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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Disciplined Teens #7. Only at XRentDVD
Disciplined Teens #7
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Team Skeet
PERFORMERS: Nina Nirvana, Molly Manson, Shane Blair, Kylie Quinn, Stacey Leann, Karlo Karrera, Dick Chibbles, Richie Black, Bruno Dickemz and Ike Diezel
Release Date: May 30, 2017
The Naughty Need Discipline! Nina Nirvana She Got Him Fired And Now She Pays The Price! She Was Going To Take A Shower And He Saw It As An Opportune Time To Get Revenge! Molly Manson Don't Mess Around With The Master's Toys! The Sex Slave Always Has To Learn The Hard Way! Shane Blair She Lost His Dog So He Made Her His Bitch! She's A Bad Dogsitter But A Really Great Fuck! Kylie Quinn His Girl Is Away But Leaves Him A New Toy To Use! His Girl Gave Him A Free Pass And A Girl To Use It On! Stacey Leann A Rebellious Teen And Her Evangelical Uncle! There's Only One Way To Treat A Girl Like Stacey!

These barely legal delinquent teens may be smiling, but wait til they get a massive well deserved punishing by their superiors thick cock! They will to learn respect through raunchy fucking domination. Big cocks will dominate tiny tight pussies!

Scene 1: Nina Nirvana and Karlo Karrera
Scene 2: Molly Manson and Dick Chibbles
Scene 3: Shane Blair and Richie Black
Scene 4: Kylie Quinn and Bruno Dickems
Scene 5: Stacey Leann and Ike Diezel
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Nina Nirvana and Karlo Karrera
Macho Man Karlo Karrera tells his buddy about how Nina Nirvana got him fired. As he talks over the phone, he notices her walking down the street and follows her home. Like a big bad wolf he stalks his prey. After invading her house, he grabs her out of the shower and shows her nobody fucks him. Because she doesn’t want to be fired for lying, she tries to pacify him by spreading her legs and showing her tiny pink pussy. He wants more, and he revenge fucks the shit out of her.
Scene 1 Rating:
This is a great way to start off the film. Karlo Karrera is dominating! His beefy body and language compliments the scenario and Nina’s tiny pale pink twat. Also, his dick is so big it looks like it’s going to break her at any moment!
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Scene 2 - Molly Manson and Dick Chibbles
Molly Manson is a naughty teen! When she is supposed to be cleaning the dungeon, she frolics around and gets stuck in a pillory. Master Dick Chibbles catches her and must discipline her for her actions. Stuck in the stocks, Manson has given Chibbles prime opportunity to shows her what some of the dungeon equipment is really for. He crops her thighs, skull fucks mouth and makes a sloppy gagging mess of her!
Scene 2 Rating:
This is the first time I’ve seen Molly Manson and she was fantastic as a sub. She took the deep throat like a champ and was a sloppy mess at the end. Just what I like! Dick Chibbles also plays a great master. I loved everything about the scene from the start of the throat fucking to the finishing facial. I do wish the scenario in the beginning was a little bit different but that is a matter of opinion.
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Scene 3 - Shane Blair and Richie Black
Richie Black gives his dogsitter Shane Blair strict directions when It comes to taking care of the dog he loves to pieces! She thinks the relationship is unhealthy, happens to get high and loses his dog after she throws a big party at his house. Richie Black loses his shit, and he decides to teach her a little responsibility. He makes Shane his new bitch, taking out his cock and making her suck it. He makes her a leash and commands her to do the dirtiest things while he fucks her.
Scene 3 Rating:
I think the scenario was great! Richie Black commanding her to eat his cum out of a dog bowl was the extra added topping on this cake of awesomeness. And Shane Blair had to get out of the house on all fours! That was perfection.
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Scene 4 - Kylie Quinn and Bruno Dickems
Bruno Dickems finds a letter from his wife. She has to take off for two weeks on a business trip and doesn’t not want him bored or lonely. She decides to leave him the gift of sweet restrained pussy. Kylie Quinn is available to please his every desire and he intends to use her up! He starts by smacking her ass with his belt and face fucking her mouth. He continues the rampage by pounding her pussy from behind while choking her, slapping and covering her face, stuffing her mouth and finally shooting a load of jizz in her gaping mouth.
Scene 4 Rating:
She submits to him on every level. Bruno Dickems is a naughty husband taking everything he can out on Kylie Quinn’s fine ass cunt. Both play their parts perfectly well! Not to mention Quinn’s voice is supremely hot.
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Scene 5 - Stacey Leann and Ike Diezel
Stacy Leann's mom sends her to stay with her evangelical uncle Ike Diezel. Ike demands for her to become a maid and stop wearing such revealing, sexy clothes. Ike knows the lord is going to work in mysterious ways and will help him to get rid of Stacey’s rebellious ways. He’s going to make a evangelical lady out of her. Through Ike the lord shall keep her in line. He uses a firm hand and a stiff cock. Since Stacy’s mom said he could do whatever it takes, he decides to bone her back to goodness.
Scene 5 Rating:
I think the plot was great! Stacey Leann is new to me and I can’t wait to see more.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Overall, I think this film is a great buy. Each scene is diverse in scenario and provides that amazing discipline fantasy you’ve been looking forward to.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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