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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Facialized #3. Only at XRentDVD
Facialized #3
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: Morgan Lee, Megan Rain, Romi Rain and Lucy Doll
CATEGORY: Gangbang
Release Date: August 30, 2016
Starring Morgan Lee! Hard X proudly presents Facialized #3 featuring an all star cast of the hottest pornstars getting covered in cum. Directed by the award winning Mason, Facialized #3 features Morgan Lee taking on 10 guys in her very 1st blowbang! Also starring Megan Rain (10 guys), Romi Rain (10 guys), and introducing Lucy Doll in her very 1st blowbang (6 guys)! If you love facials then you will love Facialized #3. Do not miss this latest Hard X release.

Each girl’s face will be loaded with oozing globs of creamy jizz. Mason's Facialized Volume 3 from Hard X features a top-notch grouping of stars, including Morgan Lee (Cover Girl) and Lucy Doll (Newcomer) in their first time facial bukkake! Many of our viewers (yours truly included) love Morgan Lee, so this is a great opportunity to see her in her first blowbang!

Scene 1: Megan Rain
Scene 2: Morgan Lee
Scene 3: Lucy Doll
Scene 4: Romi Rain
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Megan Rain
The premiere scene in Mason's Facialized 3 kicks off with an introduction that features a quick conversation piece between our director and Megan Rain. Megan is excited for her blowbang. After slobbering and swallowing each cock extensively, the boys get her tiny body naked in seconds. She moves back to choking on each dick, and slobber gushes down her body while she sits on one man's face. She doubles up with two guys’ tips in her mouth. She lays back on a couch face-up, while each guy fucks her throat in turn, and slobber and bubbles gush over her nose and eyes, ruining her makeup. When they change positions, no hand or hole is left behind. Instead, each orifice and free hand is used by at least one person, if not more! When the men start a-cummin’, she leans her face back to be the target of their loads. Her face becomes so covered that cum dribbles out the sides and onto the floor. Megan relishes her reward by scraping the jizz off of her face and swallowing it up. Lucky us; we get to see her lick it up.
Scene 1 Rating:
Yes, Megan Rain gets an A+ in this blowbang. Every fan of this genre will appreciate this excellent blowbang scene. I think it’s a fantastic way to start Facialized 3! Megan Rain, you are fabulous and this is only one of many scenes that prove it.
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Scene 2 - Morgan Lee
Morgan Lee’s ‘go hard or go home’ attitude gets her mixed up with 10 hard thick cocks and that's definitely not a bad thing! Her energy is on point, as she ravages entire cocks and balls in one slurpfest of cock gagging. Morgan Lee is throat fucked, and she thrashes as the guys continue to welcome her with a face pounding. Morgan looks gorgeously sloppy while deepthroating and filling her mouth with more than one cock at a time. She doesn’t chew more than she can handle but she sure guzzles a lot of that man meat! After being skullfucked by these guys, they drenched her face with 10 guys’ cum. Pretty much a pound of cum covers her face!
Scene 2 Rating:
Morgan Lee is so fun and her energy is fantastic! What always gets me is that, normally, I can blow through interviews like they are nothing and stop at the occasional interesting comment. But I always stop for Morgan Lee’s. Why?! Because she’s hilarious! In this pre-cock-guzzling scene, she talks about sucking over five feet of dick, if not more. That’s over her height in man meat, if each cock was stacked that is! #winning Morgan Lee deserves to be the cover girl! I think her scene just made this movie a must-buy for me. I haven’t seen Lucy Doll’s yet, but because she only takes 6 loads in her scene, I’d say that it’s impossible her scene could top Morgan’s. Actually, for me, Morgan’s scene is one of the best in the Facialized series.
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Scene 3 - Lucy Doll
Newcomer Lucy Doll is next up, beginning her scene in typical Facialized format as she talks with Mason about how she loves giving blowjobs and is excited for hairy cock. Once in action on set, Lucy is raring to go, falling to her knees, 69ing and becoming the centerpiece for a six cock salute. As the scene progresses, Lucy opens her legs wide for a tiny dildo while chugging mass amounts of cock throughout this half-hour dicksucking melee. In the finale, the guys are absolutely blasting her face with cum while she diddles her clit until orgasming.
Scene 3 Rating:
Lucy Doll’s voice threw me off. I hate to be rude but if you are deaf I apologize, otherwise please use your real voice. I had to google her after and someone said, “I have seen a vine on her twitter and she talks with just a normal sweet voice, makes you wonder what was going on and why the director asked her to speak like this. Very weird.” It’s just awkward. She kind of sounds like Mrs. Swan from SNL. Also, why have one scene with only 6 guys? Why not 10 in every one?
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Scene 4 - Romi Rain
Romi Rain tells all! This is her second ever blowbang, with double the guys this time! Rain gets down to business, slopping up her slurp sticks like a seasoned vet. As each guy feeds her his jizz nozzle and fucks her face, Rain deepthroats with skill that’s highlighted beautifully throughout the scene. These 10 suitors rough her up and talk dirty to her. At some points they hold her eyes open and tittyfuck her hard! Before long they’re dumping their dick sauce over her face as she brings herself to full climax with her trusty wand.
Scene 4 Rating:
Overall, this was a pretty solid blowbang scene. I love Romi Rain scenes, and I expected nothing less than perfect from this one. She was amazing! The facial coverage was solid to fit with the theme of the movie, and most of the action had a great duality between the gang and Rain. I enjoyed her crying out “I want more” at the end. I also think her voice is very calming, which is a great convenience to me and notably different from the last scene. Seeing Romi Rain be the primary recipient of a jizz shower for the second and hopefully not last time was glorious!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This is a must rent! Each scene has an outstanding cast face-laced in dick fluids. Each of the four girls featured had me totally convinced they were eager to take as much cock in their mouths as physically possible. The toys, sloshing, and thrashing of each scene makes up for the lack of ‘penis in vagina’ sex. Great cast, only reason I suggest renting rather than buying is because I missed the Mason Hard X teaser. The directorial talent wasn’t really displayed in this film.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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