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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Interracial Crush. Only at XRentDVD
Interracial Crush
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Elegant Angel
PERFORMERS: Piper Perri, Morgan Lee, Hollie Mack and Sara Luvv
CATEGORY: Interracial
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Featuring Piper Perri! Elegant Angel Presents 'Interracial Crush', over 2 hours of black cock madness! The ultimate movie for fans of interracial and super cute petite white girls! No girl over 5 foot tall or 100lbs! Watch the tiniest girls in porn get ravaged by huge black dicks! Starring the ultra petite Piper Perri taking one of the biggest pieces of black meat she's ever seen! Interracial Crush features an all star cast, incredible locations and stunning camera work. Don't miss out on this interracial masterpiece! Starring Piper Perri, Morgan Lee, Sara Luvv and Hollie Mack. Enjoy!

Over two hours of massive black cock plummeting into tiny, petite, white pussy. A classic portrayal of ebony and ivory Interracial intercourse with a twist on size! "No girl is over 5 foot tall or 100 lbs!" assured director Pat Myne. "The tiniest girls in porn get ravaged by huge black dicks! Piper takes one of the biggest pieces of black meat she’s ever seen. Interracial Crush features an all-star cast that also includes Morgan Lee, Sara Luvv and Hollie Mack."

Scene 1: Piper Perri and Rob Piper
Scene 2: Sara Luvv and Rico Strong
Scene 3: Hollie Mack and Rico Strong
Scene 4: Morgan Lee and Prince Yahshua
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Piper Perri and Rob Piper
This is a Pipin’ hot duo ready for some Pipin’ action! This scene starts of with Piper Perri talking about the scene in advance. She discusses the stigmas of the massive black cock and explains sizes because Mr. Piper’s cock is the same size as little Piper’s arm. She’s 4’10 and only 72 lbs. The real question is: where is she gonna put all this cock? You’ll have to watch! Rob uses his hands to sensually work through touching her whole body. They move to a bed and he pleases her before himself. Serving her with his long thick tongue and massive hands, he readies her for his massive cock. In the 69 position she chokes on only 1/3 of his cock, swallowing and spitting on the tip. He lays back as she climbs onto his cock and right away he does not ease into the action but plows her pretty little kitty. She orgasms and practically jumps off his dick, so he lifts her pussy to his face and eats her then puts his cock right back in her pussy and continues. They turn sideways in bed and we lose sight of his massive cock inside her tiny twat. They pause for a minute and he eats her asshole while she sits on the doggy position. Then he towers over her inserting his cock in of her pussy in the same position before flipping her around and cumming all over her chest and mouth.
Scene 1 Rating:
These are the Adventure of the Pipers, the Piper Games, #Pipernating, #Pipersworld, #Pipernation. This is a super scene by the Pipers. A visual explanation of the whole scene is best described by Piper Perri herself as a train coming through a tight subway tunnel. Or maybe better said as a train smashing through a tight tunnel!!! I recommend watching the BTS extra. Both seem to be very well educated as well as extremely positive and fun people. They give a vibe of having a great time while having sex. It doesn’t seem so much like a job they do to please the arousal of nations.
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Scene 2 - Sara Luvv and Rico Strong
Sara Luvv is caramel skinned beautiful women at 4’11 and 90 something pounds. In her interview she discusses her first experience with a black cock, how every time she is excited to be booked for an interracial scene, and how she loves to see a black man’s cock spread her pussy open. Rico pulls down her bra, exposing her beautiful rich colored nipples. There is not enough flattery for Sara Luvv and of course, a lot of long is inside her before too long! First she is skull fucked by Rico and drools all over his massive cock, then he bends her over and rails her doggy style. They repeat this same action and you can see Sara Luvv’s juices all over his thick dick. He picks her up and she flies as he fucks her in the air. This is short but there is a string of positions they get into. In every position he holds on to her a little bit tighter and his cock gets in just a little bit more. The scene finishes with him unleashing his seed all over her face. And this seed is the thick baby making semen (according to Sara Luvv).
Scene 2 Rating:
Sara Luvv sits up-straight while Rico doesn’t really talk but quietly interacts this carries on into the BTS extras. This scene is very much different from the other and it could be a description of a preference or style difference based on the interaction in the beginning. Rico Strong seems more laid back, while Sara Luvv’s seems more proper and rearing to get business done. But when it comes to the action Rico is quite the aggressor and business seems more like fun! He knows how to make a good porn scene and has a great talent for pleasing the audience when it comes to intercourse! Sara as well! She describes herself as having a talent for hiding dick inside of her- a vagician- she says. In addition, BTS features have a great amount of pussy luvvin’ talk.
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Scene 3 - Hollie Mack and Rico Strong
This lovely babe with a natural body discusses her experiences with IR. She’s ready and asks the viewers if they are! The scene cuts and she’s crawls on all fours. Once she reaches Rico Strong, she sits her bodacious booty on his lap and he feels her up. Pants come off and Hollie Mack chokes down his cock. She must have no gag reflexes ‘cause that dick is going deep down her throat. It literally disappears in her throat. Where is it going? Seriously, this is pure talent! Glasses off and Rico Strong is ready! They fuck, She suck’s, and he fuck’s her sideways while choking.
Scene 3 Rating:
Hollie Mack seems more like Rico Strong. Both seem quiet and down to earth. I appreciate Mack not exaggerating the IR scene during her interview. She sounds realistic and not exactly super hysterical about about getting black cock asap, but still excited about sex. She creates a classy, yet relaxed vibe while interviewing. I love it. Not to mention, her blow job skills are phenomenal. And Rico seems more interested in this scene. In this BTS bonus scene Rico sits in drinking kool aid talking about how his dick is like 3 inches before it’s hard. He just seems way more relatable to Hollie which creates a more sensual scene.
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Scene 4 - Morgan Lee and Prince Yahshua
Morgan Lee is 5’0 and 110 lbs. In her interview she says don’t let her size fool you. She’s full of personality. The scene cuts from the interview to Prince Yahshua licking up and down her smoldering hot body. Pants down and dick out once again. She sucks dick and fucks with a smile. He plunges his massive cock into her in several different positions and she rides with pleasure. His cock shines with her pussy juice. Prince Yahshua rides from behind until he can’t take it and blows a load in her pussy.
Scene 4 Rating:
I think this was a wonderful scene. It had a fun, happy, positive vibe and a creampie finish. What more could you ask for? Prince Yahshua said “real legends do what they do!” And he is right! I think Morgan Lee had a terrific time and Prince was a honey! Morgan Lee said there is only one Prince Yahshua and he sets the bar and so does she!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This is a buy! There are so many reasons to watch this and keep it. Watch Hollie Mack suck cock like a pro! Watch Piper Perri get fucked with a dick as big as her arm. Watch Sara Luvv be slutty. And watch Morgan Lee smile at her cream pie! Not to mention the DVD extras are just as fantastic as the film. They include CumShot Recaps, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Web info.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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