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Read Big D's review of Grub Girl. Only at XRentDVD
Grub Girl
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Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Northstar
PERFORMERS: Brittney Skye, Teanna Kai, Eva Angelina, Gigi, Charmane Star, Kurt Lockwood, Tony T, Buster Goode and Talon
DIRECTED BY: Craven Moorehead
Release Date: February 7, 2006
Ed Lee's Verotik comic character "Grub Girl" comes to life as a GrubGirl adult horror film. Sucking dick and chomping guts never looked so hot! The wait is over! Ed Lee's Verotik comic book character "Grub Girl" comes to life as a GrubGirl adult horror flick! Corpse hooker, Brittney Skye, tells her story of scientific torture and experimentation gone terribly wrong. Coming back from the dead to seek justice and revenge, sucking dick and chomping guts never looked so good! Soundtrack includes songs from underground rock bands as well as an unreleased re-mix of a DANZIG track.

I never thought girls could look hot with battle scars and lacerations but Brittney Skye seems to pull it off quite well on the cover of this one. Alt-porn is becoming quite popular with a backlash to the ho-hum world of gonzo seeming to follow a standardized format. The soundtrack looks like it will be a great compliment to an over the top DVD complete with blood, guts and zombies. I have a hard-on already.

Scene 1: Brittney Skye, Tony T & Talon
Scene 2: Brittney Skye, Gigi & Kurt Lockwood
Scene 3: Brittney Skye & Buster Goode
Scene 4: Teanna Kai, Eva Angelina & Charmane Star
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Brittney Skye, Tony T & Talon
We open with Brittney describing how she originally dies from an experiment gone wrong. Cut to the morgue where two horny morticians decide to take advantage of Brittney's lifeless body on an examining table. Tony T starts with sticking his dick in her mouth while Talon takes her doggy on the table. They switch places before they flip her over and Talon gets her missionary and then so does Tony. While Talon takes her missionary, Brittney awakens from the dead and chokes Talon and kills him. Tony thinks he can do better to please her so he takes his place to eventually cum all over her stomach and she kills him too.
Scene 1 Rating:
I will admit the whole necrophilia thing kind of made me wince but then again, what was I going to expect from a zombie pseudo-horror flick from Craven Morehead? The sex while Brittney was playing dead was not bad but not much to it since all she was doing was lying there. Once she 'woke up' the sex improved but that part was limited before we got the money shot from Tony to end the scene. I found myself watching Brittney very closely to see if I could see her breathing or moving while she was dead and she did a pretty good job for the most part. Just a solid scene to start off a DVD which looks to have a few more twists and turns to come. If you have a necro fetish, this scene will rank higher for you than it did me.
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Scene 2 - Brittney Skye, Gigi & Kurt Lockwood
With a new lease on life, Brittney decides a second chance at life would fit her well if she was a Grub Girl hooker because there is no chance of disease or pain. Kurt Lockwood picks Brittney up and brings her home for a threesome with his wife, Gigi. Brittney starts off with a blow job which Gigi joins in too. Kurt takes Gigi doggy while she eats on Brittney's pussy. Time for Brittney to get fucked and Kurt starts her in a spooning position and then missionary and then goes to missionary on Gigi again. Brittney climbs back on top for another ride on top of Kurt until Gigi comes back into the room complete with a strap-on intended for Brittney's ass. The scene ends with Kurt cumming in Gigi's mouth which she then swaps the cum with Brittney.
Scene 2 Rating:
Good scene for sure and the kink factor is high because of the make-up and the role that is being played. Gigi and Kurt are good and Brittney's energy (for being a dead chick) is quite high. There were a few rough cuts that took away from the scene but I am willing to overlook that for what the scene brought to the table.
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Scene 3 - Brittney Skye & Buster Goode
Grub girl tells us about her asshole pimp, Rome, and how poorly he treats her. Because she has a slow night Rome decides to get paid in sex starting with a blow job on the stairs in an alley. Rome constantly verbally berates and belittles our little Grub Girl so she gets her revenge by biting off his dick and killing him right there in the alley. So much for a cum shot ending this sex scene.
Scene 3 Rating:
I will admit the end of the scene caught me off guard. Had I been throwing the jack to the BJ scene this would have probably killed my wood. Then again, I have to remind myself this is zombie porn and the stroke factor for this movie is not aimed at the same types of people that watch your normal gonzo porn. I am really enjoying this movie because it is done well and the whole production gives it the look and feel of those campy 1970's horror movies.
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Scene 4 - Teanna Kai, Eva Angelina & Charmane Star
Rather than risk enacting the curse by opening the remains of Neferkala in her tomb, the sarcophagus is shipped back to Jessica's lab in the United States. She examines the mummified remains and eventually leaves for then night. The security guard hears some strange noises and goes to investigate and finds that Neferkala has come back to life. He is rewarded with sex which includes cunnilingus, fellatio, doggy, reverse cowgirl and ends with a facial.
Scene 4 Rating:
For an all girl scene this one ranks pretty well. All three girls are pretty hot in their own right even if two of them were all done up to look like they were zombies. I guess that is a true test of a girl's hotness. If she can be done up to look like she is dead and she is still hot then that is a good scene and is definitely stroke worthy. The only complaint was that Teanna seemed to be a bit out of her element with the strap-on but that may come with practice
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Bonus Features
Big D 's Overall Impression
I liked this one a lot. It is not your typical gonzo porn that follows the formula of tease, oral, three sex positions and then a facial to end the scene. Craven Moorehead does a good job of capturing the campy 1970's style horror flick flavor with the dark lighting and the costuming and make-up that made the girls look dead but still hot. The soundtrack that accompanies the movie really helps set the mood too. If you are familiar with the Rob Zombie movie 'House of 1000 Corpses' but thought it needed more sex, this DVD is a must have. If not, this one may not be your first choice if you are just looking to blow a load to some porn. It will definitely be entertaining for those that are looking for something different, especially if you are a fan of the old school horror movies.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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