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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks #21. Only at XRentDVD
Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks #21
Rent or buy Exxxtra Small Chicks Fucking Huge Dicks #21
REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Team Skeet
PERFORMERS: Alice March, Cleo Vixen, Sally Squirt and Sadie Pop
Release Date: August 14, 2017
Featuring Alice March! Alice March That Dick Is Bigger Than Her Head! Cleo Vixen Tiny Girl With A Puffy Pussy! Sadie Pop Little Latina Loves A Hand On Her Throat! Sally Squirt Things Get Rough For This Petite Pussy!

When it comes to each of these exxxtra small girls... an average sized cock looks big but a gigantic cock looks like a monster!!! Four tiny framed beauties spread their thin legs and tiny twats for cocks thicker than their arms! No really.... These cocks are literally bigger than their arms! Tiny Girls with little pussies get pulverized by big loads and gigantic one eyed willies.

Scene 1: Cleo Vixen
Scene 2: Sadie Pop
Scene 3: Sally Squirt
Scene 4: Alice March
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Cleo Vixen
We start with a sexy little cameo of Cleo Vixen, exploring her body from her dope tank and tight cut-off jean shorts to full nudity in a fun, pop, and fresh way. Cleo weighs in at 5” and 100 lbs. She has one tiny pussy and she’s not sure if she can handle a massive dick, but we will find out! She prefers doggy style, and like when men take control of her, treating her like the tiny doll she is. A massive member arrives just in time to meet Cleo’s mouth so she can take an oral exam of her head giving skills. Once passed, her pussy is so wet this guy’s dick rides it repetitively like a slip n’ slide, in-and-out real quick, until he pulls out and showers cum all over her face.
Scene 1 Rating:
Great starter scene. Cleo Vixen is new to me. I enjoy the quality of talent, and would like to see her in more hardcore work!
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Scene 2 - Sadie Pop
Sadie Pop comes home from school in a shitty mood. Apparently, during her Valentines Day excursions at school, she received absolutely nothing. She writes this in her diary while speaking it out loud. Meanwhile, her dad’s friend pops in with all his gear and a plan to go shooting that very day. Unfortunately, daddy is taking his wife out on a date. With nothing to do, dad’s friend begins snooping around. He overhears Sadie asking Cupid for a date and devises a plan to get into her tight teen pussy. Once she falls asleep, he comes into her room disguised as Cupid himself. Cupid asks if she wants some candy and presents his long erect staff. She chokes the snake as she says that’s not candy and tries it out anyways. This cock is massive compared to her. It’s thicker than her arm and longer than the length of her face yet somehow she manages to fit it inside her! Cupid uses and abuses her hole until he shoots streams of glorious jizz all over her face.
Scene 2 Rating:
We got some hair pulling, foot to head, boob grabbing and slapping action! I love it! The plot was super cheesy but it somehow managed to create an inviting atmosphere for porn fantasy and the sex was great!
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Scene 3 - Sally Squirt
Sally Squirts needs her field trip form signed by a teacher. Somehow she manages to get ahold of his address and shows up unexpectedly. She’s so small that her teacher almost missed her in the doorway standing right in front of him. The field trip is a theme park and she’s under 5 feet s but she’s under 5” so he taunts about being able to ride the roller-coasters. She says she will do anything to get it sign. It’s saturday and it’s un-ethical but if she can ride his dick she can go to the theme park. She starts of with a sloppy wet blowjob. He grabs her pigtails and skull fucks her tiny pretty face and lets her taste his nuts. She’s not going to get an easy A in his lession for the day. She’s going to have to work for it in missionary, reverse cowgirl, and doggy style; with her mouth being pulled open every other minute and in general, being used like a dirty little teen twat she is.
Scene 3 Rating:
I enjoyed this scene very much! I think the plot was a little more complex and the sex followed through. The teacher was annoyed and wanted to get his dick wet. He used this annoy teen as an outlet of his lust. This sex is rough, harecore and raunchy! He even cums on her braces and uses her back as a table to signs her form before kicking her out. Very enjoyable.
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Scene 4 - Alice March
Alice March is 4 feet. She says her bra and undies are tiny too and asks if we want to see them before parading her body around. She shows us all that good stuff and more while jumping up and down on a bed. In her interview, she explains if a big dicks gonna go in her tiny twat there is going to need to be a lot of spit. She says at first it hurts but then it feels really good. The biggest dick she ever had was the size of her forearm (girth and length). She takes a ruler and measures her tiny lady bits before she rubs one out. After orgasming a massive dick arrives on scene and she can’t help but suck it and fuck it! It’s so large it almost doesn’t fit in her cunt. How does that thing not come out her belly botton?! So BIG! She takes a deep drilling in all different positions and receives a light load to the face.
Scene 4 Rating:
This scene was good. It was a fantastic introduction to Alice March and I almost feel like I know her more deeply now. However, I would have like to see more sex with Alice March!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Team Skeet presents a fan favorite among the porn set. This dvd includes Photo galleries, trailers and a cumshot recap. Petite chicks taking on big ol’ massive dicks. Each girl take one heck of a pounding! My favorite scenes were with Sadie Pop and Sally Squirt because they were fun and fantasy filled. If you enjoy straight to the chase teases and fucking then you will enjoy the scenes with Cleo Vixen and Alice March. Basically, you get a little bit of everything! What’s not to enjoy about that?
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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