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Read Han de Hooter's review of Blind Sex Dates #4. Only at XRentDVD
Blind Sex Dates #4
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REVIEWED BY: Han de Hooter
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Smash Pictures
PERFORMERS: Chase Dasani, Jerzy Lynn, Giana Taylor, Heather Cook, Hollie Stevens, Dick James, Alex Sandler, Octavio, Erik Van Kampa and Landon
Release Date: March 12, 2008
Real Dates. Real Sex. Real People! Bishop's Blind Sex Dates picks up where the other dating shows stop! We send our couples to some of the wildest places and watch the fun unfold. The only requirement is that you allow our cameras to follow you the entire date.

Just like the T.V. show Blind Date except this is the uncensored amateur porn version.

Scene 1: Octavio & Chase: '4 Left Feet'
Scene 2: Alex & Heather: 'Jacuzzi For 2 Please'
Scene 3: DJ & Hollie: 'I'm Your #1 Fan'
Scene 4: Gianna & Leo: 'The Odd Couple'
Scene 5: Erik & Jerzi: 'Fukyo!'
Bonus Features
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Octavio & Chase: '4 Left Feet'
Outgoing young blonde Chase and tall Latino Octavio meet up at the park to draw portraits of each other and write poetry. Light moment is when Chase asks Octavio how to spell his name and he has a hard time, starting out by spelling his own name with a "Q". Next activity is swing dance lessons. Boy thinks he's doing salsa but they seem to be doing okay. They go to dinner and start flirting and then Chase's cell phone rings. Tip: when on any date, turn the damn phone off. At the hotel room, Chase is ready to get down to business, having left her panties at home. Octavio gets blown and returns the favor by licking Chase's pussy till she cums. Chase is in control and pretty much directs all the action, what to do, what position she wants to be in, how deep she wants Octavio's dick in her. This little blonde filly knows what she wants. In the end, Octavio dumps a load on Chase's belly.
Scene 1 Rating:
Not a bad scene, with a fair amount of action and enthusiasm from the couple, although Octavio was more satisfied than Chase since she wanted someone more kinky.
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Scene 2 - Alex & Heather: 'Jacuzzi For 2 Please'
Tall athletic Alex meets up with raven haired hardbody Heather. The term "built like a shit brickhouse" aptly applies to Heather as she shows off her hot body wearing a very low-cut halter top and very short daisy dukes. Our happy couple goes hiking on an extremely hot day followed by dinner at an Amazon-themed restaurant. Over dinner the couple trade wild stories. After the orgy story, they go hot tubbing. Heather has on an itsy bitsy bikini that before long comes off. After the requisite licking and sucking in the hot tub, they move over to lounge next to the hot tub where they continue their little sex date. Alex is behind Heather on their sides, with Alex's sizeable unit being driven into Heather's shaven slit. They move from being on their sides to doggy as Heather vocalizes for Alex to fuck her or spank her hard. And lastly, in missionary, Alex lets loose several torrential spurts of cum, ala Peter North, flying the length of Heather's body with some shooting over her head and some landing on her pretty face. Heather finishes things off by licking and sucking the head of Alex's cock.
Scene 2 Rating:
This couple got along real well; they were attractive, liked each other, and had good chemistry.
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Scene 3 - DJ & Hollie: 'I'm Your #1 Fan'
Holly is an actual porn star going out on a date with her fan D.J, lucky bastard. D.J. actually sounds a bit like Snoop. He starts right out with flirting and surprises, the first surprise being a shopping trip to Hustler Hollywood. D.J. picks out some wearable items for Holly to try on while Holly asks D.J. to find something that she would like. So they play along with each other, Holly trying on outfits while D.J. goes running around the store for a dildo or vibe that Holly might like. A light-hearted moment is when D.J. drops the stack of sex toys that he had been balancing for Holly before he can finish sharing his second impression of her. He even recites a sexy poem he wrote for her. This guy is smooooth. After talking about porn and flirting over dinner, they head to the love shack. Read: cheap motel. Holly wastes no time asking for the vibe that they purchased at Hustler Hollywood and telling D.J. how and where to use it. D.J. happily obliges while nibbling on her nipples. After getting off Holly with the vibe, D.J. and Holly go 69, and then D.J. gets to pound porn pussy for the rest of the night.
Scene 3 Rating:
Holly is a good looking gal but her cries of passion make it sound like she is actually working and not so much on a date. She does get D.J.'s cock wet with her pussy juice so maybe she is having a good time with her #1 fan.
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Scene 4 - Gianna & Leo: 'The Odd Couple'
Gianna is a tall sexy light skinned black and Leo is a young idiot. The date starts off well enough as they meet up at a restaurant and Leo gives Gianna a small gift. Then Mistake #1: Leo forgets Gianna's name. That does not sit well with Gianna. Next up they go rollerblading at the beach. After skating, Leo asks Gianna to get the small gift that he gave her earlier. Mistake #2, she opens her gift to find a condom. She did not find Leo's joke funny. Smooth move – Ex-Lax. End of date. Poor bastard could've gotten some action if he remembered Gianna's name and given her flowers instead of a condom.
Scene 4 Rating:
Even though this scene had no sex, I still give it fairly high marks for teaching dating etiquette on what NOT to do.
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Scene 5 - Erik & Jerzi: 'Fukyo!'
Nerd/momma's boy Eric meets hyper-spastic blonde Jersey. You can almost see how this is going to turn out. They meet at the park where they throw around the ole football till Jersey gets bored--which is very quickly--and wants to do something else. She suggests horseback riding. Jersey has a lot more fun with the active horse than she does with passive Eric. At dinner they learn to make their own sushi and then eat it. In the motel room, Jersey takes control because Eric probably has never been with a woman before. Ha, didn't think this date would get this far, huh? Jersey does all the work while Eric just lies on his back in bed. Well, he does hold her hair while she sucks his cock. While riding Eric cowgirl, she pointedly tells him not to cum in her. Guess she doesn't want to be impregnated by this idiot! Jersey goes back to sucking cock, at which point, to Jersey's surprise, Eric cums in her mouth. She keeps going till she sucks all his cum out.
Scene 5 Rating:
Even Eric agrees that Jersey gives great head. However, he will forever be recorded on video as being a lazy fuck who doesn't reciprocate. Beware, Ladies!
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Bonus Features
Han de Hooter's Overall Impression
This is the porn version of reality television, unscripted and uncensored. It's kind of interesting to see your average Joe Schmuck in a porno with no script or direction. This is pretty good amateur porn, with pretty girls, comfortable lighting and satisfying camera angles. It's also surprisingly entertaining.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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