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Read Glittery Kiki's review of First Love. Only at XRentDVD
First Love
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Lesbian Experience
PERFORMERS: Charlotte Stokely, Kenna James, Stella Cox, Gia Paige, Mia Malkova, Riley Nixon, Cadence Lux and Natalia Starr
DIRECTED BY: Jacky St James
Release Date: August 3, 2016
Featuring Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James! Breathtaking moments in lesbian love are about to unfold! 8 beautiful girls (including Kenna James, Charlotte Stokely, Mia Malkova, Natalia Starr and more) can't hold back their desires to make intimate contact any longer. Passionate lesbian sex ignites when these lovely girls get their first sweet taste of love.

A lesbian experience: the gentle touching of First Love. The lust of words, lips and tongues. The thrusting of one or two or three maybe four fingers into each other, filling up each inch of each girl's tight cunt and flicking hard clits. Scissoring and tribbing always included. Tongues deep inside of each other, with fingers working the clit outside.

Scene 1: Mia Malkova and Riley Nixon
Scene 2: Stella Cox and Gia Paige
Scene 3: Cadence Lux and Natalia Starr
Scene 4: Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Mia Malkova and Riley Nixon
Riley Nixon plays Mia Malkova’s femme-butch biology tutor. After going over fibromyalgia, Riley secretly pulls a sly one over Mia. She asks Mia to pose naked for an art project, as Mia is the only person she feels comfortable asking. Mia wanted to do anything for Riley and felt like she was the first girl to make her heart skip, so foolishly she said sure! She immediately regretted her answer. For the following few days she was in the game: diet and exercise. Giggles, smiles, and laughter fill their faces. Mia poses as Rose in the 1997 romantic film Titanic giving Riley unspeaking eyes as if to say “draw me like one of your French girls.” Riley couldn’t help but mention how beautiful she was. They lock lips, those first moments of their romantic heat beating through every inch of their bodies. Mia undresses Riley, and vibrations of lust liberate Mia’s flesh with every breath Riley takes as her lips stroke against Mia’s skin. The flicking of Riley’s tongue against Mia’s clit echo in Mia’s moans of “oh my God” and “oh fuck.” Riley blows, sucks, and practically breathes in her pussy before her fingers curve to infiltrate and stimulate the G-spot. One finger becomes two fingers pushing into her soft tender pussy. Mia lifts away from the couch only to end up behind Riley, lapping at her ass checks and twat. Her tongue deeply thrusts inside and out of Riley until her back arches and she comes all over Mia’s thumb. Mia pushes against Riley’s clit with so much pressure Riley can’t help but moan. Positions change and they kiss each other in that Spider-Man kissing Mary-Jane epic superhero moment way. Mia sits on Riley’s face and Riley guzzles up her juice before they sixty-nine each other until orgasm. They sit side by side and finger bang each other before their final orgasms.
Scene 1 Rating:
This was a fantastic beginning. It really sets the mood for a romantic sex film, and the plot was spot on. There were no awful or awkward moments because both girls seemed to be in their element. Also, the cast choice is very versatile from what I have seen. This is the first time I have seen Riley Nixon in an all-girl film and she really fits her role, but I have also seen her in straight, bi, and transexual porn. The fact that she can perform in every single genre says she knows how to please! And Mia Malkova is always stunning when it comes to her performance. I am always pleased with her work and her ability to be more than just a pornstar. She speaks with more than just her body. She’s great at script reading and speaking, and her facial gestures as well as body language read off the charts. I have never met her but she seems to be well educated, elegant, and hot as fuck!
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Scene 2 - Stella Cox and Gia Paige
Gia Paige isn’t quite sure she wants to get married. Maybe it’s the stress of planning or it’s her nagging mother. Or maybe she finally realized there was someone in her life that excited her far more than her fianceĢ€. Someone like her tailor, Stella. Stella helps Gia into her wedding dress and marks down measurements while they discuss issues with her future marriage. Gia says, “I don’t feel the same way about him as... as you.” Stella says “oh” and is silent, but her face reads, I knew that slut would fall in love with me! Gia mis-reads her and bustles out of the scene. Gia lays in bed questioning her emotions. She couldn’t believe she told Stella her true feelings. Would Stella ever talk to her again? Stella calls and Gia apologizes. Stella says “don’t be sorry if you meant it...I’m coming over.” Gia waited for her outside, counting every breath and every second until Stella arrived. When Gia saw Stella’s face, she didn’t feel stuck in a rut any longer. She knew what she wanted: to let the lezzie love flow. Every caress of Stella’s touch made Gia feel alive and free. The lust of first love was thick in the air. All Gia wanted was to be inside Stella. She sticks her fingers inside of Stella’s mouth and watches as Stella tastes each finger one by one. Caressing Stella’s soft and silky skin and supple breasts, Gia admits, “I’ve been waiting for this for so long.” Laying Stella on her back, she vacuums up her wet pussy juice. Licking and spuming, Gia only permits her lusty tongue to taste Stella’s outer and inner lips. Gia whispers “bend over” and thrusts her tongue into Stella's asshole while fingering her tender G-spot. She spits ass juice into Stella’s pussy hole and plunges her tongue further into Stella’s asshole. Once Stella cums, she moves upward to Gia’s breasts, kissing and stroking her body and fingering her through her panties. Stella thrusts her tongue against Gia’s thick clit lips, wetting them with her tongue until each thick lip parts from one another leaving her hole open for penetration. Stella rubs Gia’s panties against Gia’s pussy and stuffs them in her mouth. She then takes the opportunity to invade Gia’s cunt with her fingers and tongue. She brings Gia’s pussy to her face, The motion leaving Gia’s ass sprawled open and up in the air. Both girls trib and scissor, stuffing each others’ fingers into their mouths before cumming and continuing...
Scene 2 Rating:
This scene is very different from the last. This time Gia Paige’s character seems like an uncertain mess. Maybe this is just first lust and maybe she doesn’t know what she wants at all. Generally, when lesbians are making love for the first time, they don’t tongue hump each others’ assholes. Although the only asshole licking was Gia Paige, the uncertain one. This actually makes a lot of sense. Not sure about your future husband, go for the most comforting friend to you, ruin the relationship so you can get out of it and possibly still share relationship-like comforts with that friend. Pretty good! The display of variety in each plot is enjoyable. So Gia Paige is fantastic at lesbian love making. I would say she fits in as more of the dominating lesbian lover and Stella Cox is a very exotic sub. I love her accent!
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Scene 3 - Cadence Lux and Natalia Starr
Cadence Lux plays a makeup artist who caters to Natalia Starr, a super exotic sex machine. Natalia has elegance that Cadence just couldn’t handle. It makes Cadence nervous and gave her butterflies. She’s the only woman that Cadence feels this way for, and Natalia is everything she could imagine. Natalia offers to take her out on a date and buys her clothes. Will she accept? Natalia eggs her on. She agrees, and their date is fantastic. When they get home the passion of their date leads to a tense, fast, passionate and sweet love making session. Everything is lustful and fast paced. Cadence kisses Natalia Starr and before you know it she’s eating Natalia’s cunt while Natalia moans and exclaims “keep licking it, keep licking it!” Natalia climaxes and again, before you know it, she’s smashing her lips up against Cadence’s clit while Cadence lays back. After Cadence cums, Natalia Starr inches and slides her pussy up to Cadence’s face. They sloppily kiss like teenagers newly in love before Natalia bends Cadence over and spits into her asshole. We watch as the spit seeps into her asshole, then Natalia licks Cadence’s ass crack like the peanut butter in ants on a log. They switch again and Cadence, less spontaneously and more curiously, eats Natalia’s pussy. Natalia flips her around into a sixty-nine position and they lap up each others’ pussy juices. The scene ends with them enjoying each other’s company after their sex for a real, long, and happy relationship.
Scene 3 Rating:
I just have to say I love Cadence Lux’s voice. It sounds really down to earth, and as I’ve done several reviews on Natalia Starr I know she’s great within the industry. This scene was great, but the plot was difficult. I believe if you are going to add plot to a sex film, it needs to have extreme relevance and variety. Relevance: check. Variety: questionable. It seems as if this theme was interconnected with the last. Sexually, different girls with the same theme can be enough to get you off so I enjoyed that aspect! But there was the exotic accent girl and the non-exotic hot girl theme, and the anticipation of a reaction. Yes, one was based off a marriage while the other is just makeup, but it’s the underlying development that lost half a star, which isn’t really that bad. It would have been great if this scene was switched with scene four.
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Scene 4 - Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James
Desperation crossed Kenna’s mind while reading through endless dating site profiles. She was disappointed with her options until she found Charlotte. She was confident that their connection in the real world would be as fantastic as their virtual connection. Only it wasn’t! She moved on to date other women, but just as she began to give up, the universe conspired to bring them back together with a For Rent sign. Her first love was with a girl that rocked her world then blew her off, then literally then made her the most important person in her life for the rest of her life. Let’s talk about blowing off, literally, though. After showing the house it doesn’t take long for them to land in bed with an intent and manner well understood. Kissing each other's silky bodies with their lips traveling up north and south of each other’s breasts, they both take the opportunity to explore every part of each other. Kenna gives one lick, two licks, and then a kiss to Charlotte’s clit. Charlotte says, “I’ve dreamt of your tongue,” and encourages Kenna to go in for a full-time lathering position. Charlotte stimulates Kenna’s twat by kissing her feet and softly whispering her motives to kiss every inch of Kenna’s body. They continue by merrily tribbing, and orgasm together. They finishing by kiss each other and licking their fingers clean from each others’ juices.
Scene 4 Rating:
Kenna has the saddest sad face. It makes your heart melt at the 5 second bar scene. Charlotte speaks through the whole scene. It was sort of mesmerizing, like when you go to yoga and the instructor calmly talks you through everything. She gives us a verbal description step by step, it feels like your mind is getting fucked while you watch the physical fuck.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
It’s well known that women don’t need toys to enjoy sex, and this film is a prime example of that fact! You get a somewhat authentic look at what lesbians do, hence the lesbian experience. This is a great option for both men and women that enjoy porn. The intent and the manner in which the director carries out this film expertly define the lesbian sexual experience as it is intended for audience. It may not be an accurate to depict of all lesbians, but it does showcase a diversity of plot lines and pussy grinding/lesbian romance for you to revel in. If you like hardcore romantic porn, this is your film!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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