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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Her 1st Interracial. Only at XRentDVD
Her 1st Interracial
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: Sara Luvv, Karlee Grey, Pristine Edge, Angel Smalls, Mandingo, Prince Yahshua and Jon Jon
CATEGORY: Interracial
Release Date: December 16, 2015
Dark X is proud to present its debut title, focusing on the hottest industry stars doing their 1st interracial scenes! Watch as Sara Luvv and Karlee Grey take on Mandingo for their unforgettable firsts. The gorgeous Pristine Edge and the petite Angel Smalls round out this cast of passionate and intense interracial pairings. Directed by the critically acclaimed Mason, do not miss this Dark X release.

A new interracial studio, Dark X, has been launched by the fabulous director Mason and O. L. entertainment as an extension to the ‘X’ brand. According to Mason this interracial entry is competing in our new IR market as the most original and authentic content, unlike anything else out there. In this new project Mason will not shy away from anal, DP’s and gang bangs. This film is full of intense and passionate exchanges as well as high end hardcore content. This particular film is one of three unveiled porn star hardcore ‘firsts,’ which approaches a diverse demographic and is intended to create new trends rather than following old ones. Mason is known for her visual aesthetics, art direction and hard gonzo style. Mason paired with a fantastically skilled cast sounds like a win to me: Sara Luvv, Karlee Grey, Pristine Edge, Angel Smalls, Mandingo, Prince Yahshua, Jon Jon!

Scene 1: Angel Smalls and Jon Jon
Scene 2: Sara Luvv and Mandingo
Scene 3: Pristine Edge and Prince Yahshua
Scene 4: Karlee Grey and Mandingo
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Angel Smalls and Jon Jon
This scene begins on a white couch with light hearted music. Angel Smalls asks what’s wrong to the man, who may be her brother, huffing and puffing on her couch. Jon Jon, this man, says he saw Angel Smalls with a guy behind the gym. Angel tells him not to tell dad but Jon Jon’s just upset another black guy could touch her all over. She somehow seduces him and he kisses her lips telling her not to ever let him find her fucking around with another guy again. The camera pans in closer as his thick lips suckle at her breast. His lips continue to move down her tiny torso to her tiny twat. Jon Jon anchors his hands onto her breast as he submerges his tongue into her pretty kitty. He sits back and she returns the favor. Her mouth sweep’s over Jon Jon’s cock which is too big to actually fit in her mouth but not too big for her pussy! Jon Jon tickles her inners with his long thick cock emerging it into her twat. He moves her body to bounce on top of him as his cock penetrates her hole. Then brings her head back down to lay on the couch. Shortly after he shoots lines of sticky cum all over her face.
Scene 1 Rating:
I’m confused?! Is Jon Jon a step brother or a boyfriend. Why is the brother upset? Is this hardcore gonzo style or terrible script? Urban Dictionary describes Gonzo as “When it comes to pornography the term 'Gonzo' refers to a style of film making pioneered in the 1990s by directors such as Seymore Butts and Ben Dover. Gonzo porn took the storyline out of adult movies and headed straight for the sex. No longer would the pornoholic have to fast forward through 10 minutes of inept dialog to get 5 minutes of sex. They got sex throughout the whole video. Gonzo porn was not always shot in the first person or in point-of-view fashion as some have suggested here and the quality of the movie depended largely on who was producing it.” Dictionary.com describes it as “filled with bizarreor subjective ideas, commentary, or the like.” I believe that this fits the bill because it’s quite odd saying don’t tell my dad if your boyfriends upset about you having sex with another guy. Also, this is scene was equivalent to a bad black.com interracial. I hope that’s not the new authentic content that Mason talks about. I rather watch her Hard X please!
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Scene 2 - Sara Luvv and Mandingo
Sara Luvv is a 21 year old porn star who hasn’t had sex with a black man. She wants black dick so bad and she finally get’s to do it today! She mentions to Mason that she has requested Mandingo’s fat cock because it’s a ‘masterpiece of a penis!’ And it is huge!!! The scene cuts and Mandingo relaxes on a white couch while he gets his fatty dick sucked and licked. Sara’s mouth barely reaches the half point because it’s so big! He cooly stands up and you can hear him breathing calmly and slowly as she chokes down his cock. He skull fucks her head, moves her panties down and goes straight for the pretty kitty. He plunges the tip inside her twat and slowly inches his way in. She has to cover her own mouth from screaming. They switch positions a few times and Sara takes it fully when she’s bent over on the couch. After thrusting back and forth with what looks to be a massive amount of pleasure, Mandingo pulls out and shoots a load in her mouth.
Scene 2 Rating:
The scene seems to be getting better. It’s exciting to see a porn star be a fan of someone and get their ‘first’ with that person. By the looks of it, it does really seem like her first time. She was barely able to keep it together with Mandingo’s ‘masterpiece of a penis!’
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Scene 3 - Pristine Edge and Prince Yahshua
An old man calls to his honey, Pristine Edge, who is doing her make up. She answers and continues on. He calls to her again to help him figure out socks. She comes out to him but seems frustrated as he hugs her. She seems surprised when she sees Prince Yahshua's head in the window as her hubby asks if they will be attending a tech convention this weekend. Nervous after her husband almost seeing Prince she ushers him away. She lets Prince in and both are ready for some adultery! Prince takes his tasks seriously and smashes his penis into her pussy many ways. They pass through several positions but take their time in cowgirl. Mason focuses in on a close up of Prince Yashua pushing up and down, and pushing every inch of girthy cock into her twat. Pristine smiles with pleasure as she lifts up and down on his cock, then she lifts off and sways her body back in order to lap up his penis. He lays her nicely on her and her hubby’s bed once again. Holding Prestine’s neck with support Prince forcefully shoves his way inside her vag. He slows then speeds up again and again, teasing Pristine’s little twat. After moving between eating her twat and fucking her Prince Yahshua blows a load of cum all over her face.
Scene 3 Rating:
This was a perfect seen. I see what Mason is talking about in this scene for the future of the new IR market. Both actors seem pretty intensely interested in each other. They are both amazing talent and had no visual issues within the scene. The script, lighting and camera angles were perfect. This scene was by far the best!
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Scene 4 - Karlee Grey and Mandingo
In Karlee Grey interview she says that she loves how she looks next to a black man! She’s having sex because her fans want it and she’s always on twitter. The scene begins with her playing with Mandingo’s dick penis on a white couch. No clothes are off before she starts playing his dick like a swallowing instrument. After sucking cock for an extremely long time his cock is lubed up and ready to go. Her pussy plummets down onto Mandingo’s staff. She doesn’t seem to be able to go past the quarter mark of his cock, it’s just that big! She camera pans in and she moans with delight. She lays back and he holds her legs.. she inches her body closer so that his dick may fully penetrate her dripping pussy. He holds her ass down and starts to pack her pussy with his dick. When it slip out he almost gets in her ass but misses. He smashes back in her pussy until he launches an assault of cum on her face.
Scene 4 Rating:
In this scene Mandingo and Karlee takes the cake. I wasn’t as amused in the last scene with Mandingo or his penis but the actor/actress chemistry between these two seemed to help much more. Karlee Grey was of great service to pleasure the viewers with how far her twat took Mandingo’s fat cock. Not only that, Karlee blow his cock like a pro. It was perfect!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
I think this film is great; however, I don’t think it’s the next new thing on the market. The IR market got their next new thing with BLACKED.com. This is late and well, frankly, I think Hard X is a money maker and best expresses Mason’s creative quality. In fact, Anikka 2 is in my top #10 porn collection. If you want to watch another high-end porn film with two mediocre plots and two interviews mixed in, then this is your film.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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