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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Glamour Girls #4. Only at XRentDVD
Glamour Girls #4
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Elegant Angel
PERFORMERS: Veronica Rodriguez, Keisha Grey, Tasha Reign, Megan Rain and Vicki Chase
Release Date: June 10, 2016
Featuring Veronica Rodriguez!

Glamour, for these beauties, is a supernatural form of mental compulsion or influence. Glamouring is similar to hypnosis by sexiness, and one of the most popular powers used to influence erotic actions, and stimulate naughty thoughts, wet pussies and throbbing hard cocks.

Scene 1: Megan Rain and Mick Blue
Scene 2: Vicki Chase and Jessy Jones
Scene 3: Veronica Rodriguez and Ramon Nomar
Scene 4: Keisha Grey and Tasha Reign
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Megan Rain and Mick Blue
Megan Rain’s pink lace compliments her caramel skin as she slowly glides into the scene. A lullaby soundtrack plays and we are mesmerized by her beautiful body: close-up soft shot of of Rain’s divine eyes, and her supple lips pulsating around her fingers. Laying against a couch, we are brought to her body in several different angle like the ocean tide swaying in and out. She glamours us with her alluring eyes once again while she’s bent over doggy style, and waiting for a cock to come penetrate her tiny twat. Mick Blue enters the scene and both pleasure each other with tongue and saliva; only to ready themselves for the demolition to come. Once Mick Blue massively large cock is ready to disappears into Rain’s cunt they start a sex’a’palooza: massive amounts of sex with no orgasm control! Blue pulls her shoes off so he can hold her feet down while she flys over him with the force of his pole striking her pussy. She bounces straight up higher and higher from the sheer force of his cock. As if that wasn’t hot enough, he holds her body against the wall and creates a massive amount of friction. I was afraid they’d start a fire! He switches from her pussy to her back door and she moans continue to become louder and louder. They move to the couch for some down right ass fucking while his cock is still inside her asshole. Blue lays her on top of his body and fucks her as if he is exacting revenge on her asshole. Taking a minor break he fingers her asshole before Rain takes the reign of control; by squatting on his cock and sliding her ass cheeks up and down his shaft. After orgasming they take it down a notch and switches back to her pussy. The sex is uninterrupted until Blue states he’s going to cum and Rain rushes to her knees. Swallowing each and every seed, she wipes the leftovers off her face and into her mouth.
Scene 1 Rating:
Megan Rain is pretty, petite and still a teen at only 19 yrs of age. It seems like she’s been in the business forever. Maybe it’s because she’s on a massive amount of covers and always has the most fantastic performances! This scene was full of passion on the wall to ball passed the shaft kind of sex. It just seemed very organic, very fun and very true all while being a porn scene. I recommend watching BTS for some great after sex asshole imagery.
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Scene 2 - Vicki Chase and Jessy Jones
Vicki chase peers out of a blurry window and peers back into the camera with her body turns away. She teases us with her glamorous eyes and we are enticed to trail down the white lace against her body and visually eye fuck her while she steadily teases us. She massages her bush covered in lace. Her thong, so deep between her cheeks, makes you want to plunge your face among other things into it. First she uncovers a nipple then another, then pulls her thong tighter against her pussy lips. A white boy enters the scene. After shortly kissing, this white boy instantly goes to her ass: kissing and separating her cheeks. You can tell she’s got an eager beaver when she thrashes at his pants, pulling them down and wetting the tip of his dick with her mouth. She submerges his balls in her mouth before her mouth lusts after his cock and squeeze his balls with a sweet pulsating repetition. He returns the favor licking her hairy cunt. He makes it wet before penetrating her tiny pussy hole with his abnormally large white whale of a cock. She sits on top of him and you see the whole whale penetrate her tight caverns. First it seems as if she is in control then the camera rolls up on his hands hold her body up and down. She has no escape from the pleasure he deposits into her slot. He wets her twat a little pit and they tango doggy style then in reverse cowgirl. She uses her fingers to pull her hole wider as he fucks her tiny cunt before they jump out of positions. He spurts lines off cum all over her tongue and chin. She whips it off her chin and eats it.
Scene 2 Rating:
I’m not into cock at all! I watch porn for the girls but this guys dick was a massive one eyed willy. The head on that thing is huge which in my opinion is fantastic of the pussy penetration scene. All the junk colliding looked great and the bj looked fantastic because it looked like a rocket was blasting off into her mouth. Vicki Chase did a fantastic job glamouring her audience and working this moby dick cock.
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Scene 3 - Veronica Rodriguez and Ramon Nomar
Her body is little and fit with a bit of pop and some very thick luscious dick sucking lips. After showing off her goods, she lays on the ground arching her back and letting her petite breast rest above her black corset. The scene cuts and she’s quickly sucking down an uncircumcised sausage. Ramon puts his hands against the back of her head and pushes his cock deep down her throat; inching further and further in before pulling out and going straight for the pussy. His girth master cock looks wider than the slit between her legs but his cock manages to penetrate its way in. He bones and plows further into her cunt as she moans “Si Oh Si Oh Si.” This guy looks like a giant compared to her but she mounts and rides his cock like a pro jockey winning a massive horse race. She fingers her asshole while he penetrates and then covers his cock in spurting wet squirt. She squirts again and again as she orgasms off over his giant sausage; lubricating his cock to inch even further into her naughty twat. He pulls out fast and cums thick loads into her mouth.
Scene 3 Rating:
This girl's got a fantastic exotic Accent and when she’s moaning it comes out!!! It’s real great to be able to wank to: not over exaggerated and not under used. With her thick luscious lips, her petite booty and her apt to squirt on people.... This girl is going to be mega famous! little pop and shape. Thick luscious lips. Ramon makes her cum and squirt.
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Scene 4 - Keisha Grey and Tasha Reign
Keisha Grey and Tasha Reign tantalize us. Their bodies are delicious treats as they move fluidly between icing white curtains. These two beautiful straight girls are ready to have fun and let the Tribad sex begin. They dress in stereotypical boy and girl colors: wearing light blue and pink undies. They start by letting some sexual tension go with rough kisses against each other's lips then they rub their big breast against each other’s: nip to nip. Keisha gray giggles and says tease me before Tasha Reign licks Keisha’s naughty little twat. Reign instead moves to Keisha’s thighs as she nibbles, licks and kisses up and down each thigh. Once Keisha is turned around with her ass up, Tasha spanks it and spreads it apart. Tasha pulls Keisha tight undies halfway off her ass before spitting in her crack. We watch is slide into the crevasse of her asshole and then watch the saliva drip down the side of twat almost as if it was slow motion. Tasha eats Keisha’s cunt train style: Keisha’s head is laying down with her ass-up at the same time Keisha’s fingering her own asshole and Tasha’s eating her pussy from behind. They reverse positions. Keisha gives it to Tasha similar but this time puts her thick tongue in Tasha’s asshole penetrating her orifice with Keisha’s tongue straight and head thrusting back and forth. These two straighties deepthroat a pink plastic double sided dildo lubricating it and they rub their own clits or as the swedish would call it #klittra. Together they penetrate each other with the doubler sider. While Tasha and Keisha grey are filled up by the pink dildo, Keisha decides to put a blue dildo in her mouth. Tasha then anchors the pink dildo in her twat and uses as a tool of fuckery. She fuck Keisha’s cunt raw. They move to a cheekier position when they get butt to butt and fuck this dildo like two mice ass down on a sticky pad trap. Keisha plays dirty with Tasha’s asshole and cunt hole: fingering her pussy while using a butt plug in Tasha’s ass. Keisha pulls the butt plug out and eats the BP in between plunging it in her ass and eating her pussy. The tables turn and Tasha has fun with the blue double sided dildo. At first she skull fucks Keisha with it then she slaps keisha’s pretty tittes getting slobber all over Keisha’s perky breasts. Once that is over she slips it into Keisha’s pretty little asshole, penetrating it a bit before putting the other side into her pussy and DPing her. It looks as if the blue double sider has now turned into a handle for Tasha to thrust forward into both Keisha’s holes. After a good amount of time both anally penetrate themselves and make a masterful anal cum session before finishing with a lust kiss.
Scene 4 Rating:
This scene begins with a tease equivalent to the studio name elegant angel. Then transforms into some seriously wild, raunchy, gonzo sex. Definitely two straight girls having loads of fun and sharing the experience with all their fans. Keisha Grey has a beautiful bush this scene. I, also, listened to BTS footage, can’t wait for Keisha Grey to send us a signed copy! Lastly, For those of you that follow Tasha Reign she recently signed an exclusive performing contract with Elegant Angel. I am a #Reigndeer! Excited to see what is coming next!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This is a home run of a movie! Must buy!!! It hits all the great spots: beautiful women, fantastically chosen counterparts, and optional repeats on different portions of the scenes. Elegant angel is a studio that knows what they are doing and by creating exclusively contracts with these fantastic girls like Tasha Reign, it definitely keeps you wanting more! Another reason you should buy this is because it has a ton of pro-choice talent! Just read the cover: Megan Rain, Tasha Reign, Keisha Grey, Vicki Chase and the featured Veronica Rodriguez! Once you buy this you will see that all these women have something amazing to contribute! BONUS: I always love when they add the BTS and extra features because you get a real feel for what each actress is like.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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