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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Icons. Only at XRentDVD
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: Tori Black, Abella Danger, Alina Lopez, Ariana Marie, Ella Hughes, Ricky Johnson, Johnny Sins and Markus Dupree
Release Date: August 22, 2018
Starring Tori Black! VIXEN and Greg Lansky (Three-time AVN Director of the Year) are proud to present its newest series, ICONS No. 1. Behind the camera in every film in the collection, award-winning director, Kayden Kross, showcases her masterful technique and unique approach to storytelling. Legendary beauty and award-winning performer, Tori Black, continues her exclusive comeback playing a sex-driven and manipulative actress in her best performance to date. Also starring Abella Danger, Alina Lopez, Ariana Marie, and Ella Hughes in scorching performances like you've never seen before. With VIXEN's signature production value and sensual storylines in full display, Icons No. 1 is a collection not to be missed!

As a consumer, when you hear that Kayden Kross is directing this flick you know what’s up but with Vixen as the studio?! Hell Yes! Her style and films are phenomenal! She has earned herself best director of the year already! In her films, glamour meets pure eroticism; lighting, perspective, allour, fetishized with aaa-mazing stars!

Scene 1: Tori Black + Johnny Sins
Scene 2: Abella Danger + Ricky Johnson
Scene 3: Alina Lopez + Ariana Marie + Johnny Sins
Scene 4: Ella Hughes + Markus Dupree
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Tori Black + Johnny Sins
Dressed classy and ready to fuck, Tori Black is one smokin’ hot babe! She allours her voyagers by telling us It’s not all about sex! Sex just moves us forward. She gets naked and shows off her gorgeous body. The body of a strong woman in charge! Like anyone would be, seeing that beautiful woman only empowers the need to worship her body, put his rocket in and feel the thrill of the ride.
Scene 1 Rating:
O-M-G, Tori Black - Amazing! She’s hot as fuck and definitely plays the strong woman in the room! Gives me a straight up stiffy! The location and cinematography are a fantastic match for the particular chemistry we see between these two characters. It all fits together.
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Scene 2 - Abella Danger + Ricky Johnson
Ms. Danger has been trying to break up with her boyfriend for a while but hasn’t been able to get a word in during their conversations. But when opportunity comes knock she takes it in the form of a big black dick! Abella had been so concentrated on the conversation she was trying to have with her boyfriend that when she opened her front door to collect a dropped off packaged she happened to locked herself out and, of course, wearing only her lingerie! She walked to her neighbor and asked to use the phone but he does her one better and gets her apartment open... and then her mouth... her legs... wide open!
Scene 2 Rating:
I like this scene, specifically because the scenario is very kitch. It’s like the unreal robber gets caught/ nurse and patient kind of scenario you would like to see but instead it’s fresh and delightfully unexpected. As far as Rick and Abella, go they are prime stars - I had faith and they did sex very well!
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Scene 3 - Alina Lopez + Ariana Marie + Johnny Sins
Alina and Ariana are roommates who share all the things (yes, that will include dick during this scene)! Ariana tells her roomie to get dressed because they are going to enjoy some pool action. Alina thinks it’s sketchy that they are going through the back gate but who cares, two girls practically naked in a wet pool is super hot!!! Before the sopping wet girls lock lips in the pool Johnny Sins runs out and oh no, the girls are in trouble! Ariana says she’ll make it up to him and here’s where sharing is caring. Mr. Sins gets a pair of two juicy wet lips on his long dong. The fun doesn’t end there. They fuck on a kitchen counter and they even fuck in multiple positions on the headrest of the couch. Lips to dick to pussy and so on!
Scene 3 Rating:
I have to hand it to these ladies, gent, and the director. I thought this was going to be an average three way porn but this is definitely not your mom’s borning old porn the scene is very fun and modern.
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Scene 4 - Ella Hughes + Markus Dupree
Ella Hughes is an artist that doesn’t want to deal with this Russian art dealer. He wanted to turn her precious art gallery into a cash market. When he wants to take one of her pieces to sell she say she has already sold it. He says excuse me?! And the tensions rise. It’s as if they are hate fucking each other with passion! Their discussion had gotten heated and now she wants him to do dirty things to her. First she wants him to tie her up and then she wants him to dominate her. He follows every command while seeming to get deeper, harder and rougher until the tension explodes out of him...
Scene 4 Rating:
I didn’t really understand this scenario, if I was in it for just the scenario then I’d like to see something else but Ella Hughes has a really hot accent and fucking was definitely spot on so I approve!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Overall, this film is stylized in a way that can only be defined as Kayden Kross. It’s basically art meets porn and creates a phenomenal baby! I love that I can say “ohh, that is pretty” and jack off to it at the same time. Also, the cast is top-notch and the fact that they performs as so is a double bonus! The quality is of a mainstream movie but with the addition of some sweet as rough, raunchy and fun sex! Don’t waste your time renting it, I’d recommend buying it ASAP.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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