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Read Glittery Kiki's review of BatGirl Rises. Only at XRentDVD
BatGirl Rises
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Anastasia Pierce
PERFORMERS: Anastasia Pierce, Crystal Clark and Angela Sommers
DIRECTED BY: Anastasia Pierce
Release Date: May 23, 2016
Superheroine Fetish Parody! Helpless and Trapped! Lesbians! Bondage! Girl-Girl! Strap-On! Super-Heroine! Super Villainess! Girl-Girl Sex! Pussy Licking! Domination! Special FX! Helpless Super-Heroin!

Get your Girl-Girl Sex in this fantasy filled, pussy Licking epic amateur adventure! Feel your member throb with lesbian domination and cheesy Fetish Parody Special FX! And withstand mind blowing helpless lesbian Super-Heroin action!

Scene 1: Batgirl Rises: Crystal Clark AKA Batgirl Vs Anastasia Pierce AKA Vampirella
Scene 2: Double Crossed: Anastasia Pierce AKA Catwoman Vs Angela Sommers AKA Miss America
Scene 3: Frozen Bat: Batgirl Vs Herself
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Batgirl Rises: Crystal Clark AKA Batgirl Vs Anastasia Pierce AKA Vampirella
Crystal Clark looks striking when she strips down to absolutely nothing. As she slowly grabs handfuls of her own breasts and ass cheeks, her Batgirl suit lays in front of her. Just the thought of putting on her secret identity excites her. Once it’s on, she rubs the material against her clit. Sloshing back and forth in pussy juices she slowly pushing her suite aside, she gets straight down to business. She pounds down on her own Cunt flaps beneath the spandex tights. Batgirl obviously likes the sensual caress of her own touch. She receives a top secret mission: to interrogate Vampirella on the whereabouts of Batman and her pussy is charged with evermore excitement. She is in so much suspense while awaiting the arrival of Vampirella a super villain. She decides to pleasure herself more to calm down those nerves and get some needed release! When the super villainess Vampirella is delivered to Batgirl's secret hide out she is tied to a dolly as she must be tied down for interrogation. There is no escape! Batgirl must do anything and everything to find out what happened to Batman. ‘She will be using any means necessary to find out the truth.’ Batgirl gets the naughty wand and uses it to stimulate Vampirella's giant breasts, nipples all the way to her tiny clit. Vampirella is so wet by the time the wand touches the clit she is moaning extremely loud but not spilling the beans on the whereabouts of Batman obviously the next step is some good old fashion pegging punishment. The constant penetration of Batgirls dildo into Vampirella gushing wet pussy gets her to orgasm several times. Too bad this mission fails: Vampirella does not spill the beans... but she gets a fantastic orgasm.
Scene 1 Rating:
Pornography in general sucks at depicting realistic sex, and because of that, we have continuously revisited a fantasy world of white walls and HD scripted positions rather than the reality of lesbian sex. Although this follows some of the regime and is a parody, it actually feel more realistic: the manual/digital play, kissing, a short amount of oral, dildo penetration, orgasm. It's the grittiness that give it an authentic feel.
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Scene 2 - Double Crossed: Anastasia Pierce AKA Catwoman Vs Angela Sommers AKA Miss America
Catwoman Aka Anastasia Pierce, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, today she is a criminal sitting in a room somewhere in Istanbul. She is looking quite busy on her phone supposably waiting for potential buyer of very classified military information. A beautiful exotic belly dancer ventures into this empty room. Viewers can see the excitement in Catwoman’s face while the exotic dancer teases her in a seductive hip thrusting dance. ‘She is so taken by her beauty that she does not realized that she is being robbed.’ The beautiful belly dancer turns out to be Miss America aka Angela Sommers who is on a very secret mission of her own. Miss America is here to protect the American nation! Catwoman realizes she has been fooled by the amazing Miss America and is set for vengeance!!! Nobody fucks with that pussy! She is endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of the pussy cunt enabling her to easily steal the panties off of Miss America exposing Miss America's dirty little twat. Catwoman bounds Miss America and she is stuck sitting on a couch only to have Catwoman laps up her pussy until it is sopping wet.... This is one mission that gets quite wild!
Scene 2 Rating:
There was not very much sexual entertainment, unless you could the belly dancer. Although there was a whole lot of entertaining scene without sex. Angela Sommers does a good job playing both Miss America and the beautiful belly dancer.
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Scene 3 - Frozen Bat: Batgirl Vs Herself
This is the first time Batman and Robin have left Batgirl alone and in charge of the Bat Cave as they will be gone all night on a special mission. Being super excited she sets the alarms and looks around for something to do. She’s had her eye on Batman’s ‘tool’ -’Arouse-O-Form- an invention to make any villain loose control and get overwhelmed by erotic feelings.’ She takes a sip and is works fantastically but she does not notice the effects taking hold. In this scene she is her own villain as she has drugged herself into a sex comma; playing with her twat silly, while in suite. She rubs her curves and her gigantic gazoombas only to tease herself. ‘But just as things get very very enjoyable for Batgirl... the Freeze System kicks in! It's part of the security system and now, she is trapped! The temperature is dropping fast!’
Scene 3 Rating:
Again there is very little sexual content in this scene, which is one of the reasons I rated it lower. Also, I didn't really understand the end but I did enjoy the corny special effects.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
I think they hit the nail on the stop when it comes to great amateur sex in the first scene. When we move onto the next to scenes it becomes more about the interesting plot and we misses out on some of the sex that could have been. But I do think If you're a batman/ super-hero fan you should definitely rent this DVD because you might just enjoy this mature pussy lapping epic adventure and want to buy it!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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