissa if she wants to become a part of the family, then she sparks a little jealousy by revealing she’s already had sex with Aidra. Melissa makes Casey promise not to tell Aidra, then the two lock lips, tongues exploring mouths deeply and lustily, each girl’s hands running over the other’s body. Melissa loses her top and Casey immediately immediately goes for her tits, sucking the teen’s perky nipples. Then Casey calls in Isiah, who gets onto the bed in his boxers to finally make Melissa’s dreams come true. Melissa holds Isiah close and the two make out deep and hard, then her hand goes to his American flag boxers and checks out what he’s got in store for her. She must like it, because within seconds she’s having Casey help her out of her booty shorts, showing us her sexy white lace panties. Casey and Isiah start pleasuring Melissa all over her body, then Casey strips to join in on the fun, exposing her tiny black thong. Isiah can’t stop making out with Melissa, as he fingers her through her white panties. Melissa is in the middle of a sexual Twix. She’s the caramel between the dark milky chocolate (Isiah to her left) and the white crisp cookie (Casey to her right) -- a real welcome to the family. Casey gets on all fours with her great ass in the air to play with Melissa’s caramel love tunnel, as Melissa kisses Isiah again and again, playing with his cock through his boxers. Melissa takes off her panties, and Casey and Isiah both finger her pussy at the same time as Melissa sucks Casey’s beautiful breasts. Casey asks Melissa if she wants Isiah’s cock, and she moans back that she’s dying for it, and can’t believe the size of Isiah’s beautiful black cock when she sees it. She lies on her side and takes Isiah’s cock into her mouth without a second thought, as Casey reaches down and works Melissa’s tiny wet cunt with her fingers. Casey makes Melissa deep throat Isiah’s shaft, forcing her head down on it as far as it’ll go. But Melissa wants Isiah’s cock so bad that she’s nothing but thankful for the assist, covering Isiah’s long black member in copious drool. We get to see Melissa’s amazing tits, hips, and ass as she does this, while Casey is on her hands and knees showing us that great ass in her black thong while she fingers Melissa. Casey tells Melissa to beg for Isiah’s cock, but she doesn’t have to beg hard. He stands up and spreads her wide on the bed, then slowly pushes his huge dick into Melissa’s incredibly tight hole; Melissa can’t even take the whole thing and knows she’s gonna cum so fast just from his dick alone. Meanwhile Casey strips off her thong in a very erotic way and has Isiah tear it off her leg with his teeth. Melissa legitimately looks like she’s going to cum very hard from receiving Isiah’s rock hard member deeper and deeper and faster and faster, his big balls slapping against her ass, while Casey fingers herself to the sight. Then Casey mounts Melissa’s face reverse cowgirl, showing us her taut ass and pussy as Isiah fucks and spreads Melissa’s tiny little pussy. Melissa eats pussy and takes cock, able to do nothing but enjoy the feeling going through her entire pussy. Melissa cums so hard that her nips and pussy are incredibly sensitive afterwards, making her shriek and quiver at Isiah’s merest touch. Melissa flips over onto her hands and knees, sticking her ass into the air for some hard doggy style. She takes Isiah’s cock, but she’s still so small and tight even after taking it once that it falls out a couple times; this doesn’t stop Isiah from fucking her as hard as he can. Melissa bends over even more for a deeper fucking and Casey spreads in front of Melissa so she can get her pussy eaten again. Aidra couldn’t give all this to Melissa! Isiah picks up the pace and fucks Melissa so hard it looks like his black cock will break her caramel pussy in half. Melissa cums so hard she forgets what she’s doing with Casey’s pussy for a few minutes; all she can think about is Isiah’s dick inside her. Casey tells Melissa to taste her own twat off of Isiah’s cock. She sucks hard, getting all of her own juices into her mouth. Then Isiah lays on the bed with one girl on each side. Casey holds his cock for Melissa as she gives it more mouth love, and we see both girls’ bodies in their full glory. Then Casey tells Melissa to sit on the big black cock, sealing the command by embracing the other girl in a deep kiss over Isiah’s ready dick. Melissa obeys and takes Isiah’s cock cowgirl, while Casey rubs Isiah’s overfull balls. Isiah fucks Melissa like a gigantic vibrator, going in and out as fast as he can while Casey spreads Melissa. Melissa grabs Casey’s hips and make sure the other girl fucks Isiah as deep and hard as she should. Isiah’s cock pops out of Melissa and Casey sucks it, tasting Melissa’s juices, then slowly and generously puts it back into Melissa’s pussy. Casey spanks Melissa and tells Isiah to make the moaning teen cum one more time; with incredibly fast thrusts and some hard jackhammer humping while Casey watches and enjoys, Isiah finally brings Melissa to an earth-shattering, shivers down the spine, screaming orgasm. Casey is still in control, and she tells Melissa to get off of her brother. Now it’s time for Isiah to get his wish, and Casey doesn’t break her promises. Isiah excitedly but nervously spreads Casey into a missionary position, and stares into her eyes as he penetrates her for the first time. He fucks her needy slit quickly and with incredible stamina given what we’ve already seen, as Melissa reaches over and plays with Casey little clitty. Isiah kisses Casey and repositions her for an even deeper missionary jackhammer fucking. Melissa pleasures Casey’s nipple with a deep long suck. Casey asks Isiah how it feels to have his dream come true, and he roars that it feels so good. Isiah goes so fast and hard that he cums quickly, and he has an incredibly hard orgasm all over Casey’s belly that you can almost feel just by watching the scene. Casey finishes by having Melissa lick up the cum.
Scene 3 Rating:
This scene was incredible. Melissa is so hot, and her reactions to Isiah’s cock seem authentic. Her first orgasm looks and sounds visceral, and you can tell by her sensitivity after it that it actually is -- Melissa and Isiah have real screen presence and chemistry together because she actually loves Isiah’s cock. The way Melissa and Casey interact as they share Isiah’s cock and help each other take its full length is great too: Casey maintains some of her dominance, but Melissa is often too distracted by the pleasure of Isiah’s cock to even care.
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Scene 4 - Aidra Fox and Marcus London
Aidra and Marcus come back from a shopping trip with big bags and expensive merchandise. Marcus spoils his daughter. They go upstairs to a bedroom and Marcus sits on the bed, while Aidra goes to get changed in the bathroom. She slowly strips out of her old clothes and we can see her great tits in the mirror. Then she takes a sexy little red bra and panties out of the bag and puts them on. She goes into the bedroom and asks Marcus what he thinks; he loves it, but is confused. She asks Marcus the real reason why he took her in after her real dad’s car accident. Marcus answers that her dad was his best friend and he wanted to take care of what was important to him. Aidra doesn’t buy it; she tells Marcus that she knows he and Casey were together. Marcus denies it, and exclaims Casey is crazy and the has no boundaries. Marcus wants to be Aidra’s father but Aidra doesn’t want that; though she does want Marcus. She puts a hand on the back of Marcus’ neck and tells him to leave with her; they kiss long and deep. We pull back to show more of them kissing, and also see the sexy outfit Aidra has on: her red bra hugging her perky teen titties, and an incredibly small thong that leaves very little to the imagination. Aidra rips off Marcus’ shirt -- they’re both so turned on just from making out that they lose control. Marcus lays his girl down on the bed and kisses her all over her body, his hands playing across the curve of her ass and her breasts. Then he rips off her red bra, revealing a pair of perky little teen titties that he immediately gets to work on, licking and sucking them in between deep kisses planted on Aidra’s pouty lips. Marcus’ right hand caresses Aidra’s thighs, then quickly finds its way past her tiny thong into her honeypot, his fingers pleasuring his girl as if he’d been waiting so long to do it. Aidra wraps her legs around Marcus, pulling him in to enjoy more of her lips and breasts. Soon he goes down to her pussy and eats her out through her thong, then back up to make out with her again. He looks down at that little thong and then tears it off, discarding it as if it were nothing. His mouth goes down to her slit and he starts licking her clit hard, making Aidra writhe, squirm, and shreak in pleasure. Marcus pleasures her with no reserve, licking, kissing, and quickly fingering her dripping wet cunt. She runs her fingers through his short salt-n-pepper hair as he brings her to a swift first orgasm that makes her shudder, and which drives Marcus even wilder. Marcus quickly strips off his pants as Aidra, with equal excitement, gets on all fours on the bed to eagerly take Marcus’ cock into her mouth for a very wet, very enthusiastic blowjob. They switch between making out while she rubs his cock, and Aidra sucking him hard. Then she gives Marcus’ cock a big lick and mounts him cowgirl, instantly satisfying all of her daddy issues as she rides him with incredible excitement; she rides him fast but his hips fuck back faster, making the tiny teen’s ass literally vibrate. She grinds and bounces on his cock, then he jackhammer fucks her again, bringing her to a second cunt-clenching orgasm that makes her whole body tense and untense. Aidra collapses forward onto Marcus, making out with him while both both their hips still fuck hard, showing us Aidra’s gorgeous body with her legs draped around Marcus. Marcus gets Aidra on her side and spreads her tiny little hole, still eagerly fucking. He tells her to play with her pussy, and she rubs her clit with 4 fingers while he fucks her harder and harder. Marcus spreads Aidra’s pussy lips wide while he fucks her, Aidra’s face showing every bit of pleasure she feels. Aidra cums while staring deep into her stepdad’s eyes. They switch to very intimate missionary sex, Marcus’ face right in Aidra’s as they stare into each other’s eyes. Aidra’s legs are around Marcus and you can see her tight ass bounce hard against the bed as she gets fucked. Marcus finally cums, pulling out at the last second to squirt copious cum onto Aidra’s clit, stomach, and tits. Aidra licks the cum off her tits even before Marcus is done cumming, her hips still bucking from the fucking she received. She thanks her former stepdad as he embraces her for another long, passionate kiss.
Scene 4 Rating:
Aidra and Marcus are so believable as a father figure and a girl that finally has the opportunity to work through her huge daddy issues with a cock. The pleasure that flashes across Aidra’s face as Marcus penetrates her is palpable, and both of them seem really excited during the entire scene. The force with which Marcus fucks Aidra and gets her into just the right position is incredibly exciting in itself. And the little bits of plot we see increase the excitement level too; by now, we have a real sense of who Aidra and Marcus are playing and why they would want to fuck with such passion.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! You might have guessed by now, but this film gets a Must Buy! The characters and plot were great, and every bit of action had a reason why it was happening -- usually Casey’s craziness or some bit of family jealousy. Isiah’s character definitely stood out; he did an incredible job playing the shy adopted son who never saw any of this coming in anything but his wildest fantasies. Aidra was sexy as hell as the innocent victimized step-sis who wanted a piece of her step-dad, and Casey played the evil sister to a tee. The first scene with Julia is a must-watch for MILF and IR lovers. Melissa was incredibly hot in her threesome scene alongside Casey and Isiah, and she reacted with incredible authenticity as she took his big dick. The actors in this seemed to have a lot of fun too, the girls smiling and giggling in between their (and their men’s) shaking, shuddering orgasms. Overall, you can’t beat this film if you like family-themed fun, tight teens, or sexy MILFs.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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