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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Bikini Sex Dolls. Only at XRentDVD
Bikini Sex Dolls
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Jules Jordan Video
PERFORMERS: Kagney Linn Karter, August Ames, Nina Elle and Bridgette B
DIRECTED BY: Jonni Darkko
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Starring Kagney Linn Karter! Summertime brings out the blond babes in Jonni Darkko's Bikini Sex Dolls. Shot in stunning 4K quality all of these girls have bodies built for skimpy swimsuits and power fucking. August Ames has big, perfect, natural tits and those lips were made for sucking. Kagney Linn Karter is back and this stacked blonde needs cock in her ass! Busty Bridgette B takes an intense anal pounding too and tattooed bombshell Nina Elle gets spit roasted in an interracial three-way! Darkko delivers the grade A meat this summer hot off the grill!

Barbie doll proportioned sluts spreading open their holes to whomever is willing to take them out for a ride. This is a gonzo sex doll extravaganza, as directed by Jonni Darkko. August Ames, Nina Elle, Bridgette B. and Kagney Linn Karter are showcased as cock-crazed sex puppets who want to be exploited and ferociously fucked by an enormous boner. Watch these beautiful bikini babes gettin’ oiled up and ridin’ big fat monster cocks.

Scene 1: August Ames
Scene 2: Kagney Linn Karter
Scene 3: Bridgette B
Scene 4: Nina Elle
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - August Ames
August Ames may be a fashion model, but as a porn star she knows how to work her cunt. She tenderly teases and sexually frustrates her audience. The camera pans to a straight shot of her playing in a pool; a solo wet and wild ride for viewers. Once out of the pool, she exposes her tanned beach bod, pulling apart both her pussy lips and her ass cheeks. She’s just begging the camera to engage with every tight orifice of her body. The beat drops and August Ames doesn’t dance to the music; instead, the music plays for her as she flaunts her tits and pussy while on her tanning towel. She had to get her tan on but now she needs to get her dick on! Her tongue ring clicks and clacks as her male counterpart slaps his massive cock against her mouth. He pushes the back of her head towards his body until she fully absorbs his shaft deep into her throat. He quickly throws her onto a couch in the background and thrusts his cock into her tiny cunt while grabbing at her breast and fingering her mouth. He’s soon diving into her pussy and fingering her asshole, feeding her ass-juice back into her mouth. She spits it out and covers her tiny pussy hole with it. As she spreads her pussy lips wide for more dick, he decides to go for the ass, but that’s a no go! She calls him a Slick Rick and he hesitates before moving back to her pussy, drilling it while drenching both pussy and cock with oil. He slap and chokes her while jamming his cock even further in. There’s so much oil and so much pounding that it looks like his massive member is going to impale her, going straight through her twat and out her mouth! Again he tongues, fingers and rubs his cock against her asshole. She says “you’re not gonna get that today,” so he grabs her hair and drills her twat; spit and oil are drizzling down her legs as he rough-fucks her. He pulls out and her cunt-hole is gaping. He pops the tip of his dick back in and pulls out a few more times, and each time you hear the sensational sound of his cock exiting and entering the inside of her raunchy cavity. He fills her gaper up with oil and you can hear it gushing and slapping out of her cunt while he drills her silly. It seems as if he is ready to bust a load, so the action switches to mouth fucking. First, she gobs spit all over his cock and swallows his balls, then he pulls her hair against his hip until she swallows down the tip of his cock. He sits back and she squats on top of him, letting him drill her pussy until he unleashes a bit of cum inside. But it's not over yet. He lays her on top of himself and smashes back into her unexpectedly until he fully cums inside her whorish little cunt.
Scene 1 Rating:
Fucking amazing start off! It was like the battle of sexes and August Ames did not give up that ass!! The tease of him almost putting his cock in was extra enjoyable and her comebacks were to die for. The tease of anal play was an enjoyable extra alongside the sheer force of cock pounding pussy. I only have three questions. First, why were there so very many cuts? It tends to unnecessarily elongate the film and pulls away from the entertainment of the sex. Second, what was going on and where’s the BTS so I can understand? Finally, why does this guy have cuts on his hands? It’s not attractive seeing men with scabs near a beautiful woman. I would have liked to see them edited out or covered up.
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Scene 2 - Kagney Linn Karter
Kagney thrusts her ass back and forth against a powerful red muscle car. This young slut is having way too much fun with her tease. Her body, all oiled up, is ready for a fast and furious ride! She’s no car wash girl; she’s the kind of girl that makes you buy the car for her. And she definitely wants some strong muscle near her ass. She bends over with her hands pressed against the hood, twerking that oiled ass in the air. We follow the scene and KLK appears to be solo at a park playing with a beach ball. Viewers get a fantastic look of the sky and underboobage while she’s bouncing. We get another good look at her ass covered in oil oozing down her cheeks, right before she asks Markus to come play. But he’s already playing with something else and he’s half naked! She jumps on top of him and asks if he was watching PORN!? Why would he be watching porn if he could fuck her? He pulls her panties aside and pushes his throbbing erect cock into her sweet salivating pussy. His face moves down to her cunt flaps to lather up all the juices before quenching his thirst. He stands up and this time, instead of entering her cunt hole, he enters her back door. It’s pretty tight and it seems like he can only get his head in. Instead, he pulls a popsicle dildo out of nowhere and puts it in her ass. After feeding her the popsicle, he puts it aside and pushes his cock back in until she squirts. KLK takes an intense anal reaming and a deep-seated throat fucking that climaxes in a huge, creamy cum facial.
Scene 2 Rating:
Kagney Linn Karter is fantastic! She has a fun and peppy personality that reflects through the whole scene. It pretty much feels like she's happy to serve this guy her pussy on a golden beach tanned platter. Also, I enjoyed the male counterpart a bit more in this scene than the last because he seemed to take care of KLK‘s needs, which better suits the scene’s agenda. Speaking of agendas, so far I have been impressed with the little hint of plot in each scene. Can’t wait to continue.
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Scene 3 - Bridgette B
Bridgette B has the looks of a beach blonde Barbie mixed with one of the Kardasians in a new age/modern babewatch uniform. As she smiles her big breasts jiggle and it’s hard to watch anything but. With her bikini top on, she wets her tits and all you can see is breasts and erect wet nipples covered in red fabric. She squishes them together and all you can feel is the control her tits have over every bit of your mind and whatever may be inside your pants. She drizzles oil on her breasts, nibbles on her swimsuit above her breasts, bounces her breasts. She rubs a popsicle against her breasts and lets the juice drip off her breasts. Breasts, Breast, Breast, Breast, nothing else matters in this solo exhibition of her body! “Ken! Don’t just stand there, put some oil on me please! Don’t be naughty,” she tells him. She has spots other than just her breasts! She gropes his cock and he is most definitely hard! She says she ran out of popsicle sticks, and he has the perfect solution. She gets her favorite kind of stick, the Ken Dick Stick! Ken tells her to slap it on her titties! “Oh Ken, where are you getting these ideas from?!” She squishes his cock in between her breastestes and she lifts her head up to choke on just the tip of his cock. He eats her ass and talks like Sylvester Stallone to her (isn’t ken supposed to be prim and proper? So naughty!) He pushes his cock slowly inside her cunt, making her feel every inch of it. As they lay on the poolside padding, he stretches her asshole with his snake-like member. He takes orders from this Barbie who demands she watch him fuck her asshole. She says “don’t ever stop” because she wants to cum a thousand times through her ass right now. When she does come he slips out and gapes her twat hole. He has something in his mouth that she wants, and she demands he lean over her face and spit inside her mouth before fucking her again. He fingers her asshole and she asks him if he would like to fuck her in a more authoritative tone. The scene cuts and they’re now inside where she fucks, sucks and dribbles all over his cock. “More, more,” she says, as oil, lube and spit ooze sloppily all over his breast and out of her pussy. After fucking a bit, she decides in the middle of sex that she wants to tan more and leaves him hanging. The scene cuts to Barbie Bridgette in the pool titty fucking Ken’s cock, sucking and rubbing his dong until he blasts a load all over her sunglasses and face.
Scene 3 Rating:
Best scene by far right here! This time the solo part of this scene was fantastic. It was AAA-mazing! She is literally a modern Barbie sex doll! Jonni Darkko and Bridgette B hit the nail on the head! You will be aroused! Whether you are a girl or a boy, you will be excited! A good note is that the male counterpart redeemed himself from the first scene. His wounds aren’t showing very much and it seems like she pretty much takes control of every action from where he puts his cock to the rate at which he pushes. At one point I thought he was going to break his dick inside her from pounding so hard.
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Scene 4 - Nina Elle
Voluptuous, tattooed bikini doll Nina Elle walks out in a Barbie themed pink tee with a pink pop dildo in hand. As the scene cross-cuts to the beat of the music, Nina teases us in more than one way. First, our crop top Barbie Nina brings the pop dildo to her mouth and cream cums out, gushing from her lips, sprinkling her pop, and drizzling down her Barbie tee, mimicking the very semen that would happily flow from her lips once we fill her up. Second, there’s a bikini babe show. Nina’s in a swimsuit that gets wetter with every ounce of water she pours over her beautiful stacked breasts. And don’t worry, toys are involved. We see a kaleidoscope into every other excerpt of her scene: cream falling, water dripping, oil drizzling, and popsicle sucking. Moe Johnson pays a visit to the perfect fuck doll Nina, who can’t help but worship his giant black shaft and balls. Then another friend enters in for a slobbery blow job: two cocks, one mouth, and a lot of saliva. There is a spectrum of color when we see black and white cock covering Nina’s caramel face. She takes a serious interracial banging and an illicit, Chinese finger-trap fucking three-way. Both men leave no hole untouched and definitely not unfilled when it comes to milking out a tasty mess of sperm.
Scene 4 Rating:
Nina Elle and Moe Johnson are fantastic. Add in another dick and it makes it that much better! It is indescribable how good they are together. She definitely knows what she is doing, and Jonni Darkko knows how to capture the very essence of Nina Elle’s eroticism.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
Jules Jordan is very proud to present what I think is a potentially up and coming series directed by Jonni Darkko: Bikini Sex Dolls. Each scene genuinely features gorgeous barbie like models in the highest quality content you can't find anywhere else. August Ames, Kagney Linn Karter, Bridgette B. and Nina Elle each deliver intense and excellent performances. There is no doubt that you should buy this film!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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