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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Asspirations #3. Only at XRentDVD
Asspirations #3
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Brazzers
PERFORMERS: Franceska Jaimes, AJ Applegate, Savannah Fox, Gracie Glam, Syren De Mer, Missy Martinez, London Keyes, Nacho Vidal, Jordan Ash, Keiran Lee, Jessy Jones, Danny D, Clover and Mick Blue
Release Date: March 21, 2016
Starring Franceska Jaimes! 6 All New Anal Scenes!

If you want to break the Internet for the third time, watch Asspirations 3. This is an anal masterpiece! It’s pussy dripping, clothes ripping, anal gaping madness all in a package shipped to your door.

Scene 1: Franceska Jaimes: Ass no questions. Spread no lies.
Scene 2: AJ Applegate and Savannah Fox: Filthy Fuck Part 2
Scene 3: Gracie Glam: After Class Ass
Scene 4: Syren De Mer: Airtight in The Bathtub
Scene 5: Missy Martinez: Ride That Ass
Scene 6: London Keyes - Bonus scene
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Franceska Jaimes: Ass no questions. Spread no lies.
Colombian Goddess Franceska give us our own personal sensual preview as the man that is going to fuck her discusses the values of Franceska’s ass much like an exotic infomercial. As He continues she shakes her delectable ass in front of the camera letting out narrator shove his face in it and spread it for the camera. He brings out the oils and in not time her body is covered with oil and she’s kneeling down choking on his cock. He gets her to lay on the grounds as he smashes his cock into her asshole. They sit reverse cowgirl, they sit cowgirl then she lays back in his lab and bounces her ass on his fat cock. She gives her man a seductive gaze but not for long. He pulls her hair and walks her like a dog to a plexiglass window on the floor. We can see them from below and she looks marvelous. When he gets her up to fuck her reverse cowgirl, her asshole is gapping. He fucks her pussy cowgirl and her asshole looks wrecked. She squirts and it sits in his belly button. She speaks a different language as she's about to orgasm herself. He turns her sideways and gives it to her ass to pussy back to ass then he blows a load on her cheek.
Scene 1 Rating:
Colors and many of the camera views match the original Asspirations which was enticing, but this scene will never be as amazing at the first with Nikki Benz and the pop culture reference: Breaking The Internet... For Real This Time. This scene felt closer to an infomercial of a man selling a woman or the woman's asshole. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was fabulous! Franceska even gave us a shot of her one eyed gapper!
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Scene 2 - AJ Applegate and Savannah Fox: Filthy Fuck Part 2
AJ Applegate wakes her boyfriend up and tells him to follow her to the bathroom. She reminds him that they talked about a threesome previously and she’s proving for him! She opens the door and Savannah Fox’s ass appears in a micro thong. Before losing focus on Savannah’s ass AJ drops her robe and presents her own micro thong. They both jiggle their ass in a bright white tub and this guy is living the real Hard X fantasy. His face, smashed between their asses, shines with both pleasure and ass oil! AJ licks the pussy while her man plays Savannah’s asshole. Both girls bend over for some individual 1-on-1 cock to ass play but one or the other always comes up and chokes and spits on the cock to help lube that ass play. AJ takes charge and tells her man to finger her asshole while he fucks their new friend. The fucks one and then the other. Then they lay him down and he the fingertrap between the two girls. One uses his pussy while the other uses his mouth. AJ grabs his cock while Savannah licks it until he cums all over AJ’s mouth and both girls play mouth-swap.
Scene 2 Rating:
AJ Applegate and Savannah Fox present themselves in a fashion much like their Hard X teasers, except the style is very Brazzer fantasy or reimagining which is one of the big reasons I like to watch Brazzer. It’s as if this average guy wakes up to walk into a porn scene rather than already being in one. Check out this booty-shakin, Micro Thong threesome scene for the double helping of ass-pounding you've been dreaming about.
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Scene 3 - Gracie Glam: After Class Ass
Gracie Glam is school girl meets sex rave. This scene is bangin’ with naughtiness from the music to the lollipop lickin’. Glam’s ass pops out from a blue mini schoolgirl outfit as she walks to her play area. She rides a carousel slowly and the wind picks up her dress as she dances to the music. She moves from a slow smooth spin to a strip tease. First untying and unbuttoning her top… pulling down her suspenders and her dress… She jiggles her butt and the scene pans away. Once it pans back her ass and body are lubed. A man in a business suit walks into the scene to lube her ass. She teases and lures him into sex. Before long she leans against the carousel, both hands on bars, and he penetrates her asshole. He fucks her like a gentleman at first. His cock like a horse daintily galloping into her asshole as the scene progresses his cock more than less resembles a hard erect pole smashing its way into her pussy. This scene ends with the businessman yelling oh shit and cumming spiderwebs on her face.
Scene 3 Rating:
This scene feels like I’m in a teen strip show. Except we all know Gracie Glam is not a teen. She’s in her 20’s and she’s as gorgeous as the first day she began porn: SO FINE! I enjoyed almost the whole scene, but on the part of the editor, if there is a fly by someone's asshole or someones cock that needs to be edited out or skip over: 2:11-2:12. Please do.
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Scene 4 - Syren De Mer: Airtight in The Bathtub
Syren De Mer is back and ready to show off. The scene begins with only the view of an ass and a massive amount of bubbles. Of course there is a loofa involved, which squidgies off her ass. Syren gives an award winning smile before emerging her asshole back into the water. She brings it up and lets it down over and over again. Letting us see the white foam slowly drip off her ass until water washes it away. She quietly and seductively teases up by beginning the process on her beautiful breast. The quiet ends and two men begin to fuck her like a Chinese finger trap. One in the ass and one in the mouth. She sucks one dry as the other plunges into her. They switch positions and Syren tells the new fucker to get out of her pussy and fuck her ass! They do even better by sitting her back and sliding both cocks in each hole double penetrating her, when another man arrives to make her body air tight!!! All three holes are filled! Airtight, Airtight, Airtight, Cream in the face, Cream in the Face, Cream in the Face. Beautiful and Magnificent!
Scene 4 Rating:
There is not a minute of this scene that is not enjoyable! Syren takes the cake!... And takes it air tight with a smile. She is amazing! She takes three cocks with a smile. I think this scene gave me even more respect for her if that is possible!
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Scene 5 - Missy Martinez: Ride That Ass
Outdoor Missy Martinez erotica show! She dances and jiggles her ass in the wide open outdoor spaces and her backdoor is fiddles with occasionally POV style to make it jiggle just a little more. When she’s not playing with herself she’s being fucked on some outdoor stairs. Her pursuer in tiny shorts and sandals while she’s in a tank top, thong and clear high heels. It’s ghetto fabulous and It moves to teasing above the camera, to crawling on a bed, to some guy fucking her outside. Very much abstract reasoning. It slows down just enough to watch her get fucked silly indoor and outdoor and have cum spill all over her lips.
Scene 5 Rating:
I think I love this scene teaser. It’s new and It reminds me of a music video during the very back and forth teasing scene: from fucking to teasing. It blends with the music and also it follows a pattern of abstract reasoning that I enjoy. It’s porn art!
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Scene 6 - London Keyes - Bonus scene
Exercise with London Keyes! London Keyes works out in thong and mesh leotard. Her ass is so big it hangs off seats when she works out. The view from below is grab worthy. Watching her bounce on a yoga ball is extraordinary. This is just the first teasing part! She wears spanx and pulls them up on her ass. It’s easy to want to pull them off and unleash her ass from all restraints. This is a 45 minute scene that only gets better with sex...
Scene 6 Rating:
I think this bonus scene is important because they feature it on the front of the cover. As if it were a regular scene! But I felt as if this wasn’t like any usual porn bonus scene because it was one of the best of the whole movie. Generally the bonus is just extra material that wasn’t as enjoyable but like I said this was one of the best. And London Keyes gave an AMAZING performance!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
I think this is a great buy. Especially because XRentDVD will have a 15% off promotion for this new release. I am 100% sure there will be a scene in here that is overly enjoyable if not more than one! Brazzers really found a way to show off these women and have each of their male counterparts as just that, counterparts. I want to enjoy the woman without the man and I really get a sense of that here. If you decide not to buy this film, I would definitely at least rent it!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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