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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Darker Side Of Desire. Only at XRentDVD
Darker Side Of Desire
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Sweet Sinner
PERFORMERS: Cassidy Klein, Cherie DeVille, Riley Nixon, Gia Paige, Mickey Mod, Tommy Pistol, Michael Vegas and James Deen
DIRECTED BY: Jacky St. James
Release Date: February 22, 2017
Featuring Cassidy Klein! When Dreams Become Reality! For several years, Natalie has been haunted by intensely sexual dreams that leave her eager to explore her more deviant side. But, when she meets a guy who seems to be her perfect match, she's worried that revealing too much about her desires might scare him away. Torn between risking it all and potentially losing something great - Natalie's left wondering if the safest place for her fantasies is in her mind.

This film chronicles the sexual awakening of a good girl gone naughty directed by acclaimed writer/director Jacky St James, and under a studio (Sweet Sinners) known for its tangible fantasy! Narrated by Cassidy Klein (Natalie) we dive into the exploration of a beautiful but unfulfilled woman. We follow her from her fantasy to her actualization; in between we are filled with mystery, seduction, obsession and sexual power.

Scene 1: Cassidy Klein & Mickey Mod
Scene 2: Cherie Deville & Tommy Pistol
Scene 3: Gia Paige & James Deen
Scene 4: Riley Nixon & Michael Vegas
Scene 5: Cassidy Klein & Mickey Mod
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Cassidy Klein & Mickey Mod
This scene starts with narration by Cassidy Klein (Natalie). “When you’re falling in love your brain kind of goes on vacation. You just move forward with this blind hope that everything will work out perfectly. With Brice, everything was a whirlwind of romance and excitement. We were happy being out of control...” Brice (Mickey Mod) plays a key role in pleasing his woman from breast to toe before getting his dick wet. They pound in out in more than a few positions on the couch; and she orgasms several times before he lets a load out onto her hairy pussy.
Scene 1 Rating:
Great Beginning! This scene is very sensual and highlights the softness and reality of sex. The key factors from sweet sinners are that we get a sense of real lovemaking and real sex. I think they hit the spot and the scene really appeals to men as well as women without engorging too much on over-sized fantasies but with a quality that is way better than amateur.
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Scene 2 - Cherie Deville & Tommy Pistol
“I said beg for it. Beg for it. I want to hear you beg for it.” Tommy Pistol says with a stern voice as he whips her behind. Not Natalie’s behind but the girl Natalie wishes she was. For years she has been plague by kinky sex dreams. She was not a wholesome suburban girl, she was a girl that wanted more. She wanted to play the role... The dream persists as her relationship continues... Cherie Deville is bound, she is leashed by Tommy and must obey his every command...
Scene 2 Rating:
Cherie Deville and Tommy Pistol are fantastic!!! I think it’s a good metaphor for this clouded fixation that Natalie has. Natalie is the idealization of today's innocence but her mind is dulled by this and yearns to become more diverse but how? She fears this and her BDSM dream is covered by a tight web chair that she has created herself. This is way better than 50 Shades of Grey!
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Scene 3 - Gia Paige & James Deen
Friends gather at a party. Riley Nixon’s character, a friend of Natalie’s, thinks BDSM is disgusting because you become a slave to the patriarch. Brice casually agrees and Natalie feels doomed. Her and Brice are not on the same page. Natalie talks with Gia because they seem to be interested in the same thing. Gia recalls the BDSM experience she had that she had with an older man (James Deen). She starts by counting. Counting each time he whips. He ties her in different positions and she begs “please more, sir, please more.” He rips her nylon open and plays with her sweet ass before she swallows his cock. Her hands tied he pumps his cock deep inside her pussy over and over again...
Scene 3 Rating:
Gia Paige is spot on! Go Gia! Seriously her acting is convincing and the sex was fantastic! Feels like we are really getting something deep from the heart and deep in the pussy! Of course, it finishes with a line about self judgment... Gia says ‘it was me judging me that made me end it,’ a situation that Parallel to Natalie’s... And you're in the background with a tissue saying ‘Don’t miss out Natalie’...
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Scene 4 - Riley Nixon & Michael Vegas
Natalie finally talks to Brice about a BDSM place they can rent out on the internet. She tells him giving up complete control is a turn on for her and Brice says the three words no one really wants to here ‘I’m just processing it all.’ Meanwhile, Riley meets up with Michael and talks about the argument she had with Gia. Riley said her friend Gia said BDSM can be empowering and not completely misogynistic. She disagrees but Michael is about to correct that thought! She restrains his legs like a newb. Sucks his cock and sits on his face. She rides his thick cock and he jumps out of the restraints flipping the power ball into his court. We watch her titties bounce up and down with each thrust of his cock into her twat until he cums on her ass. His last words are there’s nothing wrong with a little power exchange.
Scene 4 Rating:
I think this was an okay scene but it really didn’t bring the point home. Sex was great, however the plot has a domino effect on the sex. I love Riley Nixon but this film just doesn’t highlight her. She ties him up and kind of dominates him. The exchange of power discussed wasn’t evident. You would think her character would get more aggressive and into it. She’s a woman who wants to be in power over this guy because of her own beliefs. I see a confused woman who just caves in and lets him fuck her.
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Scene 5 - Cassidy Klein & Mickey Mod
Natalie dreams she wants it so bad she’s willing to do anything and Brice mysteriously text her. He tells her to meet him at a BDSM location. She arrives to paper instructions telling her to wear this outfit provided, put a mask on and a collar. He caresses her face saying how far do you want to go with this. She is startled but says I don’t know I’m still figuring that out. He says me too. She asks a question and he becomes straightforward and stern sounding. No more questions. She must obey him. She says kiss me and he says not until she earns it. He ties her hands up and slides his finger in her pussy. She has absolutely no control until she earns it. Her hands are freed and she uses them to grasp his full fledged boner. She slobbers over it and lubricated his long schlong for her tight cunt. Still blindfolded he lays her back and penetrates his way into her hole. While he rides her he pinches her sweet supple nipples, playing with each, toys and all. Then he gets behind her fucks her hard before cuming on her bush again.
Scene 5 Rating:
The beginning was hot as fuck. Cassidy Klein and Mickey Mod were phenomenal throughout the film. I would have liked seeing Cassidy and Mickey follow in the footsteps of scene two a bit more nearing the end of the scene. Plot wise: excellent!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
This romantic drama is a story of exploration. A woman questions what if and eventually realizes delving into her desires with her partner isn’t a dangerous game. Detailing her obsession and fantasies only pushes her closer to a catharsis. Darker Side Of Desire is filled with sex and bondage and leaves you wondering open mindedly what you could explore with your partner or future partner.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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