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Read Glittery Kiki's review of I Am Angela. Only at XRentDVD
I Am Angela
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Evil Angel
PERFORMERS: Angela White, Chanel Santini, Asa Akira, Dana Vespoli, Joanna Angel, Mama Jen, Michelle La Belle, Evil Chris, Evil Robby, Mark Spiegler, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, Rocco Siffredi and Steve Holmes
DIRECTED BY: Evil Chris, Joey Silvera, John Stagliano, Jonni Darkko, Dana Vespoli
CATEGORIES: All Sex, Anal, Transsexual, DP
Release Date: October 31, 2013
Starring Angela White! In her first TS Scene, an Anal scene With Rocco Siffredi, and a Double And Triple Penetration scene! "I Am Angela" is an unprecedented look at the reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year: Angela White. Documentary filmmaker Evil Chris continues to evolve his original approach to the showcase genre, weaving together revealing interviews, compelling documentary sequences and passionate, hardcore sex. This groundbreaking XXX documentary brings together four acclaimed Evil Angel directors; each captures Angela's powerful presence and raw sexuality in signature style. Jonni Darkko's deft lens delivers Angela in an intense, three-on-one scene with Mick Blue, Markus Dupree and Steve Holmes featuring double anal and triple penetration. Dana Vespoli directs and performs in an amazing, all-girl anal threesome with Angela and alt-porn trailblazer Joanna Angel. In a rare collaboration, Joey Silvera lends his legendary directorial style to Angela's first TS scene, which features trans superstar Chanel Santini. Evil Angel founder and porn pioneer John Stagliano documents Angela's first experience with Rocco Siffredi - a monumental, hour-long anal scene starring two XXX icons. "I Am Angela" is a vivid, honest and humanizing portrait of a woman whose personal and sexual journey challenges assumptions about the adult industry and the performers within it.

The paragraph above really describes it all. Angela is not only the reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year but also the most genuine, successful and outstanding performer I have seen. Ever. She has created her own production company, and then her own empire. After moving to the US, she has become unstoppable. She always gives us more... when you think what more can she do? She shows us how creative she can be! She has not yet reached the peak of her career and I can not wait to see more! Evil Chris, knows where it’s at, his choice to continue the xxx documentary series and showcase Angela was the right one! If I’ve said this before disregard everything I’ve ever said and listen: the directoral collaborates as well as the choice in stars is top notch, without everyone involved this film may not have been as monumental as it is!

Scene 1: The Journey: Steve Holmes + Mick Blue + Angela White + Markus Dupree
Scene 2: Hello Ladies: Dana Vespoli + Joanna Angel + Angela White
Scene 3: Superstars: Angela White + Chanel Santini
Scene 4: Ciao Bella!: Rocco Siffredi + Angela White
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - The Journey: Steve Holmes + Mick Blue + Angela White + Markus Dupree
In the first portion of the interview Angela discusses some family history, mainly her relationship with her mother, who was a strong female figure in her life with an entrepreneurial and independent mind set. She discusses her father instilling a fearlessness in her as well that she brings forth in her eurtrepreurship. She discusses her connection with Jonni Darkko. How both of them are enthralled with combining high end glamour with hardcore filth. You may have seen this in can see this in Angela by Darkko another fantastic film. Both star and director enjoy the duality of something dirty on a clean minimalist plate. In this scene Angela gets three hunks just for her fucking pleasure: Steve Holmes, Mick Blue and Markus Dupree. Both Markus and Angela come up with the great idea of double stuffing all three holes rather than just having a DP and an airtight scene. And by double stuffed, they really meant double stuffed. It is as if they followed a tier system of fucking. First oral, to lube up that thick sausage meat, then each guy fills a hole, drilling away at it. The principle of the scene comes when one whole is filled with two cocks and the other hole is filled with one. Where does she fit it all in?! They penetrate her every hole and you can tell she loves it. She even talks dirty to Darkko while shes being fucked to the max!
Scene 1 Rating:
After Angela really pushes aside the stereotype of sex workers having an abusive or traumatic childhood. She says she moved to the US because ”I want to work with the superstars. That’s the kind of fucking I want to do.” My response: Angela you are the super star now, you’re a mega star! As for the scene, Darkko basically says it in so many words: The synergy between the star is what makes this scene great. They all know each other and they know what elements they can add to make something special!
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Scene 2 - Hello Ladies: Dana Vespoli + Joanna Angel + Angela White
In the beginning of this scene Angela talks about Mark Spiegler and how she felt honored to be represented by him. She visits both Asa Akira and Mark Spiegler and they have a little powwow. They discuss the scenes to come and overall this give us a sense of community between stars. We fast forward to Joanna Angel and Angela White shopping in the pleasure chest’s anal alley for some fun treasures. After purchasing a few goodies we arrive at Dana Vespoli’s place. She’s directs a POV anal scene with Joanna Angel and Angela White. Vespoli describes Angela as never performing badly because she’s not really performing, rather she’s being her genuine self. She describes Angel and White as very articulate, have an independancy about them, that makes them great. The fucking begins when Dana’s voice “Lookie Lookie at these cookies” and a POV visual of a dildo and two voluptuous asses up, faces down. We continue with an organic fusion of lesbian anal play, mouth fisting and lube; gallons of lube in buttholes and then pushed back out for tasting!
Scene 2 Rating:
I learned something new about Joanna Angel. She writes books, and I hope her books are on audible so I can listen to them! Or that she makes a porn of her reading her book out loud while fucking (PLEASE). When I have time, I’m going to check them out! One thing I would have like to have seen and was anticipating seeing but never happened was the camera looking through the looking glass toy. I verbally said: Come on, please my fetish! Let me see into the cave of wonders but then after seeing the lube funnelled form the butthole to mouth through the toy, I was pleased. Lastly, I really loved Dana’s commentary. It was calm and soothing but also really hot while the girls were being fucked! #Steller
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Scene 3 - Superstars: Angela White + Chanel Santini
Angela and Chanel discuss ass eating, blow jobs, Evil Angel’s inclusiveness of trans performers, the industry and more as they warm up to each other. In the interview we capture moments of them learning about each other. They wear matching outfits and get cozy on a couch with a bit of heavy petting before the fun begins. Chanel’s titties bounce as her cock is swallowed by Angela. Soon after her dick is deep inside Angela’s twat. This action intermingles with ass play, ass eating, and skull fucking. We see close ups but ultimately our two girls are the main focus and their body are the primary focus of the scene. Both girls occasionally look at the camera as if to tell us to come join in.
Scene 3 Rating:
Evil Angel, Angela, Chanel, Joey: Thank you for making this scene! Everybody had their own opinions about the trans community and trans in mainstream porn. There are stigmas but as a lot of interest in TS porn. “Porn is a form of entertainment, it’s not going to always be educational or a form of activism.” I enjoyed this statement but also what Chanel said we are progressing, and evolving towards a better future and creating this scene is part of the progress.
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Scene 4 - Ciao Bella!: Rocco Siffredi + Angela White
This is an insanely intense scene kind of directed by John Stagliano! Fucking was going on so much before the actual scene that it all blends in and Stagliano added comical commentary. Rocco came in and took charge even before the scene began. He whipped his dick out and Angela automatically started sucking. Then fucking just happened, literally, and everywhere in the location. Rocco was very animalistic, carnal, rough and intense. At one point he dragged Angela everywhere by the hair. Not to mention the fact that he fucked her really hard in all different positions, blew his load and then basically calmly said Angela was amazing! This scene is mind blowing!
Scene 4 Rating:
Rock me like a hurricane! That was intense!!! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. I didn’t want to give too many details out. You need to see this.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
As she says “This is my life. I live porn,” you can really see that in this film. She has the stuff, the drive, the mindset, to be the reigning queen of porn. Basically any porn movie that has Angela White in every scene is something that you should sit down and appreciate, but this film specifically has that extra oomph factor. It’s not just about Angela but also about her involvement in the community and the industry, it’s more of an intimate view of her and the people who revolve around her beautiful life.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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