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Read Robert Austin's review of Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman #4. Only at XRentDVD
Jada Fire Is Squirtwoman #4
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REVIEWED BY: Robert Austin
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Elegant Angel
PERFORMERS: Jada Fire, Sindee Jennings, Flower Tucci and Bobbi Starr
CATEGORY: Squirting
Release Date: May 27, 2008
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The queen of orgasmic squirt eruptions is back! The beautiful, black goddess replaced Cytherea in November 2006 and has since made the coveted role of Squirtwoman her very own. Jada sprays gushes and gushes of her sweet juices all over an all star cast: Flower Tucci, Sindee Jennings, and Bobbi Starr. As always, William H.'s squirt drenched camera lens is a testament to why no other porn studio makes squirting movies quite like Elegant Angel.

When I saw that this was an Elegant Angel flick, directed by William H., I prepared myself for a treat, with nice close-ups, hot chicks, and everybody giving it their ALL. Hoping for some anal action, too, as in most of his movies.

Scene 1: Jada Fire, Sindee Jennings & Marco Banderas
Scene 2: Jada Fire, Bobbi Starr & Anthony Rosano
Scene 3: Jada Fire, John Strong & Marco Banderas
Scene 4: Jada Fire & James Deen
Scene 5: Jada Fire, Flower Tucci & Mark Ashley
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Jada Fire, Sindee Jennings & Marco Banderas
Jada Fire rubs her round tits, and massages her pussy, while pouring oil over her body and ass at the pool. Jada and Sindee start off making out, with Sindee licking Jada's tits. Jada sits back on the couch and rubs her pussy, and Sindee comes over to do some lickin', then they both sit on the couch, and rub their pussies beside each other until they both squirt into the air. Marco comes over, they go back and forth sucking his dick, Sindee stopping for a minute to suck Jada's nipples, then back to the dick, where they rub, suck and lick his cock... and do it damn well. Marco sits down on the couch, to more stroking and sucking. Jada climbs on top of him in a reverse cowgirl, while Sindee licks Marco's balls, until Jada sits up to gush straight into her face. Sindee plays with her pussy on the floor, then climbs on top of him, and rides him, good, moving her ass and hips very well. They rub their juices all over him, and continue working their lips on his dick. Jada bends over, showing us her ass, and Marco plunges her pussy, while Sindee rubs and licks Jada's cheeks. Jada sits back, spreads her legs, and sprays again, all over the place. The it's back in position, and Marco plows her from behind, holding one leg up. Jada and Sindee spray all over each other, then Sindee leans over the couch, jiggling her ass in anticipation, then spreading her pussy lips to make way to be plunged, while Jada sprays her face, then she leans over and all three of them kiss. Sindee gets back on Marco while Jada plays with her pussy until she squirts yet again. Jada gets on her back with a leg up, and Marco fucks her, Jada spraying into Sindee's face.... a couple of times. Sindee gets into the same position to be fucked as well. Marco fucks Jada doggy-style, sporadically pausing to fuck Sindee's face, eventually taking his dick out to cum on Jada's ass and Sindee's face. They then both squirt all over each other, and end the scene with kissing.
Scene 1 Rating:
This scene is great from beginning to end. Everybody in the scene is having a (ahem) blast, and you can feel that everyone is into what's going on. Jada and Sindee have amazing asses, and Jada's rack is, in a word, perfect. Marco keeps it hard for the girls, and it all just blends together. A steamin' scene from beginning to end!
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Scene 2 - Jada Fire, Bobbi Starr & Anthony Rosano
Jada and Bobbi, both wearing very sexy fishnet outfits, are rubbing, kissing, and sucking each other, and being damn hot about it. Jada squirts her face after she rubs her pussy for a while, after which Bobbi goes down on her, and Anthony enters the room, promptly putting his cock in Jada's mouth, which she licks and sucks hungrily. Soon, Bobbi and Jada are both on their knees, taking turns and simultaneously beating and sucking him off. Bobbi rubs her pussy while Jada is sucking, and Jada squirts all over her hand, the floor, and the camera. Anthony rips Bobbi's fishnets, so that Jada can lick her ass, whlie he fucks Jada from the back, with quick deep strokes. Every so often he pauses to give both Bobbi and Jada a smack on their asses. Anthony fucks Bobbi's mouth, and she takes it all in, while Jada squirts all over Bobbi's ass. Anthony bends Bobbi over, so that he can access her asshole, and plunges right in. Bobbi lays her head in Jada's lap, and Anthony and Jada play with each other's tongues, Anthony eventually buiding up to furiously pounding that ass. Bobbi and Jada make out some more, until Bobbi climbs off to suck his dick, while Jada rides his face. Jada climbs onto his dick, and Bobbi plays with her pussy, building up to another gush from Jada. Bobbi sucks his dick, getting it all wet so that she can climb on, and ride him with his dick in her ass, while she fingers, Jada's pussy, Jada eventually squirting into Anthony's mouth. Bobbi rides him for a while, Anthony smacking her ass until it's red. Bobbi climbs off, and Anthony climbs onto Jada, her legs in the air, taking his cock out long enough for Bobbi to suck it, until Anthony comes all over Jada's already dripping-wet pussy.
Scene 2 Rating:
This scene is just as hot, with hot lesbian-action and, as icing on the cake, it's awe-inspiring seeing Bobbi's plump, gorgeous ass being fucking by Anthony Rosano. The fishnet outfits don't hurt either!
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Scene 3 - Jada Fire, John Strong & Marco Banderas
Jumping right into the action, Jada sucks John and Marco at the same time, using those lovely lips to pleasure them both. They go then to sucking those precious melons, and laying her down, where John pumps her, one leg in the air, while Marco fucks her mouth from the side. John backs off a moment where she sprays into the air, then returns to fuck some more, then Marco takes her from behind, ass in the air, while her hands and mouth work on John's dick. Jada climbs on John so that he can bang her, while she sucks and manhandles John's dick, then reverse cowgirls Marco, and sucks Johns dick until she lets go her love fluids. John lays her on the side, and (yes... Finally!) fucks Jada in her out-hole, stroking her good, while she sucks and licks Marco, who eventually wants to get in on that action as well, so he fucks her ass from the side, until she sprays into the camera, while she licks John's cock. She gets on his dick again, this time riding Anthony, until Marco climbs on her, for some DP action, then taking turns on who gets ass and who gets the pussy. At one point, she cums while John's in her ass, and Marco's fucking her mouth, which is way hot. Marco lays her on her back to fuck her pussy, and John fucks her mouth, until they both burst all over her face, and she does a final burst of her own.
Scene 3 Rating:
This scene, isn't quite as steamy as the previous two. It could be my own personal bias, with two guys in the scene, as opposed to two girls. But, just when I thought that I was ready to give it a 3 1/2, we get the prize: Jada gets fucked in the ass in this scene, which is good for at least half a star! The action's a little milder, but it still stays good to the last drop
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Scene 4 - Jada Fire & James Deen
Jada and James start the scene of with slow passionate kisses. James takes off her bra, and lays her down on the couch to finger her pussy, then spreads her legs to start lickin her pussy to her moans and squeals. He climbs on top of her, holding one leg up, and bangs her, making those big titties jiggle. He takes his dick out for her to spray into the air, then goes back to town. She gets on his dick and rides it for a while, then climbs off, taking his cock in her hand while she strokes and slurps it deliciously. She gets back on the dick, and we watch him fuck her good, watching those juggs bounce, lifting up to hose down the camera with her love juices. James bends Jada over the couch to ram her pussy, doggy-style (DAMN that ass is gorgeous!). He then lays her on the side to take her from the back from that position, raising her leg up for deeper access, making her come yet again. James stands up in front of her, so that she can take him in her mouth while she rubs her pussy, spraying in the process. She works her hands and mouth in unison, until he erupts all over her face and hair.
Scene 4 Rating:
Not as scorching as the other scenes so far, this one is more... affectionate I guess would be the word. They take their time a little more. Probably not a bad starter scene to prove to someone that porn can be loving, too! Still great to watch, I felt like William H. wanted us to get our bearings a little from the previous scenes.
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Scene 5 - Jada Fire, Flower Tucci & Mark Ashley
This scene starts with an interview with Jada talking about her first porn scene experience, and her and Flower both talking about the scene that they'd done together before with Mark Ashley. The action begins with Jada ravenously sucking and biting Flowers perky tits, and some very intense kissing. Flower lays her down, raising her legs up so she can lick her ass, then finger and devour her pussy, until Jada squirts on her face and in her mouth. She climbs up to her face, for some more kisses, before burying her face between her legs again. Flower climbs on the couch, with her thick ass in the air, so that Jada can do some licking of her own, then Flower sits on the back of the couch, letting Jada eat her until she gets a face full of lady-cum. Mark Ashley enters the scene to lick Jada's pussy from behind, then sticks his dick in her. Flower gets into 69 position while Mark continues fucking Jada, and rubs Flower's pussy until she comes all over his hand. He lays Flower on her back, so that he can pummel her pussy, while Jada sits on her face. Mark goes down to lick her pussy while rubbing Flower's clit, and they both come, and come... and come... all over themselves, and each other. They both go down on him, going back and forth between seriously sucking his dick, and kissing each other. How he doesn't bust his wad IMMEDIATELY is a testament to his professionalism! Jada sits on his dick, riding him until she makes her come again. Flower takes Mark's dick out to suck it, and rub it on Jada's clit. She also climbs up to suck and smack Jada's luscious tits. Mark lays Jada down to pound that pussy some more, while Flower licks her ass and rubs her clit. (Damn, this scene is great!) Next he fingers Jada's pussy, and Flower licks it, until her face is showered. Flower rides and sucks his dick, eventually readying him to stick his dick in her ass, and he fucks her hard from beneath, and she takes time to take it out and suck it. Jada bends over the couch, and Mark and Jada take turns licking her ass, until it's lubricated enough for Mark to penetrate her asshole, thrusting her viciously from behind, while Flower licks her pussy, while rubbing her own. Flower rides him again, dick-in-ass, coming over and over again. Mark lays Flower on her back, holding one leg up, to ram that ass some more, before taking his cock out, shooting Jada's face, and onto Flower's stomach, Flower squirting the whole time.
Scene 5 Rating:
This scene really kinda has it all. Two scorchin' chicks licking and kissing each other, Anal Sex from both of them, Mark handling the pussies well... It just all had a sense of fun and flow (!) to it all. Definitely the best scene in the movie.
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Bonus Features
Robert Austin's Overall Impression
The whole movie is just done well, with lovely ladies, Jada's big wonderful tits and plump ass. Nothing feels rushed, and everyone is just doing what they came to do, and very well at that. None of the scenes drag on, and William H. doesn't let me down, with great angles, and perfect pacing. This one's highly recommended.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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