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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Ethnicity. Only at XRentDVD
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Wicked Pictures
PERFORMERS: Chanell Heart, Jezabel Vessir, Kira Noir, Misty Stone, Osa Lovely, Sadie Santana, Sarah Banks, September Reign, Yasmine De Leon, Rob Piper, Dirk Huge, Eddie Jaye, Nat Turnher, Prince Yahshua, Ricky Johnson, Stallion and Tyler Knight
DIRECTED BY: Brad Armstrong
Release Date: February 22, 2017
Award Winning Director Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures bring you one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. Ethnicity is that rare adult film that seamlessly blends intriguing storytelling with passionate, meaningful sex. Ethnicity examines a diverse group of people as they navigate the ups and downs of life. Then one fateful night their destinies collide with tragic consequence.This groundbreaking film contains some of adult's most legendary performers with today's brightest and most celebrated newcomers. The result is an incredible ensemble cast that brings the movie to life and makes Ethnicity an instant adult classic.

This is no soft-core drama! This rap ballad of lust explores the shit everyone goes through from the hood to the rich life. This film follows the life, experience and sex of a Afro-centric culture in the United States. Poverty, power, bloated wealth, dirty money, betrayal, gangsters and broken homes surround this hot raunchy socio-cultural porn.

Scene 1: Chanell Heart, Yasmine De Leon & Prince Yahshua
Scene 2: Sarah Banks, September Reign, Nat Turnher & Dirk Huge
Scene 3: Osa Lovely & Tyler Knight
Scene 4: Jezabel Vessir, Sadie Santana & Ricky Johnson
Scene 5: Misty Stone & Eddie Jaye
Scene 6: Kira Noir & Kevin Stallion
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Chanell Heart, Yasmine De Leon & Prince Yahshua
The first scene examines two people that grew up with the same background one becoming a prominent lawyer (Tyler Knight) and the other a criminal (Nat Turnher). It’s a hard life being a criminal but it’s even harder to get out. The scene pulls your interest and moves onto a big ballin’ daddy, played by Prince Yahshua, boning two beautiful babes Yasmine De Leon And Chanell Heart. Each girl takes turns shoving his gigantic cock deep down their throat. Yasmine is the first to be penetrated by Yahshua’s thick sausage but Chanell grinds and twerks on it like it’s a holy dick stick (doggy style); pussy consuming his thick dong while her ass is jiggling above it. They switch and Yasmine rides him so hard her ass claps. What seems to be girl-girl fuck-a-tition soon turns into harmonic ass licking, pussy playing while fucking extravaganza. Prince nuts and before the girls get a second to relax he is ushering them out. His wife is coming!! Misty Stone enters the room “Marcus [Prince’s character] you sorry mother-fucker...” Prince exclaims it’s is sex addiction problem but Misty isn’t buying it. Yasmine De Leon calls Prince a liar, an asshole and a shitty lay then leaves- as do the other women.
Scene 1 Rating:
Misty Stone’s character is on fire and she wasn’t even part of the sex scene! There’s already drama brewing! What will happen next? All the women were pretty verbally and sexually dominating which I thoroughly enjoyed. Chanell Heart had an elegance to the boning while Yasmine had a down and dirty vibe. The polarity really creates a synchronizing effect on the entire sex scene. Both rode his cock but busted my nut... if you get what I’m saying! AAA-mazing!!!
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Scene 2 - Sarah Banks, September Reign, Nat Turnher & Dirk Huge
Wearing really sexy basic gray briefs Kira Noir teases us by slowly pulling her ER scrubs over her supple body while listening to On Fleek. The door rings, it’s her brother. He says “Yo.” She tells him not to be so gangster and discusses family matters before the peaces out. We move to a very gangster-esque scene with Nat Turnher and Dirk Huge. September Reign, one of the side piece, is a hot minx in a cute punk outfit! She boldly starts unbuttoning Nat Turnher pants and demands Sarah Banks sucks a dick with her “...this ain’t no free show, you're gonna to come help me suck this dick...” After Sarah Banks falls in line with the idea both ladies join group sex with their men. Each gangster swapping their girl around like they’re pitching the ball back and forth at a baseball practice. It’s a fucking frenzy that passes when Nat Turnher’s milky line of cum streams into September Reign’s face. She’s not finished though, Dirk Huge busts a nut on Sarah Banks ass and September cleans it off with her delicious tongue.
Scene 2 Rating:
For me, September Reign really took the cake! She called the shots. She should have been the crime lord! She fucked hard and played hard. I couldn't get enough! Although so far Nat Turnher is the one of the main stars in this film, September Reign’s star shined brighter than all the character in this scene!
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Scene 3 - Osa Lovely & Tyler Knight
As Tyler Knight works on Nat Turnher's case, Osa Lovely asks why he continuously helps this criminal. He recites his religious beliefs as well as the debt he feel he owes to Nat’s family. Her mind might have changed or she’s just extremely horny. Who knows?! She calls him a saint before she throws his papers down, pulls his reading glasses off, and begins passionately seducing him. He lays her down and pleases her every need from breast to twat before she sucks his cock. Then her luscious dark chocolate body rides his face and asphyxiates him with sweet pussy juices. She sits on his cock and continues the sensually riding him. He pulls back, rips off his condom and she eats his seed.
Scene 3 Rating:
This is a romantic couples fantasy. It relatively arouses to both wants and need of each partner in a relationship. Osa fiercely goes after her man and disregards all his important work while Tyler goes down on her for a long period of time and caters to her every need.
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Scene 4 - Jezabel Vessir, Sadie Santana & Ricky Johnson
Both Gangsters Nat Turnher And Dirk Huge convince Ricky that they are his new family. The the only way is thug life while his sister Kira tries to deter him. She tells him he deserves better than the life he is headed towards. Ricky thinks her way is much harder! She doesn’t even have a nice car like his thug family and she’s got student loans up to her ears. Time passes by and he is back with his gangsta family. Nat wants him to get ready for a job; however, since he was with his sister and his mother previously he has been quite. How does Nat solve this?! By telling his girls Jezabel Vessi and Sadie Santana to take him down stairs and give him a good blow job. They blow his cock like they are trying to survive! Woo-wee do they slobber all over his dick and balls! They suck him dry and boy, does his creamy load look delicious on their dark skin!
Scene 4 Rating:
For a blow job this portion did really well! Generally, I don’t feel like a blow job is enough to constitute a whole scene unless it’s a blow bang film but we did go through a lot of the plot and it was a damn fine blow job!
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Scene 5 - Misty Stone & Eddie Jaye
Previously Prince Yahshua talked at Eddie Jaye about winning Misty Stone’s heart back. Eddie didn’t like what he had to say... The beginning of this scene Misty talks to Eddie and asks if he is tired of being used. Eddie says “I could ask you the same thing.” They are in the same boat so why don’t they enjoy it? They subtly kiss. He caresses her body slowly moving down to her clit and lips. She does the same back, this time, choking and gagging on his cock. He fucks her in and on top of Prince Yahshua's fancy car and finishes in her mouth. Prince Yahshua's character walks in pissed as hell! Eddie apologies but Misty doesn’t. Misty is not sorry and damn, does she express it!
Scene 5 Rating:
Misty has her own monologue and she nails it so well! First we get two character’s tired of being fucked over and instead they fuck together beautifully and then we get a whole monologue of - sorry not sorry! I loved every minute of it! She played both of the boys! Revenge fuck!
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Scene 6 - Kira Noir & Kevin Stallion
Previously nurse Kevin Stallion was attending to a thug life patient and he enjoyed seeing the way Kira, the doctor, took charge of the patient's situation. He is turned on in fact, that they fuck in the office locker room. Kevin lays her down on a hospital cot and eats her twat. Then she examines his cock with her mouth. Kevin’s stallion charges head first into her pussy and shoots mega sperm all over her face.
Scene 6 Rating:
Kira Noir and Kevin Stallion have fantastic chemistry while fucking! Plot wise: Kevin’s character got turned on because Kira was sticking a needle in her male patient's ass. Maybe there should have been pegging?! Also the plot continues to become more intense but I won’t give away the ending!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Many of us, as audience were craving this film. Interracial has been too much about the big black dick and the tiny white chick. It’s time for the black women to rise in porn; to dominate the scene. These women play iconoclast roles and even while fucking they dared to move beyond the passive side piece or hoe. The fact that in sex and in script these women portray strong characters was a huge turn on! From when side chick September Reign takes charge to Misty’s revenge fuck and monologue, the plot almost seems secondary to the awesomeness of these women take. This film has a very unique soap perspective, you must buy it and collect it!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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